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2— D— O coupled four-cylinder freight locomotive built for the Norwegian State Railways

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Sleeper-impregnating appliance: 2200 sleepers of standard size can be impregnated with this appliance in 10 hours' time,

550 at each charge


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1. Semi-finished products:

Manufactur- Iron castings weighing up to 15 tons; Capacity: 10,000 tons yearly, ing scope Specialities: cylinders of great tensile strength for oil-engines, locomotives, air-brakes, etc. Mass production of power transmission parts, brake-blocks, grate bars, etc. Brass and Bronze castings of all kinds. Capacity: 400 tons yearly.

2. Finished products:

Tenders for locomotives, Steam boilers, heating and tubular.
Superheaters, Automatic chain-grates.

Lathes of 8", 10" and 12" swing over bed, high-speed and ordinary.

Eccentric presses for drawing, punching, forging, etc. of up to 400 tons pressure.

Drop hammers of up to 1,200 kilograms drop-weight.

Small tools, especially twist drills of finest high-speed steel.

Gears, all kinds; Power transmissions.

Locomobiles, single and two-cylinder, stationary, transportable and tractor types;

Sawmill locomobiles.

Treshers with chaff and dross fan.

Straw presses, Tractors, etc.

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The works of the Nydqvist & Holm company at Eskilstuna are situated along a General quay for small lake and Baltic Sea craft. The shops and grounds, which are intersected with tracks and shunting connection with the railways leaving that point, cover an area of 121,000 sq. metres. There are powerful cranes and several smaller hoists for transports within the grounds and for loading goods on railway cars or steamers. The shops have a floor space of about 19,300 sq. metres. All buildings containing the shops have been built or reconstructed recently, and are fitted with travelling cranes and other hoisting devices in accordance with the requirements of an up-to-date engineering works. The machine tools number about 400, of the latest design and in excellent condition.

The iron foundry, which has facilities for turning out heavy machine castings as well as hardware, has a capacity of 10,000 tons per annum. The floor area is 7,600 sc. metres.

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