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Cable Address: Malcus, Halmstad


Established in 1889
Paid-up capital, Sw. Kronor: 1,250,000

Code used:
A. B. C. 5th Ed.

[blocks in formation]

Manufacturers and Exporters of

Hoisting equipment, Complete line of machines and supplies for Iron and Steel Foundries, Twist drills, Dealers in Machinery and Tools, Ranges combined with hot water heating system, Felting for technical purposes.

Factories at Halmstad

Hoisting equipment, including cranes and hoists of all descriptions for hand, steam, electric and pneumatic power; travelling cranes, worm-gear pulley-blocks, electric hoists with trolleys, floor haulage equipments for locomotive round houses, pneumatic lifting jacks, screw jacks of all kinds, ceiling conveyors, etc.

Twist drills, reamers, and milling cutters.

Ranges and boilers for hot water heating systems.

Machinery and supplies for Iron and Steel Foundries, including machines and automatic plants for preparation of sand, vertical mills with screening device, moulding machines of all descriptions, furnaces and appliances for drying cores, cupola furnaces,

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Electric Hoist. 75 tons capacity

converters, brass smel-
ters, crane ladles, fans
and blowers, compres-
sors, cleaning tables,
grinding machines,tumb-
ler drums, sand blowers,

Felting for industrial
and technical purposes,
including felt polishing
discs, pipe covering felt,
iron felt, felt-paeking
rings »Standard» for
journal boxes, lubricat-
ing felt, packing felt and
felt for horse protectors,
saddle felt, hoof-felting,

The Malms Holmquist companyh&ve specialized from the starting of the firm in the manufacture

of hoisting equipment, felts, foundry machines and supplies to which was subsequently added that of heist drills. The firm now operates two factories at Halmstad equipped with machines of the latest designs for the different requirements.

Commencing on a very small scale the concern has grown to a position of considerable importance. The organization has simultaneously developed on efficient lines both in regard to the actual manufacturing and the auxiliary departments.

Swedish »Luders» Pulley-blocks with worm gear are designed to meet every possible requirement of pulley-block service. They are built in capacities up to 15 tons load. Blocks up to 10 tons capacity are always carried in stock.

High operating efficiency, safety and durability are predominating features. The brake lever is of absolutely reliable action. The load can be p„iiey-biocks o-s-i5 ton suspended at all points



Worm-gear Pulley-blocks Cranes


Twist Drills

and is lowered only by pull-
ing the hand-chain. This
fact together with the com-
paratively high speed of
hoisting and the small
weight of the block itself
makes it a valuable ap-
pliance for erection works,
foundries, workshops, etc.

The spindle is of Swedish
steel, cut on the lathe, hard-
ened and ground; worm-
wheel of best chilled cast-
iron; chains of first class
Swedish manufacture, test-
ed to twice the load, and
of particularly tough mate-
rial, ensuring long life, the
wear having been reduced to a minimum by the construction of the block; the
sides of the cases are of best Swedish plate, and the hooks of tough, strong iron. \{

Cranes of all descriptions, sizes and capacities are supplied according to drawings and specifications, foundry cranes, locomotive cranes, portable hand cranes, double and single beam travelling cranes, gantry cranes, etc.

Twist Drills

of the renowned »Maleus » brand are made
in all commereial sizes and types of high
speed and fine carbon steel.

Illustrated catalogue containing full in-
formation will be sent on request.

Moulding machine

Hand moulding machine


Kdger unner •Malcus*
with automatic discharge and pat. scraping device

Twist Drills

All for Foundries

The company manufacture a complete line of foundry equipment, machinery, appliances and supplies. Plans and estimates for complete foundry installations as well as for the modernization and enlargement of old establishments are prepared by the company's staff of expert engineers.


Hot water heating-system ranges consist of a »Maleus» cooking range fitted with cast-iron tank with connections and other devices for cireulating the water in the heating pipes and hot-water radiators. This arrangement effects a saving in fuel, and is of high efficiency. It does not interfere with the operation of the range for cooking purpose. The range can be fired with all kinds of fuel such as wood, peat, anthracite, coke, etc. Detailed informations will be sent on application.


All for Foundries

• Malcus» Cooking range, Type 10 & 10 A


Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

Other specialities are: »Profit» Oil-purifying apparatus, Oil burner »Malcus», Stone and Ore crushers »Mjolner», Elevators and Revolving screens, Tractors, Motor-ploughs, etc.

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Established in 1844

Cable Address: Codes used:


Bolinders, Stockholm <Mr^i£'&l£^> A- B- c- 4th> 5th and 6th Ed->

- , 1 lrp> Lieber's, Bentlcy's, and Private

Trade Mark

General Engineers and Manufacturers

Heavy Oil Engines, Steam Engines, Boilers, Sawmill and Woodworking Machinery, Ranges and Household Specialities

Situation The main works of the Bolinder Company are in the eentre of Stockholm with water conveniences frontage and in other respects with the very best shipping facilities. The large foundry is at Kallhall just outside of Stockholm.

Introductivc The first works were built in 18-14 by the brothers Jean and Carl Gerhard Bolinder on the same spot where the present large establishment has since come into being. The start was made on a modest scale, but the energetic and capable management soon extended the scope of the firm's production to embrace the many lines which have since established its reputation as one of the premier engineering firms of Sweden.

Converted into a limited company in 1873 the works organization under the leadership of E. A. Bolinder has been laid on strictly up-to-date methods based on the

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