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Jonsered Flooring and Matchboarding Machine H—45 B 12 with 5 cutterheads and Upper fixed knives apparatus

Jonsered Band Resaiv BKA embodying many important improvements. Saw wheels are 1400 mm. (56") in diameter and 125 mm. (5") wide. The maximum height of wood to be sawn is 800 mm. (82"). Feeding speed obtainable from 0 to 36 metres (0 to 115 ft) p. m. and variations in feed can be conveniently obtained whilst the machine is running.

Band Resaw

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Machines Flooring i „ MatchB 12 for

Jonsered Flooring and Matchboarding
H45B are built in two different sizes, viz
material up to max. 305x125 mm. (12" X 5"), and
B 10 for max. 255x125 mm. (10" x 5"). They have 4
feed-rolls, lower fixed knife drawer for 3 knives, 2 side
fixed knives, lower upper and side cutter-heads, and,
to special order, also an upper fixed knife drawer for 2
knives. The feeding speeds are five, varying from 8
to 40 metres (26 to 132 ft) p. m. Also made for max.
feed of 55 metres (181 ft) p. m., if desired.

Among other woodworking machines of the Jonse-
red make may be mentioned Surfacers, Planers and
Jointers, Bandsaws, Shapers, Tenoning machines,
Chain and Hollow Chisel Mortising Machines, Dove-
tailing machines and a great many other machines, of
which full particulars will be sent on application.


Jonsered Chain and Hollow Chisel Mortising
Machine S-KDB

Jonsered Planer and Jointer RHC4
Planing width 450 mm. (18-)
Length of table 1,800 mm. (72')

boarding machines

Other machines





Established in 1909
Paid-up capital, Sw. Kronor: 500,000

Code used: Bankers:
A. B. c. 5th Ed. A.-B. Nor disk a Handelsbanken


Manufacturers of

Cable Address: Vulcanverken, Gothenburg

Split Belt-Pulleys,



Accumulating Heaters.

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Split Pulleys of the VEVE type are the most perfect pulleys obtainable at present. They combine great strength with extreme lightness and are easily fitted. The YE VE pulleys have found a ready sale in Sweden as well as abroad in a remarkable short time.

Radiators and Stoves AKUMA
fulfil all requirements of electric
heaters. They are permitted in
garages, acetylene gas stations,
and practically all places where
there are inflammable gases.

The AKUMA Radiators after
being charged give off the heat
during 2—3 hours, and AKUMA Stoves store
up and gives off heat during 8--10 hours,
making it possible to charge them during
cheap-rate periods or surplus current.


The AX ELLA Carburettor is the result of long experiments and the only one that gives the right mix


General view of the Vulcan Works at Gothenburg


ture of petrol for each revolution. Saving in fuel therefore considerable, especially for driving in towns.

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Manufacturers and Exporters of

Bolts and Screws, Nuts, Rivets, Hardware and Electro-steel Castings.

Agents Abroad:

Norway: Nordisk Metalaktiesclskab, 2, Dronningens gate, Christiania.
Estonia: Handels- u. Industri-Gescllschaft Konstantin Jiirgens & Co.,

19, Tronfolgerboulevard, Reval.
Spain: Ernesto Ohliger, 36 S. G., Calle Lanuza, Bareelona.
Argentina: Compania Sudamericana de Telefonos L. M. Ericsson,

1000, Esmeralda, Buenos Ayres. The company was established in 1873 and has a paid-up capital and funds of 6,344,000 General Sw. Kronor. The output of finished products amounts to 6,000 tons per annum and the present floor area of the factory is 20,000 sq. metres (215,000 sq. ft); the equipment of the factory comprises 675 machines. Electric energy is supplied by the company's own power station with an output of 1,000 h. p.

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Bolts, Screws

Nuts, Rivets

Hardware lines

Window sashes

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The manufacture comprises also various other types of bolt and screw products, such as coach and lag screws, cap and set screws, studs, eye bolts, washers; also Builders' hardware; telephone, telegraph and power pole line hardware, including insulator brackets, guy clamps, stay and anchor bolts, etc.; railway hardware, including screw couplings, railspikes, fish-plate bolts, etc.

Window sashes of wrought iron is another speciality of the works. They are made according to the »Fenestra» patented process in all sizes and shapes requiring no model. They are light and strong, and very suitable for use in warehouses, shops, stables, etc.

The well-known fluted washer »Bufo» is also made by the company in accordance with the patents granted to it in most countries. Because of its holding power and woodsaving qualities, this cheap washer is very effective for joints of wooden constructions for warehouses, bridges, etc.

Electro-steel castings are turned out of a net weight up to 1,100 kilograms (1-1 ton). The steel-castings are of a very high quality, tough and free from blow holes, carefully annealed and showing excellent tests results for ultimate strength and elongation.

The company is working only with the best Swedish materials and this fact together with the care and control exereised in the manufacturing ensures the highest excellence of the products. These are now used very extensively abroad as well as in the Scandinavian countries.

Users For half a century the company has been successfully supplying an ever increasing

number of customers, among which may be mentioned the different Swedish Administrations for railways, telegraphs and waterfalls; the Danish Telegraph Administration, and the Russian railway commission.

Catalogues The company's illustrated catalogue will be mailed on request, giving tables of sizes and prices, also showing the different types of articles which are carried in stock. Quotations will be sent upon receipt of samples, blue prints, or specifications.

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Raw materials

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Manufacturers of

Steam-heated Boiling Apparatuses, Dish Heaters and Warming Closets, Disinfecting Apparatuses and Sterilizers, Washers, Extractors, Flat work ironers, Outfits for Warming installations.

Specimens of some of our products:

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