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or in any wise appertaining : TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all and fingular the above mentioned and described lot or piece of ground, situate, lying, and being as aforesaid, together with all and fingular the houses, woods, waters, ways, and privileges thereto be. longing, or in anywise appertaining unto them the said

and their successors in office, for ever, in trust, that they shall erect and build, or cause to be erected and built thereon, a house or place of worship, for the use of the members of the Methodist episcopal church in the United States of America, according to the rules and discipline which from time to time may be agreed upon and adopted by the ministers and preachers of the said church, at their general conferences in the United States of America ; and in future trust and confidence that they shall at all times, for ever hereafter, permit such ministers and preachers, belonging to the faid church, as fhall from time to time be duly authorised by the general conferences of the ministers and preachers of the said Methodist episcopal church, or. by the yearly conferences authorised by the said general conference, and none others, to preach and expound God's holy word therein; and in further trust and conLidence, that as often as any one or more of the trufsces herein before mentioned, shall die, or cease to be a member or members of the said church, according to the rules and discipline as aforesaid, then and in such case, it ihall be the duty of the stationed minister or. preacher (authorised as aforesaid) who shall have the waitoral charge of the members of the faid church, to call a meeting of the remaining trustees, as foon as conveniently may be; and when so met, the said minister or preacher shall proceed to nominate one or more per. fons to fill the place or places of him or them whose office or offices has for have) been vacated as aforesaid.. Provided, The person or persons so nominated, shal have been one year a member or members of the said church immediately preceding such nomination, and of at least twenty-one years of age; and'the said trul

tses, so assembled, shall proceed to elect, and by a majority of votes appoint, the person or persons lo nomi. nated to fill such vacancy or vacancies, in order to keep up the number of nine trustees for ever; and in case of an equal number of votes for and against the faid no. mination, the itationed minister or preacher shall have the casting vote.

Provided nevertheless, That if the said trustees or any of them, or their successors, have advanced, or shall advance any fum or sums of money, or are or fhall be responsible for any sum or sums of money, on account of the said premises, and they the said trufrees, or their fucceffors, be obliged to pay the said sum or sums of money, they, or a majority of them, thall be authorised to raise the said sum or sums of more ney, by a mortgage on the said premises, or by felling the faid premises, after notice given to the pastor or preacher who has the oversight of the congregation attending divine service on the said premises, if the money due be not paid to the said trustees, or their fucceffors, within one year after such notice given: And if such sale take place, the said trostees or their successors, after paying the debt and all other expences which are due, from the money arising from such fale, fhall deposit the remainder of the money produced by the said fale, in the hands of the steward or ftewards of the society belonging to, or attending divine service on the faid premifes; which surplus of the produce of such fale, so deposited in the hands of the said steward or ftewards, shall be at the difpofal of the next yearly conference authorised as aforesaid, which faid yearly conference shall dispose of the said money, according to the best of their judgment, for the use of the said society. And the faid

doth by these presents warrant, and for ever defend, all and fingular the before mentioned and described lot or piece of ground, with the appurtenances thereto belonging, unto them the faid and their fucceffors, chosen and appointed as aforesaid, from the claim or claims of bim the faid his heirs and assigns, and from the claim or claims of all persons whatever. In testimony whereof, the said

(if married insert the name of his wife) have hereto set their hands and seals, the day and year

aforesaid. Sealed and delivered in the

presence of us, (Two witnesses.)

Grantor's (L. S.)

his wife's (L. S.) Received, the day of the date of the above

written indenture, the confideration there

in mentioned, in full. Witnesses.

Grantor's (L. S.)

the }


day of


in the year of our Lord one thousand

personally appeared before me, one of the justice's of the peace, in and for the county of

and flate of the within named

the grantor (if married insert the name of his wife) and acknowledged the within deed of trust to be their act and deed, for the uses and purpofes therein mentioned and declared ; and she the said wife of the said being separate and apart from her faid husband, by me examined, declared that she made the same acknowledgment, freely and with her own confent, without be ing induced thereto through fear or threats of her faid husband. In teftimony whereof, I have hereto set my hand and feal, the day and year

first above written. Here the justice's name.

(L. S.) N. B. 1. It is necessary that all our deeds should be recorded after execution, for prudential as well as legal reasons.

2. Let'nine truftees be appointed for preaching houses, where proper persons can be procured; otherwise seven, or five.

N o T E S.

1. We have already fpoken on the duty of raifing houses for the worship of God, in our notes on the roth section of the ist chapter.

We however think it our duty to remark concerning the pafsage which relates to rich men, that those rich men who have joined us in America, have shewn no defire at all to govern us: they have been neither haughty nor overbearing. The latter part therefore of the anfwer to the first question probably refers to some rich people in other parts of the world. "Matt. xix. 26. “ Jesus beheld them, and faid unto them, With men this is impoflible, but with God all things are pollible.” See also Mark x. 27. and Luke xviii. 27.

2. “ The sitting of men and women apart” was the universal practice in the primitive church. A general mixture of the sexes in places of divine worship is obviously improper. I Cor. xivi 40. “ Let all things be done decently, and in order.”

3. Sufficient advice is given in the answer to the third question on the indecency there condemned. Holiness becomes the house of the Lord. We go there to speak to God, and hear his word, and not to converse with each other. Ecclef. v. I. “ Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God, and be nrore ready to hear than to give the sacrifice of fools : for they consider not that they do evil.

4. In respect to the deed of settlement, we would observe, that the union of the Methodist fociety, through the states, requires one general deed, for the settlement of our preaching houses and the premises belonging thereto. In the above plan of settlement we have given to the trustees an authority and security, they never possessed by virtue of our former deeds, namely, the powe, er of mortgaging or selling the premises in the cases and manner above mentioned. By which we manifest to the whole world, that the property of the preaching houses will not be invested in the general conference. But the prefervation of our union and the progress of the work of God indispenfibly require, that the free and full use of the pulpits should be in the hands of the ge.. neral conference, and the yearly conferences authorised by them. Of course, the travelling preachers, who are in full connection, affenbled in their conferences, are the patrons of the pulpits of our churches. And this was absolutely necessary to give a clear, begal specification in the deed. If the local preachers, Itewards:

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and leaders (who have an undoubted right to preach, meet theis claffes, &c. in the preaching houses at due time, according to the form of discipline) were specified, it would be neceffary to add a description of their orders; which would throw such obfcurity upon the whole, that a court of justice would either reject the deed, or be at a loss to determine concerning the little peculiarities of our form of discipline. But we do hereby publicly declare, that we have no design of limiting, in the least degree, the privileges of any of the public officers of our society, but by this deed solely intend to preserve the property of our ch ch by such a clear, fimple specification, as shall be fully and easily cognizable by the laws.

SECTION II. Of the Printing of. Books, and the Applica

tion of the Profits arising therefrom. Quefl. 1.

WHO is employed to manage the printAnfw. John Dickins.

Queft. 2. What allowances shall be paid him annual ly for his services ?

Answ. 1. 200 Dollars, for a dwelling-house and for a book-room.

2. 80 Dollars for a boy.
3. 53 Dollars , for fire-wod: and,

4. 333 Dollars, to clothe and feed himself, his wife, and his children. In all, 666 dollars f.

Queft. 3. What powers shall be granted him?

Answ. 1. To regulate the publications according to the state of the finances.

2. To complain to the yearly conference, if any preachers shall neglect to make due payment for books.

Quest. 4. What sum of money shall be allowed diftreffed preachers out of the book-fund, till the next general conference?

Answ. 266 dollars and į per annum.

Queft. 5. How is the money mentioned above, for the benefit of distressed preachers, to be drawn out of the book-fund?

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