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What was it?- That may soon be shewn,
-He might have let the fire alone!
Ergo,—the bardest thing to man

Is-to do only what he can.” The Swan and the Rabbit, is a short fabulous composi. tion, in prose: intended to shew the advantages of mutual dependance, and the misery of an insulated condition. A Word to the Gipsies, is an apology for a people despised and persecuted by christians; although they have resided for four centuries, in countries which are called civilized. These little pieces are embellished with a plate from a drawing, by Hilton, of the Blind Man and his Son, which would be very ornamental to the work; but, we must remark, that according to the order of nature, the father is much too old, to be the parent of the infant here described.

ART. 14.-Time's Telescope for 1817, or a Complete Guide to

the Almanack : containing an explanation of Saint's Days and Holidays; with illustrations of British History and Antiquities, notices of obsolete Rites and Customs, and Sketches of Comparative Chronology, Astronomical Occur. rences in every month; the Naturalist's Diary, &c. &c. To which is prefixed an Introduction, containing the principles of Zoology. Published annually. London, 1817, Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 8vo. pp. 366.

Golius says, that throughout the east, it is the custom for subjects at the beginning of the year to make presents to their princes, and that the astrologers in adopting this practice, present them with their Ephemerides for the year ensuing: whence, says he, those Ephemerides came to be called Almanha; that is Handsels, or new year's gifts. Verstegan attributes the word Almanack to a Saxon original, but whatever may be its derivation, it is now understood to be a calendar or table, wherein are set down the days or feasts of the year, the course of the moon, with the other phenomena of each month. This little manual, in order to be reduced to a cheap and convenient form, has become so enigmatical, that a more enlarged explanation of its contents and references is very desirable, and such is the purpose of the Time's Telescope, which appears to us to be executed in a very amusing way, and the astronomical portion of it is prepared evidently by a person of science.


Art. 15.-Purity of Heart, or the Ancient Costume, a

Tale, in one volume, addressed to the Author of Glenurvon, by an Old Wife of Twenty Years. London, Simpkin and Marshall, 1816. 8vo. pp. 273.

ALTHOUGH there is no novelty in the story here related, it is well told, if the form were not too contracted to admit of its complete developement. It seems that the novel of Glenarvon fell into the hands of the author, who was strongly impressed with its pernicious tendency; and in order to countervail its effect in the public mind, the shafts of ridicule are here directed against it. We ourselves, perhaps, are not so strongly persuaded of the mischievous operation of that eccentric and unequal work entitled Glenaryon, and should rather consider the heroine as presented, not as an example to be followed, but to be avoided.

In the preface it is mentioned, that the work has been finished among the various occupations of domestic life, by the mother of a growing family, actually engaged in the duties of her station. Notwithstanding the difficulty to which she is exposed from such causes of interruption, we discover enough of merit in her efforts, to wish she would again appear before the public.


Literary intelligence, &c.

Mr. A. J. Valpy has in the The second number of Stepress, a new edition of the Greek phen's Greek Thesaurus, which Septuagint, in one large volume, has been delayed on account of 8vo. The text is taken from the the Treaty for Professor Schefer's Oxford edition of Boss: without MSS. will appear in January. contractions,

We mentioned in our last, the Also, a new edition of Homer's sale of the late Duke of Norfolk's Iliad, from the text of Heyne ; library: few of the books were with English notes, including of great rarity or value; the sinmany from Heyne aud Clark; gle work which sold at the highone volume, 8vo.

est price, was Cardinal Mezeray's Academic Errors, or Recollec- History of France, 3 vol, folio: tions of Youth, one volume, not long since, a copy of this 12mo.

splendid and scarce work sold for Catullus ; with English notes, one hundred guineas, but the by T. Forster, Jun. 12mo. copy of his Grace only produced about one third of that sum, Mr. Tabart, of the Juvenile partly in consequence of recent Library, Piccadilly, is preparing importations, and partly from a Monthly Miscellany for the the absence of a duplicate leaf, use of Schools, and for the gedeemed of value by connoisseurs neral purposes of Education, unof old English literature: the der the title of Tabart's School Duke was no extensive purcha- Magazine, or Journal of Educaser, but some curiosities were tion. It is intended to be comamong his books.

Stanihurst's posed chiefly of modern mateVirgil sold for £9. 158. it is as rials, for the purpose of conour readers are perhaps aware, in necting as much as possible the English Hexameters, and is business of the School-room with chiefly valuable for its singularity; that of the active World. The several family MSS. brought va- first Number will appear on the

; an original, by Dr. Lodge, the Ponsonby, the publication of author of "A Fig for Momus," which has unavoidably been and many other poems

and pam- delayed, will, we are informed, phlets. It is merely medical and certainly appear in the course of was presented to the then Count. the ensuing month. ess of Arundel.*

A French Grammar, is in the We are happy to learn that pres for Preparatory Schools and there is in the press, a new edi. Beginners, on a plan entirely new; tion of Tasso's Jerusalem Deli- and so easy that the dullest capavered, by Edward Fairfax.' It is city may comprehend and learn it a most admirable translation- with facility. The lessons, diathe first edition was published in logues, and vocabulary, each being 1600, folio; the second in 1624, on the most familiar and useful folio; and a third in 1687, 8vo. subjects, cannot fail to ensure the A fourth edition was printed, if progress of the learner. we mistake not, about twenty

In a few days will appear, in years ago, but all but the first 1 vol. 8vo, A View of the Agrihave many inaccuracies.

cultural, Commercial, and FinanSoon will be published, in 8vo.cial Interests of Ceylon, with an a Narrative of a Residence in Appendix containing some of the Belgium during the Campaign of principal Laws and Usages of the 1815, and of a Visit to the Field Candians; also a Table of Imof Waterloo, by an English Wo- ports and Exports, Port Regula

tions, Statements of Public ReMr: White, Author of “ The venue and Expenditure, &c. By System of Farriery," is about to Anthony Bertolacci, Esq. late publish a compendious Dictionary Comptroller-General of of the Veterinary Art, containing toms, and Acting Auditor-Gean explanation of the terms used neral of Civil Accounts in that by Writers on Veterinary Medi- colony. cine and Farriery; with a con- We are daily expecting, in 1 cise description of the diseases of vol. 8vo. Narratives of the Lives horses and other domestic animals; of the More Emment Fathers of as well as of medicine, operations, the Three First Centuries, inters&c. proper for their diseases. persed with copious quotations


from their Writings, familiar Ob- mon prosperity. The writers who servatious on their Characters and have concurred in a design so beOpinions, and occasional Re- neficial to both nations, are no ferences to the most remarkable less eminent in rank and character Events and Persons of the Times than in literary attainment. Each in which they lived.-By the will write in his own language, Rev. Robert Cox, A.M. perpetual and principally on the affairs of curate of St. Leonard's Bridg. his own country; but the French north.

letters will be translated into Eng. Sermons on Important Subjects, lish, and the English letters into by the Rev. Charles Coleman, French; and the whole will ap. A.M. M. R. L. A. lately Curate pear, at the same periods, in Eng. of Grange, in the Parish of Ar- lish at London, and in French at magh, Diocese of Armagh, are to Paris. The work will thus emappear in one volume, 8vo. brace the utmost possible variety:

The Rev. Dr. Chalmers, of in the authors, in the subjects, Glasgow, is printing a volume of and in the style and manner of Discourses in which he combats treatment. It may also be looked at some length, the argument de to as the most correct and authenrived from astronomy, against the tic source of information, in retruth of the Christian Revela- spect to the state of education, tion; and, in the prosecution of laws, manners, political instituhis reasoning, he attempts to tions, literature, arts, remarkable elucidate the harmony that sub- events, and important personages sists between the doctrines of in both countries; and may thus scripture and the discoveries of

serve to correct that common ig. modern science.

norance, and common distrust of Early in January will be pub- each other, which has been too lished, No. XLIX. (being the first successfully fostered by the policy part of the ninth volume) of An- of the revolutionary governments, nals of Philosophy, or Magazine by the prejudices of many persons of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Me in England, and, above all, by the chanics, Natural History, Agri- absolute slavery of the continenculture, and the Arts. By Tho- tal press. mas Thomson, M.D. F. R. S. &c. Sermons by the Rev. Jolin

On the 1st of January, 1817, Martin, who was for more than will be published, (to be continued 40 years Pastor of the Baptist monthly) No. I. of The Corre- Church in Keppel Street, were spondent; consisting of Letters, taken in short hand by Mr. J. Moral, Political, and Literary, be- Palmer, and will soon make their tween eminent Writers in France appearance in 2 vols. 8vo. emand England. This work is de bellished with a portrait. signed, by presenting to each na- The Rev.F. A. Cox, A. M. has tion a faithful picture of the other, nearly completed his work on to enlighten both to their true in- Female Scripture Biography, with terests, promote a mutual good an essay shewing what Christiunderstarding between them, and anity has done for woman. render peace the source of a com


Virgil, with English notes at the ment of Labor-Sinking Fund and end, including many from the Delphin its Application-Pauperism-Protecand other editions; no interpretatio. tion requisite to the Landed and Ag.

A second edition of Valpy's Edi- ricultural Interests, &c. by R. Pres. tion of Virgil, without notes, is just ton, Esq. M.P. published.

The Pamphleteer; No. XVII. for Theoretic Arithmetic, in three January, 1817, containing nine pambooks; containing the substance of phlets. all that has been written on the sub- TheClassicalJournal; No.XXVIII. ject, by Theo of Smyrna, Nicomachus, for December, 1816, containing a ra. Iamblichus, and Boëtius ; together riety of Clasical, Biblical, and Oriwith some remarkable particulars cntal Literature. respecting Perfect, Amicable, and Meditations and Prayers, selected other Numbers, which are not to be from the Holy Scriptures, the Liturgy, found in the writings of any Ancient and Pious Tracts, recommended to or Modern Mathematicians. Like the Way-faring Man, the Invalid, the wise a Specimen of the manner in Soldier, and the Seaman, whensoever which the Pythagoreans philoso- unavoidably precluded from the pħized about Numbers; and a deve House of Prayer; by the Rev. J. lopement of their Mystical and The- Watts. Second edition. ological Arithmetic, by Thomas Tay- The Elements of Greek Grammar; lor.

with notes, for the use of those who A Translation of the Six Books of have made some progress in the LanProclus, on the Theology of Plato; guage, fifth edition, by R. Valpy, to which a Seventh Book is added, D.D. F.A.S. in order to supply the deficiency of Elements of Latin Prosody, with another Book on this subject, which Exercises and questions, designed as was written by Proclus, but since an Introduction to the Scanning

and lost; also a translation of Proclus' | Making Latin Verses, by the Rev.

Elements of Theology, by Thomas C. Bradley, A.M. Second edition.Taylor. In these volumes is also A Key may be had. included, by the same, a Translation The Works of Gianutio and Gusta. of the Treatise of Proclus, on Provi- vus Selenus, translated by J. H. Sardence and Fate, a Translation of Ex- ratt, Professor of Chess. These two tracts from his Treatise, entitled Ten tracts on chess are exceedingly scarce Doubts, concerning Providence; and and truly valuable. The first is in a Translation of Extracts from his Italian, and was published at Turin Treatise on the Subsistence of Evil; in 1597; the second is in German, as preserved in the Bibliotheca and was published at Leipsig in 1617. Græca of Fabricius. In 2 vol. royal | The name of Gustavus Selenus is, 4to. 250 copies only printed.

however, fictitious; for it is the proFurther Observations on the State duction of Augustus, Duke of Brunsof the Nation-Means of Employ- / wick Lunenberg.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. The notice from Saville Row does not come within the usual distinctioa of Literary Intelligence, and therefore could not be inserted:

If the addition required were made to the head of each article reviewed, our Correspondent is informed, that it would incur the charge of the ad. vertising duty.

The work mentioned by Mr. E. has probably been overlooked, and will be attended to.

The Index to the volume which is now closed, will appear in the next number.


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