Iraq and Tomorrow's World of 1000 Years

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 128 sidor
This book is primarily about the end of the age, not the end of the world, for it will stand for more than a thousand years more, but as to the beginning of time as we know it statring with father Adam and Mother Eve. Enoch and Noah from the old world before it was destroyed by water, then Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Ezekiel, Elijah, Amos, Jeremiah, John The Baptist, and David who is to be king over them, along with many of our more recent prophets, like Billy Sunday, Billy Graham, and all the original deciples of Jesus, and Paul who wrote many books of the New Testament, along ( with and part of) the ones marked in 7 Th. Chapter of Revelations consisting of 144,000 or 12,000 thousand from each tribe of Israel, with the exceptiion of the tribe of DAN being replaced by MANASSES, which I have stated many times as being one of the very special one. A far different world than we live in now, for the new world as we might call it, will be ruled by Spirit beings which had been on the earth before and being the resurected Saints that have been long gone from the earth, I believe Manasses is United States of America, and can prove it, this is one of the twins of Joseph who received the Birthright the other being EPHRIAM which is Great Brittain, who receives the Joseph share. Really a double portion for Joseph Jacobs favorite son who received the BIRTHRIGHT. Gen. Ch. 48 ITS IN THE BOOK ALSO.. IRAQ is the second most talked about book in the Bible, after Israel, The Garden of Eden was in Iraq, Babylon was in Iraq, Daniel was in the Lions den in Iraq, The Hebrew Children was in the firey furnace in Iraq, Nebuchadnezzar kingdom was in Iraq, Davids Throne Hidden in Iraq, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Jonah, Abraham all were in Iraq, Most of the early wars were faught in Iraq, thats why Iraq is so important in History. And in the end of the Age will be the most Important country in History. Most all of Jesuses Apostles are buried in England including Peter, Paul, John, and many others. In a cemetary called St. Albans found in Greek History, Greek and Latin Ecclesiasticae Historiae of Nicephorus Callistus. And Bede''''s Ecclesiastical History Book 111 Chapter 29. My wife and I have been to the cemetary. The Babylonian Cult that turmed into the largest denominational church in the world, how it came about and the complete story of how the Christian religion that got tangled up in it through a fallen member of the christian religion named Bishop Damasus, combinding the two into one, all adopted by the Roman Empire as their State Religion. The emperors were head of the church including the Cesars. Then the Great White Throne Judgement that ends it all, after the thousand year reign by the Saints, when the judgement of everyone that has ever lived, whether saint or sinner, the righteous to everlasting life in a new Heaven, and a new City Jerusalem coming down out of Heaven, Christ bride, where we will live forever, and the ungodly will be burned up as though they had never ever existed, with the earth, as it tells us in 2nd Peter Chapter 3 verses 12 and 13 and all sinners burned up in Malachi Chapter four (4) it say they will become ashes under your feet. The New Heaven and the new earth where no sin can enter into it, so Satan and his Imps becomes wanderers no one to deceive, no home throughout eternity.

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