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yet he could never bring his mind to it ; What shall my Poor then do? faid he, 'ris even best for me to die in my Station and in my Imployment.

Such was his Vigour, such his Industry. And God was pleas'd to bless him with suitable success ; so that 'tis not easie to express his Felicity in mollifying the most obdurate Creditors, in reducing them to terms of Moderation and Charitable composition, in reconciling differences and in sweetning the most alienated and exasperated minds.

Thirdly, His Delight. It was one of his darling Propositions which he fet a high rate upon, That the Life of Man is to be estimated by the usefulness of it; and accordingly that portion of his Life was always most delightful and valuable to him, wherein he was most successfully active in some design of Charity; his Spirit rejoiced within him, when God had blessed him in the accomplishment of any good work; and I may confidently fay, that never Souldier entertain'd Victory, or Trader the increase of his Wealth with a truer satisfaction than he did the successes of his. Charitable Labours. I confess, that taking notice, how much he was pleas'd


with reflecting upon and repeating himself several of his atchievements, and with hearing the Echoes and Rebounds of them from others, I grew sometimes jealous of him, left Dead Flies should corrupt this Oyntment, and a lilly affectation of Praise and vain glory should blast his Charity and bereave him of the Fruit and Reward of it; but upon narrower Inspection into the Root of this matter, I found that this sprung from the pleasure he took in the Comfort and Happiness which he procur’d to others : his pious Soul, as it did suffer in the misery, so did it exult in the Prosperity of his Brother, as he was ready to weep with those that wept, fo alsy to rejoice with those that rejoiced, and fo much the more whenever God had made him the Instrument of their Joy, so that it was not his own praise that created his Satisfaction, but the good procur'd his Neighbour, and the honour - which did from thence redound to God.

Shall I now after all, add his Justice, Integrity and Diligence : in all his dealings and undertakings ? His Simplicity and Candour, his Ingenuity, Meekness and Humility in all his Conversa

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tion? His Plainness, Sincerity and Zeal
towards his Friend, shewed it self espe-
cially in his tenderness for his Eternal
Interest? The sweetness and obligiog-
ness of his carriage, not towards bis
Children only, but even towards the
meanest that had any Relation to him?
Shall I add his Christian Moderation,
and Comprehensive Charity, for all
peaceful humble, and upright Chrifti-
ans of every persuasion ? Shall I infift
upon his Purity and Heavenly minded-
ness, not only to an Iridifference, but
(I may almoft fay) even Contempt for
the things of this World, Wealth, Pow-
er, Honour and the Oftentation of
Life? Shall I finally remember his strict-
ness and Sobriety, which was fuch, that
I had much ado to remove some Scru-
ples out of his mind about the use of
luch things, as I judgʻd necessary to the
fupport of his age, and the maintenance
of his health and strength : These and
other Vertues of our deceas'd Friend, I
might infift


and in all this, I should have the testimony and Approbation of all that knew him : But the time would fail me, and I have said enough, enough to do right in some mealure to the memory of this excellent


administer unspeakable comfort and sa

person, for the Righteous shall be had in everlasting Remembrance ; enough to

tisfaction to his Relations, and enough,
I hope, to excite and stir up all that
hear me this Day to the Imitation of
this good man's Vertues, especially
when we shall add the confideration in
my Text, that this will fortifie us against
all the Terrours of Death; this will
give us comfort and Assurance in the
approaches of it. Then shall we be
able to assure our felves that we are the
Children of God, when we imitate his
goodness, and rejoyce, as he doth, in
the works of Mercy and Charity: Then
shall we be able to assure our selves that
we are the true followers of Jesus, when
we are led by the same spirit, when we
glorify God upon Earth, and finish the
works which he has given us to do : And
then thall we be able to lie down in
the assured expectations of a blessed Re-
surrection. This was the happy state
of this excellent man; Death was his
Meditation, Death his Expectation; and
when he met it, he met it with a chear-
ful and serene foul; the Last words I
had from him when I bid him my last
farewel on Sunday, were, Tou and I malli



meet again in another World, I do not question it at all. Ah! that we could all live fo as to have no fears; no doubts about eternal Life when we are come to die ! O think of the blessedness of such a state! and then remember that this assurance arises from the conscience of a well spent Life, that nothing but a faithful discharge of our stewardship can enable us to meet God with comfort, and give us an Inheritance with Saints in glory, and enrol us amongst the Spirits of Just men made perfect.


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