Tarot for the New Aeon: A Practical Guide to the Power and Wisdom of the Thoth Tarot

Alternative Insights, 2007 - 402 sidor
Tarot for the New Aeon delivers practical guidance from the powerful Thoth Tarot deck created by Aleister Crowley. Its a spirit compass for every aspect of living: Whether youre looking for a daily dose of wisdom, or seeking direction for major decisions, the common-sense interpretations will captivate you with deeply personal advice. Within minutes, you can find specific guidance on everything from business to relationships, family to career, love to finance, and from domestic life to the souls journey.Tarot for the New Aeon interprets all 78 cards in the Thoth deck in an easy-to-use format, with over 300 images for easy reference. The book includes a comprehensive Advisor section, with straightforward interpretations of 156 responses to readers queries. The Symbols section reveals the profound meaning encoded in the cards images. The inspiring Personal Guidance section enables readers to engage the power of the Thoth Tarot at ever deeper levels.

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Om författaren (2007)

P.C. Tarantino has studied the Thoth Tarot and Aleister Crowley's writings for twenty-eight years. Her interest in philosophy and Jungian psychology first drew her to Crowley's compelling but complex work, a rich and mystical tapestry of Eastern and Western mythologies, the Qabalah, numerology, astrology and alchemy. Her own writings and instructions embody her straightforward, practical approach to using Thoth Tarot for self awareness and transformation: "I can't help myself. I'm a Taurus. I keep Mother Earth in view most of the time. The Thoth Tarot has direct, firmly grounded guidance for our everyday affairs as well as our life path." P.C. lives on the Central Coast of California, where her popular classes reflect a forthright, vigorous approach to weaving the coded messages of the tarot into our day to day experiences.

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