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been supplied by worthy successors, as a glance at

the contents of this the opening number of our


Sixth Series will abundantly testify. It is a

NOTES :-Our Sixth Series—The Morosini Palace at Venice, number to which the editor may point in every
1-My Collection of Book-Plates, 2-Episcopacy in Scotland
in 1710,4–An Unprinted Chartulary of St. John's Abbey, way with justifiable pride, as an evidence of the
Colchester, 6–Tombstone Blunders, 7-The Malden Election high esteem in which“ N. & Q.” is held by men of
of 1699, 8--Another Old View of Covent Garden Market, I_ eminence in literature and position.
Chap-Book Notes, 10— The Mystery of St. Pantaleon, or
Church and Stage in 1653, 11-A Puzzle Solved-Notes on

Long may my offspring occupy the position
Chichester, 12– Provincial Fairs, 13–The First Draft of which it so worthily fills ; and long may the con-
Cowper's Poem of The Rose"-A Siamese Fable - "Maiden," tributors to dear old “N. & Q." greet each new

14-Two Welsh-English Versions of a Poem to the Virgin-


Visors of Woncot-William Jay of Bath-Joseph Humo. series as I do this, Floreat! Floreat! Floreat !

M.P., 15-American Spelling-Sir John Lubbock anticipated


-American Folk-Lore, 18.

QUERIES :-Matthew Carey, Philadelphia, 1819–Meyler Fitz-

Henry, 16—"Princess"-Heraldic: Jocelyn Family-The

History of Literary Forgery-Royalist or Cromwellite-Peer-


age of Stockport-English Tobacco-Miles and Milestones,

17—“ Augmentam"-Wolf Jacob von Forstner(?)—"Car- It may be interesting, before the last echoes of

cell" : "Lesh Lambert"-"The Land o' the Leal"-Churchtbe discussion on the church of St. Mark have

wardens' Accounts—“Talis cum sis," &c.-Author named

MacCulloch—23rd Regiment of Foot-Singing Carols in died away, to give a brief account of another

Churches—T. Phaer, 18–Morrice Dance-Anthony"-Or- monument at Venice, concerning which we trust

deal by Floating in Witchcraft-"A_pair of organs"- that nothing that we can say will irritate the

Prestidigitateur"-"Esopus” Prices-Col. Lascelles, &c.

-"Danmonii,"19-A Latin Bible-Authors Wanted, 20.

even of the most susceptible Italian.

REPLIES :-The Father of Robert Atz Harding, 20-A, Topo- Amongst the many palaces of Venice perhaps the

graphical Society for London, 21—“Don Quixote"-The

Oxfordshire Election, 1754-W. Mudford-"Bamboozle most interesting of all is one which is the least

Franz Liszt, 22-Adder Stones-Walkinghame-"British known. In ordinary handbooks and descriptions

Curiosities in Nature and Art"- The Best Inkstand, 23 of Venice hardly a word is given to the palace of

The Misuse of English by French Writers-Portrait of

"Elizabeth, Countess of Derby "-Rabelais and Shakspeare Francesco Morosini. It is this which, owing to

-The Theatre at Parma-Octave Delepierre-Louis XIV. the kindness of friends staying in Venice during

“The Universal Magazine"-Vandyck's “ Charles I.," 24-

"The rank is but the guinea's stamp":- Visitation Books, the memorable week in last autumn when so many

&c. -"Posy"-Sir P. Sydenham-Print by David Loggan famous personages by an accidental coincidence

-"Perry." —A Roman Banquet-Bull-balting in England were congregated in that famous city, we were per-

-A Mediaeval Bell, 25-Manors in England and Ireland-

Trousers first Worn-Baptismal Fonts—Authors Wanted, 26. mitted to visit.

NOTES ON BOOKS:-Ashwell's “Life of Samuel Wilber- The interest of it consists in this. It belonged

force "-Webb's “Herefordshire Memorials of the Civil

War"-Pattison's “Milton"-Arnold's “Henry of Hunting-

Francesco Morosini, first General and then Doge

don” (Rolls Series) - Hunter's “Encyclopædic Dictionary.' of the Venetian republic, who, in consequence of

his having conquered the Peloponnesus from the


Turks, was called “The Peloponnesian” or “Pelo-



All that travellers have ordinarily seen of this

It is a great compliment to an editor who has illustrious champion of Venice have been, first, the
abdicated his functions to be invited, long after triumphal arch erected to him in the gallery of the
that event has taken place, to resume his vacated Ducal Palace, and, secondly, the two colossal lions
chair and, if not to“ give his little senate laws,” to which he brought from the entrance of the Piræus,
say a few words of thanks and acknowledgments and which may well be ranked amongst the fore-
to the friends and contributors of the journal | most historical relics of the world, not only because
which it was his good fortune to call into existence of their association with that renowned hårbour to
some thirty years ago. But the pride and grati. I which in later times they gave the name of
fication which I feel at this unexpected compli- Porto Leoni, but because on the shoulders of one
ment are not without alloy,

of them are engraved Etruscan characters of a
“Still from the fount of joy's delicious springs

date earlier, probably, than the Piræus itself, and
Some bitter o'er the flowers its bubbling venom flings." Runic inscriptions which describe the conquest of
And the cheerful spirit in which I would point to the Piræus by the Norse seamen of the eleventh
the success of NOTES AND QUERIES, and thank century.
those who have contributed to such success, is The impressions conveyed by these memorials,
naturally toned down when I look round and see even to a passing traveller, are greatly intensified
how many of those who originally did so have when we enter the palace which was the actual
been taken away. Many of these were dear per- habitation of this great warrior. Rarely, either in
sonal friends, “not of tạe roll of common men.” Italy or in any other country, do we see the resi-
Peace to their honoured memories !

dence of a famous personage continuing in its in-
Happily for the cause of good earnest inquiry tegrity through such a lapse of time. His portraits
after literary and historical truth, their places have abound in every part of the house, giving us a life-

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