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Philosophy and Religion.
1. Philosophy, General and Miscellaneous.

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Aristoteles.-Werke. Berlin u. Stuttg., 1855-1903. (Langen

scheidtsche Bibl., sämtlicher griechischen u. römischen Klassiker
in neueren deutschen Muster-Übersetzungen, 20-26.).....

Nikomachische Ethik. Eudemische Ethik. 1855-1902.
2. Drei Bücher der Redenkunst (Rhetorik). 1855-1902.
3. Poetik. Topik (Disputierkunst). 1855-1903.
4. Politik. 1855-1900.
5. Schrift über die Seele. Organon. 1855-1897.
6. Metaphysik. Grosse Ethik, Kleine naturwissenschaftliche Schriften,

7. Die Bücher über die Teire der Tiere. Natur Geschichte der Tiere,

Avenarius, R.—Kritik der reinen Erfahrung. 2., namentlich nach

hinterlassenen Aufzeichungen des Verfassers verb. Aufl. Lpzg.,

1907-08...... Bacon, Lord.—The Advancement of Learning. With notes by F. G.

Selby. Lond. & N.Y., 1898-1901.

The Physical and Metaphysical Works of Lord Bacon, including the Advancement of Learning & Novum Organum. Ed. by

J. Devey. Lond., 1889. (Bohn's Philos. Libr.)
Bagehot, W.- Religious and Metaphysical Essays. Hartford, 1891.

(The Works of Walter Bagehot, 2.)
Baldwin, J. M.-Development and Evolution, including psycho-

physical evolution, evolution by orthoplasy, and the theory of genetic modes. N. Y. & Lond., 1902.

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Badwin, J. M. (ed. by)- Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology.

N. Y. & Lond., 1901-05.
Bergmann, J.-System des objectiven Idealismus. Marburg, 1903.
Bergson, H.-L'evolution Creatrice. 7. éd. Paris, 1904.

Creative Evolution. Authorized tr. by A. Mitchell. N. Y.,

Berkeley, G.–Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous. Re- .

printed ed. Chicago & Lond., 1906. (The Religion of Sci.

Libr., 49.).......
Birks, T. R.-Modern Physical Fatalism and the Doctrine of

Evolution, including an examination of H. Spencer's First
Principles. 2. ed., with a preface in reply to the strictures of

H. Spencer by C. Pritchard. Lond., 1882.
Bonar, J.-Philosophy and Political Economy, in some of their

historical relations. Lond. & N.Y., 1893. (The Libr. of Philos.)
Bowne, B. P.-Metaphysics. Rev. ed. from new plates. N.Y.,


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Boyd, W.--An Introduction to the Republic of Plato. Lond.,

Bradley, F. H.--Appearance and Reality, a metaphysical essay.

2. ed., rev., with an appendix. Lond. & N. Y., 1897. (Libr.

of Philos.).
Bray, C.- The Philosophy of Necessity, or, natural law as appli-

cable to moral, mental, and social science. 2. ed., rev. Lond.,

Busse, L.- Die Weltanschaungen der grossen Philosophen der

Neuzeit. 2. Aufl. Lpzg., 1905. (Aus Natur u. Geisteswelt,

Calkins, M. W.-The Persistent Problems of Philosophy, an introd.

to metaphysics through the study of modern Systems. N. Y, &

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Lond., 1907

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Cassirer, E.-Das Erkenntnisproblem in der Philosophie und Wis

senschaft der neueren Zeit. Berlin, 1906–07......
Clifford, W. K. -- Lectures and Essays. Ed. by L. Stephen & F.

Pollock. Lond., 1904.......
Cohen, H.-Kants Theorie der Erfahrung. neubearb. Aufl.

Berlin, 1885. ...
Comte, A.-Cours de philosophie positive. 5. éd., identique a la
premiere. Paris, 1892-94.

Tome 1. Les préliminaires généraux et la philosophie mathématique.
Tome 2. La philosophie astronomique et la philosophie de la physique.
Tome 3. La philosophie chimique et la philosophie biologique.

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