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By a late EXPULSION of SIX STUDENTS from Edmund Hall.



Chaplain to the Countess of HUNTINGDON,


LUKE xii. 57.

Yea, and why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right?

JOHN vii. 24.

Judge righteous judgment.


Printed for J. MILLAN, at Charing-Crofs;
E. and C. DILLY, in the Poultry; and
M. FOLINGSBY, at Temple-Bar..


MAR. f. 4.

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Reverend Dr DURELL.



EING a Mafter of Ifrael, and placed at the head of one of the most renowned feats of

Learning in the world, you need not be informed that the Miffion of the HOLY GHOST is the one grand promife of the New, as the coming of JESUS CHRIST was the great promife of the Old Teftament difpenfation. "I will pray the Father, fays our bleffed LORD to his almoft difconfolate Dif ciples, and he fhall give you another Comforter." And again, "It is expedient for you, that I go away; for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart (it being the Purchase of his all-atoning Blood, and defigned to be

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the immediate fruit and proof of the reality of his refurrection, and fubfequent afcenfion into Heaven) I will fend him unto you." And that they might know that this Comforter was not to be confined to, or monopolized by Them, but was to be of ftanding general ufe, He immediately gives them intimations of the defign and nature of His office : and therefore adds, " and when he is come, he will convince the world of fin, and of righteoufnefs, and of judgment."

Strange, and till then unheard-of, promife this! Such as a Confucius, a Zoroafter, or any other fictitious uninspired Prophet or Lawgiver, never dreamt of. A promife, which none but One, who was GOD over all, could dare to make; a promise which none but One, who was GOD over all, could poffibly fulfil.


Agreeable to this promife," having afcended up on High, led captivity captive, and received this. gift for men, this divine Paraclete, this Holy Ghoft, on the day of Pentecoft, came down from Heaven like a rushing mighty wind; and there appeared cloven tongues, like as of fire, and fat upon each of the Apostles."-The effects were immediate and vifible. Poor, illiterate Fishermen, inftantaneously commenced Scholars, Preachers, Orators. And well they might; for, being filled with the Holy Ghoft, as the Spirit gave them utterance, they began to fpeak with other tongues the wonderful things of God.


But what was all this divine apparatus, this divine preaching, this divine oratory intended for? The following verfes inform us: The hearers of thofe wonderful things, the fpectators of this tranfcendently amazing fcene, "were pricked to the heart, and were made to cry out, Men and Brethren, what fhall we do? And the fame day were added to this infant church about three thoufand fouls." Here were proofs, fubftantial, inconteftible proofs, of the reality of the Resurrection, Afcenfion, and likewise of the efficacy of the all-powerful Interceffion of their once crucified, but now exalted. LORD; not only fubftantial and inconteftible, but at the fame time entirely fuitable to the nature of his Miffion, who in the days of his flesh by his doctrines and miracles declared, that his only design in coming into our world, was to fave finners.

Upon this rock, namely, an experimental manifeftation and application of his Divinity to the renewed heart (which flesh and blood, human Reason, vain Philofophy, moral Suafion, or any, or all barely external evidence whatfoever, cannot reveal) hath he built, doth he now build, and will continue to build his church; and therefore it is that the gates, neither the power nor policy of hell, fhall ever be able to prevail against it. By the influence of this almighty Agent hath he promised to be with his minifters and people, even to the end of the world. And agreeable to this, hath taught us daily to pray that his Kingdom may come; which being to be begun, carried on and completed, by one continued emanation of divine influence communicated to believers in the use of all appointed means, can alone enable

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