Sidor som bilder


There should be for every Child two or three Sponsors ;

who may most properly be Parents or nearest Relations.




same, and carnal desires

of the flesh, so that he may HEAR the words of our not follow, nor be led by Saviour Christ to his Apos

them? tles.

Answ. I will. Go and make disci Min. Will ye instruct ples of all nations, baptiz- him in the gospel of our ing them in the name of Lord Jesus Christ? the Father, and of the Son, Answ. I will. and of the Holy Ghost. Min. Will ye exhort him Hear also what St Peter to keep God's holy will

and commandments, and The baptism which saveth to walk in the same all the us, is not the putting away days of his life? the filth of the flesh, but Answ. I will. . the answer of a good conscience toward God. Then shallthe Minister take Dearly beloved,

the Child into his hands, Ye have brought this and say to the Sponsors, child here to be baptized ; I demand therefore,

Name this child. Will ye faithfully and earnestly exhort this child Then naming it after them, to renounce the hurtful and either dipping it in vanities of this world, with the water, or sprinkling all covetous desires of the water upon it, he shall say,

I BAPTIZE thee in WE give thee humble the name of the Father, thanks, O heavenly Father, and of the Son, and of the that thou hast vouchsafed Holy Ghost.

to call us to the knowledge

of thy grace, and faith in Min. Let us pray.

thee; increase this know

ledge, and confirm this ALMIGHTY and ever

faith in us evermore,

that blessed God, by whose we may be enabled to morprovidence the different tify. all our evil and corgenerations of mankind rupt affections, and daily are raised


to know thee, to proceed in all virtue and and to enjoy thy favour godliness of living, till we for ever; grant that this come to that eternal kingchild, now dedicated to dom, which thou hast prothee by our office and min mised by Jesus Christ our istry, may be endued with Lord. Amen. heavenly virtues, and everlastingly saved through thy

NOW unto him who is mercy, who dost live and able to keep us from fallgovern all things, world ing, and to present us without end. We beseech faultless before the prethee to enable thy servants sence of his glory, with who are entrusted with the exceeding joy, to the only care of this child, to per

wise God our Saviour, be form their duty faithfully; glory and majesty, domingive them wisdom to be ion and power, through his defence against the

Jesus Christ, for ever and temptations incident to

Amen. childhood and youth ; and as he grows up in life, gra EXHORTATION to Parents ciously assist them to en after Baptism, to be read large his understanding and or omitted, at the discreto open his heart to the tion of the Minister. impressions of religion and virtue. This our petition THE design of receiving we humbly present in the infants by baptism into the name of Jesus Christ our church of Christ, is, to reMediator and Redeemer. mind parents of their duty Amen.

to them in their innocent


and helpless age, to train the doctrines and inventhem up as his disciples tions of men. and the children of God; Check the first risings that as they have been the of envy and pride in his instruments of bringing breast, by teaching him them into this mortal life, humility and a just knowthey may have the comfort ledge of himself ; that all of contributing to their fu- he possesses or hopes for, ture happiness in a life is from God, whose free which will never end. bounty alone maketh the

Remember then that this difference between his child belongs to God who creatures. But at the same gave it to you, that it may time inform him of the digbe educated and fitted fornity of his nature; of the himself; and if through importance of reason, the your criminal neglect or light of God within him, bad example, his reasona by which he is to govern ble creature be lost, he will himself, to restrain his aprequire it at your hands. petites and passions, mod

Instil therefore into his erate his affections, to know tender mind the know- the God who made him, to ledge, reverence, and love learn his will, to become of God, the heavenly Fa like unto him, holy, just, ther, and Maker of all; and and good. Teach him above a deep sense of the duty all things to abhor falsewhich he owes

to him.

hood and lies; and to love Acquaint him with his be and cultivate truth and innevolent designs from the tegrity, which will make beginning, for the recovery

him amiable in the eyes of of a degenerate and per- all, and acceptable to God. ishing world, to their duty Tell him that he is to love and happiness; and lead and to do good to all men, him to learn the mind and because all are equally the will of God for his salva children of God with himtion, from that inestimable self, and the objects of his treasure of wisdom, the fatherly kindness and care; holy scriptures, especially that he is not born only for the words of Christ and himself, but for others; to his apostles; and not from serve his country and man.

kind by promoting truth joy of leaving behind you and virtue, and the public those who may live and do good. Sow in him betimes good in the world, when these seeds of piety, chari- ye shall be no more in it. ty, sincerity, and all good And

may the

supreme ness; for otherwise the Father and Governor of weeds of evil will spring all things direct and bless up in his heart, which ye you in the faithful dismay never afterward be charge of your duty, for able to root out. And al- his glory, the good of manthough no pains which ye kind, and the advancement can take, can ensure suc of the gospel of our Lord cess, yet whatever hap- Jesus Christ. Amen. pens, ye

will have dis- Where there are other Sponcharged your duty, and not

sors who present the Child have the guilt and morti

to be baptized, and not fying reflection of having

the Parents, the Minister contributed to the ruin and misery of those you love. .

may thus begin the Ex

hortation, Remember the saying of the wise man, Train up a

YE who have now unchild in the way he should dertaken the care of this go, and when he is old, he child who naturally belongs will not depart from it. If to the parents, must take your labours should be suc heed and remember that it cessful, it will be a source

is also a child of God, for of the highest and purest whom it is to be educated pleasure and satisfaction to and Gitted ; and if through you; and ye will have the your, &c.




The Minister may begin the Service with the following

Observations, relating to the Appointment, Nature, and Use of Baptism.

OUR blessed Saviour, soever I commanded you; the Lord Jesus Christ, hav- and lo, I am with you aling himself published his way, even to the end of religion for the salvation the world. of the world, to the Jewish By this direction of our nation, commissioned his Saviour, all persons are to apostles to complete the be acknowledged as memwork he had begun, by bers of his church, by bappreaching his gospel to all tism in the name of the nations; commanding them Father, and of the Son, to make disciples, by bap- and of the Holy Ghost. tizing, and instructing them They are then consecrated in his doctrines and laws. to the divine service, in

All power, said he, is that religion which came given unto me in heaven from God the Father, was and in earth. Go ye, there- published to the world by fore, and make disciples of his Son, and confirmed by all nations, baptizing them the operations of his holy in the name of the Father, Spirit. Water is employand of the Son, and of the ed as an emblem of purity, Holy Ghost; teaching them or of that moral and relito observe all things what- gious improvement,


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