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work began, they engaged a can- the year 1796. The first Ser. didate, the Rev. James Davis, mon for its benefit, was preachwhose labours have apparently

d in St. Andrew's Church, been crowned with great suc- Edinburgh, by the late vene

A church is now organi- rable Dr. Erskine, one of the zed there, consisting, I think, of hief promoters of the institumore than fifty members, and tion, when fr. 145 1 6 sterling the Lord is yet adding to them, were collected. Liberal collecas it were, daily.

tions and contributions were Should not the friends of Zi- made by Christians of various on rejoice and be strong in the denominations, in different parts Lord. From the east and from of the country ; and by the end the west, from the north and of the year, the funds of the sou from the south, are heard ciety amounted to a sum that

songs, even glory to the righ- warranted the Directors to think teous.” The voice of the Bride- of attempting a mission to the groom is heard in our land - Heathen. From the CommenceThe foolish and the wise are ment of the Society, they had awakening from their long slum- invited such persons as were inbers together. When the ene- clined to devote themselves to my came in like a flood, then missionary work, to come fordid the Lord lift up a standard ward, and offer their services. against them.

Let saints re- Various candidates appeared.joice in their king. Let Zion They were examined with the arise and shine, for her light is most scrupulous attention ; and

The Lord is gathering those who were found qualified in his elect from the four cor- were accepted by the Society, ners of the earth. And have and educated for their work, we not reason to believe, the under the direction of a Comgreat battle of God Almighty mittee appointed for that purwill speedily succeed this exten- pose. sive and wonderful effusion of The first attempt of the Sothe Holy Spirit, that of late has eiety was on the western coast appeared in our land and other of Africa, to which they sent parts of the world.

Woe to two Missionaries about the end the inhabitants of the earth, that of the year 1797. The proceedshall survive this day of the pow- ings of these Missionaries, and erful manifestations of divine of those who were afterwards grace, and be found amongst the sent to the South-sea Islands, incorrigible number, whom the and to Jamaica, it is unnecessaLord will destroy with the ry to detail here, as they have brightness of his coming ! already been presented to the I am your's, &c.

public in the Reports annexed JOHN B. PRESTON. to the Sermons which were Rupert, (Vt.) July 7, 1804. preached before the Society, and

printed at their desire. Suffice

it therefore to say, that the preEDINBURGH MISSIONARY SOCI- sent state of the Society will apETY.

pear from the Report of the THE Edinburgh Missionary | Directors tat was read to the Society was instituted in

General Meeting of the Society,



at their last anniversary ; and Besides these meetings, Mr. as this Report has not appeared Reid began in April last, a dayin any periodical publication, we school, for instructing children presume it will not be unaccep-in reading, writing, and the prin. table to our readers.

ciples of religion. At first, few attended ; but at the date of his

last letter, the number had conREPORT of the DIRECTORS of the siderably increased. The Di.

EDINBURGH MISSIONARI Sou rectors have the best reason to CIETY, to the General Meei. be satisfied as to the general ing of the Members of that so. propriety of his conduct. It has ciety, held at Edinburgh, the been repeatedly certified to them 30th day of March, 1802. from a very respectable quarter,

and for the satisfaction of those LTHOUGH nothing very

who are particularly interested in the transactions of the Society improper to quote what a wor.

in this mission, it may not be during the preceding year, the

thy gentleman in Kingston says Directors think it their duty to

of him, in a letter to his corres. embrace the opportunity which this anniversary affords them, Reid is a truly pious man, and

pondent in Edinburgh: “ Mr. of giving to the friends of the

has much at heart the prosperiinstitution, a short statement of their proceedings.

ty of the gospel. I believe he

is doing good among the poor They are happy in being able people here.

His manners are to inform them, that amidst all so inoffensive, and speak SO the sickness and mortality which much love, that he is esteemed have prevailed in Kingston, Ja- by all who are acquainted with maica, their Missionary there, him; and I have a hope, that Mr. Ebenezer Reid, has been he will also do good among mercifully preserved; and, by some of the people here from the last accounts, was labouring Scotland, as many of them atnot only with much diligence, tend his meetings.”

But albut with some appearance of though the Directors have good success, among the numerous reason to be satisfied with Mr. Heathen in that place. The Reid, yet it must be evident, meetings which he had opened that in such a place as Kings. for their instruction were well ton, the labors of a single cateattended, particularly that on chist must be very limited. It the Sabbath evenings; and there has therefore been their earnest is reason to hope, that some of wish, to send out more laborers these poor neglected people to that important station, and, in have, through the blessing of particular, a minister of the God, experienced a saving | gospel. With this view, they change. Several white people, published, in conjunction with also, attend regularly and de- the Glasgow Missionary Socievoutly on these evenings; some ty, an address to the public, on of whom have acknowledged, this subject, in which were givthat their design in going there en the outlines of a plan that at first, was only to ridicule and was approved of by both Socie. disturb the exercise.

ties, and such reasons urged as

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Frere most likely to influence the nation. During the whole of minds of Christians; but as yet their voyage, the weather had none have come forward to of- been remarkably favorable, and fer their services. The Direc- they speak much of the goodness tors of both Societies have this of God to them in various resobject much at heart, and will pects. In particular, they mennot fail to exert their best en- tion, with lively gratitude, the deavors to promote it.

blessing that has attended their In the course of last month, labors, and those of their breththey had the pleasure of receiv- ren, both amongst the convicts ing accounts from Mess. James and the crew ; several of whom, Elder and William Scott, the they have good reason to think, two Missionaries who sailed have been savingly turned to the for the South-sea Islands in Lord. May, 1800, along with some For a considerable time past, other Missionaries from the the Directors have had under London Society. It was men- their consideration, a proposal tioned in the report of last year, for sending a mission to the that during their passage to borders of the Caspian Sea.-Rio Janeiro, an uncommon sick- They have been at great pains ness and mortality prevailed a- to procure the best information mong the convicts that were on on the subject; and the result board the ship. Several of the of their inquiries is in favor of Missionaries were taken ill; the design. After much delibbut all of them, except the Sur- eration, many meetings, and


appears fervent prayer for the Divine from their late dispatches, that direction, they have at last reafter they left the coast of Bra- solved to attempt a mission to sil, the fever again broke out in that quarter; at the head of the ship. Several of the Mis- which they propose to send the sionaries were seized with it ; Rev. Henry Brunton, whose rebut all of them mercifully re- turn from Africa was noticed in covered, except one young man the last annual report, and whose from London, of a weakly con- tried abilities and zeal, entitle stitution, who died of it a few him to the confidence of the So. days after they landed at Port ciety. His health is now reJackson, in New South Wales, established, and preparations are from which the letters are dated. making for his departure. It is Mr. Scott had constantly enjoy- expected that he and his comed good health since he left panions will be ready to set out Britain : But Mr. Elder, whose in a few wecký medical skill enabled him to be very useful among the sick, and * Since this Report was read to the on whom the care of them de

Society, the Directors have received volved after the death of the sur

letters from Otaheite, where their

Missionaries arrived safe on the roth geon, caught the infection, and was confined for some days to

of Owing to some circumstances his bed.

At the time of his which occasioned the delay of this writing, he was quite recovered, publication, the Directors have it in and expected in a few days, to

their power to mention, that Mr. şail for the place of their desti

Branton and his companions set out

geon, recovered.

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Juiy, 1801.

The Directors continue to New Testament has been printpay all the attention in their ed'; and a copy of it is at prepower to those young men who sent in the hands of the Direcare received by the Society, astors, which any of the members, candidates for Missionaries.- who chuse it, may have an opThey are happy in stating, that portunity of seeing. those who, at present, are under The Directors take this optheir care, afford such proofs of portunity of returning their piety, talents and assiduity, as hearty thanks to the annual encourage the most sanguine subscribers, and other benefachopes of their future usefulness. tors of the Society. They ac

It is with peculiar satisfaction knowledge their obligations to they have learned, that the trans- the late pious Miss Fall, who aslation of the scriptures into the sisted the Society while she Bengalee language, to which lived, and bequeathed to them, this Society as a body, and at her death, a legacy of one many of its members had indi. hundred pounds sterling, To vidually subscribed, is now far the late Mrs. Stevenson, Leithadvanced : a large edition of the Walk, whose worth was well

known, and whose memory will in the month of April. They sailed be long and affectionately refrom Leith to St. Petersburgh, where, membered by many who are agreeably to their instructions, they

now present, the Society are incommunicated their design to the Russian government, and obtained not

debted for a legacy of fifty only permission, but encouragement, pounds sterling. to prosecute their undertaking. In Notwithstanding these beneeonsequence of letters which they re- factions, the Directors are sorry ceived from M. Novassi'zoff, a noble

to mention, that the funds of the man of high character and great fluence in the Russian court, they met

Society still continue to dekindness where ever they canie. They

Although the utmost arrived at Moscow on the 6th of June, economy has been studied in at Serepta on the 7th of July, and at the management of its affairs, Astrakhan on the 22d of the same month. On the roth of August they | annual

yet, for some years past, the

expenditure has very left that city, and proceeded towards the mountains of Caucasus. Having

considerably exceeded the reexplored the country in different di- ceipts. This lays them under rections, which they were enabled to the necessity of earnestiy solido in safety, through the kindness of citing the assistance of all the Gen. Knoring, the Governor-general friends of religion. They have of these provinces, who ordered a

no wish to amass large funds, guard to attend them, they at last have fixed on a place where they in

or to suffer any of the money tend to settle ; and where, from va- with which they are entrusted rious circumstances, the Directors have to remain unoccupied ; but as reason to think they will enjoy very | Missionary attempts among the peculiar advantages for propagating Heathen are necessarily attendthe gaspel. The Directors are de.

their sirous to follow up this remarkable ed with great expense, opening of Providence, and propose to

labours must be limited indeed, send out Mr. Brunton's family, and if they are not liberally furnishsome additional Missionaries, in the ed with the means of carrying spring, provided they can obtain the them on. They are very senmeans necessary to enable them to

sible, that the scarcity and dearth do it.



which prevailed in the country | Scotland, such as Hooker, Cran. these two years past, have put it mer, Knox, &c. knows that no out of the power of many pious man was held in higher estimapersons to contribute as they tion by those distinguished charcould have wished, towards the acters than John Calvin, and no salvation of the Heathen ; but human compositions were more now that a kind Providence has read and admired by them than restored plenty to our land, it is his.--Nor was it only by perhoped that those who have tast- sons of the above description ed that the Lord is gracious, that Calvin's writings were esand who know, in their own ex- teemed. The depth and inperience, the value of the gos- genuity of his thoughts, the pel, will gladly contribute, ac- strength and accuracy of his cording to their ability, to help reasoning, and the purity and forward the work of the Lord. elegance of his diction, have led So shall the blesssing of many

many who had no relish for the who were ready to perish come gospel to peruse his works. upon them; and “our God shall The celebrated infidel, Lord supply all their need, according Bolingbroke, was a remarkable to his riches in glory, by Christ instance of this; and the folJesus.”

lowing anecdote, in proof of it, And above all, brethren, you may be depended on. One day, are most earnestly solicited to a Clergyman of his Lordship's aid us by your fervent and per- acquaintance (Mr. Ch, who severing prayers. “ Ye that died Vicar of Battersea) happenmake mention of the Lord, keeped to call for him, when he was not silence; and give him no reading in Calvin's, till he establish, and till he “ You have found me," said his make Jerusalem a praise in the Lordship,“ reading John Calearth.” And may the happy vin. He was indeed a man of time soon arrive, when, from great parts, profound sense, and the rising of the sun to the go- vast learning. He handles the ing down of the same, the name doctrines of grace in a very of Jesus shall be glorious ; masterly manner.” “Doctrines “ when men shall be blessed in of grace !” replied the Clergyhim, and all nations shall call man,

“the doctrines of grace him blessed. Amen. Let the have set all mankind together whole earth be filled with his by the ears.” “ I am surprised glory."

to hear you say so," answered Lord Bolingbroke, “

profess to believe and to preach ANECDOTES.

Christianity. Those doctrines are certainly the doctrines of the

Bible; and, if I believed the T is much to be regretted that Bible, I must believe them. And Calvin are so little read in the think the greatest miracle in the present day. Every person world is, the substance of Chriswho is acquainted with the tianity, and its continued prewritings of our most eminent servation as a religion, when the reformers, both in England and preaching of it is committed to

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you who

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