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III. SHORT METRE. 12 The dear delights we here enjoy,

And fondly call our own, The Nativity of Cbrif. Luke i. 30, &c. Luke Are but short favours borrow'd now, ii. 10, &c.

To be repaid anon.

3. 'Tis God that lifts our comforts high, The promise is fulfill'd;

Or finks them in the grave, Mary the wond'rous virgin bears,

He gives and (blessed be his name !) And Jesus is the child.

He takes but what he gave.
2 (The Lord, the highest God, 4. Peace, all our angry pasions then,
Calls him his only Son ;

Let each rebellious figh
He bids him rule the lands abroad, Be filent at his fov'reign will,
And gives him Davits throne.

And ev'ry murmur die. 3 O'er Jacob fhall he reiga

5 If smiling mercy crown our lives, With a peculiar sway ;

Its praises shall be spread,
The nations shall his grace obtaing

And we'll adore the justice too
His kingdom ne'er decay. ]

That strikes our comforts dead.
4 To bring the glorious news,
A heav'nly forin appears ;.


COMMON METRE. Ile tells the shepherds of their joy.s,

Triumph over Death. Job xix. 25, 26, 27. And banihes their fears. s Go, humble swains, said hey

Andi nature must decay ;
To David's city fly ;

I yield my body to the daft,
The promis d'infant, born to day;

To dwell with fellow-clay.
Deth in a wanger lie.

12 Yet faith may triumph o'er the gravez 6 With looks and heart serene

And trample on the tombs ;
Go visit Chrift your King

My Jesus, my Redeemer lives,
And straight a Aaming troop was seen ;

My God, my Saviour comes.
The shepherds heard them fing :

The mighty conqu’ror shall appear 7 Glory to God on hig!

High on a royal seat,
And heav'nly peace on eartby

And death the last of all his foes,
Good-will to men, 20 angels joy,

Lye vanquish'd at his feet.
At the Redeemer's birth.

14 Though greedy worms devour my skin, $ (In worship fo divine Let saints employ their tongues,

And gnaw my wasting Aesh,
When God shall build


bones against With the celeftial host we join,

He'll clothe thein all afresh :
And loud repeat their songs :

6 Then shall I fee thy lovely face
Glory to God on bigh!

With strong immorral eyes,
And heav'nly peace on earth,

And feast upon thy unknown grace Good-will to men, to angels joy,

With pleasure and surprise.
At our Redeemer's birth.]

IV. Referred to the zd Pfalm.

The Invitation of the Gospel : Or, Spiritual

Food and Clothing. Ifa. lv. 1, 2, &c.

ET ev'ry mortal ear attend,
Submission to affiliative Providences. Fóð.i. 21.

The trumpet of the gospel sounds,
TAKED as from the earth we came,

With an inviting voice.
And crept to life at first,
We to the earth return again, 2 Ho! all ye hungry starving souls,
And.mingle with our dast.

That feed upon the wind,

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And vainly ftrive with carthly toys

15 Trust in the Lord, for ever trust, To ill an empty mind :

And banish all your fears :

Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells, 3. Et, ał Wisdom has preparid

Eternal as his years.
A foul-reviving feast,
And bids your longing appetites

6 What though the rebels dwell on high, The rich provision taste.

His arm (hall bring thein low;
Low as the caverns of the

grave 4 Ho! ye that pant for living streams,

Their lofty heads Thall bow.
And pine away

and die
Here you may quench your raging thirst 7 On Babylon our feet shall trcado.
With springs that never dry.

In that rejoicing hour ;

The ruins of her walls shall spread
s Rivers of love and mercy here

A pavement for the poor.
In a rich ocean join ;
Salvation in abundance flows,
Like floods of milk and wine.

IX. COMMON METRE. 6 [Ye perishing and naked poor,

The Promises of the Covenant of Grace. I
Who work with mighty pain, 1, 2. Zecb. xiii. 1. Alic. vii. 19. Ezek.
To weave a garinent of your own, Xxxvi. 25, &c.
That will not bide your fin ;

N vain we lavish out our lives,
7 Come naked and adorn your


gather empty wind;
In robes prepar'd by God,

The choicest blesings earth can yield
Wrought by the labours of his Son, Will starve a hungry mind.
And dyed in his blood.]

2. Come, and the Lord shall feed our souls
& Dear God! the treasures of thy love With more fubftantial ineat,
Are everlasting mines,

With such-as saints in glory love,'.
Deep as our helpless miferies are,

With such as angels eat...
And houndless as our sins !

3:Our God will ev'ry want supply,
, The happy gates of gospel grace

And fill our hearts with peace;
Stand open night and day:

He gives by cov'nant and by oath.
Lord, we are come to seek fupplies - The riches of his grace. »

And drive our wants away, 14. Come and he'll cleanse our spotted souls,

And wath away our stains

In the dear fountain that his Son,
The Safety and Protectian of the Church. Ifa. Pour'd from his dying veins

xxvi. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
COW honourable is the place

5 [Our guilt thall vanish all away,

Though black as hell before;
Zion the glory of the earth,

Our sins shall link beneath the sea,.. . And beauty of the land!

And shall be found no more, 2 Bulwarks of mighty grace defend

6 And left pollution should o'erspread The city where we dwell;

Our inward pow'rs again,
The walls of strong falvation made, His Spirit shall bedew our souls
Defy th'affaults of hell.

Like purifying rain.]
3 Lift up the everlasting gates,

7. Our heart that flinty stubborn thing, The doors wide open fling,

That terrours cannot move,
Enter ye nations, that obey

That fears no threatnings of his wrath,
The statutes of our King.

Shall be diffolv'd by, love : :
4 Here shall you taste unmingled joys, 8 Or he can take thic flint away
And live in perfect peace ;

That would not be refin'd,
You that have known Jehovah's naine, And from the treasures of his grace
And ventur'd on his grace.

Bertow.a softer mind.

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There shall his sacred Spirit dwell, 12 “ I thank thy sov'reign pow'r and love, And deep engrave his law,

“ That crowns my doctrine with success; And ev'ry motion of our souls “ And makes the babes in knowledge learn To swift obedience draw,

“ The heights, and breadthis, and length's Lo Thus will he pour salvation down,

And we shall render praise ; “ But all this glory lies conceald, We the dear people of his love, “ From men of prudence and of might; And he our God of grace.

“ The prince of darkness blinds their eyes,

“ And their own pride resists the light.

14" Father, 'tis thus, because thy will X. SHORT METRE:

“ Chose and ordaind it should be so

" 'Tis thy delight t' abase the proud, The bleffedness of Gospeł Times : Or, The Red And lay the haughty scorner low..

velation of Ckrift to Jews and Gentiles. Ifa. v. 2, 7, 8, 9, 1o. Marb. xiii..16, 17.. s“ There's none can know the Fatherright,

“ But those who learn it from the Son ; OW beauteous are their feet.

“ Nor can the Son be well receivid, Who stand on Zion's hill,

" But.where the Father makes him known." Who bring salvation on their tongues, And words of peace reveal!

6 Then let our souls adore our God,

That deals his graces as he please ; 2 How charming is their voice,

Nor gives to inortals an account,
How sweet the tidings are !

Or of his actions or decrees. Zion, behold thy Saviour King,

“ He reigns and triumphs here." 3 How happy are our ears,

That hear this joyful sound,
Which kings and prophets waited for

Free Crace in revealing Cbrift. Luke'x. 25.
And fought, but never found!

SUS the man of constant grief,

A mourner all his days; 4 How blessed are our eyes, That see this heav'niy light";

His Spirit once rejoic'd aloud,

And turn’d his jay to praise.
Prophetsand kings defir'd it long,
But dy'd without the fight.

2 Fatber I thank the wonil'rous loveg.

That hath reveal:d thy Son 5 The watchmen join their voice,


men unlearned; and to babes
And tuneful notes employ ;

Has made thy gospel known..
Jerusalem breaks forth in songs,
And desarts learn the joy..

3. The myft'ries of redeeming grace:

Are hidden from the wife, 6 The Lord makes bare his arm

While pride and carnal reas'ning's join: Through all the earth abroad

To swell, and blind their eyes. Let ev'ry nation now behold Their Saviour and their God. 14 Thus doth the Lord of heav'n and earth

His great decrees fulfil,

And orders all his works of grace

By his own sov'reign will.
The Humble enlightened, and carnal Reason

XIII. LONG METRE. humbledOr, The Sovereignty of Grace Luke X. 21,

The Son of GOD. incarnate : Or, The Titles

and the Kingdom of CHRIST. Ifa. ix. 2, 6, 7. THERE was an hour when Chrif

THE lands that long in darkness lay, And spoke his joy in words of praise ;

Now have beheld a heav'nly light ;, “.Father, I thank thee, mighty God, Nations that fat in death's cold shade, “ Lord of the earth and heav'ns; and seas:' Are bless’d with beams divinely bright,

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"THE rejoicid,


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»WDis God that justifies their souls,


2 The virgin's promis'd Son is born ; 121 glory in infirmity,
Behold the expected child appear :

That Christ's own pow'r may rest on me ;-
What shall his names or titles be? When I am weak, then am I strong,
The Wonderful; The Counsellor.

Grace is my shield, and Cbrift my song.
3 [This infant is the mighty God, 3 I can do all things, or can bear
Come to be fuckleď and ador'd ;

All füff'rings, if my Lord be there';. Th' eternal Father, Prince of peace, Sweet pleasures mingle with the pains, The Son of David, and his Lord.) While his left hand


head-fustains. 4 The government of earth and seas 14. But if the Lord be, once withdrawn, Upon his shoulders shall be laid ; And we attempt the work alone; His wide dominions shall increase, When-new. temptations spring and rise, And honours to his name be paid.. We find low great our weakness is.. 5 Jesus the holy child shall fit

5 So Sampson, when his hair was lost,
High on his father David's thrones,

Met the Philistines to his cost;
Shall crush his foes beneath his feet,

Shook his vain limbs with fad surprize,
And reign to ages yet unknown. Made feeble fight, and lost his eyes.

The Triumph of Faith: Or, Cbrif's uncẠange-

able Love. Rom. viii. 33, &c. Hofanna to Cbrift. Matth. xxi. g. Luke xija
THO condemn

38, 40. And mercy like a mighty Atream,

| HOSANNA to the royal Son

Of David's ancient line !
O'er all their fins divinely rolls.

His natures two, his person one,
Who shall adjudge the saints: to hell ? Myfterious and divine.
'Tis Chrif that suffer'd in their stead,

2. The root of David here we find,
And the salvation to fulfil,

And offspring is the fame ;-
d him rising from the dead.

Eternity and time are join'di.
He lives !'he lives! and fits above,

In our Immanuel's name..
For ever interceeding there :

3 Bless'd he that comes to 'wretched men
Who shall divide us from his love,
Or what-nhould tempt us to despair ?"

With peaceful news from heav'n!

Hosannas', of the highest strain
Shall persecution or distress,

Tro Christ the Lord be giv'n!
Famine, or sword, or nakedness ?
He that hath lov'd us, bears us through, 4. Let mortals ne'er refuse to take
And makes us more than conqu’rors too.

Th Hosanna on their tongues, [break

Left rocks and stones should raise, and 5 Faith hath an overcoming pow'r,

Their filence into fongs.-
It triumphs in the dying hour:.
Christ is our life, our joy, our hope, XVII.. COMMON METRE. ,
Nor can we fink with such a prop..

Victory over Death. i Cor. XV..55, &co. 6 Not all that men on earth can do,

FOR an overcoming faith,
Nor pow'rs on high, nor pow'rs below,

To cheer my dying hours,
Shall cause his mercy to remove,

To triumph o'er the monster death,
Or wean our hearts from Christ our love. And all his frightful pow'rs !

LONG , METRE. 2 Joyful, with all the strength I have,Our own Weakness, and Cbrift our Strength. My quiv'ring lip should fing, 2. Cor. xii.,7, 9, 10.

Where is thy boasted victory, grave?
ET me but hear' my Saviour fay,

And where the monster's Hing?
Strength shall be equal to the day :
Then I rejoice in deep distress, 3 If fin-be pardon'd I'm fecure, ,
Leaning on all-fufficient grace.

Death has no fting behides,

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With heav'nly weapons I have fought XXIX.' COMMON METRE.

The battles of the Lord, Finish'd my course, and kept the faith, The Triumph of Cbrif : Or, The Ruio of Aiko And wait the fure reward.]

ticbril. Ver. 48-506, 73 God has laid up in heav'n for me. A crown which cannot fade;

" Where Antichrift has stood; The righteous Judge at that great day.

" The city of my gospel foes

Shall be a field of blood. 4. Nor hath the King of decreed


My heart has studied juft revenge, This prize for me alone ;

“ And now the day appears, But all that love and long to see

“ The day of my redeem'd is come, The appearance of his Son.

" To wipe away their tears. 5 Jesus, the Lord, shall guard me fafe 3 “ Quite weary is my patience growity From ev'ry ill design ;

" And bids my fury go : And to his heav'nly kingdom take

“ Swift as the lightning it shall move, This feeble soul of mine.

" And be as fatal ton. 6 God is my everlasting aid,

“ I call for helpers but in vain : And hell fall rage in vain ;

“ Then has my gospel none? (nough, To him be highest glory paid,

“ Well, mine own arm has might eAnd endless praise. Amen.

To crush my foes alone. Slaughter, and my devouring sword

“ Shall walk the streets around, XXVIII. COMMON METRE.

Babel shall reel beneath my stroke, The Triumph of Christ over the Enemies of the And stagger to the ground." Church. Ifai Ixiii. 1, 2, 3, &c.

16 Thy honours, O-victorious King! IHAT mighty man,or mighty God,

Thine own right hand fhall raises


While we thy awful vengeance fing, Along the Idumean road,

And our deliverer praise. Away from Bozrab's gate ! 2 The glory of his robes proclaim

XXX. LONG METRE. 'Tis some victorious king : 'Tis I the juít, the Almighty Onė, Prayer for Deliverance answered. Ifa. xxvj. ". That


salvation bring."



3 Why, mighty Lord, thy Caines inquire, "Itewait the vilts

of thy grace ; In thing

Why thine apparel's ved ?

We ; And all thy vesture stain'd like those Our fonds desire is to thy name,

Who in the wine press tread? And the remembrance of thy face. 4 I by myfelf have trod the prefs, My thoughts are searching, Lord for thee;

" And crush'd my foes alone; 'Mongst the black shades of lonesome night; “ My wrath has struck the rebels dead, My earnest cries falute the skies,

“My fury Atamp'd them down. Before the dawn restore the light, 5 " 'Tis Edom's blood that dyes my robes 3 Look how rebellious men deride

“ With joyful scarlet stains ; The tender patience of my God;; di The triumph that my raiment wears But they shall fee thy lifted hand,

“ Sprung from their bleeding veins. And feel the scourges of thy rod. 6 - Thus shall the nations be destroy'd 4 Hark! the Eternal rends the sky,

" That dare insult my saints; A mighty voice before him goes, “ I have an arm t'avenge their wrongs, A voice of musick to his friends,

** An ear for their complaints." But threat'ning thunder to his foes.

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