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diameter, and two feet deep. They are It is faid, that there are fome races of always full of a very salt water, but monkies which keep up a certain difbrever run over. Dip out as much as you cipline among themielves. Though acpleate, there is no apparent diminution; tive in the highest deyree in pillaging the deficiency is instantly fupplied: and plantations and cultivated grounds, they about ten feet lower down the hill, there feldom go on iinportant expeditions for ides a spring of pure and fresh water. this purpose but in numerous troops. If When these regions become peoplcd, the they meditate an attack (for instance) on trantportation of this rock-lalt will be a inelon bed, a large party of them enpesterely easy, by means of the Arkantas. ters the garden. Tlie animals range Experience has prored it to be prefer- themfelves, if posible, under a hedge able to every other kind in curing provi- or fence, at fome distance from each Lole

other, and throw the melons, from band St. Loris of the Illinois,

to hand, with astonishing rapidity. The March 1805.

line they form usually terminates in a

znountain or foreit, and all their opeFor the Monthly Magazine. rations are executed during the most pro0B FR1.47 Ions on the STRATIGEMS, &c. found filence.

of APES and MONKIES, in « WILD Water tells us, that when he was on $TITE, and in CAPTIVITY.

flore in the inand of Goryonia, be obDEPENDENTLY of the general served several monkies (of the four-firta

form of thele animals, and of their gered species) come down, at low water, exterual and internal organization, which to the rocks of the sea coast, for the in many refpects present a striking and purpose of devouring oytters. They got hurmurating resemblance to those of inen, at the food contained within the thells, ther playfulness, their frolics, and gam- by placing one vylier on a stone, and bols, have in all ages attracted the no- beating it in pieces with another. The Lice of mankind. Some naturalists have malbrouk of Bengal (Simia Fuunus of abierted, that they are capable of reason- Linnæus) is reported to do the famc. iue and reflecting; and that they are Many of thele animals, and particuguided by an instinctive fagacity inuch larly the preacher, and four-fingered inperior to that of the brute creation in monkies (simiu beelzebul and Simu pageneral. They are, however, certainly niscus of Linnæus), have sometimes dreadditute of every effential faculty of ful contentions, in which great numbers tran: incapable as well of thought as of on both sides are frequently tlain. They (peech, there is an inmenfe interval be- employ weapons in their combats; and twixt the creature formed in mind after ofien arm ibeirfelves with stones and the image of God, and these mere brutes, pieces of wood, which they throw with bearing fome rude traits of the elementai sure aim, and aftonihing violence, at parts of the human frame.

each other. They have, on thcfe occaExery one will ackoowledge that, in lions, neither dcferters nor ftragglers; geutral, both apes and monkies are ex- for in times of danger they never forcethvely ugly. Their limbs are pecu- fake each other. They run along the larly strong; and they have great delight plains, and even leap from tree to tree, in brenking, tearing in pieces, or itealing with furprizing rapidity. wimtever comes in their way. In all The intiincts and sagacity of these their operations and manoeuvres, their animals are, in many instances, such as builty is atonilling. Whenever any not to be injured or diminished even by tung offents or throws them into a captivity. In fome houses we see the paffion, they indicate their rage by chat winderů (Simia Silenus of Linnæus), a tering violently with their teeth. "Many cunning and audacious monkey, much of them, if benten, will figh, groan, and inclined to ridicule and grimace. le weep, like claldren; but most of them, may be taught to dress and undress hinou bele occasions, utter dreadful thrieks fell, to (pin, to poke the fire, to puth * of distress. They inake such ridiculous wheel-barrow, or play on a tambourine. grimaces, place theinfelves in luch strange lle will wath earthen vetfels or glafles and wbilical attitudes, and in other without breaking them, and carry light respects conduct themselves fo fingularly, burthens from place to place, whenever that few perfons, even of those who most he is ordered to do so. A monkey of dillike then, can on these occasions re- this species has been observed to turn a ftain from smiling, and nearly all must be spit with one hand, whilft with the other Thaused by them.

he beld a piece of bread under the meat to receive the gravy: it is perhaps need- which had been admitted into the apartlefs to remark, that he immediately af- ments of the academicians, during the terwards devoured it.

time they were employed in making ob A wanderu was exhibited at Bour- fervations in the mountains. There deaux, in the year 1762, which by his animals greatly excited the attonishment actions excited much astonishment in of the academicians, by afterwards, of the spectators. When mounted on an their own accord, going through a series extended cord, he firtt stretched out cach of imitations. They planted the hignals, of his feet to have the chalked; then, ran to the pendulum, and then immetaking in his hand a pole weighted at diately to the table, as if for the purcach end (fimilar to the balance em- pose of committing to paper che oblerployed by rope-dancers), he walked rations they had made. They occabackward and forward, cut capers, and fonally pointed the telescopes towards executed numerous other tricks, with the heavens, as if to view the planets infiuitely greater ease and celerity than or stars, and perforined nunerous other the most expert rope-dancer that had be- fcats of a fimilar nature. fore been seen.

The whimical occurrence which took The monkies, however, that are train- place before the troops of Alexander the ed and educated by tome of the Indian Great, is too tingular and too amuling to buffoons are reported to be by far the be palled over in silence. The foldiers most agile and ad: oit of all animals that under command of this mustarch always are reared in captivity.

marched in order of battle. They hapSome of the apes, such as the oran pened one night to encamp on a inounotans, the putas, and the dog-faced apes, tain, that was inhabited by a numerous are said always to place a centinel on tribe of monkies. On the following the top of a tree, or on fome other cle- morning, they saw at a dittance what vated lituation, to keep watch when appeared to be an immense body of the rest are either about to deep or to troops approaching them, as if with the engage in any marauding experlition, intentiou of coming to an engagement. The inotions or the cry of this animal The commanders, as well as the foldiers, are a signal of danger, and immediately were in the utmost allonishment. Harthe whole troop scampers off with the ing entirely subdued the prince of the utmost rapidity. It has been asserted, country, they could not conceive from but few perfons will be inclined to cre- whence this new force could have come; dit the affertion, that the centinels are they bad not previously been informed often punilled witń death for veglećting of any thing of the kind. The alarm their duty.

was immediately given, and in a short The Europeans at the Cape of Good time the whole Macedonian army was Ilope sometimes catch young apes by drawn up in battle-array, to combat with ftratagem, or by previously killing their this unexpected enemy. The prince of dam, and bring them up with care for the country, who was a prisoner in the the purpose of rendering them after- camp, was interrogated respecting it. wards serviceable. When they have at- He was surprised to be informed of such tained their growth, they are taught to a force in the neighbourhood, and reguard the house of their owner, during quested pormillion to behold it himself. the night, and on all occasions of his He smiled at the mistake; and the Maabsence. This they do with great fide- cedunians were not a little chagrined lity; but as they increase in age, their that they should have been such fools as mischievous propensities develope theme to take a troop of these imitative animals selves, and they oftentimes become ex- for a band of armed men. tremely ill-tempered and ferocious. These All the apce and monkies are reported apcs, which are of the ursine species, to entertain a natural averlion and anare so much inclined to imitation, that tipathy to the crocodile. It is said, that they feldom see any thing done without some of them will even fnint at seeing attempting to do ihe fainc. Some of or finelling the skin of one of these frightthem are very subborn and perverfe; ful reptiles. but many are readily susceptible of edu- The animals of that subdivision of the cation, learning, without difficulty, ale tribe denoininated japajous have long most every thing that is taught them. tails, which they can coil up, and employ

Condainine and Bouger law, in Peru, (in fome respects, but particularly in Some domefiicated monkies of large uze, descending trees,) as a hand. By means


of their tails, they are also able to fwing their tail, and, dying in this ftuation, themselves backward and forward amongit continue suspended even for a long time the branches of trees.

after death. When a monkey of some Monkies are seldom known to produce of the larger species is wounded, the rest young ones, except in hot climates. The will frequently collect together, anii with Berkary upes, however, (Simia inuus of great fury pursue the hunters to their huts Linneus), which are found wild at Gi- or lodgments. braltar, bring young ones in great abun- It was formerly supposed that man was dance anongit the inaccedible precipices the only animal which conld be infected of the rock. A female of this species by the finall-pox and meatles; but it is has also been known to produce uitspring now ascertained that monkies, kept in in a fate of captivity, at one of the houses where there complaints prevail, botels in Paris.' A' Ariuted monkey are allo liable to receive the infection. (Sumia jacchus) bronght forth young ones In the year 1767, the inhabitants of in the house of a merchant at Lisbon, Saint Germain-en-Laie, near Paris, were and another in that of a lady in Paris. winels to a monkey's catching the imall

Feinale monkies generally carry their pox, by playing with children who were young ones nearly in the saine manner infected, and the animal bore the marks as negrefies do their children. The little of it for a confiderable time afterwards, animals cling to the back of their dam A circumstance nearly fimilar was obby their hind feet, and embrace the served also at Paris. M. Paulet, a meneck with their paws. When the fe- dical man of some eminence, was called males fuckle them, it is said that they upon, in 1770, to attend a person who hold them in their arms, and present the had the mealles. As the disease was tent as a woman would to a child. contagious, he requested that every por

Moakies usually live in much more fible precaution night be taken to preetentive troops than apes. The troops vent it from spreading; and particularly of putus, or red monkies of Senegal, are that a monkey, accustomed to play with reported to amount fometimes to as the children of the house, should on no cany as three or four thousand. Some account have any communication with naturalifts believe that they form a fort the invalid. The request was made too of republic, in which a great degree of late. One of the lick person's lifters, Calvordination is kept up; that they al- and at the same time also the monkey, wars travel in good order, conducted by which had been accustomed to sleep at chiers, the firou geti and most experienced the foot of her bed, was attacked by the animals of their troop; and tbat, on disease. The inonkev, in confequence, thefe occalions, some of the largest mon- was treated in the faine manner as a kies are likewife placed in the rear, the human subject. M. Paulet, on examinfound of whose voice immediately ti- ing the state of the animal's pulfe, found lences that of any of any of the others it fo quick that it was scarcely poffible to thet lappen to be too noisy. The or- count the pollutions. In the axillary derly and expert retreat of these crea- artery, these were much more sensible tores from danger, is an amusing light to than in any other; and he declared that, Europeans, unaccustomed to the native as nearly as he could count thein, they wanners of such animals. The negrors were about five hundred in a ininute. believe them to be a vngabond race of Wie ought to remarki, that this monkey men, who are loo indolent to confiruct was of very low ftature, and that, in all bubitations to live in, or to cultivate the animals, the shorter they are the quicker ground for fubfiftence. They sometimes is their pulse. These facts, which are well commt dieadful havoc in the fields and authenticated, fufficiently prove (indeparleus of persons who inhabit the cou:- pendently of others) that the small-pox ing while they abound.

and meailes are not diseases entirely conThe diferent species of monkies are fined to the human species; but that sekton Loown to intermix or affociate aniinals, as well as men, are liable to Grether, but each tribe generally inha- receive the infection froin them. Nobits a diferent quarter. The negroes merous instances have occurred of tlle wha huve not been taught the use of fmall-pox being communicated to ani firearms, are said to kill them by shoot- from animals. Those from cattle are ing them in the face with arrows. But now well known. A fhepherd infected w often trappens, when the fopajous are with the finall-pox has been known to fat, that in the act of falling from the coininunicate the disease to his theep, free they seize hold of a branch with and there sheep to those of anutber MOSTULY Mac, No. 154.



flock. A horse has been observed to be least in fome degree) in their habits of covered with the pullules of the imall- lite from those of the old world. The pox. Goats are sometimes attacked by Great Author of Nature has aliigned to it, and, when this is the case, great them several characterilties that are penumbers generally perilh. (See Roder. culiar to themselves: fuch, amongst others, à Cajiro, lib. 4. de ileteor. Microc. are the lilation and leparation of the 6.) This dreadful contagion is likewite natal oritices; and the presence of two frequently known to extend to the flocks additional grinders in each jaiv. We, of rein deer in Laplaud.

likewise, are acquainted with no species Such is a lummary of the principal of monkey, belonging to the ancient observations that have been transmitted world, that bas a preheutile tail

, or the to us by ditlerent travellers, respecting bony pouch observable in the throat of the manners and babits of life of the the preacher monkey and the arahata, · animals which constitute this interełing (Simiu buclacbul and Simiu seniculus of tribe; and from what has been said, it Linnæus). appears that they have a nearer alliance In fonie countries monkies, even in than any other quadruped (in the general their wild liate, are rendered serviccable conformation of their bodies) to the hu- ' to mankind. It is laid, that in Jilricts man race. They confequently have the where pepper and cocoa yrow, the iubaart of imitating human actions better bitants, availing themfelies of the ima than any others, since they are able to tatise faculties and the agility of the ute their fore-feet as bands. From the monkies, are able to procure an infinitegeneral organization of the monkies, thiey ly greater quantity of these articles than are likewise capable of an education they could do by any other means. They nearer allied to that of man, than any mount tone of the lowest branches of other animal. Some naturalists have al- the trees, break of the extremities where tributed in hvitely too much fagacity to the fruit grows, and then defceud and them, whiilit oiliers have certainly not carefully range them together on the allowed enough. The moukies feem to ground. The animals afterwards alcend do those things which inankind do be- the fame trees, Itrip the branches all the fore their season is matured by aye; and way to the top, and difpofe them in a in this retjiećt there is no oiter quilo


After the monkies have druped which bears any resemblance to gone to rett, the Indians return and carry them. Most animals fcern at times to be off the spoil. actuated by the spirit of revenge: by In fome places, it is this inclination the different means that are employed to imitate human actions which leads to to gratify this passion, we may in a their deftruction. The Indians carry in measure judge of the different degrees their bands vessels filled with water, and of their inttinet; and every one knows rub their faces with it, in the presence how greatly the moukey exceeds all other of the monkies; then fubitituting a kind brutes in its vindictive malice. There of glue indicad of water, leave the vetappears, in foine measure, an analogy fels behind them, and retire. The obcien betu ixt the vices (if we may fo call fervant creatures seize the vefiel, and thein) of the monkies, and the disyuit- do the same; when the glue, adhering ing brutality too often obfervable in the strongly to their hair and eyelids, comvicious and degradled part of inankind. pletely blinds them, and prevents every

The animals of the monkey tribe dif- poflibility of their eilecting an efcape. for very eflentially from each other in In other places, the natives take to their general manners and habits of life. thic habitations of the monkies a hind of The oran olun is fusceptible of more boots, which they put on and paid utt considerable attainments than any of the their leys several times fucceffively. others. The fort muzzled monkies, with These are then rubbed over in the imidle long tails, such as the greater part of the with a strong gluc; and when the monguenons, japajuus, and jngvins, are for keys attempt to do the fame, they are the mott part exceedingly tractable, and unable to disengage themselves, and, receive ii certain deure of intruction confequently are caught without distiwithout much difficulty. But some of culty. the apes, and buboons, with long muzzles, Sometimes the inhabitants carry in art fo visvage and ferocious as to be in their hands a mirror, and appear to capable of any education whatever. ainuse themselves by looking at it in

The monkies of the new contineat, es different attitudes. Tu place of tbefe might naturally be supposed, differ (at they lento a kind of trans, not unlike


the sales in external appearance, which, of these animals. We are allured by Conwhen the animals take them up, leize damine, that in Cayenne the monkies and cure thera by the


are the kind of gaine that is more treThe inhabitants of st. Vincent le quently pursued than any other; and Bunc catro jonkies in several kinds of that the Indians of the country bordertraps and diares. Sometimes, when they ing on the river of the Amazons are pe. have caught the young ones, they put cularly fond of their tieth. Their fat is them into a race, and appear to teaze ctteemed a fovereign remedy for ftitfpels un torrent them, in order that they in the joints. In the Portuguefe settlemay likewise catch the parents.

ments in South America, powdered mooThe hunters of fome countries place kies' bones are confidered an excellent near the haunts of monkies vessels con- fudorific, and likewife as anti-venereal, tan ng trong and intoxicating liquors. In the gall-bladder of one or two of the The animals drink of them, and in a Indian fpecics (but particularly of the Mort time become to drank as to lie doric and wanderu), a kind of gall-Itone down on the spot and fall atleep. is sometimes found. These, says Taver

Sume of the Indians ascend to the nier, the natives have been known to firmmits of the mountains in which the fell for as much as a bundred crowns animals breed, and construct there a pile each. They will not, in general, perinit of wood, round the bafe of which they then to be exported out of their country pread a quantity of maize. They place as articles of commerce, but chiefly on the pile fome fubítance, which, on preserve them as an invaluable prefent being exposed to heat, explodes with to foreign amballadors reliding amongst trenuendous noite. This is contrived to them. They are contidered to poilets all esplode during the time that the mon- the properties that have been attributed kes aru employed in devouring the to the most precious of the bezoar maize, and, in the terror and aftonith- stones. ment, the old animals scamper off on all Christ Church,

W. BrxGLEY, bites with the utmost rapidity, leaving Feb. 1, 1807. their young ones a prey to the hunters. The dexterity of mookies is such, that,

For the Monthly Magazine, al: hough burthened by their oflspring ringing to their backs, they can leap Oration delivered by BENJAMIN MILNE, fron tree to tree, if the dillance is not ESQ. COLLECTOR of his MAJESTY'S CUSvery great, and secure their hold among

TOMS at BRIDLINGTON, on the first the branches with the greatest certainty.

EXHIBITION of the NEW LIGUTS at When they perceive any person taking

FLAM BOROUGH-HEAD. at thein, either with a gun or bow, OME, in the plenitude of power, time in the most horrible manner. They quered provinces, and elated with pride, are often able to avoid the arrows that erected stately pillars, ornamented with are for at thein, and fometimes they exquisite sculpture, to commemorate the even catch them in their hands. When achievements of her illustrious citizens; buy one of their community is thot, and but those splendid embellithments were falls to the ground, all the rest fet up at the ostentatious monainents of an uncifrual and tremendous bowl, which bounded ambition which grasped at unimukes all the adjacent mountains and verlal dominion, and in the career of woods retound. It a monkey is wound- victory extended a wide scene of ruin ed, and duez not fall, it frequently bap- and defolation. Under the influence of pens that his companions will seize and a better principle, and for purposes inCarry it off far beyond the reach of their finitely more useful, this fuperb edifice temy and wiferable is the fate of that kauiter who is imprudent enough to venRare best their baunts during that fame

* The height of the building from the day, When the aniinals re-afcend the basis to the summit is 85 feet, and from the ters, they cach carry a love in their level of the sea 250 feet — The lanthorn conhands, and generally another in their tains three frames, with seven large lamps

and reflectors in each, making in the whole limutis: smul, in luch cafe, there are

twenty-one. The lights revolve, and the mwn at their adverfary with a cor- mocion is horizontal. One of the lights is tetitness of aim that is truly altonilling, red, to distinguish Flamborough lights from

The talabitants of several countries all others; and in a clear night, they may denne a wcuas of fublistence from the flell be feen at the distance of thirty milcie

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