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“God Bless You and
Good Night."

MOTHER'S love is half the home
As once a home I knew,

Where health and peace and happiness
Were born and bred and grew;
'Twas not that wealth of golden store
Made this home warm and bright,
But a gentle mother's loving words:
"God bless you and good night."

When evening's shadows gathered 'round
And each fond curly head
Was snugly settled down for sleep,
And evening prayers were said;

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This loving mother's tender care,

Ere passing from their sight,
Bade each dear heart this fond good-bye:
"God bless you and good night."

The years have come, the years have gone,
With share of joy and care,

Yet always singing to their souls

Was this unending prayer:

The prayer that in this happy home
Made youth and age seem bright
The message sent from Heaven's gates:
"God bless you and good night."

O Mary, Mother of us all,

Our hope, our joy, our light,

Still guard us with those blessed words:
"God bless you and good night.'

Good Wishes.

(OME friends may wish you free from care,

And others joy and wealth;

Some may wish you blessings rare,

Long life and perfect health;

Our wish for you is better far

Than others all have given,

That when you from this world depart,
Your soul may rest in Heaven.


Pray for Me.

O TIES of friendship here on earth, none stronger sweeter can there be,

Than those expressed in grief or mirth in these brief words; friend, pray for me.

It is the sigh of troubled hearts whate'er the source of grief may be

When friend from friend in sorrow parts, he says farewell and pray for me.

At morn when all the eastern skies in golden splendor clothed we see,

And thy first thoughts to God arise the boon I ask is; pray for me.

When Angelus at noontide rings with joyful peal reminding thee

To raise thy soul from earthly things, Oh in that for me.

moment pray

When nights dark shadows softly steal in silence o'er the earth and sea,

And thou in fervent prayer shalt kneel remember thou to pray for me.

And at the altar when our Lord shall deign to

come and visit thee.

When thy devotion's finest chord is touched by Him, then pray for me.

O sweet Communion, who can tell what glorious visions thou mayest see,

When Jesus in thy soul shall dwell, in that blessed union pray for me.

When thou shalt kneel at Mary's shrine and our dear Mother smiles on thee,

Forget not this request of mine Oh, ask her then for me.

to pray

May God's choice blessings on thee rest and keep thy soul from evil free,

May angels guard thee and request that thou shouldst often pray for me.

Amid the changing scenes of life whate'er thy future lot may be,

In smiles or tears, in peace or strife wher' er thou art, Oh, pray for me.

And when beneath the verdant sod my earthly form in death shall be,

Then recommend my soul to God and o'er my Oh pray for me.



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