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Its touch was tender as angels wings,

But it rolled the stone from the hidden springs,
And pointed the way to higher things,

Though it seemed of little availing.

A smile, a word, or a touch,
And each is easily given;

Yet either may win

A soul from sin,

Or smooth the way to heaven.

A smile may lighten the failing heart,
A word may soften pain's keenest smart,
A touch may lead us from sin apart-
How easily either is given!


HOUGH trifles given when God inspires,

With trifles still remain;

The giving is no trifling thing,
And costs no trifling pain.

Yet choicest grace by her is lost,
Who trifles fear to lose;
For she thinks triflingly of God,
Who trifles dare refuse,

St. Teresa's Book



ET nothing disturb thee,
Let nothing affright thee.

All things are passing;

God only is changeless.
Patience gains all things.

Who hath God wanteth nothing-
Alone God sufficeth.

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HE END of the year should naturally make us think of the end of life. This reflection should induce us to place ourselves in the state in which we would like to be found at the hour of death. We ought, said a great saint, ask of God, through Jesus Christ the grace to repair all the spiritual losses we have sustained through our negligence. We should beseech Him, in the Name and through the merits of this divine Saviour, to enable us to obtain that perfection to which He wished to conduct us if we had corresponded with fidelity.


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