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dence of all the souls that dwell in the remotest or highest knowledges of the

human philosophy. Psalm 66. 1. Give praise and thanks unto God, all ye

human hearts. 66. 4. Every soul shall worship thy Spirit, and shall

sing thy praise; they shall praise thy will,

or power. 68. 6. But the rebellious souls dwell in a dry system. 32. Sing unto God, ye souls in whom reigns the

spirit or the substance of the earth; O

sing praises unto the Lord ! Selah. 71. 20. Thy word shall bring my soul up again from

the deep opinions of the human philosophy. 73. 9. And their proud notions walk through the

human mind. 74. 12. For the law of God is the king of my soul,

working salvation in the midst of the heart. 75. 3. The human philosophy, and the knowledges

of all the souls that inhabit it, are dissolved : mine bears up the opinions that

are the support of it. 76. 8. Thou didst cause judgement to be heard from

thy throne : the spirit of the earth feared,

and was still : 9. When God arose to give understanding, to

save all the souls that are humble in the

human opinion. 77. 18. The knowledges from above lightened the

philosophical system (within man): the

human opinion trembled and shook. 78. 69. Like the good philosophical spirit which He

hath established for ever. 80. 9. Thy word opened the way before it, and did


cause its truths to take deep root in the

heart; and its knowledges filled the soul. 82. 5. Their souls know not, neither will they un

derstand ; they walk on in the darkness of the spirit of the world : all the knowledges that are the foundations of the hu

man mind or philosophy are out of order. 8. Arise, O God; give judgement to the human

heart: for thy Spirit shall inherit all souls. 85. 11. Truth shall spring out of the regenerate man. 93. 1. The philosophical system also is established

in the heart, that it cannot be moved. 94. 2. Lift up thyself, thou judge of the human

system: render a reward to the proud souls. 95. 4. In His wisdom are the deep knowledges of

the human philosophy : the knowledge that is the strength of the high human

minds is His also. 96. 13. For His Spirit cometh into the soul to judge

the human opinion therein: He shall judge the philosophical mind with righteousness, and the souls that are the subject of His

will with His truth. 97. 1. The Spirit of the Lord reigneth in the heart;

let the soul rejoice; let the multitude of

isolated minds be glad. 4. The lights of His word enlightened the phi

losophical system: the soul saw and

trembled. 98. 3. All the souls that dwell in the remotest

knowledges of the human philosophy have seen the truth that is the salvation of our God, or that cometh from our God.

Psalm 99. 1. The will of the Lord reigneth (in the heart);

let the souls that are His people tremble; His Spirit sitteth on the celestial spirits

cherubim; let the human mind be moved. 104. 13. The soul is satisfied with the fruits of thy

works (within her). 29. Thou takest away the knowledge from which

they live; truth departs from them, or they fall into error, and they return to

their human opinion. 30. Thou sendest forth thy Spirit (within them);

their souls are created, and thy instructions renew (in them) the knowledge of good

and evil, or the knowledge of oneself. 32. He looketh on the mind, and it trembleth :

He toucheth with His word the high human knowledges (therein); and they

smoke, or vanish away. 106. 24. Yea, their souls despised the pleasant phi

losophy; they believed not His word. 107. 34. A fruitful knowledge into a barren opinion,

for the wickedness of the souls that dwell

therein. 114. 7. Tremble, thou man, at the presence of the

Spirit of the Lord (within thee); at the

presence of the God of Jacob. 115. 15. Ye are well informed of the Lord, whose

word made (within man) the spiritual and the human knowledge, or the substance of

the heaven, and the substance of the earth. 116. 9. My soul shall walk, or shall act, in the right

knowledge of the living, having the Lord present in her thoughts.

Psalm 119. 64. O Lord, the soul (whom thy word hath called

to thee) is full of thy mercy ; teach me

thy statutes. 90. Thy word hath established the human know

ledge, or the knowledge of good and evil,

(within the soul), and it abideth. 139. 15. The substance of my soul was not hid from

thee, when she was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest opinions

of the human state. 143. 6. My soul thirsteth after thy law, as a thirsty

human mind. 10. Thy Spirit is good : lead my soul into the

knowledge of uprightness. 146. 4. His spirit, or his spiritual knowledge, goes

forth; his soul returneth to her human system : in the very day her thoughts

perish. 147. 15. He sendeth forth His commandment to the

soul: His word runneth very swiftly (unto

her). Prov. 3. 19. The word of the Lord by wisdom hath founded

the knowledge of oneself (within man). 10. 30. The righteous soul shall never be removed

(from her good knowledge;) but the wicked

one shall not inhabit the true philosophy. 12. 11. The soul that tilleth her human mind, or the

opinion of oneself that is in her, shall be

satisfied with nourishing knowledge. 17. 24. But the thoughts of a foolish soul are in the

aims of the spirit of the earth, or in the

lowest human opinions. 29. 4. The king by sound judgement 'stablisheth the

human system.




30. 4. Who hath established all the knowledges that

can put (in the soul) an end to the human

opinion? 3. 11. Also He hath set the spirit of the world in

the heart, so that every man is hindered from finding out the work that God maketh (in his soul) from the beginning to the end

(of her regeneration). 12. 7. Then shall the human mind return to the hu

man knowledge as it was, and the spiritual mind shall return unto God, or unto the

commandments of God, who gave it. 1. 2. And give ear, O man; for the Spirit of the

Lord hath spoken, (within me, or within

thee). 2. 19. And their souls shall seek for refuge into the

dark knowledges of the human system, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of His majesty, when His Spirit ariseth to shake forcibly the unrighteous opinion of

oneself. 5. 30. And if one look unto the human heart, be

hold, darkness and sorrow (therein). 6. 3. And one cried unto another, and said, Holy,

Holy, Holy, is the Spirit of the Lord of virtues : the whole soul is full of His

glory, or of His holy will. 9. 2. The souls that walked or moved in a dark

system have seen a great spiritual light: the souls that dwell in the knowledge that is the shadow of error, upon them hath the

light of the truth shined. 19. Through the wrath of the Lord of the celes

tial hosts, is the human mind darkened.

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