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The fecond in the Creed, with the Breviat

of it. The third in the Decalogue or Moral Law

expounded. The Fourth in the Lord's Prayer, with the

Explanation of it, and the Premonition

before it.' The Fifth in the Close or Conclusion of

this Treatise.

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Q. To go on with our Division, First, What The Partiare the chief Particulars of the first Part there. Firðbrands. of, viz. that which concerns the Covenant ? A. They are Explanations, of 1. The Christian Name.

nalysis. 2. The Christian Benefits, &c.

The Parti2. Q. To proceed with the Second Branch;

culars of the Explication of the Christian Faith; What the Second are the chief Particulars or Members of this Brausb. Branch?

d. They are the Twelve Articles of the Creed. Hereof

Q. What is the A. The First ArFirst Article ?? And ticle is, I Believe in that is this concerna God the Father. Al

mighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth. And this is concerning God, particularly the Father and the Work of Creation.


Q. What

Q. What is the Se A. The Second is, cond, the Third, &c. And in Jesus Clarift, And what are they his only Son our Lord. each concerning?

And this is concerning Christ, his Person, Natures and. Offices.

And so of the rest, according to the Analysis.

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of Religious

3. Q. To proceed with the Third Branch, viz. that mbich concerns Obedience ; What are the special Heads hereof?

A. They are the Ten Commandments of the Law.

Q. Hereof, first with respect to God, What
is prescribed to us in the Four first Command-
ments ?
A. They prescribe to us,

1. The first the Object,
2. The second the Means of Religious
or Matter,

3. The third the Manner,
4. The fourth the special

Q. And secondly with respect to Man;
What do the Six Laft prescribe?

A. The fifth prescribes unto us the Du, ties of Relations.

The sixth Humanity.
The seventh Chastity.
The eighth Justice.
The ninth Veracity.

The tenth A right Affection, or inward
Love to our Neighbour.

Q. How

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The Parti culars of the Fifth Branch.

si Q. The Last Branch of our Division was the Explication of the Sacraments. And hovo is this Part divided ?

A. It is distinguished into 14 Particulars.
Q. How many of these Particulars do

tain to both the Sacraments?
A. The Five First, concerning,

I. 'Their Number.
2. Their Necessity.
3. Their Nature and Ellential

4. Their Author: 4

5. Their Ends and Uses.
Q. What are those Particulars that relate to
Baptism in Special?
A The Four next, viz.

6. The outward Part or visible

Sign in Baptism. 7. The inward Part or Spiritual

Grace thereof. 8. The Qualifications required

for this Sacrament. 9. A Vindication of the Baptism

of young Children. Q. What are those Particulars that are concerning the Lord's Supper ? A. They are the Five Laft, viz.

10. The special End for which

it was ordained. 11. The outward Part or Sign

of the Lord's Supper. 12. The inward Part or Thing

fignified therein.

13. The


13. The Benefits that Believers

receive thereby 14. The Qualifications of such

as partake thereof. Q. What are the general Heads, to which all these faid Particulars may be compendiously reduced ? A. They are these Three, viz. 1. Concerning the Two Sacra.

ments in general. 2. Concerning Baptism. 3. Concerning the Lord's Supa


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