Sidor som bilder

While Reynolds, who wrote Iter Britanniarum, From labour determin’d-poor wits he wou'd spare

'em ;

Research thus completed, as, snug as a mouse,
In study safe coop'd-of his own dwelling-house.
Recorded alike on topography's nag,
Ride father and son of the Gentleman's May. ; (3)

absolutely a closet performance, with the help of a library, from whence was culled the matter contained in this publication.

(z) These two gentlemen, whose Magazine has for a series of years been made the receptacle of antiquarian and topographical research, are usefully employed in this branch of literature; and, although it has been objected that their monthly number has frequently been the vehicle of falsehood, from mischievous persons remitting accounts from the country which had no foundation in truth, still the astonishing mass of original and curious information which actually is to be found in the work in question, and the very high price at which the series of volumes sell when complete, are sufficient proofs of the utility and high consideration in which the Gentleman's Magazine is held by the admirers of universal literature.

While from Pennant the younger we wait to review (a)

Of London his annals, amended and new;

(a) Mr. Pennant, jun. is stated to be occupied upon a new edition of his late father's London, the sale of which has been a sufficient indication of its worth with the public. With respect to the deceased writer, his labours are not only voluminous, but fraught with information that must at future periods prove of the greatest utility to such individuals as may be engaged in topographical researches. In addition to the names above recorded by Sir Noodle, I cannot refrain from adding that of Gough, the deceased antiquarian, whose Camden's Britannia, although in many respects an interesting labour, contains, I fear, too much vague matter from newspapers and other publications of a similar class. Bigland's Gloucestershire is arranged with care and industry, and the account of London by Dr. Flewson, alias Pugh, displays sufficient proof that the compiler was not a sloven in the progress of this work. To these might be subjoined a variety of other topographical labourers, sạch as Herbert, the Lambeth historian; Park, jun. engaged in writing a history of Hampstead: but a recapitulation of every name would far exceed the bounds of this volume, the annotations to which have already increased to a bulk beyond the editor's original intention.

That name which to mem'ry now pictures the dead,
A father from regions terrestrial long fled,
Whose pages, though slurr'd with the dear egomet,
Demand from a public warm gratitude's debt;
Since quality keeps with his quantity pace:
Thus granting this writer a prominent place,
Both pleasing, instructive, and useful to read,
With whose praise I conclude the topographist's


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Vetera extollimus, recentium incuriosi.


We extol the productions of the ancients, but are wholly unmindful of contemporary merit.

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On this field to dilate might the laughter provoke
Of Heraclitus, ne'er known to smile at a joke:
One sage pens a book, all the charms to expose
Of Praxilite's Venus bereft of a nose;

A second, possessing of statue great toe,
Attempts from such specimen matchless to show
What beauty and grace did the figure betoken,
Ere yet into shatters the sculpture was broken;

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