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sion ; they stray from sincerity, and speak falsehood.

4 Their poison is like the poison of a serpent ; like that of the deaf aspic, which stoppeth its ear, and listeneth not to the voice of the charmers, howsoever well skilled in incantations.

5 Break, O GOD! their teeth in their mouths; destroy, O JEHOVAH! the grinders of those young lions.

6 May they waste away like water which runneth continually; when God aimeth his shafts at them, may they be cut off.

7 Like as the snail dissolveth, so may they pass away ; like an abortion, who seeth not the sun.

8 Before their thorns bave gathered strength. to heat their pots, may they, like teasels and thistles, be dispersed.

9 Then shall the righteous man rejoice when he beholdeth such vengeance taken; when he may bathe his fect in the blood of the wicked,

10 Then will men say : “Truly, there are rewards for the righteous ; truly, there is a God, who is judge on the earth.”



DELIVER me, o my God! from mine enemies ; defend me from those who rise up against me :

2 Deliver me from the workers of iniquity; and preserve me from blood-thirsty men.

3 For, lo! they lie in wait for my life ; the mighty men are combined against me, without any offence or fault of mine, o JEHOVAH!

4. They make ready against me, although without iniquity I steered my course ; arise thou, therefore, to mine assistance, and look upon me.

5 Do thou, the God of hosts! the GOD of Israel ! awake to punish all such people; spare thou none who work iniquity.

6 Every evening they return to the charge ; like dogs they howl around the city :

7 Lo ! they utter blasphemies with their mouths; and sharp reproaches with their lips : but who listens to them? 8 But thou, O JEHOVAH ! shalt deride R3


them ; thou shalt laugh to scorn all such people.

9 Unto thee, o my strength ! will I sing praise ; for God is my strong-hold.

10 Thou, o God! art most gracious unto me ; O GOD! thou anticipatest my needs; and wilt make me to behold mine enemies become a spectacle.

11 Jay them not at present, lest thy people forget it; but disperse them by thy mighty power : O JEHOVAH ! our protector, depose them.

12 For the sins of their mouths, and for the words of their lips, let them be overtaken in their haughtiness :

13 For the imprecations and falsehood which they utter, at length, destroy them in thy wrath ; destroy thein, that not one of them may reinain: that it inay be known to the ends of the earth, that JEHOVAH ruleth in Israel.

14 Although they return every evening, and howl like dogs around the city ; let them strull in quest of food, and murmur, if they be not satisfied.

15 But as for me, I will sing of thy power, and early in the morning will I praise


thy kindness; for thou hast been my fortress, and my refuge in the day of my distress

16 Unto thee, o my strength! will I sing praise ; for god is my strong-hold, and a most gracious gop unto me.


THOU, O GOD ! hast rejected and dispersed us; thou art still angry with us, o restore us to thy favour !

2 Thou hast shaken the land, and rent it ; heal its breaches, for still it shaketh.

3 Thou hast shown thy people great severity ; thou hast made them drink troubled wine :

4. Thou hast impressed thy worshippers with terror, so as to cause them to fly from the face of the bow.

5 Hear! and rescue us with thy righthand, that thy beloved people may be delivered.

6 God answereth favourably from his sanctuary, therefore, I will rejoice: I shall yet divide Sichem into lots, and measure out the valley of Suchoth :


7 Gilead

7 Gilead shall be mine, and Manasseh shall be mine ; Ephraim shall be the helmet of mine head ; and Judah my lawgiver :

8 Moab shall be my washing pot; at Edom I shall cast my shoe, and over the Philistines I shall triumph.

9 Who will lead me to that strong city? who will conduct me to Edom?

10 Wilt thou, o GOD! still reject us, and not go forth with our armies ?

11 Grant now thine aid after our distress; for 'vain is the help of man.

12 Through God we shall do great deeds; for he will tread down our enemies.


LISTEN, O GOD! to my cry ; give ear unto my prayer.

2 From the extremity of the land I invoke thee, while mine heart is overwhelmed with grief, from mine enemy's being exalted above me.

3 Ah! direct me, for thou art my hope ; a tower of strength against the enemy.

4 I shall yet dwell long in thy taber

nacle ;

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