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c ch.6, 25.

:ch. 2, 11, 12 Psalms 18, 10. 62, 17.


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e ,!

Gen. 13, 11. Job 5, 13, 14.

8, 21.

f Gen. 18, 14.


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& verse 9.

h Lev. 13, 46.

i Gen. 30


ch. 2, 12. vei'se 31. Mat. 21, 15. $ 27,22



Prov. 23, 21.

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ich. 5, 2. rer. 8, 9, 10, 24.


n 15.

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A greai famine in Samaria.


The Syrians' Nig!t. Before behold, the mountain was' full of horses and char- about this time, shall a measure of fine flour be sold Before cir. 343. iots of fire round about Elisha.

for a 'shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel,
18 And when they came down to him, Elisha in the gate of Samaria.
prayed unto the LORT, and said, Smite this people, 2 Then a Jord, on whose hand the king." leaned,

pray thee, with blindness. And he smote them answered the man of God, and said, Behold, if the d elu 8, 18.
with blindness, according to the word of Elisha. LORD would make windows in heaven, might' this Gen.7,...

19 And Elisha said unto them, This is not the way, thing be? And he said, Behold, thou shalt & see it with Mai. s, id

neither is this the city; follow me, and I will bring you thine eyes, but shalt not eat thereof. Luke 2, 26 to the man whom ye seek. But he led them to Samaria. . 31 And there were four leprousmen "at the entering

20 And it came to pass, when they were come into in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why Samaria, that Elisha said, LORD, open the eyes of sit we here until we die? these men, that they may see. And the Lord opened 4 If we say, We will enter into the city, then the their eyes, and they saw; and, behold, they were in famine is in the city, and we shall die there: and if ! the midst of Samaria.

we sit still here, we die also. Now therefore come, k Estk. 4'6.
21 And the king of Israel said unto Elisha, when and let us fall unto the host of the Syrians: if they
he saw them,' My father, shall I smite them? shall save us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we
I smite them?

shall but die.
22 And he answered, Thou shalt not smite them : 5 And they rose up in the twilight, to go unto the

5 ' wouldest thou smite those whom thou hast taken cap-camp of the Syrians: and when they were come to 14. Sam si preverse tive with thy sword and with thy bow ? u Set bread the uttermost part of the camp of Syria, behold, there verses ; Homi. 12, 2)

. and water before them, that they may eat and drink, was no man there. and go to their master.

6 For the LORD had made the host of the Syrians 23 And he prepared great provision for them: and to hear a noise of chariots, and a noise of horses, m2 sam

, when they had eaten and drunk, he sent them away, even the noise of a great host; and they said one to 2.. and they went to their master. So the bands of Syria another, Lo, the king of Israel hath hired against us Son":5, 21. came no more into the land of Israel.

the kings of the Hittites, and the kings of the Egyp- " Gen. 10, 24 1 And it came to pass after this, that Ben- tians, to come upon us.

hadad king of Syria gathered all his host, and went 7 Wherefore they arose, and · fled in the twilight, • Ps. 48, 4 2), 1, 42. & up, and besieged Samaria.

and left their tents, and their horses, and their asses, Prov. 22, 1 25 And there was a great fainine in Samaria: and, even the camp as it was, and fled for their life. z Ex. 23, 13. behold, they besieged it, until an 'ass's head was sold 8 And when these lepers came to the uttermost

That is, for || fourscore pieces of silver, and || the fourth partį rart of the camp, they went into one tent, and did eat 1. Chr. ,' of a cah of dove's dung for five pieces of silver. and drink, and carried thence silver, and gold, and

26 And as the king of Israel was passing by upon z raiment, and went and P hid it ; and came again, and 44 a pint is, the wall, there cried a woman unto him, saying, Heip, entered into another tent, and carried thence also, and my lord, O king!

went and bid it. 27 And he said, " If the LORD do not help thee, 9 Then they said tone to another, We do not well: man to his 2 s. 127, 14

whence shall I help thee? out of the barn-floor, or out this day is 9 a day of good tidings, and we hold our, of the wine-press?

peace : if we tarry till the morning light, some t mis-serce 6. 28 And the king said unto her, What aileth thee? chief will come upon us : now therefore come, that zek.18,14 And she answered, This woman said unto me, Givewe may go and tell the king's household.

thy son, that we may eat him to-day, and we will eat 10 So they came, and called unto the porter of the 1. Lev. 26, my son to-morrow'.

city; and they told him, saying, We came to the q Phil. 2 + 29 So web boiled my son, and did eat him: and camp of the Syrians, and, behold, there was no man iniquitatem Lanı. 4, 10. I said unto her on the next day, Give thy son, that there, neither voice of man, but horses tied, and asses simula sa mention e chap. 5,7. we may eat him ; and she hath hid her son. tied, and the tents as they were.

30 And it caine to pass, when the king heard the 11 And he called the porters; and they told it to Isa. Sk, 5. words of the woman, that he rent his clothes; and the king's house within. e ? Kings he passed by upon the wall, and the people looked, } 12 And the king arose in the night, and said unto Model PS, 11. and, behold, he had sackcloth within upon his flesh. his " servants, I will now shew you what the Syrians han

u 31 Then he said, e God do so and more also to me have done to us: They know that we be hungry, therekings is the head of Elisha the son of Shaphat shall stand fore are they gone out of the camp to hide themselves Janies, 17. on him this day.

in the field, saying, When they come out of the city, 32 But Elisha 6 sat in his house, and the elders sat we shall catch them alive, and get into the city. with him: and the king sent a man from before him: 13 And one of his servantsanswered and said, Let but ere the messenger came to him," he said to the some take, I pray thee, five of the horses that remain, elders, See ye how this son of a murderer bath sents which are left in the city, (behold, they are as all the ther, two

to take away mine head ? look, when the messenger multitude of Israel that are left in it; behold, I say, hories Kings cometh, shut the door, and hold him fast at the door: they are even as all the multitude of the Israelites , The Ile

is not the sound of bis master's feet behind him? that are consumed,) and let us send and see.

35 And wbile he yet talked with them, behold, the 14 They took therefore ttwo chariot horses ; and serera' sorts m Rev. 16, messenger came down unto him, and he said, Behold, the king sent after the host of the Syriavs, saying, Go que,

this evil is of the LORD ; what should I wait for the and see.
Lord any longer?

15 And they went after then unto Jordan; and, lo, Isa. 22, 24 CHAPTER VII.

all the way was full of garments and || vessels, which properly
Elisha prophesieth incredible plenty in Samaria. the Syrians had cast away in their | haste: and the ing was we
VHEN Elisha said, Hear ye the word of the messengers returned, and told the king.
Lond: Thus saith the LORD, Tomorrow, 16 And the people went ont, and spoiled the tents

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9 Amos 1

r Ps. 22, 10

Phil. 3, 2

Jer. 17, Mat 26 93 35


v verse 13. Esc. 8, 16.

x Judges 4,


Jer. 41, 1, 2.
Mat. 20,18

y i Kings

12 versen 2 Chr. 20, 2. Jer. 17, 6. 1 John 5,10.

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, as

b Gen. 8, 1.

a verse 2



11, 6.

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The unbelieving lord trodden to death. CHAPTER VIII....IX.

Jehoram's wicked reign. Before of the Syrians. So a measure of fine flour was sold {do unto the children of Israel: 9 their strong holds Coir. 992.for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, { wilt thou set on fire, and their young men wilt thou cir. 855. according to the word of the LORD.

slay with the sword, and wilt dush their children, and
17 And the king appointed the lord on whose hand rip up their women with child.
he leaned to have the charge of the gate : and the 13 And Hazael said, But what ? is thy servant'a %0.
people trode upon him in the gate, and he died, as dog, that he should do this great thing? And Elisha Mantra :
the man of God had said, who spake when the king answered, The Lord hath shewed me that thou
came down to him.

shalt be king over Syria.
18 And it came to pass, as the man of God had 14 So he departed from Elisha, and came to his

to the king, saying, Two measures of barley for master ; who said to him, What said Elisha to thee? is, K:1998
a shekel, and a measure of fine flour for a shekel, shall And he answered, He told me that thou shouldest
be to-morrow, about this time, in the gate of Samaria: surely recover.

19 And that lord answered the man of God, and 15 And it came to pass on the morrow, that he
said, Now, behold, if the LORD should make win-took a thick cloth, and dipped it in water and spread
dows in heaven, might such a thing be? And he ii on his face, so that he died ; and Hazael reigned 19, 21.

said, Behold, thou shalt see it with thine eyes, but in his stead. Num. 20, shalt not eat thereof.

16 1 And in the fifth year of Joram, the son of 20 And so it fellout unto him: for the people 'trode Ahab king of Israel, Jehoshaphat being then king of 32, 42, upon him in the gate, and he died.

Judah, Jehoram, the son of Jehoshaphat king of Ju- chap. 3, i

dah, began to reign.
1 The Shunammite, for Elisha's miracle's sake, hath her land 17 Thirty and two years old was he when he began

restored by the king...16 Jehoram's wicked reign in Judah. to reign; and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem. a ch. 4, 84. VHEN spake Elisha unto the woman whose son 18 And he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, Gen. 6,12

thou and thine bhousehold, and sojourn wheresoever was his wife: and he did evil in the sight of the LORD. 2 e Ruch 1, 1. thou canst sojourn: for the Lord hath called for a 19 Yet the LORD would not destroy Judah for aps . 105, famine; and it shall also come upon the land seven David his servant's sake, as he promised to give him 51: Kings years.

always a light, and to his children. 2 And the woman arose, and did after the saying of 20 In his days Edom o revolted from under the 11, 12 1. Sam. 24. the man of God: and she went with her household, hand of Judah, and made a king over themselves.

and sojourned in the land of the Philistines seven years. 21 So Joram went over to Zair, and all the chariots 13

3 And it came to pass at the seven years' end, that with him: and he arose ' by night, and smote the se. cfr. 86s. the woman returned out of the land of the Philistines: Edomites which compassed him about, and the cap& verse 6. and she went forth to cry unto the king for her house tains of the chariuts: and the people fled into their tents. 2 and for her land.

22 Yet Edom revolted from under the hand of chap. 1, 2 4 And the king || talked with Gehazi, the servant Judah unto this day. Then 'Libnah revolted at the sh. 70; hele before of the man of God, saying, Tell me, I pray thee, all same time.


} aanvan, the great things that Elisha hath done.

23 And the rest of the acts of Joram, and all that he g 1 Kings 5 And it came to pass, as he was telling the king did, are they not written in the book of the Chroni- 15, B. how he had restored a dead body to life, that, behold, cles of the kings of Judah ? the woman, whose son he had restored to life, cried 24 And Joram 'slept with his fathers, and was 2 Sam. 8,14

to the king for her house and for her land. And Ge-buried with his fathers in the city of David : and i Joslu 23, verse 1. hazi said, My lord, O king, this is the woman, and į Ahaziah his son reigned in his stead. this is her son whom Elisha restored to life.

25 In the twelfth year of Joram, the son of Abab 10. 6 And when the king asked the woman, she told king of Israel, did Ahaziah, the son of Jehoram king i Kinga him. So the king appointed unto her a certain offi- of Judah, begin to reign. cer, saying, Restore all that was hers, and all the 26 Two and twenty years old was Ahaziah when 16. fruits of the field, since the day that she left the land, he began to reign, and he reigned one year in Jeru- m2Chr. 21, even until now.

salem : and his mother's name was Athaliah, the 7 [And Elisha came to Damascus; and Ben- p daughter of Omri king of Israel.

hadad the king of Syria was sick: and it was told 27 And he walked in the way of the house of !! King him, saying, The 'man of God is come hither. Ahab, and did evil in the sight of the LORD, as did 1,2

8 And the king said unto * Hazael, 'Take a present the house of Ahab: Sfor he was the son-in-law of the 19. Kings in thine hand, and go, meet the man of God, and house of Ahab. 11 Kings "inquire of the Lord by him, saying, Shall I +recover 28 And he went with Joram the son of Ahab to of this disease?

the war against Hazael king of Syria in Ramoth- 15, 18. 9 So Hazael went to meet him, and took a present gilead; and the Syrians wounded Joram. meh. 1,2 with him, even of every good thing of Damascus, forty $ 29 And king Joram went back to be healed in 11, Hleb, live, camels' burden, and caine and stood before him, and Jezreel of the wounds which the Syrians had given 2 Cor. Kun 26. said, “Thy son Ben-hadad king of Syria hath sent me him at Ramah, when he fought against Hazael kins

to thee, saying, Shall I recover of this disease ? of Syria. And Ahaziah, the son of Jehoram king of is 10 And Elisha said unto him, Go, say unto him, '

$ Judáh, went down to see Joram the son of Ahab in

Thou mayest certainly recover: howbeit, the LORD Jezreel, because he was "sick.
hath shewed me that he shall surely die.

11 And he settled his countenance steadfastly, until Elisha sendeth a young prophet with instructions to anoint
Luke 19,41 he was ashamed: and the man of God owrpt.

, my lord ? en he answered, Because I know the evil ha ou And I AND Elisha the prophet called one of tie f chil- ' lid oma

dreu of the prophets, and said unto him, Gird 2H


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16, 1.


. chamber chamber.


. 10, 18


19, 16.

2 Cor. 6,



Rev. 17, 1.

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y 1 Kings 21, .

, 4.


z i Kings

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Jehu anointed king :


He killeth Joram. up thy loins, and take this box of oil in thine hand, { peace ? And Jehu answered, What hast thou to do and go to Ramoth-gilead :

with peace ? turn thee behind me. 2 And when thou comest thither, look out there s 20 And the watchman told, saying, He came even 5.1 Kings Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat, the son of Nimshi, {unto them, and cometh not again : and the driving is

and go in, and make him arise up from among his like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he Chleber in brethren, and carry him to an tinner chamber : driveth † furiously.

3 Then take the box of oil, and pour it on his head, 21 And Joram said, Make ready. And his chariot ch.10, 16 1 Kings and say, Thus saith the LORD, I have anointed thee was made ready. And Joram king of Israel, and kom: 121

king over Israel. Then open the door, and flee, { Ahaziah king of Judah, went out, each in his chariot, Mat. 10,16. and tarry not.

and they went out against Jehu, and met him in the
4 So the young man, even the young man the portion of Naboth the Jezreelite.
prophet, wení to Ramoth-gilead.

22 And it came to pass, when Joram saw Jehu,
5 And when he came, behold, the captains of the that he said, Is it peace, Jehu ? And he answered, uzalon
host were sitting: and he said, I have an errand to " What peace, so long as the whoredoms of thy feb. 12, 14
thee, O captain. And Jehu said, Unto which of all mother Jezebel, and her witchcrafts. are so many ? Lev:1?,?
us? And he said, To thee, O captain.

23 And Joram ? turned his hands, and fled, and 6 And he arosc, and went into the house: and he said to Ahaziah, There is treachery, O Ahaziah ! poured the oil on his head, and said unto him, Thus 24 And Jehu' + drew a bow with his full strength, Nelse

saith the Lord God of Israel, I have anointed thee and smote Jehoram between his arms; and the arrow 1 Kings king over the people of the LORD, even over Israel. went out at his heart, and he sunk down in his 25.

7 And thou shalt esmite the house of Ahab thy chariot. fp«,116,15. master, that I may 'avenge the blood of my servantsį 25 Then said Jehu to Bidkar his captain, Take Amos 2,14 Liebe zö: the prophets, and the blood of all the servants of the up, and cast him in the portion of the field of Naboth Heb LORI), 8 at the hand of Jezebel.

the Jezreelite: for remember how that, when I and hand with a 8 For the whole house of Ahab shall perish; and thou rode together after Ahab his father, the LORD test 50, 21.

I will cut off from Ahab him that "pisseth against the laid this b burden upon him ; 1x 1 Kings wall, and him that is 'shut up and left in Israel : រ

26 Surely I have seen yesterday the f blood of 9 And I will make the house of Ahab like the Naboth, and the blood of his sons, saith the LORD ; 21, 29. Deut . 32 house of k Jeroboam the son of Nebat, and like the and I will requite thee in this plat, saith the LORD. & Ex. 2,7. house of Baasha the son of Ahijah:

Now therefore take and cast him into the plat of 2 10 And the dogs shall eat Jezebel in the portion ground, according to the word of the LORD. 1 Kings of Jezreel, and there shall be none to bury her. And 27 But when Ahaziah the king of Judah saw this, bloods. he opened the door and fled.

he fled by the way of the garden-house: and Jehu 4 Deint. 4 11 Then Jehu came forth to the servants of his lord: { followed after him, and said, Smite him also in the 1 Kings 21, ter. 35, 36. and one said unto him, Is all well? wherefore came chariot. And they did so at the going up to 'Gur, a'Chr.25, n ver.21,25. this omad fellow to thee? And he said unto them, which is by : Ibleam. And he fled to "Megiddo, and Mint. 7, 2 Ye know the man, and his communication.

died there. 12 And they said, It is false ; tell us now. And 28 And his servants carried him in a chariot to Rev. 18,2 Hosca, he said, Thus and thus spake he to me, saying, Thus Jerusalem, and buried him in his sepulchre with Jolina 20. saith the LORD, I have anointed thee king over Israel. Z his fathers in the city of David. 13 Then they hasted, and took every man his

gar- 29 And in the eleventh year of Joram the son of Josh. 17, 2 Cor.5, 13 ment, and put it under him on the top of the stairs, { Ahab began Ahaziah to reign over Judah. p Mat. 21,7. and blew with trumpets, saying, Jehu is king. 30 1 And when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jeze-19, 15.

14 So Jehu, the son of Jehoshaphat, the son of {bel heard of it; and she' painted her face, and tired i 1 Kings 2
Nimshi, conspired against Joram. (Now Joram had her head, and looked out at a window.
kept Ramoth-gilead, he and all Israel, because of 31 And as Jehu entered in at the gate, she said, * ca. 9,25
Hazael king of Syria.

Had Zimri peace, who slew his master ?
15 But king Joram was returned to be healed in 32 And he lifted up his face to the window, and Rev. 2 22
Jezreel of the wounds which the Syrians had given said, Who is on my side ? who ? And there looked

hiin, when he fought with Hazael king of Syria.) out to him two or three cunuchs.
str.92,21. And Jehu said, If it be your minds, then let none go 33 And lie said, Throw her down. So they threw

forth nor escape out of the city, to go to tell it in her down : and some of her blood was sprinkled on

the wall, and on the horses: and he "trode her under "c72 16 So Jehu rode in a chariot, and went to Jezreel;foot.

a $ 2 Cur. 22, for Joram lay there. And Ahaziah king of Judah


34 And when he was come in, he did eat and drink, was come down to see Joram.

and said, Go, see now this cursed woman, and Pbury La. US, 13 17 And there stood 'a watchman on the tower in her: for she is a king's daughter. Jezreel, and he spied the company of Jehu as he 35 And they went to bury her : but they found no came, and said, I see a company. And Joram said, more of her than the scull, and the feet, and the palms 16, 1.

Take a horseman, and send to meet them, and let him of her hands.
say, Is it peace ? .

36 Wherefore they came again, and told him.
18 So there went one on horseback to meet him, And he said, This is the word of the Lord, which 2. Kim

21, and said, Thus saith the king, Is it peace ? And Jehu įhe spake by his servant Elijah the Tishbite, saying, said, † What hast thou to do with peace ? turn thee in the portion of Jezreel shall $dogs eat the flesh of doh? behind me. And the watchman told, saying, The Jezebel :

. "Kings 17, messenger came to them, but he cometh not again. 37 And the carcase of Jezebel shall be as 'dung 1 Ps. 88, 10

19 Then he sent out a second on horseback, which upon the face of the field in the portion of Jezreel: came to them, and said, Thus saith the king, Is it so that they shall not say, This is Jezebel.

in 1 Kings 21, 23.

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o Jer. 29,26. Isa. 59, 15.

Mark 3

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18. Verse 18.



a i Kings 21, 21.

A ,

u1 Kings 19, 19. Prov. ,

x 1 Kings

Mal. 4, 1, 2,


b chap. 3,6

y i Kings 19, 31.

Z verse 9.
Joh 13, 7.

. 3, 8.


1 Sam. 11,



e cl. 9,24
Luke 14, 31.

b verse 13. Mat. 10, 16. 2 Cor. 12, 16.

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Screnty of Ahab's sons beheaded.


Baal's prophets slain. CHAPTER X.

है 16 And he said, Come with me, and see my zeal CIRIST cir. 134. Jelu by his letters causeth seventy of Ahab's children to be for the LORD. So they made him ride in his chariot. Cites. heheaded.

17 And when he came to Samaria, he slew all that ND Ahab had a seventy sons in Samaria. And remained unto Ahab in Samaria, till he had destroy

Jehu wrote letters, and sent to Samaria, unto ed him, according to the saying of the Lord, which 37.2 the rulers of Jezreel, to the elders, and to them that he spake to Elijah. brought up Ahab's children, saying,

18 And Jehu gathered all the people together, and 21, 24, 2 Now, as soon as this letter cometh to you, see-said unto them, Ahab served Baal a little, but Jehu ing your master's sons are with you, and ihere are shall serve him much.

with you chariots and horses, a fenced city also, and 19 Now therefore call unto me all the prophets Deut. 17, armour,

of Baal, all his servants, and all his priests; let none ottima 3 Look even out the best and meetest of your be wanting: for I have a great sacrifice to do to Baal: Phil. 48

master's sons, and set him on his father's throne, and whosoever shall be wanting, he shall not live. But askings o Kings 2. fight for your master's house.

Jehu did it in subtilty, to the intent that he might de-
4 But they were exceedingly afraid, and said, Be-stroy the worshippers of Baal.
hold, 'two kings stood not before him: how then shall 20 And Jehu said, Proclaim a solemn assembly
we stand ?

for Baal. And they proclained it.
5 And he that was over the house, and he that was 21 And Jehu sent through all Israel ; and all the verse 18.

over the city, the elders also, and the bringers-up of worshippers of Baal came, so that there was not a "1 Kings the children, sent to Jehu, saying, We are thy ser-man lelt that came not: and they came into the house

vants, and will do all that thou shalt bid us; we will of Baal; and the house of Baal was fullt from one c.
not make any king: do thou that which is good in thine end to another.

22 And he said unto him that was over the vestry, mouth to 6 Then he wrote a letter the second time to them, Bring forth o vestments for all the worshippers of Toels, 2.

saying, If ye be mine, and if ye will hearken unto my} Baal. . And he brought them forth vestments. Beut. voice, take ye the heads of the men your master's sons, 23 And Jehu went, and Jehonadab the son of FX28, 2 Josh. 7.447. and come to me to Jezreel by to-inorrow this time. Rechab, into the house of Baal, and said unto the 14, 15.

(Now the king's sons,being seventy persons,were with worshippers of Baal, Search, and look that there be
the great men of the city, which + brought them up.)} here with you none of the servants of the LORD, but

7 And it came to pass, when the letter came to { the worshippers of Baal only.

them, that they took the king's sons, and 'slew seventy 24 And when they went in to offer sacrifices and Avere un persons, and put their heads in baskets, and sent him burnt-offerings, Jehu appointed fourscore men withthem to Jezreel.

out, and said, If any of the men whom I have brought (1 Kings 8 And there came a messenger, and told him, say- into your hands escape, he that letteth him go,'his life 30, 39, 40.

ing, They have brought the heads of the king's sons. shall be for the life of him. Deut.22And he said, Lay ye them in two heaps at the enter- 25 And it came to pass, as soon as he had made Ruth 1,1. ing in of the gate until the morning.

an end of offering the burnt-offering, that Jebu said to 9 And it came to pass in the morning, that he went the guard and to the captains, Go in, and slay them; out, and stood, and said to all the people, Ye be'right- lets none come forth. And they smote them with the g Ezek. 3, eous: behold, I conspired against my master, and edge of the sword; and the guard and the captains

1 Frov. 2, 8. slew him: but who slew all these ?

cast them out, and went to the city of the house of Baal. 10 Know now that there shall • fall unto the earth 26 And they brought forth the “images out of the h 1 Kings ..ver.6, 10, nothing of the word of the LORD, which the LORD house of Baal, and burned them.

Pspake concerning the house of Ahab: for the Lord 27 And they brake down the image of Baal, and Lev. 26, is! Sam. S. hath done that which he spake by his servant Elijah. brake down the house of Baal, and made it'a draught- Ezra 6. ".

11 So Jehu slew all that remained of the house of house unto this day. Zech. 2,6 Ahab in Jezreel, and all his great men, and his kins- 28 Thus Jehu "destroyed Baal out of Israel. Titus 1, 2 folks, and his á priests, until he left him none re- 29 'Howbeit, from the sins of Jeroboam the son 8.' Kings maining.

of Nebat, who made Israel to sin, Jehu departed not cit

. $0 12 And he arose and departed, and came to Sa- from after them, to wit, the golden calves that were i verse 28. 9 Song215.

inaria. And as he was at the shearing-house in the į in Beth-el, and that were in Dan.

30 And the LORD said unto Jehu, Because thou
13 Jehu met with the ' brethren of Ahaziah king of hast P done well in executing that which is right in 3,26.
Judah, and said, Who are ye? And they answered, mine eyes, and hast done unto the house of Ahab ac- n : Kings
We are the brethren of Ahaziah ; and we go down to cording to all that was in mine heart, thy children of 12,5%
salute the children of the king, and the children of the ? fourth generation shall sit on the throne of Israel.

31 But Jehu t took no heed to walk in the law of 14 And he said, "Take them alive. And they took the Lord God of Israel with all his heart: for he pilos. 1, 6 them alive, and slew them at the pit of the shearing-departed not from the sins of Jeroboam, which made house, even two and forty men: neither left he any of Israel to sin. them.

32 1 In those days the LORD began 'to cut Israel Ezek. 20,19 15 And when he was departed thence, he lighted short: and Ilazael smote them in all the coasts of thely

, obon · Jehonadab the son of Rechab, coming to meet Israel; him: and he t saluted him, and said to him, Is thine 33 From Jordan eastward, all the land of Gilead, Prov. 1, 2 heart right, as my heart is with thy heart ?' And Je-the Gadites, and the Renbenites, and the Manassites, honadab answered, † It is. If it be, give me thine from Aroer, (which is by the river Arnon,)even Gilead veche se? hand. And he gave hin his hand ; and he took him and Bashan.

i up to him into the chariot.

34 1 Now the rest of the acts of Jehu, and all that

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y 1 Sam. 22,


Heb. the duys were.

7. Ezek. 30.

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a Judg. 1,7 Mal. 7, 2

Arh. 8, 12 20ur. 22, 10.


16. 2Sam. 23,3 the kirgalom, 2Chr. 2, 6.

c Ps. 122.9.


17, 6

d cl.. 10 28,

kl 1 Kings
11, 31.
Prov. 21,50.


e Ps. 12 8.

Dlal. 3, 15. land.

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Rev. 17, 1, 7.

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Athaliah destroyeth the king's seed.


Jehoiada restoreth the worshup of God. he did, and all his might, are they not written in the of the hundreds, the officers of the host, and said Before book of the Chronicles of the kings of Israel? unto them, Have her forth without the ranges; and

35 And Jehu slept :vith his fathers; and they buried him that ? followeth her kill with the sword. For the ..! kings him in Samaria. And Jehoahaz his son reigned inį priest had said, Let her not be slain in the house of %. his stead.

the LORD. 36 And † the time that Jeriu reigned over Israel in 16 And they laid hands on her: and she went by Kev. 19,4 Samaria was twenty and eight years.

the way by the wnich the horses came into the king's 20. CHAPTER XI.

house: and there was she a slain. 13 Athaliah slain....17 Jehoiada restoreth the worship of God. 17 And Jehoia la made a covenant between the Ret: 17.1.

ND when · Athaliah, the mother of Ahaziah, LORD and the king and the people, that they should < 19, 20.

saw that her son was dead, she arose, and de- be the LORD's people ; e between the king also and Deut. 17, b ch.9, 21. stroyed all the seed f royal.

the people.
2 But Jehosheba the daughter of king Joram, 18 And all the people of the land went into the

sister of Ahaziah, took Joash the son of Ahaziah, and house of Baal, and brake it down ; his altars and his Rom. 13, 2 Ezek. 16, 44. stole him from among the king's sons which were images brake they in pieces thoroughly, and slew Mat

slain ; and they hid him, even him and his nurse, in tan the priest of Baal before the altars. And the 12C): 22 the bed-chamber from Athaliah, so that he was not priest appointed officers over the house of the LORD. slain.

19 And he took the rulers over hundreds, and the 3 And he was with her bid in the house of the captains, and the guard, and all the people of the land; LORD six years. And Athaliah did reign over the and they brought down the king from the house of the

Lord, and came by the way of the gate of the 2 Obr. 9

4 And the seventh year' Jehoiada sent and fetched guard to the king's house. And he sat on the throne

the 5 rulers over hundreds, with the captains and the of the kings. 11 Kings 1, guard, and brought them to him into the house of the 20. And all the people of the land 'rejoiced, and - Prov. 11, PUDr.23, 1. Lord, and "made a covenant with them, and took an the city was in quiet : and they slew Athaliah with

oath of them in the house of the LORD, and shewed the sword beside the king's house.
them the king's son.

21 Seven years old was Jehoash when he began
5 And he commanded them, saying, This is the to reign.
52 Chr. 15, thing that ye shall do: 'A third part of you that en-

Ezra 10, 3. ter in on the * sabbath shall even be keepers of the Jehoash reigneth well all the days of Jehoiada.
Luke 1, 3, watch of the king's house ;

N the seventh year of Jehu, Jehoash began to i 6 And a third part shall be at the gate of Sur ; } reign ; and forty years reigned he in Jerusalem : 2. Chr. 9, and a third part at the gate * behind the guard : so and his mother's name was Zibiah of Beer-sheba. 1 Kings I ch.15,85. shall ye keep the watch of the house, that it be not 2 And Jehoash did that which was right in the sight broken down.

of the Lord all his days wherein Jehoiada the priest si. 7 And two parts of all you that go forth on the instructed him. sabbath, even they shall keep the watch of the house 3 But the high places were not taken away: the 10, 8 of the LORD about the king.

people still 'sacrificed and burnt incense in the high ! Kings 3 And ye shall compass the king round about, every places.

man with his weapons in his hand: and he that cometh 4 And Jehoash said to the priests, All the money in * Ex.21,14. within the ranges, let him be slain : and be ye with of the t dedicated things that is brought into the house ich.23, the king as he goeth out, and as he cometh in. of the LORD, even the money 5 of every one that pass-telineet

8 9 And the captains over the hundreds did accord-eth the account, the money that every man is set at, ing to all things that Jehoiada the priest commanded : { and all the money that 'conieth into any man's heart and they took every man his men that were to come to bring into the house of the LORD, in on the sabbath, with them that should go out on the 5 Let the priests take it to them, every man of his lixm. 25, sabbath, and came to Jehoiada the priest.

acquaintance; and let them repair the breaches of 10 And to the captains over hundreds did the priest the house, wheresoever any breach shall be found. 31 Sam. 21, give king o David's spears and shields, that were in 6 But it was so, that, in the three and twentieth the temple.

year of king Jehoash, the priests had not repaired the 114 11 And the guard stood, every man with his wea-breaches of the house. pons in his hand, round about the king, from the right 7 Then king Jehoash called for Jehoiada the priest,

corner of the temple to the left corner of the temple, and the other priests, and said unto them, Why repair 5.2kings along by the Paltar and the temple.

ye not the breaches of the house ? Now, therefore, 12 And he brought forth the king's son, and put receive no more money of your acquaintance, but 27:24,5

the crown upon him, and gave him the testimony: deliver it for the breaches of the house.
12 Chr.23, and they' made him king, and anointed him; and 8 And the priests consented to receive no more

they' clapped their hands, and said, God + save the money of the people, neither to repair the breaches of

the house. 13 And when Athaliah heard the noise of the guard 9 But Jehoiada the priest took " a chest, and bored Marh 12,41. Ps. 72, 15. and of the people, she came to the people into the a hole in the lid of it, and set it ° beside the altar, on ST 8,15. temple of the Lord.

the right side as one cometh into the house of the 1 14 And when she looked, behold, the king stood by LORD: and the priests that kept the † door put there9 ch.23, 8: a "pillar, as the manner was, and the princes and the in all the money that was brought into the house of 18. & 34, 3.' trumpeters by the king; and all the people of the land the LORD. 11 Kings rejoiced, and blew with trumpets : and Athaliah rent 10 And it was so, when they saw that there was her clothes, and cried, *Treason, treason!

much money in the chest, that the king's Pscribe and 15 But Jehoiada the priest commanded the captains the high priest came up, and they put in bags, and 12 Cht. 34

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