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my spirit, oh my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; have mercy upon me, and receive my soul !" And with these words he submitted to the stroke of the executioner.

Thus died the first martyr of the Swiss reformation, exhibiting in his death a spirit worthy of the first witnesses of the Gospel.



VINE-ARBOURS. The expression of "sitting every man an. der his own vine," probably alludes to the delightful eastern arbours, which were partly composed of vines. Capt. Norden in like manner speaks of vine-arbours as common in the Egyptian gardens.

There were in Palestine many excellent vineyards. Scripture celebrates the vines of Sorek, of Sebamah, of Jazer, of Abel. Pro. fane authors mention the excellent wines of Gaza, Sarepta, Libanus, Saron, Ascalon, and Tyre. Jacob, in the blessing which he gave Judah, Gen. xlix. 11, says, “Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto the

Je choice vine, he washed his garments in wine,

and his clothes in the blood of grapes ;” to This show the abundance of vines that should fall to his lut.

Noah planted the vine after the deluge, and is supposed to have been the first who culti. vated it; Gen. ix. 20. Many are of opinion that wine was not unknown before the de. luge; and that this patriarch only continued to cultivate the vine after that event, as he had done before it: but the fathers think that he knew not the force of wine; having never used it before, nor having ever seen any one use it. He was the first that gather. ed the juice of the grape, and preserved it till by fermentation it became a liquor to drink. Before him men only ate the grapes like other fruit.

The law of Moses did not allow the planters of vineyards to eat the fruit before the fifth year. Levit. xix. 24, 25. The Israelites were also required to indulge the poor, the orphan, and the stranger with the use of the grapes on the seventh year. A traveller was allowed to gather and eat the grapes in a vineyard as be passed along, but he was not permitted to carry any away. Deut. xxiii. 24.

Behold! a King shall reign,

In judgment he shall plead ;
His righteous truth shall he maintain,

For all tbat justice need.
The Son of man shall be

A covert from the wind;
To Him the weak shall gladly flee,

A safe retreat to find :

To hear the

As fresh'ning rivers flow,

Along the thirsty soil ;
Or shady rock to which men go,

When sorely press'd with toil.
The eyes shall not be dim,

The ears shall listen well,
To hear the sweet discourse of Him

Whose works the dumb shail tell.
The heart shall then expand,

And lib'ral things devise; : The lowly then shall understand,

The ignorant shall be wise. The rich shall freely give

Of their abundant store, And, like their Lord, more blest shall live, When they have bless'd the poor.

J. B. C.

Great God! and may a child

Approach, and pray to thee?
Will broken accents reach the ear,

Of heaven's dread Majesty ?
Great God, how high art thou !

Aud wilt thou then look down,
To hear the infant sinner pray,

From thine exalted throne ?
Yes-Christ for sinners died,
And I may venture near;
I'll go and pray in Jesus' name,

And God will answer prayer.
Great God-my heart is hard,
My mind defiled by sin ;
U take this scony heart away,
Renew, and make me clean.



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