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money to build the structure, if you only connect yourself with the right Source, the Universal, that is the only Source. Do not make the mistake of going outside. If you attempt to build anything, put in only the material that will build what you want.

We talk about the material and the spiritual. Are they not both one? Intelligence and Love you will call spiritual when they are sent out together. Power and Life you will call material. You send out Love and Intelligence from one soul to another; you call that spiritual. Do not you see that it is but different combinations of the same material? We only make the difference in order to be under. stood. There is but one source, one substance, one power and one manifestation. The manifestation is according to the qualities that are in the manifestation.

There is one power, one life, one family, one child, one Father, and all is one,

A TREATMENT. The Presence, the Intelligence and the Power that fills all is perfect Action in all. I am acted upon mentally and bodily by the Presence that is perfect Intelligence and Power. My thought of things, all my convictions, are formed by this Intelligent Action. My body is in its keeping. This Intelligent Power is in full control of each organ of my body; every thought is shaped by its wisdom; every part is obey. ing its will; it circulates in my blood, pulsates in my heart, is the breath of life in my lungs and the sensation in my nerves. The Presence is active always within and around me, and the result is perfect order, perfect action — FANNIE B JAMES, in Fulfillment.

6. Man becomes aware of universal order, of beauty and law, only as he becomes a voluntary part of it. Only through the fidelity of his moral life does he feel beneath his feet a sure foundation, only as his soul glows a spark of love does it recognize the celestial.ether of which it is an atom."


BY JENNIE H. CROFT. 194. Will you interpret the act of Jael as described in the fourth chapter of Judges? I heard a sermon upon it last Sunday in which the preacher, one of our most gifted, after quoting many comentators, said that none of them satisfied him.

They all agreed that it was a dastardly, treacherous deed. His idea was that Jael had all the qualities of a good woman, and her first thoughts and acts were the ontcome of inbred courtesy and goodness of heart, but as she looked upon the sleeping warrior it came upon her that she was harboring an enemy of the Lord God of hosts, and that she must do away with him. In murderiog Sisera she was doing the bidding of her Lord, in spite of the condemnation she would surely incur from her people for violating the established laws of honor and hospitality.

This does not satisfy me. God could not say at one time, "Do not kill," and at another, “Murder my enemy." And why does Deborah sing, “Blessed above all women sball Jael be, the wife of Heber the Kenite, blessed shall she be above women in the tent"?

— M. E. T.

God is Love, changeless and unalterable. Love prohibits killing; consequently God cannot command nor commend the taking of life. The act of Jael may have been a historical fact or it may have been a legend, which is allegorical in its representation of the existing state of affairs with the children of Israel. The song of Deborah was a song of victory, reciting the points gained by the people in the contest, and which embodied this story of Jael with all the embelishments which her enthusiasm suggested. But, in our interpretation of the Bible, we look for the teaching, the lesson contained in the event or legend or allegory. Sisera represents the natural man, who is in bondage to the sense. Jael represents the emotional nature, which, without the guiding band of wisdom, is impulsive in its action. When the intuition of this nature recognizes its bondage it seeks freedom, and looks for the means of release. Truth proves to be the power which breaks all bonds, and Faith is the understanding active in the application of Truth. These are typified by the nail and the hammer, which

Jael used to destroy Sisera. In the light of this interpretation the lesson is clear.

195. (a) Would it be possible to cure a person of the liquor and tobacco habit without first interesting that one in a knowledge of the Truth?

(6) Why did Christ descend into hell? -M. E. R.

(a) Yes, such cures are often effected, but to make the healing permanent, it is necessary that that one should gain a knowledge of the Truth, and apply it in all his living. The healing is apt to lead one into the study of Truth, however.

(6) This statement, “He descended into hell," is taken from the Apostle's Creed, and refers to the time Jesus was in the tomb, and his soul supposed to be in the place of departed spirits — hades. This is but a man-made doctrine, and to us it simply means that Jesus descended into the very depth of human experience that he might be “tempted in all points as we are,” and still rise superior to it all.

196. Is not what we call matter really Spirit? If not, what is it? If it is nothing, what is the use of struggling and striving for homes, clothing, etc. Please help me out, this keeps me awake nights.

Every cell of the countless number which compose the body, or any other so-called solids, is intelligent, as has been proven by various experiments. Intelligence is Spirit-substance; hence matter is spiritual rather than material, it is crystalized Spirit, Spirit in a lower rate of vibration. A good illustration is the different forms which water takes. If it is condensed or vibrating at a slow rate, it is ice; if freed by a rapid rate of vibration, it is steam. These are different forms of the same thing, just as body and soul are different forms, or degrees, of the same substance -- Spirit. We do not need to strive and struggle for clothes, houses, etc , for “the Father knoweth ye

have need of these things,” and when we recognize that our whole life is spiritual, and not material, when the Kingdom of God is established within us. then do we attract to ourselves all that we need, and all our wants are supplied.

Class Thought. November 20th to December 20th, 1905.

(Held daily at 9:00 P. M.)

The Living Christ now casts
out all demons of fear and
evil, and restores the peace
that passeth understanding.

[blocks in formation]

Inspired by the Spirit of Truth.

It is found that when many people hold the same thought there is unity, though they may be separated by thousands of miles, and that all who are connected with that unity are in touch with higher spiritual states, even Jesus Christ.

So there has gradually grown up this Society of Silent Unity, in which thousands in all parts of the world join every night at 9:00 o'clock, in thinking for a few moments one thought, which is given each month in the magazine UNITY. This we call the Class Thought," and every member is expected to hold it at least five minutes at the beginning of the silence, in order to make the unity connectinn; after which, "Ask what ye will in my name, and it shall be done unto you."

Certificates of membership are issued without charge to those who make personal written application for them. To meet expenses, we ask members to send us free-will offerings, as Do charge is made for any service we render.

This society has been in existence about fifteen years, and has over 11,000 registered members. Through its ministry thousands have been healed mentally and physically, and its power grows stronger day by day. The silent hour is 9:00 P. M., your local time. Geographical difference in time is not a factor in spiritual unity.

Beginners usually have a great many questions to ask, and they require a course of lessons and reading. To such we recommend the "Lessons in Truth," by H. Emilie Cady: price, $1.25.

UNITY is published monthly, and contains a large amount of instruction. The price of it is $1.00 per year. Where members take UNITY and the "Cady Lessons" together, we make a rate of $2 oo for both.

The simple written request to be enrolled a member of the Silent Unity Society is all that is required to join with us.

Special Notice - If for any reason, members cannot observe the Silence at the regular hour, they should notify us what hour they can observe, and we will arrange it satisfactorily.


913 Tracy Avenue, Kansas City, No.

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