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to this zealous servant of Christ, | ing his prudential admonitions that his faithful assistant, broth- fruitless, desisted, and could furer Read, was disposed and ena- ther manifest his benevolence bled very diligently to apply only by presenting them with a himself to the instruction and very liberal supply of oxen and management of the people. But sheep, with other useful articles, these labors of love were con- for their support, and for their tinued with no small difficulties assistance in agriculture; and by and obstructions of a local na- empowering them immediately ture ; on which account, his to take possession of the fort, as Excellency, Governor Dundas, a place of safety. This latter whose generous advice and as- measure they thought proper to sistance, in the first formation decline for the present ; reservof this settlement, can never be ing, however, the right of avail. recollected without respectful ing themselves of the generous gratitude, was pleased to favor offer, should future circumstanthe Doctor with a visit; and re- ces render it necessary, presenting to him the unhappy This necessity, alas ! was too posture of affairs, and the ex- soon apparent;

for only eight days treme danger to which the Mis-had elapsed, after the departure sionaries would be exposed, of the soldiers from the garrison, when the English garrison should when they were suddenly assaultbe withdrawn from the neighbor-ed, in the middle of a dark night, ing fort at Algoa Bay, strongly by a furious banditti, whose obrecommended it to him to desist, ject seemed to be, not only the for the present, from the prose- destruction of their property, cution of his benevolent plan in but of their lives also. The asthat quarter, and retire to a sailants fired their muskets at place of greater safety. The them not less than fifty times ; zeal of our brethren, however, yet happily none of their lives would not allow them to listen were destroyed. In this awful to this friendly advice. The moment of danger, the HottenDoctor respectfully replied, that tots who were with the Doctor, he was determined to remain insisted upon repelling force by faithful to the call of his God, force ; and accordingly fired and should his life be made a twice, and twice only, and at sacrifice, in consequence of abid- random, among the invading ing with the people, he was per- party. The assault, from what fectly ready to lose it for the cause they could not then guess, sake of the least child among immediately ceased, and the parthem. Brother Read, actuated ty withdrew. When the mornby the same fortitude of spirit, ing arrived, it was found that though left by his colleague en one of the shots had penetrated tirely to the dictates of his own the thigh of the Hottentot Chief, judgment, made the same reso- and by dividing a principal artelution, adding, that should Dr. ry, occasioned such a loss of Vanderkemp have thought prop-blood, as put a period to his life er to withdraw from the scene of in a few minutes.

The enemy, danger, it was his own determi- however, enraged and reinfornation to abide with the people. ced, renewed the attack in the

The worthy Governor, find- following night; but, finding the

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settlement in a better state of de-y word of God. Of this our breth. fence, judged it prudent to with-ren are so well convinced, that draw : after which our brethren many of them have been bapthought themselves called by tized, and admitted to the comProvidence to retire to the asy- munion. They keep every week lum which the neighboring fort a feast of charity, resembling the afforded, and in which they were Agapæ of the first Christians, happily preserved in safety from which they always conclude by the violence of their enemies. the celebration of the Lord's

When his Excellency Govern- Supper. Dr. Vanderkemp, we or Jansens had taken possession understand, is in a good measof the Cape for the Dutch Re-ure restored to health, and we public, he also paid a visit to hope soon to hear that the work our brother Vanderkemp, and of the Lord at the Swartz Koph expressed his opinion that it was River, prospers in his hands. proper for the Missionary Insti- It ought not to be omitted, tution to be removed to a more that the above-mentioned Brotheligible situation; and having er Read, whilst at Cape Town, himself looked out for a suitable on his first arrival, and afterspot, recommended their imme- wards at Graaff Reinet, where diate removal to it. Our breth- he joined Dr. Vanderkemp, diliren judged it their duty to com- gently applied himself to the ply with the Governor's advice, instruction of the English soland accept of the place which he diers there, and was eminently had so kindly offered to them. blessed of God in his faithful laThey accordingly removed to bors. We have had the pleasthe appointed spot, situated ure of perusing many letters westward of Algoa Bay, at the written to him by individuals of mouth of the Swartz Koph Riv- the military, who thankfully acer, and gave it the name of knowledge the benefits they had Bethel-Village." May that Di- received under his ministry. vine Goodness, which so rėmark- It is stated, in the former Reably protected them in the hour port, that the Missionary Verster, of danger, and raised up for them sent out by our Society, succeedsuch distinguished friends, con- ed to the charge of the congregatinue to bless them, and render tion of Christians and Heathen, in this new Beth-El, the house of the district of Rodesand, vacant by God to themselves, and the gate the removal of the former pastor, of heaven to multitudes !

the Rev. Mr. Vosmand we unTo the glory of Almighty derstand that his labors among Grace it must be recorded, that them are acceptable and useful. in the midst of all these unfavor. The last mentioned brother, able and threatening circumstan- since his arrival in England, has ces, the work of God among the received information that a very poor Hottentots was still pro- considerable revival in religion ceeding; a goodly number of had taken place in that place, by them were from time to time means of the occasional minisconverted from the error of their try of Mr. Irwin, who had preways, and gave satisfactory evi- viously been engaged as a Misdence of their being born again sionary in connection with this -by the incorruptible seed of the Society ; this was done at the

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recommendation of Dr. Vander- 1 otherwise be done, the real state kemp, and with a view to assist of the Protestant cause therein: him and Mr. Read in their work we have, however, reason to beat Algoa Bay, but whilst wait- lieve that, in the course of the ing for an opportunity of being past year, a considerable num. conveyed to that port, he accept-ber of Protestant congregations ed an invitation to pass the in- have been supplied with pastors, 'terval at Rodesand, where it in different parts of the republic, pleased God to render his occa- and that an increasing bias in sional ministry the means of an favor of that cause appears a. extensive blessing.

mong the people. FRANCE.

NORTH AMERICA. The Directors next advert to

The Directors will now proa Missionary object of great ceed briefly to mention the cir. magnitude, which we were once cumstances of the Society's Mis. ready to hope would, ere this, sions in North America. have brightened more and more Mr. Bentom still resides at upon our view ; but which the Quebec, where he has sustained renewal of hostilities has cover-considerable opposition from ed for the present with a gloomy persons who bear the Christian cloud. The Society will recol- name; and who have prevailed lect, that the New-Testament of on some of his less serious hear. our Lord and Saviour Jesus ers to withdraw themselves from Christ has been printed in his ministry. He has not been France ; and measures were able to extend his labors to the adopted for dispersing that holy Indians, as was originally debook, and the Essay on its Au- signed, few of them residing thenticity, throughout every part within his reach ; but his serof that country, and its depen- vices in Quebec have, we trust, dencies. The Old Testament been useful to many. The obalso was printing, and in a state loquy, however, which his adverof forwardness, previous to the saries have contrived to throw breaking out of the war. The upon him, appears to have bro't Directors indulge a hope that his usefulness there to a stand, the former is, in some degree, so that he is desirous of resignsilently diffusing its salutary in- ing his station to some other fluence in that barren land : and minister; a measure which the although the political state of the Director's conceive may be extwo countries has made it expe- pedient, should the Society think dient for us to suspend our in- proper to send another missiontercourse with France, yet it ary there, and a suitable person may be hoped that the printing could be found, who is able to of the whole Scriptures will be preach in the French language effected by a Society on the Con--a qualification highly desirable tinent, actuated by views similar for Missionaries in Canada. with our own, and who are not, Mr. Mitchell, who has resided like 11s, prohibited from this good for about three years in New work by a state of warfare with Brunswick, and chiefly at New that country. This circumstance Carlisle, situated on the Bay of also puts it out of our power to Chaleur, has been an instrument Lepresentsoparticularly as miglit / of spiritual good to several individuals in that place, and also at Pidgeon, in consequence of letRestigonche, and some other ters received from Nir. Mitchell; small towns. He has, however, from which it appears, that in a left that part of the country, in journey of considerable extent consequence of his marriage, which he took last summer, he and removed to another place, visited a great number of settlewhere we hope he will still ex- ments inhabited by Highlanders, erthimself in the cause of Christ. many of whom were Catholics, Letters received from the few and by a variety of other peoreligious people among whom ple, most of whom gladly rehe exercised his ministry at New ceived the word from his lips. Carlisle, bear ample testimony Whole towns and districts were to his zeal and fidelity in the totally destitute of all religious work of the Lord. These poor ordinances, and seemed in danpeople who appear to relish the ger to lose the very forms of good word of God, and who were christianity ; many of them exengaged in building a better pressed strong desires for the place of worship, are extremely means of religious instruction, desi rous that the Society would and would rejoice even in the furnish them with another min- occasional visits of an itinerant ister. The Directors, wishing to minister. Among persons of comply with their earnest re- this description Mr. Pidgeon is quest, have determined on send- to labor as much as posssible ; ing to them Mr. Pidgeon, lately and to collect as particular an one of the Students in the Mis- account as he is able of the state sionary Seminary at Gosport, of religion throughout the provunder the care of the Rev. Mr. ince of New Brunswick. InforBogue. This appointment Mr. mation of this kind cannot fail Pidgeon has accepted with per- of being highly interesting to fect readiness, and having been Christians in this country, and ordained at Gosport, has, we be- may ultimately lead to some acleve, already sailed for America. tive measures for the more gen

As the ministration of the eral diffusion of evangelical gospel among persons already / light in that dark part of the professing the christian religion, earth. As a portion of the Britis not the direct, or most promi- ish empire, inhabited by personsnent object of the Missionary So- who have emigrated from hence, ciety, the Directors have recom- or are descendants of Britons, mended to Mr. Pidgeon not to they have a strong claiin on our devote more than half his time compassion ; and it may be hoto the instruction of the protest-ped, that a just and accurate reants at New Carlisle, bui to ex-presentation of their pitiable state tend his labors among the Cath-may induce our wealthy merolics, who abound in that coun- chants, and others, to exert their iry; and among other persons benevolent and Christian endeanot instructed in the true faith vors in that quarter, upon a lar-, of the gospel ; and, if possible, ger scale than may strictly comamong the Indians in the neigh- port with the precise object of borhood.

the Missionary Society. They have been induced to These observations arein some give these directions to Mr. measure applicable to Newfound


land. Mr. Hillyard, whose faith- | to such important stations as ful services in that island have abound in that highly civilized been reported with approbation part of the globe. The period on former occasions, having ful- for entering upon the interestfilled the term of his engagement ing service has at length arrived, with the Society, returned to and there are now on their way England early in the last year : to those countries six Brethren, but feeling an earnest desire of two of whom are accompanied further usefulness in Newfound by their wives. The Rev. Mr. land, he voluntarily offered to Vos superintends the Mission resume the scene of his former designed for Ceylon. His long labors. The Directors readily standing in the Christian minisaccepted his proposal ; and he try-his faithful and successful accordingly sailed from Liver-labors therein, both in Holland pool, for that Island, in the lat- and at the Cape of Good Hope, ter end of the summer ; and added to the experience which they have had the pleasure of he has acquired by his previous hearing of his safe arrival, with intercourse with the ignorant his wife and child at Carbonear. and uncivilized part of mankind, Mr. Hillyard's labors will not be point him out as a person reconfined to the cultivation of the markably qualified to fill this church at Twillingate, which he station. He is accompanied by had the honor of planting, but the Brethren Ehrhardt and be extended to various parts of Palm, natives of Germany, who the coast, on which there are received their education for Mismany settlements, where multi-sionary services at the seminary tudes of souls, no less ignorant at Berlin, which was instituted than the Heathen themselves, chiefly, if not solely, for this obare totally destitute of religious ject, and is under the care, as instruction, and are in danger of before-mentioned, of that valuaperishing through lack of know. ble instructor, the Rev. Mr. ledge.

Jænicke. They have also passASIA.

ed a considerable time in HolThe Directors would now so- land with a view of acquiring a licit the attention of the Society more perfect acquaintance with towards the vast and populous, the Dutch language, which is but, alas! neglected regions of used in Ceylon ; while, at the the Eastern world. These have same time, they have enjoyed long engaged the pity and the the advantage of further instrucprayers of the Society at large, tion in divinity, from the kind nor have the Directors ever lost and zealous attention of the Rev. sight of the stupendous object; Mr. Verster, and other pious they have repeatedly announced ministers, connec.ed with the their earnest desires to send, to Missionary Society at Rotterthe deluded millions of Asia, the dam. The favorable testimony glad tidings of the glorious gos- borne to theircharacter and spirpel, whenever the good Provi- it, both at Berlin and Rotterdam, dence of God should open their corresponds with the impression way, and furnish them with Mis- which their conduct, during sionaries whose talents and dis- their residence in England, could positions should appear suited I not fail to make on us. Wc

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