Sidor som bilder

condolence and sympathy inspired by these events. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1867. 4to. Mo

rocco extra, edges gilt. .: This is a Presentation copy from E. A. Rollins, and has for a Frontispiece a portrait of the assassinated President. Sufficient copies were ordered to be printed to supply one copy to every corporation, association, or public body whose condolence or sympathy is published in the said volume; 100 copies to be bound in full Turkey morocco, full gilt, the remaining copies in half Turkey morocco, marble-edged.

The correspondence and resolutions, etc., cover 930 pages and come from every known part of the world. It is a magnificent proof of the detestation in which such crimes are held throughout the whole civilized world. Anonymous.-[ASTOR LIBRARY.] Catalogue or Alphabetical In[52] dex of the Astor Library: In Two Parts. Part I. Authors

and Books. New York: R. Craighead. 1857–61. 4 vols.

large 8vo. Half calf. .: These four volumes form Part I. only, but make a complete work. Anonymous.-Atlas of the 24th, & 27th Wards, West Philadel[53] phia, from Official Records, and actual Surveys, based upon

plans deposited in the Department of Surveys. Surveyed and Published under the direction of J. D. Scott. Philadel

phia. 1878. Folio. Half morocco. .:: The work consists of an Index Map, and Plates marked A to Q, next S to Z, and then 2, 372, 3, 4, and 5. They show the material and ownership of each house. Scale various from 100, to 300, feet to an inch. Plate W locates Mr. Clarence H. Clark's house.

Anonymous.—BIBLIOGRAPHER, The, A Journal of Book Lore. [54] London : Elliot Stock. 1881–1883. 4 vols. 4to. Half

roan, top edges gilt, others uncut. Index, 3 col. each vol.

at end. .:: This was first published in December, 1881, and continued monthly. These volumes bring the work down to November, 1883. It was printed on good paper with convenient type (in double columns) and proved a very interesting medium of intercommunication on all subjects connected with bibliography. Among the most interesting matters will be found the records of the prices obtained at the principal book sales of each half year. These volumes include such sales as the Beckford, Sunderland, Ouvry, and M. A. Firmin-Didot Sales. Anonymous.-[Buchanan, James.](1791-1868). Mr. Buchanan's [55] ADMINISTRATION on the Eve of the Rebellion. New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1866.

1866. 8vo. Half morocco, top edges red. .: Though published anonymously, this is from the pen of the Ex-President James Buchanan, fifteenth President (1857-1861). The points mainly contended for are that the Civil War resulted from the neglect of Congress to follow his recommendations of “compromise between the Abolitionists and the Slave States to save the Union ;" that the domestic and foreign policy of his Administration had been founded on right principles. His attempts to secure “ a due balance of power between freedom and slav“ery," whereby the great civil war was really precipitated, are defended, and he enters on the history of the origin and nature of the Monroe doctrine. Anonymous.—BUFFALO, THE, Library and its Building, Illustrated [56] with views. Also brief Historical Sketches of the Buffalo

Fine Arts Academy: The Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences: and the Buffalo Historical Society, which occupy parts of the same Building. Buffalo: Matthews

Northrup & Co. 1887. 4to. Paper. .: There are fifteen excellent photographs of the principal rooms in this building and three ground-plans of the floors, showing the internal arrangements. Anonymous.—BUNTLING BALL, THE, A Græco-American Play. [57] A Social Satire. Illustrations by C. D. Weldon. New

York & London: Funk & Wagnalls. 1885. 12mo.

Cloth, lettered and ornamented, rubricated. .: No. 6279 of first 10,000 copies. The Publishers offered a prize of $1000 to the person or persons who correctly guessed the name of the Author. A number of persons made a correct guess and the prize was divided. The Author was Edgar Fawcett of New York. Anonymous.—CATALOGUE GÉNÉRAL des Portraits formant la Col[58] lection de S. A. R. Mgr. le Duc D'Orleans au 1er Mai,

1829. Paris : A Guyot et Scribe. 1829–30. 4 vols. 8vo.

Half morocco. .: The Catalogue comprises nearly 9000 Portraits, and Vols. I. and II. (1152 pp.) give them in chronological order, commencing with Charlemagne, A. D. 814, and ending with Daniel O'Connell and others of the year 1823.

Vols. III. and IV. (1404 pp.) give the same portraits in their alphabetical order, with references to the page in the Chronological List in which each Portrait is mentioned. Anonymous.—CATALOGUE of an Exhibition of Modern Bookbind[59] ings, French, English, and American, at the Rooms of the

Grolier Club, 64 Madison Avenue, May 7 to May 15, 1886. New York: The De Vinne Press. [1886.] 16mo. Half

calf, top edges red. •:There are 168 modern bindings described, including 19 by Matthews, 11 by Lortic, 10 by Bedford, 5 by Chambolle-Doru, 7 by Quinet, and i by Pawson & Nicholson.

Anonymous.—CATALOGUE of a Private Library, containing an [60] exceedingly valuable Collection of Fine-Art and Illustrated

Books, Illuminated Manuscripts, Original Drawings, etc. etc. [New York.] George A. Leavitt & Co. [1886.]

4to. Parchment cover. ::: The Introduction indicates the“ gems” of the collection. The Catalogue includes 669 lots enumerated without any method or order and without any alphabetical arrangement.

Anonymous.-CATALOGUE of the American Library of the late [61] Mr. George Brinley, of Hartford, Conn. Hartford Press of

the Case Lockwood & Brainard Company. 1878–86.

Large 8vo. Paper. .:: This Catalogue consists of four parts dated respectively 1878, 1880, 1881, and 1886.

I. comprises 2619 numbers and includes “ America in general-New France-Canada, etc.—the British Colonies to 1776, and New England.” (306 pp.) The Sale lasted March 10-15, 1879, and realized $48,785.27.

II. comprises “ Addenda to Part I.—The Middle and Southern States—New York to · Georgia—The American Revolution—Washingtoniana, including special Collections of Franklin's Writings and Imprints—Books by and relating to the Quakers—and “ Books printed in Philadelphia and New York before 1750.” (200 pp.) In this part abridged titles of some of the most important works are given pp. ix.-xiv. The Sale took place March 22–25, 1880, and realized $32,690.24. The lots were numbered from 2620 to 4333.

III. comprises “ The South and the West—the United States—General and Political “ History—Military and Naval History—Biography—Mexico—the West Indies—Cen“tral and South America—The American Indians—Bibles, Catechisms, and Primers— “ Music and Psalmody.” Arranged Titles of some of the most important works are given pp. vii.-x. (179 pp.). The Sale took place April 4-8, 1881. The lots are numbered 4334-6050, and the amount realized was $23,716.33.

IV. includes “ Psalms and Hymns-Music- The Episcopal Church-Baptism and the “ Baptists — The Methodists -- G. Whitefield— The Presbyterian Church—Unitarian “ Controversy—The Shakers—The Mormons—Thomas Paine's Works—Law and Gov“ernment—Criminal Trials—Political Economy-Finance—Science and Art-Masonry “and Anti-Masonry-Poetry and the Drama—Popular Literature-Chap Books—Jest “ Books—Books for Children-Education School Books—Slavery and Anti-Slavery“ Almanacs—State Registers—Theological and Religious Bibliography." (254 pp.) Some of the rare books are enumerated pp. vii.-xi.

The Sale lasted Nov. 15-18, 1886: the lots were numbered 6051-8037, and realized $7363.80, giving a total on the four sales of $112,555.64.

Separate Printed Lists of the prices realized per lot accompany each part.

Anonymous.—[Census.] COMPENDIUM of the Ninth Census (June [62] 1, 1870): compiled pursuant to a Concurrent Resolution of

Congress, and under the direction of the Secretary of the
Interior, by Francis A. Walker. Washington : Government
Printing Office. 1872. 8vo. Cloth.

Anonymous.—[Centennial.] ExHiBITION, UNIVERSAL, at Philadel[63] phia in 1876. France : Notices on the Models, Charts and

Drawings relating to the works of the “Ponts et Chaussées” and the Mines, collected by order of the Ministry of Public Works. Paris: Government Printing Office. 1876.

8vo. Half calf, top edges gilt. Index, 407-410. .:: The work is divided into three parts : Part I. deals with “ Ponts et Chaussées” under the subdivisions of (1) Introduction : (2) Roads : (3) Railways : (4) Internal Navigation : (5) Maritime Works: (6) Lighthouses and Beacons: (7) Water supply of Towns and Canals: (8) Various objects. Part II. Mines : Charts, and various objects.

Anonymous.- [Centennial.] INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, 1876. [64] Swedish Catalogue. Philadelphia. [s. n.] 1876. 8vo.

Cloth. Indexes, 5 pp. a. t. Part I., and 11 pp. a. t. Part II. ::: A Map of Sweden is given as Frontispiece; and the Text, edited by Dr. Ellis Sidenbladh, Secretary of the Royal Swedish Statistical Central Bureau, is divided into two parts. The first (232 pp.) gives a general view of Sweden, its government and industries; and Part 2 (100 pp.) a more particular account of the articles exhibited.

Anonymous.—[Centennial.] MASTERPIECES, THE, of the Centen[65] nial International Exhibition Illustrated. Philadelphia: Geb

bie and Barrie. [n. d.) 3 vols. Impl. 8vo. Half russia,

marbled edges. Illust. each vol. a. t. ::: This consists of a Series of Monographs on particular sections of the Exhibits, by various writers, viz:

Vol. I. Fine Art, by Edward Strahan.

He discusses (pp. 1–319) the Fine Art of the Exhibition ; (pp. 320-332) The Castellani Collection of Antiques; (pp. 332–342) The Masterpieces of Photography; and (pp. 342–366) The Fine Art Literature, with 217 Illustrations.

Vol. II. consists of the Monograph entitled Industrial Art, by Walter Smith (pp. 1497); and The Lesson of the Exhibition (497 to 521); with 435 engravings.





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The Subjects of the Illustrations to this volume will perhaps best summarize the character of this treatise :Cuts.

Brass and Bronze

Iron and Steel Work

17 Cabinet Furniture


32 Carpets

Lace Cashmere Fabrics


Leather Goods, Saddlery, China, Majolica, Faience,

Bookbinding, etc.

and Pottery ·

Marble, Granite, etc.

5 Ecclesiastical Furniture,

Musical Instruments

4 Vessels, and Ornaments


Print Patterns.
Enamelled Ware


Stained Glass Windows 5

3 Tapestry and Needlework Glass--Cut, Colored, and

Terra Cotta.
Ornamental .

27 Tissues, Silk, Damask, Gold and Silver


9 Interior Decorations Vol. III. treats of History, Mechanics, and Science.

The first part (pp. xiii.-Ixxx.) gives an account of the International Exhibitions held in other Countries, with notices of seventeen principal and many minor Exhibitions held in Paris, London, Dublin, New York, Manchester, Florence, and Vienna, with particulars as to their various successes and failures; then (pp. Ixxxiii. to clxxxvi.) it gives a History of the Centennial Exhibition at Philadelphia ; and the whole concludes with a Monograph on The Mechanics and Science of the International Exhibition, by Joseph M. Wilson (pp. 3–375), with upwards of 330 Illustrations. Indexes to the two Historical Treatises follow the Title-page. Anonymous.—[Centennial.] NATIONAL Centennial Commemora[66] tion: Proceedings on the One Hundredth Anniversary of

the Introduction and Adoption of the “Resolutions respect“ing Independency,” held in Philadelphia on the Evening of June 7, 1876, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and on July 1, 1876, at Hall of Independence. Philadelphia : Printed for the Committee. 1876. Large 8vo.

Paper. Anonymous.-[Centennial.] The EMPIRE OF Brazil at the Uni[67] versal Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia. Rio De Janeiro:

Imperial Instituto. 1876. 8vo. Half calf, mottled edges.

Index, 2 pp. after Preface. : The Report ranges over the whole of the condition of Brazil as a Country for agriculture, labour, and residence. It is in continuation of the like Reports prepared under the titles “ Breve Noticia,” published for the Paris Exhibition of 1867, and “O “ Imperio do Brazil” for that of Vienna of 1873.

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