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able to bear the punishmont due to their quity. I asked, if he were the author of evil, sins, bore it for them, and God accepted how could he punish the wicked ? No answer tbis on our account: he assented to what I was given. I showed, from the Scriptures, said.

that we must be pure in heart to please On the road to Terumanoor, I conversed God. with a man, who spoke much of the sin of When reading in a Brahmin street, at killing animals and eating them. I said that Combooconum, one observed, “ There is no we were unworthy to enjoy any of God's difference between your religion and ours. creatures, as we were sinners; but that there We also worship the true God.” To which, was no sin in eating animals, and showed among other things, I said, if you were worwhat things are really sinful.

shippers of the only living and true God, I read to the people on the bank of the you would not consider one place or temple Coleroon. One man approving of what was more sacred than another, and say we must read, at the same time exclaimed, “all gods go here and there to worship him, since he are alike." I showed bim that there could is every where equally present; the true be but one true God, and that those who mode of worshipping him also requires to know him truly will worship no other; and be known by you. that the Gospel was revealed for the purpose On another occasion, when reading in the of showing what worship and service he weaver's street, in the course of conversa. requires.

tion, a leathen observed, “ As you Christians I examined the school at Tremanoor, on experience joy and sorrow, are afflicted, and the other side of the Coleroon, and found it die like us, what advantage is there in Chrisin pretty good order, it being recently esta- tianity which we have not?” I showed that it blished.

has many advantages, and especially as it Returning to Combooconum, by way of tells how sin came into the world, and how Tanjore, I read part of the Gospel of Mark we are to be redeemed from its curse. So to some heathens and Christians.

(ho said) our religion also instructs us about I stopped at the town of Jampettah, and those things, and then suddenly walked read in the bazar there to many people. away.

I read to the people in Tharasurahpettah, Speaking to several persons on the necesand spoke to them on their superstitions for sity of caring for the soul as well as the some time.

body, one present said, “We can do nothing, At Terunasalem I read to the heathens God must take care of our souls.” I said, in the Weaver's Choultry ; I was once in- you can pray to him to enlighten your underterrupted by the common question, Who has standings, and he has promised that those seen God? I observed that those who who ask shall receive. wish to see God must seek him in the way I conducted public worship at the little of holiness.

chapel at Teruvesaloor*, about thirty persons When reading to several heathens, one were present; the people'appeared attentive. said, the belly is the principal god, “ if that As they are cultivated under Brahmins, they be satisfied nothing is wanting: even Euro- are sometimes persecuted, but have hitherto peans come to India for gain.” I acknow- remained steadfast, and some of the Brahledged that most regarded their body too mins are become their friends. Returning much; yet even gross and ignorant people home, I conversed with a man on the ato built temples, and profess to worship some tributes of God. god, thereby showing that they believe they As I was reading a tract on regeneration have souls as well as bodies, and that there to about twenty persons, one said, “I supis danger if they entirely neglect them. pose what is said in our Shasters about being I added, if he would read our books he born again (transmigration) is false." I would not remain so ignorant of the true showed the difference between the new God.

Going to a house where a Roman Catholic • This place of worship is very small and woman lay sick, I read the Scriptures and confined ; a more enlarged place in a better prayed with her; about ten persons were situation, is desirable. This is the only conpresent.

gregation we have at present in connexion Reading and conversing with some people with us. The people are simple, and apat Cottyoor, a tax gatherer (a Brahmin) said, pear sincere, and have the form of Chris“ God is the author of good and evil, and tianity. An Indian Christian, possessing without him we can do nothing." I replied, undoubted and ardent piety, is a very rare that God was holy and just, and hates ini- character. O that a spirit of real Christianity

might appear among them! The school • This is the first Christian school in this contains twenty-two children, several are part of the country. On that side of the heatben boys; some of the children are river there is a large extent of country, beginning to read the Scriptures. The vile where Christian light has not at all pene lage is about three miles from Comboocanum, trated.

and is populous and fertile.

birth spoken of in Scripture and the fables well? He replied, it would not tako away on that subject in the heathen system. our sins. After explaining that water would

Going to Karupoor, I spoke to some hea- only cleanse and refresh the body, I spoke thens on the evil of idolatry; one man ob- of the blood of Christ, which cleanseth from served, “We do not worship many gods, but all sin. only one God. In our sacred places, if a I read our Saviour's sermon on the Mount, man takes a false oath, he will die immedi- at the Mamangam Tank", in Combooconum. ately, blood coming out of his nose and One man professed to admire the excellent mouth." He mentioned this as a proof things contained in this discourse, but said, that the knowledge and worship of the true they were to be found in the Hindoo Shasters God was not confined to Christians. I re

likewise, though none walk agreeable there. plied, that that was no proof, even if such to. He added, I am become three parts of a thing had happened, that the idol was God,

a Christian, and begged one of each of our or the place sacred, for it does not appear tracts, promising that he would read them that God always punishes the wicked and himself, and make known their contents to rewards the upright, in this world. I said others. I had formerly given him one tract, be will, notwithstanding, hereafter, take and now gave some others, as he requested. notice of the actions of men, and punish At Teruvellumsooly, when reading to those who continue impenitent.

several persons, a Brahmin woman said, I read a tract against the sin of lying, to Sir, where did you get this wisdom, and a merchant, to which he said, “We cannot whence do you come ? Our Brahmins do not trade without telling lies." I said, that tell us such things.” I replied, that it was merchants were seldom believed, even though God's book which he had given to men, that they spoke truth, but that that arose from I had been reading, and that to understand the common custom of lying and cheating it was true happiness. She said with earn. in the bazars. Then he said, “ Here is a estness, “Such truths are excellent." man coming, persuade him to believe me, and I will speak the truth.” I said, tell

Journal of George Burder's Reader. him the true price, and he will purchase from Stopped at a Choultry, where I saw a man you, and begin from this time to speak the who supports many beggars, by going round truth always, and see how your trade will the town every evening with a cart to beg prosper, and people will believe you without rice for them, which is considered very meridoubt.

torious. I had much conversation with him, When reading and explaining the Scrip- and the other persons present. I also read ture, and exhorting some persons to believe a tract which was attentively listened to. and receive the gospel, they said, “If we They all acknowledged that there was but embrace this religion, we shall be obliged one true religion. I reminded them that to beg or starve, for we shall lose all we acknowledging this with their lips was not have." I plainly told them the words of enough; we must do the will of God, and Christ, “If any man love father, mother, believe on his Son Jesus, and not expect to house, or lands, more than me,” &c. lead us obtain heaven by ceremonies, alms, bathing, to expect affliction for his sake, but that this

&c. would not discourage true Christians from Reading at Valleapettab, one man apserving him, and professing his gospel. peared very sorrowful on account of the At Teruvedamarudoor, I was reading in

death of his son. I gave him some advice a Choultry to several persons, one of whom suitable to his state of mind, and spoke

“ What kind of religion is this to all upon the true way of removing the you are talking about? whence came it? I fear of death, through faith in Christ. cannot understand what you are reading." When reading the Scriptures, in the pasI explained shortly the historical part of sage-boat at the Arasalar, which was full of Scripture, and said, as you are a worshipper people, a Vellalat came to me, and seemed of the devil, I am afraid he blinds your interested in what he had heard, and asked mind, lest you should see the truth; for what several questions as to how he could obtain I bave read is not difficult to comprehend. heaven, which I answered according to the Another said, “I know your’s is the true reli- Scriptures. He promised to attend to what gion, but this man knows nothing,” and I said, broke off the discourse, and they departed I saw a woman of the Kannar (brazier) together.

caste, who had been fasting from morning In Semanoor, I read a tract on the history of Naaman to several persons, and • A sacred place, to which the waters of asked one who had just returned from the Ganges are believed to flow once in 12 bathing in the Caveery, if the water of the years. The next festival will be in 1828, tank before us would not cleanse us equally when people of all ranks will come from

every part of India to bathe in this Tank. Both are called by the same name in the * One of the principal divisions of the Tamil books

Soodra caste,

asked me,

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till evening, as she had been unable to see a giving a desire to numbers of poor sinners to Brahmany Kite through the whole of the hear the word of eternal life. We are not day. At length a kite came to a tank at a able to find seats in our chapel for all who short distance. The woman told some little wish to attend. May he bless the preacbing boys to go and throw stones, and endeaveur of the gospel to the salvation of multitudes. to make it fly near to her; they did so, but the I subjoin a few extracts from my journal, by kite flew another way, and the poor woman which you will judge how we are going on. was disappointed. Then I spoke to her on 12th March, 1826. Mrs. , the wife the folly of believing that bird to be a god, of a pious soldier, told me that she had lent and of fasting till she had seen it. I advised the tract called the Irish Peasant to one of her to return home, and meditate upon the soldier's wives, who read it to another what I had told her about the Redeemer woman (a Roman Catholic), and that the of sinners, and eat her food, and praise latter felt so much interested with it, that she God who made and supports her.

would not lay it down till she had finished it. Going to read, I saw a woman of the Chet. Shortly afterwards, another woman sent to ty (merchant) caste, abusing a pariah wo- borrow it, and was so much pleased with its man for coming near her, and telling her to contents, that she requested to be permitted go afar off. I reasoned with the Chetty to keep the tract, and sent to me for more. woman, and showed her that in the begin. I sent her Mary, the Soldier's Daughter ; ning God made of one man and woman, all Mary, the Irish Woman; and two or three the human race. She said “ that might be others. May God bless the reading of them true, but we must keep up our distinction to these poor people. of caste in this world.” I asked her some

14th. Met about 20 of the young people. questions, and found her very ignorant. She belonging to the Crown Estates. They thought Vishnu was her maker and preserver. seem sincere in their resolution to serve the I showed the folly of idolatry, by asking her Lord. May God bless them. if the image of Vishnu was removed into a 10th. Interesting meeting with the nofilthy or unclean place, whether it would re- groes. It is evident many of them are turn to the large temple before which we growing in grace. were standing; she appeared ashamed of 18th. Put down the names of eight canhaving said that this was the god she wor- didates for communion, shipped. I spoke of Christ as the Redeemer 19th, Sabbath. Prayer-meeting at seven of Sinners.

o'clock, well attended. A private soldier, When reading a tract on the banks of the from the First, prayed with servour. Atli, Arasalar, many going and coming stood and the chapel was quite full. It was a pleasing listened a while. I was reading about the sight to see the people coming along the deluge mentioned in Scripture. One who different roads, in companies, to the chapel. heard me went away, saying “ this man says After the service, catechised a class of counit will be better for us all to become Chris- try slaves. The Sunday-school well attended. tians, or we shall be destroyed in forty days." Good attendance in the evening, but the I called him, and begged him to come and cbapel not full. listen more attentively, for he had made a 20th. A young woman (a slave) called mistake. He returned, and sat down, and I and expressed a strong desire to be bapthen explained the history of the deluge, and tized. I was glad to find, from her convershowed that all impenitent sinners will be sation, that she was aware of the religious destroyed if they repent not. He begged obligation of baptism. Indeed, the people, my pardon. I entreated him to pray to in general, begin to understand this obligaChrist for pardon of all his sins.

tion. Some of them say they cannot agree
(To be continued.)

to be baptized, beeause they should no longer
be able to go about as they do on the Sab-

bath. They see that a sinful life is incon-

sistent with that sacred ordinance.

21st. Several of the Crown young people

had their names put down as candidates for BERBICE.

baptism. Some of them are very licentious. Extracts of a Letter, &c. from Rev. John

God, however, can change their hearts, as Wray, Missionary, dated Berbice, April has

banished the Arreoi Society from Tabiti,

he did those of the Corinthians, The Gospel 22, 1826, addressed to the Treasurer.

&c., and the same grace can work a change I feel thankful to God for his goodness here. I have spoken much to them as to in encouraging us to go on in his work, by the improper manner in which the Easter making us useful in his vineyard, and by holidays are usually kept, especially Easter

Sunday, and they have promised to refrain + A kite with a white breast, worshipped from such conduct. by the Hindoos with great reverence, par

24th, Good Friday. During the present ticularly when flying!

week I have distributed a number of coples

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of the Homikes on Good Friday, and on the chisms to country slaves. The desix to learn Resurrection, which I have reason to believe to read seems greatly to increase, Last will be read.

Sunday and to-day, several slaves who had 26th, Easter Sunday. In the town, tho not been before, attended chapel from planwhole night has been spent in riot and noise. tations in the country. One of them had We feel thankful these disturbances have not learned Dr. Watts's catechism from a young approached us. Several of the young people man, who was formerly one of our scholars, attended chapel at seven o'clock; at eleven and who is now very useful in teaching others it was crowded. The children of the Sunday- to read and to say the Catechism. school also attended as well as could be 17th. This evening, 18 of the young peoexpected, considering the confusion that pre- ple from the Crown Estates attended. I vailed around. Dancing, drumming, &c. spoke very seriously to them, and showed begun early in the evening, but the chapel them the importance of embracing the Goswas very well attended.

pel with their whole hearts. 27th, Easter Monday. Had service at 21st. A good number of young females twelve o'clock. The attendance was good. attended Mrs. Wray's meeting this mornBaptized three adults, from a plantation in ing. She was much pleased with their earthe country. One of them has taken great nest desire to understand the Gospel, and pains to learn to read the Bible, and with

with their ideas respecting it. They express little assistance from a teacher. He is now much gratitude for the pains she takes with very useful in instructing others.

them. A son said to me one day, that 28th, Easter Tuesday. Thirteen of the he could not have anticipated such a change Crown young people attended the Prayer- us hath taken place in many of them. A meeting in the evening. They have not young person present observed that, from joined in the riot and folly of the holidays. what the old people say, the country is

2nd April, Sabbath. At our Church- much better now than what it was some meeting, last evening, we received a new years ago. member. This morning, at seven, a good I bless God for his great goodness, and attendance at the Prayer-meeting. pray that he would display his mighty power eleven, the chapel was full. The com- in bringing sinners to himself. From the munion proved a time of refreshing. The increasing desire of instruction, both among evening service was well attended.

the free people of colour and the slaves, and 8th. This evening met the Sunday-school the increasing desire of marriage, 1 do teachers. Was pleased with their experi- look for better days. But we need the ence, and the desire they expressed to per- prayers of our friends in Britain, that God severe in their work. On Thursday even- would pour out his Holy Spirit upon us. ing and Friday morning meetings, in parti- Paul may plant and Apollos may water, but cular, were this week well attended, and I God only can give the increase. Death de. gave several tickets for candidates for Bap- prives the Society of many excellent labourtism and the Lord's Supper.

ers. May the breaches be made up by This week we have had four cases of con. many highly-qualified ministers, coming science relating to marriage, brought before forward to the work of the Lord, against the us. I am happy to perceive an increasing mighty enemies of the Gospel. The loss of regard paid to that institution. This is a the five Wesleyan Missionaries, with their token for good. Another pleasing considera- families, in this part of the world, is a most tion is, that our forenoon congregation is affecting providence ; and my heart has the largest, which was not the case formerly. been deeply afflicted with reading the acThis shows that the Sabbath is more re. counts in the Missionary Chronicle for De. garded.

cember last; BUT THE WORK IS THE LORD'S, 9th April, Sabbath. A very rainy morn- AND IT SHALL PROSPER IN HIS HANDS, ing. Chapel at eleven, well attended, but not so many as usual. Sunday-school well

Letters from Missionaries on their passage attended and in good order : about 110 chil

outwards. dren present, and attentive. In the evening

good congregation, particularly of free A LETTER has been received from Dr. Mor. young people of colour. Received two or rison, addressed to the Home-Secretary, three applications, from soldiers, for tracts, dated off Madeira, the 12th of May, on board and from one of them, a small donation for

the Hon. East India Company's Ship the the Tract Society. A few give small sub

Orwell, from which we make the following scriptions towards the Chapel. Received also extract--applications from the Fort, for two Bibles, “During the last twelve days we have been a Hymn-book, and a common Prayer-book. tossed and propelled by the winds and waves

loth, Sabbath. Through the week, all many hundred miles. Although our accomqur evening meetings of instruction have modations on board ship are good, it is not been well attended, except that of Friday. We have distributed spelling-books and cate. • Soe Chronicle for July, page 315,


possible for a family,'amidst sickness and diz- A letter has also been received from Mr. ziness, with bad water, &c. to be comfort- John Smith, appointed to Malacca, dated on able. We have had a good deal of sea, and the 21st of May, at Madeira, where the a disagreeable swell. Last night being dark, Lady Holland (the ship in which he sailed) we lay to for several hours, lest we should arrived only a few hours after the Orwell had run foul of Madeira; and it was providential proceeded on her voyage. On board the that we did so; for this morning, at 8 o'clock, Ludy Holland there are about 30 passengers. we were close in with the land before we On the proposal of Captain Snell, divine worobserved it, and had only just time to steer clear ship, on the Sabbath, had been commenced of it. Captain Farrar, being favourable to under favourable circumstances. While at Ma. the exercises of piety, induces a general deira, Mr. Smith, and his fellow-travellers, decorum on board, which promotes our ge- were very kindly entertained by a Mr. Payne neral comfort, especially at table, where no (we believe a Wesleyan), who was so good as to improper language is indulged in. We have express a hope, that other missionaries of the prayers in the cuddy every morning and even- Society, who may hereafter touch at Madeira, ing, and last Lord's Day we had public wor- would have recourse, for accommodation, to ship. Oh that God may pour out his Holy his house. Spirit upon us, and turn many sinners to himself! Oh, for the tongue of the learned “ to speak seasonably and with grace, to the * See Chronicle for June, page 319. edification of others! "

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Date, SOUTH SPAS ......Mr. G. Platt


4 January, 1826. C. Wilson ..


13 January, 1826. T. Blossom


6 and 12 February, 1826. W. Henry

9 February, 1826. E. Arinitage


15 February, 1826. C. Barif..

24 September, 1825. Ditto ....

6 October, 1825. 2 letters. R. Bourne....


16 November, 1825. C. Wilson.


14 February, 1826. J. Davies..

26 February, 1826. Ditto

21 February, 1826. D. Darling

26 February, 1826.
J. Williams.

Raiatea ...... 12 November, 1825.
Messrs. Williams and Bourne..

16 November, 1825. NEW SOUTH WALES. Mr. L. E. Threlkeld

Newcastle 20 and 30 January, 1826. ULTRA GANCES ...Mr. C. H. Thomsen

Singapore 20 January, 1826. - T. Beighton...

10 December, 1826. Ditto ..


8 January, 1826. EAST INDIES....., Mr. M. T. Adam

Benares .. 28 December, 1825.
W. Campbell

Bangalore ...... 12 December, 1825.

16 January, 1826.
J. Taylor

Belgaum . 18 January, 1826.
Messrs. W. and A. Fyvie and J. W.

Bombay 19 January, 1826.
Mr. W. Crow..

3 February, 1826.
S Trawin

Kidderpore...... 28 January, 1826.
W. Crow..

Bombay........ 21 February, 1826.
Messrs W. and A. Fyvie

Surat ...

7 February, 1826. RUSSIA .Mr. R. Knill......

St. Petersburg 8-20 June, 1826. MEDITERRANEAN .. Mr. J. Lowndes.


13 June, 1826. S. S. Wilson.


8 April, 1826. AFRICA ..........Mr. G. Barker.

Theopolis .... 31 March, 1826.
Rev. R. Miles ...

Cape Town...... 27 April, 1826.


15 December, 1826. WEST INDIES ....Mr. J. Davies


25 April, 1826.

19 May, 1826. J. Wray.


24 May, 1826. Ditto

18 May, 1826. Ditto

20 May, 1826. Ditto

22 April, 1826,

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Ditto ......


MISSIONARY SEMINARY. Sundry important considerations, renderingit, in the opinion of the Directors,desirable

that the Missionary Seminary should be removed to the vicinity of the metropolis, they some time since, in pursuance of this design, engaged Hoxton Academy House; which is, at present, fitting up for the reception of twenty students. We bave the pleasure to

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