Sidor som bilder

ness of these three attributes. In fact, Messiah | bring forth obedience. Here we have the exis now the temple of Deity; and in this form | tensive lake, the flowing river, and the meanhe will dwell, speak, and shine in his body the dering rivulet, beneath whose surface the body

of the sinner can be plungedchurch for ever. It doth not yet appear what

“ That when beneath the waters laid, we shall be, but we know that when He shall |

His breath suspended in their womb, appear we shall be like Him, for we shall see

May call to mind how Jesus died, Him as He is; and every man that hath this And buried lay within the tomb.” hope in him, purifieth himself, even as He is Is not the gospel really glorious, adapted as it pure. May all who have named his name, be is to men in all climates and all conditions of anxious to attain so dignified a standing in the life? Its means are abundantly sufficient to

convert every soul, and bring every creature presence of the adorable Creator.-J. W.]

| into the kingdom of Christ.

I suppose you know that we have a periodical EXTRACT OF A LETTER FROM in Canada, THE WITNESS OF TRUTH, conductCANADA.

ed by Brother Oliphant.

I am happy to inform you that the disciples Pickering, June 19, 1849. | were never in so prosperous a state in Canada BELOVED BROTHER WALLIS, — It is long

| as at the present time. Not only are the dissince I wrote to you, and it is long since i ciples increasing in churches already formheard from you; but you must not suppose ed, but new churches are being established, and that this is indicative of any abatement of my

new candlesticks set up. The brethren are affection for you and the "holy brethren” with about entering into co-operation for supporting you. No! Christian affection is not abated by evangelists to proclaim the gospel through the time or distance; it endures unto death, yea, country. “Faith cometh by hearing;” there it endures in eternity. What a glorious assem must be some one to speak, or there would be bly there will be in heaven at the final consum no one to hear : preachers, then, are essential, mation! Those who have loved upon earth, for “ how can they hear without a preacher ?” and who have been separated by distance, will

Your affectionate brother, be there united for ever: those who have met

E. SHEPPARD. together round the table of the Lord upon earth, will there sit down at the marriage supper of the Lamb in heaven, when our vile bodies shall COURAGE AND CONFIDENCE. be changed and fashioned like unto the glorious body of our exalted Redeemer, and our voices

DEAR BROTHER-—Another month having tuned to sing in rapturous strains unto Him

| elapsed since I wrote you, I would again conwho loved us, and washed us from our sins in vey to you a few thoughts connected with Jesus his own blood. Here Christ's church is divided | and his truth. into numerous congregations, separated by ex

I thank you for your letter. * * How far are tensive regions of land and immense oceans of

| disciples often from obeying the Lord's new water: in heaven there will be but one assem

commandment. It is to the faithful a ground bly, each one beholding his brother's presence,

of comfort that the Lord searches the heart; and made partaker of his joy.

he knoweth them that are his. Nevertheless I never expect to see those brethren with

every man shall be salted (seasoned) with fire, whom I was united in Nottingham, whose bro

(trial, suffering)—as every sacrifice is salted therly kindness I remember with pleasure, and

with salt. Trials may proceed from a thouwhom Christian love prompted to acts of be

sand sources : they show us what we are, and nevolence and goodness towards me which will

whether we love God. Oh, the salvation of never be forgotten-I say I never expect to see

God is of such moment to us as intelligent and them again upon the“ footstool,” but look for

responsible creatures, that crowned with its ward to a meeting in heaven, where I shall see

blessings, we may say them rewarded for their labours of love by Him

“I will not fear what flesh can do, who has said, “ Whosoever shall give to drink My trust is in the Lord.” unto one of these little ones a cup of cold was “They that trust in the Lord shall be like ter only in the name of a disciple, verily I say Mount Zion which cannot be moved." He unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.” that believeth in him shall not be ashamed

I am happy to inform you that the Canadian shall not make haste—“shall not be conclimate is very favorable for the growth of the founded.” Oh, for more of the heroism of Christian graces, and the exercise of the Chris- Paul—“I count all things but loss for the extian affections. Here we have loving and lovely cellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my brethren-men of talent, men of virtue- men Lord.” who undertake and carry out that form of doc I cannot say much about the Sunderland triue once delivered to the saints. Testimony meeting, but did not expect to find Brother is, too, sufficient to produce faith, and faith to' Dron the only messenger from Scotland. It




is plain that district associations for mutual congregation. If we are correctly informed, the aid are preferred to a scheme of general evan largest and most influential of these churches gelization: and perhaps better cannot at present

have adopted the principle of mixed commube done than what may be effected by unity of effort on the part of the churches of par

nion; or, in other words, they have so far ticular districts.

amalgamated with the pious of other denomiYour's in truth,

nations, as to admit to church membership July 5, 1849.

those who have not been baptized into Christ.

Hence we are informed in the letter, that canTHE SUNDERLAND MEETING. didates are “received into the church by exDEAR BROTHER-I cannot say that I ap- perience, without baptism !The object of prove of the resolution No. 5 passed at the this movement is, no doubt, to promote union Sunderland meeting, page 320 of the July among those who profess to love the Lord; HARBINGER. Although it may be the duty of

for union is the one thing demanded in the premessengers to care for the body generally, yet such resolạtions as that, in my opinion, is an

sent day. But any plan devised for effecting infringement on the independence of individual this purpose which sacrifices the truth, or dischurches. The church of the Lord Jesus penses with any of the institutions of Christ, Christ cannot be immoral. It may commit an must be offensive in his sight. It is human error, and by a careless oversight, certain of

invention, and stands on the same ground as its members may escape the just application of the laws of Jesus; but when a church, as a

infant sprinkling, being destitute alike of divine whole, becomes dishonest or immoral, it proves precept or example to sanction it. Besides, the itself to be unworthy of the name it has assumed, parties thus received are in danger of being and no sister church ought to have any thing self-deceived, by resting for salvation upon their to do with it. If there be a few names in it, as in

own experience, rather than upon the good Sardis, let them come out and be separated from such apostacy. Innovation must be care

confession that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of fully watched, and schisms prevented by those God. There is, indeed, no authority for Chriswho advocate the bible alone as the standard tian experience being regarded as a ground for of appeal.

admission into the church of Christ. The I have no idea that differences can exist be

original and divine plan of entrance into the tween two individuals, or between two churches, for any length of time, if they be Christians,

church is faith in the Son of God as the resurbecause Jesus our Lord has furnished us with rection and life-repentance, or deep conviction the very materials, by a proper application of of sin— and baptism. To enter the congregawhich, both may be brought into one; if love |tion of the Lord otherwise than this, is to climb for the truth's sake be in existence in each

up some other way, and cannot be approved by party. When this is the case, our greatest differences will sink into the shade; we shall

the exalted Head of the Church. What the forgive and forget, and thus settle them at

Baptists gain, either in purity or numbers, by once.

this modern movement of communion, is not Your's affectionately,

for us to say. To their own Master they must July 7, 1849.

D. L. S. stand or fall. We are sorry to say, as far as

our knowledge extends, that they are generally

the rich, and not the poor, who reinain unbapBAPTIST ASSOCIATION LETTER. I tized among the Baptists (Mark x. 23.)

THE Circular Letter from the Northampton | The subject of the yearly address to these shire Particular Baptist Association, forwarded churches, is one of great importance, namely, to us by an esteemed friend, one of the minis- “ THE OBLIGATIONS AND ADVANTAGES OF ters of the denomination, has duly come to hand. Church MEMBERSHIP." The name of the The annual meeting of the association, it ap-writer is unknown to us, but we are pleased to pears, was held in Northampton on the 29th observe, that in bringing it before his brethren, and 30th May. It comprises 36 churches, 29 he very properly commences at Jerusalem on of which have stated ministers. During the the day of Pentecost, the first day after the aslast vear 128 have been baptized, 42 received cension and coronation of the Lord at his Faby letter, 59 deaths have occurred, 30 have ther's right hand. It was in Jerusalem that been dismissed, 18 excluded, and 22 withdrawn, Christianity commenced its career. The law leaving a clear increase of 43, which gives an of the new covenant was to go forth from this average of rather more than 1 per cent. for each / city, (Isa. ii. 3, Mich. iv. 2, Luke xxiv. 49) and we recommend all to begin their study of variety of means are consequently employed by the Christian system from this point. We l 'the saviour of the body' to keep them from should have been happy to give the larger por

falling, and to promote their growth in grace.

Among those means, religious fellowship occution of the letter, had not a press of matter

pies a scarcely secondary place. By joinprevented us; but the following extracts will,

ing a church, the young convert formally we are sure, be acceptable :

separates himself from the world, and as form

ally allies himself to the sect everywhere “When Peter preached on the fiftieth day

spoken against.' From that time he feels that after the death of Christ, three thousand souls the eyes of bad men and good men are upon gladly received his message, and were baptized. | him: new restraints are thrown around him ; Many of these it is reasonable to suppose were

new motives to watchfulness and self-denial are inhabitants of Jerusalem ; and many others

created; and by habitually uniting with his strangers who had gone thither from different

| brethren in the service of God, he is continualparts of the land, and from other parts of the

ly kept within the range and operation of a world, to keep the feast. Each of these con

? countless variety of salutary influences. verts might, when baptized, have gone to his own home, to meditate there on the novel senti

“ Thus to protect and nurture the plant of ments he had adopted, without any attempt at grace, is evidently the kind purpose of him who further communion with those who, like him- | knows us altogether, and whose will it is self, had received the new faith. But such that we should be saved. Baptism and Chriswas not the course pursued. Similarity of tian fellowship have both been instituted for opinions and feelings, on subjects of the deepest this purpose, though not for this purpose alone. interest, would naturally draw those thus dis-By baptism the convert gives himself to God: tinguished towards each other : and it is mani by joining a church he gives himself to the fest that the Apostles, the authoritative ex- people of God according to his will. The forpounders of Christian practice, encouraged this mer we regard as of the nature of a solemn uniting tendency. The baptized, we are told, vow, by which the Christian in the name of

continued steadfastly in the Apostles' fellow the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, ship and in breaking of bread and in prayers.' formally consecrates himself to God; it is the 'All that believed were together. They sign and summary of that solemn surrender formed one church or congregation, to which which every really devout person makes of the Lord added daily such as should be saved. himself to the Lord; it may be practised amidst

multitudes on the banks of the Jordan, or “To prevent however all possibility of mis- | within the walls of a prison, or in the solitude construction, to prevent also their own time of the desert : in either case it is the aptest and from being absorbed by mere alms-giving, the most efficacious expression of the believer's Apostles instructed the assembly to select seven relation to God, and, when rightly understood, discreet and devout persons who should take is eminently adapted to gather up in a single charge of the contributions made for the poor, point and to keep before the mind those things these seven being for that particular business, unseen, by faith in which we live. As the the deacons, that is the ministers or servants / heap of stones which Laban and Jacob raised of the whole brotherhood. This primary Chris- |

would, when they were far away, give definitetian organization, though greatly disturbed and

ness and force to the compact that existed beweakened, was not destroyed, by the persecution

tween them; so is baptism beautifully adapted which arose on the death of Stephen : and after

to keep before the mind of the Christian that the conversion of Saul, its strength was re

solemn engagement into which he has entered vived; so that when Saul returned from Da

with the most high, and to hold him to the mascus he found a company of believers, to

fulfilment of that engagement. Baptism is the whom he 'assayed to join himself;' and when solemn ratification of the covenant into which admitted to their confidence, he was with the believer enters with God : church memberthem coming in and going out at Jerusalem.'

ship is designed, by a great variety of social There are several references of a later date to influences, to preserve him from violating that this orignal association of Christians, this first

covenant, and to prompt him to the fullest church : from one of which we learn that about

and most successful pursuit of all its blessings.” the year 52, it comprised not only Apostles and brethren, but also elders; and from all of which we learn that it was the will of God that the

QUERY AND REPLY. disciples of Christ should be associated. “When sinners are converted to God, the

" In what way, and through what mesaints rejoice over them with great joy; yet

of dium, does the Holy Spirit now convert they rejoice with trembling. The state of the

sinners to God, so as that they may bejust here, and especially of those newly

come saints ?” E. M. H. brought to the faith of Christ, is ever represent This query surely does not come from a ed in scripture as one of jeopardy; and a great converted person ; but, if it do, the following brief remarks will not be unprofitable. | fession, and having been baptized into If a person do not read the words of the Jesus, he is now going on his way reHoly Spirit, as recorded in the Bible, he joicing.

M. H. will never be converted so as to become approved of God; but let him read, in the

Newton Stewart, JULY 10.–Brother first place, the four Gospels, and become Service, from Glasgow, has laboured in fully persuaded from their testimony that this place and neighbourhood for four Jesus is indeed the Christ, the Son of God, weeks, proclaiming the gospel in the open and the only Saviour of sinners. Then let air almost every evening, in the town hall him read the Acts of the Apostles, and every first day, and daily from house to learn therefrom how convinced believing house. His practice has been to proclaim sinners become saints, and what they were

the gospel, and point the way of entrance commanded to do that they might be

into the kingdom, keeping nothing back. saved. After this let him read the letters

Since he came amongst us we have had of the inspired apostles to the churches,

one addition, and hope for more soon, a and in all things obey them. Reading, good deal of excitement having been prohearing, and obeying the word of God, is duced, and much discussion and considerthe teaching of the Holy Spirit, and is the

able enlightenment. The brethren have only medium, since the day of Pentecost,

been greatly refreshed by his visit. Bro(Acts ii.) by which sinners can now be ther Service, who is an able and zealous come saints. “ So then faith comes by advocate of primitive Christianity, is now hearing, and hearing by the word of God." | gone to Dumfries to labour. May the If any one can present a different way, let J.ord prosper the good work in his hands. him do so.

J. F. Yours in the kingdom, W. M. C. Pitgar, July 7, 1849.

Dundee, July 10.-We baptized a middle aged man here last week in the name

of the Lord Jesus. He has attended, with ITEMS OF NEWS.

several others, for some time past, and

appeared to take deep interest in the meetASHTON-UNDER-LYNE. – The laws of | ings. We are not without hope of adJesus, in reference to discipline and the vancing still further in bringing forth fruit proper government of the church of Christ, l unto God.

A. F. have for some time past engaged much of our attention. That these laws must be CUPAR, JULY 18.—The congregation in administered by some who are competent this place is living in peace and love, ento rule and guide the body, if we wish to joying the immunities and blessings of the see that body in health and peace, we be- New Institution, and in connection with lieve is clearly taught and enforced in the the other churches in the neighbourhood, Sacred Oracles. Accordingly, during last | labouring to spread the glorious gospel of month, “ we looked out from amongst us” | the blessed God. These labours have not three brethren unanimously considered to been in vain, several having confessed the be both faithful and competent to form an Lord, and been immersed into his name. eldership. Their names are Brothers Na- To Him be all the praise. Within the last than Harrison, James Washurst, and James month three have been added to the church Schofield; the former as pastor, the two | in Cupar, and others are asking for the latter as deacons. After having chosen | good old way: we hope they will have these brethren, the church assembled on courage to walk therein, that they may the morning of Lord's day, July 1st, that lay hold on eternal life, which is promised by praver and fasting, with the imposition to the faithful. Is it not strange, that in of hands, they might be solemnly set apart a matter of such awful moment, men to their work. Having obtained the ser- | should be so unconcerned that they will vices of our beloved Brother Greenwell, not put themselves to the trouble of exhe earnestly sought the blessing of God, amining and searching for the truth ; but and then proceeded with a few remarks take for granted that the system they folon the design of what we were assembled low is right? In things connected with to do; after which, each member of the the affairs of this world, few would act so body, both male and female, in an orderly unwise a part ; but, alas! the people in and solemn manner, laid our hands upon general seem so wedded to their own ways, the brethren chosen ; thus pledging our- that when the simple truth is presented selves, by our own voluntary act, to obey they treat it with indifference. Still some them so long as they teach and administer honest hearts receive the word, and bring the laws of Jesus our king. In the after- forth fruit, some thirty, some sixty, and noon and evening, discourses were deliver- some a hundred fold. We ought, thereed by our Brother Green well, which were fore, to be diligent in sowing the seed, and listened to with great attention by all pre-wait with patience for the harvest. Yours sent. Last month one made the good con- ' in love,

A. D.


DUMFRIES, JULY 18.--As a church we For the following genealogy see Genesis xi chapter are now walking in peace and love; a

11th to the 26th verse :

Shem lived after he begat Arphaxad.. ... 500 years young man was added to our number in

Arphaxad lived 35 years and begat Salah. 35 April. We have at this time one of the brethren from G'asgow labouring in Dum Shem lived after Salah was born ........ 465 fries and in the locality; he is as laborious

Salah lived 30 years and begat Elea..... 30 as any who have previously visited this Shem lived after Elea was born ......... 435 locality. The seed must be sown, or there Elea lived 34 years and begat Peleg .... 34 can be no harvest.

T. L.

Shem lived after Peleg was born ........ 401

Peleg lived 30 years and begat Reu ...... 30

Shem lived after Reu was born.......... 371

Reu lived 32 years and begat Serng ..... 32 SUNDERLAND, JULY 13.-- It is our painful duty to record the death of our Bro

Shem lived after Serug was born ........ 339 ther John Hiu North Shield. It is Serug lived 30 years and begat Nahor ... 30 is now upwards of twenty years since he 'Shem lived after Nahor was born........ 309 was baptized, and on the Christian Mes- Nahor lived 29 years and begat Terah... 29 senger first making its appearance, it was

Shem lived after Terah was born........ 280 eagerly read by him, and its principles Terah lived 70 years and begat Abram... 70 adopted. Having a large family to provide with the bread which perisheth, he was Shem lived after Abraham was born..... 210 obliged to devote the time his family was The former part of the note is evidently a at rest to a perusal of its articles; and mistake. Abraham must have been cothus, by self-denial, store his mind with a temporary with Shem more than 100 years, knowledge of the truth. He became ac- yet he could not have been so for 210 years. quainted with our late Brother Briggs, of Moses says (Gen. xii. 4) that Abraham was Newcastle, associating with the church of 75 years old when he departed out of Hawhich he was pastor, as the only one in this ran, which was on the death of his father vicinity holding to the ancient order of (Acts vii. 4) Now the days of Terah were worship. For a long time he stood alone in 205, and Abraham was 75 when his father North Shields, but a few disciples being died, consequently he was born when his gathered together there he became their father was 130 years of age, and not 70 as President. Though possessed of no talent above stated. The circumstance is often for public speaking, yet his influence was overlooked, that in biblical chronology the of much use, and his death will be felt by eminent persons are placed first, although the brethren. Notwithstanding that he they may be the youngest. J. W. had many difficulties and discouragements, yet he pursued the even tenour of his way,

THE SPIRIT OF PROGRESSION. fully persuaded that the principles he had

BY MRS. F. D. GAGE. espoused were founded in truth. He died on the 2nd instant, after an illness of only

The gloomy night is breaking,

E'en now the sunbeams rest, four days, surviving his wife (who was

With a fain, yet cheering radiance, called away in a few hours whilst on a

On the hill-tops of the West, visit to Durham) but twelve days, and

The mists are slowly rising leaving to the sympathies of the brethren

From the valley and the plain,

And a spirit is awaking, three children under fourteen years of age

That shall never sleep again. in a helpless state. Truly we may say, in

And ye may hear, that listen, the midst of life we are in death, and there

The spirit's stirring song, is but a step between us and the grave.

That surges like the ocean,

With its solemn bass along! It is consoling to know, that he whom the

“ Ho! can ye stay the rivers, church has lost, lived in obedience to the

Or bind the wings of Light, gospel, that it was his support in sickness,

Or bring back to the Morning and that he died in the enjoyment of its

The old departed Sight ? hope. Yours in the one hoje,

“Nor shall ye check my impulse,

Nor stay it for an hour,
Francis Hilt.

Until Earth's groaning millions

Have felt the healing power !"

That spirit is Progression.

In the vigour of its youth-
The foeman of Oppression,

And its armour is the TRUTH.
We have received the following genea-

Old Error with its legions logical table from T. G. in reference to the

Must tall beneath its wrath; note inserted on page 303, in which we

Nor blood, nor tear3, nor anguish, allude to the number of years Melchisedec

Will mark its brilliant path. resided with Abraham, and state that it

But onward, upward, heavenward,

The spirit still will soar, would be difficult to prove such period of

Till Peace and Love shall triumph, residence was a hundred years.

And FALSEHOOD reign no more.

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