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Provisionclly registered under the Act 7 g. 8 Vict, c. 110.

Capital, £4,000,000, in 80,000 Shares of 50 each.
Deposit, 5s. per Share, being the largest sum allowed to be taken under tlie Registration Act.



The object of this Company is to construct a line down to Calcutta from the north-west (where it å

of railway connecting Calcutia westward with the computed that nearly 600,000 acres are under THE RIGHT HON. THE LORD VISCOUNT river Ganges at Patna, passing along the left bank culture of the Sugar Cane), in one year amounted to COMBERMERE, G.C.B., G.C.H., late Com. of the Hooghly, by Dumdum, through Barrackpore, about 130,000 tons. mander-in-Chief in India

the country residence of the Governor-General, and In 1841 the number of chests of Opium brought LIEUT.-GENERAL SIR WILLOUGHBY COT a large military cantonment, to Chogda, at or near from Behar and Benares amounted to 18,827. TON, K.C.B., Carlton Club, Pall Mall where it is intended to cross the river, and will then

The estimated traffic of the Ganges is rated at MAJOR GENERAL DUNCAN MACLEOD, late continue its course through the highly-cultivated

Chief Engineer of Bengal, 3, Clifton Place, Hyde provinces of Bancoora, Beerbhoom, Ramghur, Mon- from 800,000 to 1,000,000 tons per annum ; sup Park

ghyr, and Behar, to Patna, terminating at the chief posing only one half of this should be diverted to

town of that important district, with an extension the Railway, the goods traffic at the estimate of Ope MAJOR-GENERAL WYATT, Bengal Army

from the main line commencing at Chogưa, on the Penny per ton per mile, with the usual deduction of ADAM OGILVIE, Esq., Civil Service, Collector of left bank of the Hooghly, joining the Gauges at or

40 per cent. for working charges, would yield (ex. Revenue, Kishnagur, Bengal near Sootee; this extension being a short and prac; lcceding 12 per cent. on the estimated capital of tbe

clusive of Passengers and other traffic) a retura es. MAJOR H. B. HENDERSON, late Oficiating with that part of the country, is in accordance with Company:

In that portion of the line between Military Auditor-General (Firm of Carr, Dwarka

Burdwan and Calcutta, in 1843, nearly 13,000 tons nauth Tagore, and Co., Calcutta), 15, Norfolk the recommendation of the Hon. East-India Com.

of Salt and about 18,000 tons of Sugar were carried pany upon the subject of railways in India. Crescent, Hyde Park

from thence to Calcutta at the cost of 3d. per ton RICHARD HARTLEY KENNEDY, Esq., M.D.,

An extension of the line from Calcutta to Diamond per mile. The gross amount of traffic bet teen late Physician-General, Bombay, Eniscote House, of Dinapore, will form part of the scheme: it is the tons per year; and the return thereon amounted to

Harbour, and from Patna to the important station these points alone has been estimated at 105,000 Leamington WALTER EWER, Esq., F.R.S., F.G,S., Bengal main line further into the northern and western parts

intention of this Company eventually to extend the nearly 120,0001. Civil Service of India, by crossing the Ganges near Patna, and

Thecost of transport of merchandisc between Patna COLONEL SKARDON, latc of the Bengal Army, proceeding by way of Benares, Allahabad, and Agra, water, and about 41. to Sl. by land, occupying about 6, Lansdowne Terrace, Kensington Park to Delhi.

three weeks in the transit going down, and, on acLIEUT.-COLONEL. JOHN SMITH, Madras The Company, in carrying out the above project, count of the great difficulty experienced by the boats Cavalry, Ellingham Hall, Norfolk

feel strongly inipressed with the important advan in going up the river, the time occupied is often more MAJOR MORSE COOPER, late of the inth tages that must accrue to this portion of India by than double that of coming down. Hussars, Wargrave, Henley-upon-Thames

these projected lines, which immediately connect
Calcutta with the fertile, productive, and important

The Promoters have been in communication with, GEORGE WILLIAM BACON, Esq. Bengal Çivit districts of the north and north-west, and, by the and have memorialized the Court of Directors of the

ARCHIBALD SPENS, Esq., late of the Bombay communication for the traffic upon that great river letter, of which the following is a copy, was recerred

junction with the Ganges at Patna, 'open 'a direct Honourable East-India Company upon the merits of Civil Service W. P. ANDREW, Esq., late of Bengal, Grosvenor tain, and tedious river navigation, at present the from Mr. Melvill, the Secretary :Street, Grosvenor Square principal means of carrying the valuable commer.

“ East-India House, May 8, 1845, cial productions of the interior and north-western JAMES B. GRAHAM, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, provinces, for shipment to the ports of Europe and have addressed to the Court of Directors of the

“ SIR, -With reference to the letter which you * Supreme Court of Bombay, Sussex Gardens, America. These productions consist of cottou, rice, East-India Company, regarding the formation of Hyde Park

indigo, silk, sugar, opium, coals, lac, dyes, timÇAPT. HITCHINS, late of the Honourable East. ber, saltpetre, minerals, &c., which abound through.

Railroads in India, I am commanded to acquaint India Company's Service, 43, Queen Anne Street, out the whole extent of this district; and when

it is you that the Court lave deemed it necessary, for the Cavendish Square

taken into consideration the great loss sustained by for that purpose, that the general subjcct should, in THE HONOURABLE WILLIAM GORE, 21, delay of transit, damage done to anerchandize, ex- the first instance, be referred for investigation and Wilton Crescent

penses of freight, insurance, and various other report to the Governor-General in Council, and that THE HONORABLE D. S. ERSKINE, 81, Jermyn mode' of internal communication, it may be confi. country to act under their directions in that intesti.

losses, caused by the insufficiency of the present an eminent engineer will be deputed from this Street

dently expected that this railway will, to a very great gation. No time will be lost in carrying this resoluSIR FREDERICK DUNBAR, Bart., of Boath extent, supersede the river navigation, and bring tion into effect, and the opportunity

will be hereater SIR WILLIAM HYDE PEARSON, Hanover down to Calcutta the enormous amount of traffic afforded to you of ascertaining its result; in the Square that at present floats down the Ganges.

mcan time a copy of the Court's Dispatch to the G, FRITH, Esq., of the Firm of Frith, Wallace, In case the Government may think it expedient to Government of India on this subject is open for your an1 Co., Austín Friars

alter the course of the railways as delineated in red perusal at this House. FREDERICK AYRTON, Esq., 3, Garden Court, blue thereon! upon the map, alternative lines are proposed, marked

"I am, Sir, your most obedient humble serrant, Temple

" JAMES C. MELVILL. SAMUEL ROHDE, Esq., F.G.S., 3, Crosby and the extension to Sootee about 115 miles.

The length of the main line is about 320 miles,

" W. B. James, Esq. Solicitor to the Company, Square, Bishopsgate

" 5, Basinghall-street." The country through which the lines are intended MAJOR WALLER, K.H., 15, St. James's Square to be formed is, for the most part, well fitted for the SCOTT THOMSON, Esq., latc of Calcutta purpose, presenting comparatively few engineering A. HEAVISIDE, Esq., Oriental Club difficulties, being nearly a complete level through

The Committee feel great pleasure in announcing JOHN JAMES, Esq., Secondary of the City of ,

out, except in one point, where a little cutting may to the public, that DWARKANAUTA TAGORE, London CAPTAIN HAMILTON, 10, Gloucester Place, of the works. ing stone can be obtained for the necessary purposes pany in India ; and has addressed his firm at Cal

cutta, requesting they would act as Agents there. Portman Square

In the present most inefficient state of internal The Company will be managed by a Board of HENRY HADLOW, Esq., M.D.

communication in India, it is scarcely possible to Directors in London, assisted by a Board of Direc: JOHN KINNERSLEY HOOPER, Esq., Alder- arrive at any thing like an accurate stateinent as to tion in Calcuita, and arrangements will be inneman of the City of London

the possible amount of passenger traffic; but the diately made to cominence a preliminary surtes, N. B. E. BAILLIE, Esq., Oxford Terrace, Hyde fact of tlac immense number of European and native and competent parties will be sent out for the

troops, Government stores, passing and re-passing purpose, and also to promote the interests of the

to the upper provinces, an the safe and accelerated Company generally in Bengal. MAJOR WHITE, Bengal Army, Pall Mall transmission of the mail, the frequent and at the

The dividends will be paid in London and Cal. (With power to add to their number.) same time tedious and expensive palankeen tra- cutta at the usual rate of 25. per Rapee.

, Patna Trustee at Calcutta-Dwarkanauth Tagore, Esq,

deposit of upon ap; Bankers-The Union Bank of London. Engineer-Charles Vignoles, Esq., F.R.A.S., the lines will pass, shew a strong case for expecting

created by a more ready and rapid mode of inter- I towards defraying the expenses of preliminary sur.
course between the several provinces through which

that large returns will eventually accrue to the share-

pany. Standing Counsel Alexander Cockburn, Esq., Q.C. holders of this undertaking.

A Subscription Contract will be prepared to be Edwin James, Esq.

executed by the Shareholders, and application will Solicitor-W. B. James, Esq., BasingHall Street. India, it is found that the Annual Imports and Ex.

From a statistical return of the inland trade of be made for a Charter of Incorporation, or Act of

Agents in Calcutta-Messrs. Baillie, Molloy, and ports of Calcutta amount to about 10,000,0001. ster.
Mackintoshi, Solicitors.

ling, of which the chief portion comes down from Applications for Shares to be made to the Secre. Manager-P. H, Newall, Esq.

the interior, or is conveyed thither by the prcsent tary, at the Offices o-f the Company, 147, Leades. Secretary-Robert Wolseley, Esq. article of Sugar alone the quantity that was brought cation may be had.

and the necessary disbursements of the Com





Capital, £6,000,000, in 120,000 Shares of £50 cach. Deposit, £2. 108. per Share.

Street, Mansion House, London,
The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, under the 7th & 8th Vict. c. 110, is satisfied that this Company

TRUSTEES. is not within the operation of that Statute, and therefore does not require to be registered. Thomas Halifax, Jun., Esq. Francis Mills, Esq.

Claude Edward Scott, Esq.


Francis Mills, Esq., Chairman.
Chairman.-The Hon. JOHN STUART WORTLEY, M. P.

Thomas Heath, Esq., Dep. Chairman.
. Deputy Chairman.-W.J. HAMILTON, Esq., M.P.
ROBERT W. KENNARD, Esq; (Deputy Chair- Edward Sept. Codd, Esq. Thomas Morgan, Esq.

Wm. Chippindale, Esq. FREDERICK AYRTON, Esq. (late of the East.

William Lyall, Esq. India Company's Service).

man, Northern and Eastern Railway Company); Henry T. Danvers, Esq. MAJOR-GENERAL BRIGGS (many years em.

John Stewart. Esq. JOHN MALLESON, Esq. (Director of Armagh John Harvey, Esq. ployed in high political and civil situations in India). and Coleraine Hailway).

Barclay F. Watson, Esq. Edwin Leaf, Esq.

J.J. Zornlin, Esq. MAJOR CLAYTON (Bengal Cavalry). MAJOR MOORE (late Military Secretary, Hy

AUDITORS. COLONEL DICKENSON (late Chief Engineer, derabad).

John L. Bennett, Esq. | Robert W. Eyles, Esq. Bombay). RICHARD PATERSON, Esq. (Chairman of the

William Scott, Esq. The Right Hon. G. R. DAWSON.

Northern and Eastern Railway Company). CAPTAIN GRESLEY (late in civil employ in the HENRY POWNALL, Esq.(Chairman, Middlesex

The first Quinquennial Valuation was made and Nizam's Country).

Magistrates), WILLIAM GLADSTONE, Esq.(firm of Thomson, WILLIAM AMBROSE SHAW, Esq. (many the Annual General Meeting, beld on 23rd June,

Division of the Profits of this Company declared at Bonar, & Co.)

years resident in India). SWYNFEN JERVIS, Esq. (Director of the Lon- MAJOR-GENERAL TREWMAN (Madras Es. 1812, when Pour-Fırtas of the ascertained profit don and County Bank, Lombard Street).


were appropriated to the Policy-holders entitled to JOHN PEIRSE KENNARD, Esq. (firin of Deni- MELVIL WILSON, Esq. (Director of the Alliance participate, enabling the Directors to add a rever. son, Heywood, Kennards, & Co.)

Assurance Office).

sionary bonus averaging 31 per cent. on the Pre

miums paid during the last five years, or to give an (With power to add to their number). Consulting Engineer.- ROBERT STEPHENSON, Esq.

equivalent reduction of premium of nearly 17 per

cent. on the Premiums payable during the next five Manager.-JOHN CHAPMAN, Esq.

years Standing Counsel.-CHARLES BULLER, Esq., M.P.

The next Quinquennial division will be made in SOLICITORS. Messrs. WHITE & BORRETT, 35, Lincoln's-Inn Fields.--Messrs. AYRTON & WALKER, Bombay. pating Scale prior to 31st December, 1845, will be

June, 1847, and all persons assuring by the ParticiBANKERS.

entitled to share therein. Messrs. DENISON, HEYWOOD, KENNARDS, & Co., London.-Messrs. SMITH, PAYNE, & Co.,

No extra premium will be charged on the Lives of London.--Messrs. ARTHUR, HEYWOODS, SON, & Co., Liverpool. :

Military or Naval Men, unless they enter or are

called into active service, when the lowest rate conThe objects of this Company have alrcady been stated in the preliminary Prospectus.

sistent with safety will be required. The extent of India, and the value, variety, and abundance of its products, render that country a most

Premiums, founded on correct data, have been fit scene for Railway enterprise. Wherever its inbabitants are found poor in the midst of its exuberant fertility, the fact is distinctly to he traced to its imperfect means of internal communication, and specially calculated for Assurances on Lives of Offi. wherever even common roads have been made the traffic has increased many fold in the course of a Company, and the Lives of any persons proceeding few years.

to any part of the world will be Assured on terms The proposed lines having for their ohject to connect the interior of the Peninsular with Bombay in one

commensurate with the risk incurred, direction, and with the best port on the eastern coast in the other, while they lay the foundation for a

Tables and every information can be obtained at connection between the three seats of British Government, will for the most part traverse rich and fertile

the Office. districts, and accommodate (among others) the large and important towns of Poonah, Nassuck, Aurunga

W. T. ROBINSON, Actuary and Secretary. bad, Ahmednuggur, Sholapoor, Nagpoor, Oomrawutty, and Hyderabad, affording increased facility for the

No appearance required before the Board.- A pri. export of cotton, sugar, silk, opium, gum, dye-woods, spices, &c., and for the import of salt, manufactured rate interview with the Medical Adviser of the Com. and other goods. Hyderabad alone amounts to 800,000, and that the population of the area accommodated by the line is not

Upon the highest authority, the Provisional Committee are enabled to state that the population of pany considered sufficient. less than between 9,000,000 and 10,000,000.

manufactured solely by PHILP & WHICKER The proposed ultimate length of this Railway is 1,300 miles. It will not, however, depend for success (late Savigny & Co.), 67, St. James's-street, London. upon its completion as a whole, but is capable of being divided into successive parts, each of which will Philp & Whicker take the liberty of soliciting the return a proportionate profit on the capital expended on it.

attention of the nobility, gentry, and medical pro. and from intelligence received by the last mail it appears that it is in India a topic of increasing interest: Pneumatic Syringe, feeling assured that the long

The great importance of the subject has been fully recognized both by the home and local governments, ression, to the following description of their Patent and that the greatest desire is manifested by the native merchants and others to obtain the benefits which standing of their house, and the respectable manner a railway would bestow; and plans have even beca formed, and surveys made, which only require British they have always endeavoured to conduct their bu. skill and capital to carry them out.

siness, will be a sufficient guarantee that they would The proceedings at a meeting held at the Town Hall in Bombay, on the 19th April last, and reported not bring such an article before the public' unless in the local newspapers, fully shew this to be the fact. Copies of this report may be obtained from the they were fully satisfied of its real merit and the solicitors and agents.

general approval of the faculty. The promoters of the present scheme have been in frequent communication with the Board of Control

The superiority of aqueous injections gently ad. and the Honourable East-India Company, by both of whom their proceedings, as set forth in the original ministered over every other means of relieving the Prospectus, have been favourably received.

bowels, bas been for a long time universally acknow. The data on which the cost of constructing and working the line, amount of traffic, and the like, have ledged by the faculty, but owing to been estimated, are derived from official documents (to which access has been most liberally given by the

The complicated naturç of instruments hitherto Honourable East-India Company), and from information furnished by gentlemen of long residence, and used for this purpose, who have filled high civil and military situations in the Indian Peninsula.

The trouble attending their application, The Provisional Committee, without professing to have the minute knowledge which can only

be gained The inconveniences and occasional ill-effects conby actual survey and careful local inquiry, have satisfied themselves that from the existing traffic to and

sequent upon their mal-application, and from the coasts, without reckoning on any receipts from passengers, mails, troops, government stores, or Their extreme liability to get out of order, have the local trade of the country, there is reasonable ground for expecting a profit of at least 12 per cent. per caused the indiscriminate use of aperient medi. annum, after allowing 50 per cent. on the receipts for the cost of working and maintenance of way,

cines. In the preliminary Prospectus, the anticipated profit was stated at 84 per cent., which was founded on a The Patent Enema now offered to the public is charge of 2d. per ton per mile, being the usual rate in this country for merchandize ; but since the lowest entirely free from all these objections, being of so cost of carriage in this part of India is 3£d. per ton per mile, and often exceeds 8d. per ton per mile, the simple a construction that it can be used by any Committee assume that a mean between the English rate and the minimum cxisting charge in India, or person without risk of failure. 29d. per ton per mile, may be fairly adopted, by which the profit on the goods traffic only will amount to

The pump being quite distinct from the injecting the per-centage now stated. it is proposed immediately to make the necessary arrangements for commencing a preliminary survey, Clogging or corrosion can take place.

pipe, no fuid can pass through it, therefore no and for sending to India competent parties, who will obtain the fullest information on the subject generally.

The instrument is thus at all times elean, in per. The result will be submitted to thc Shareholders, with whom it will rest to decide on the future pro- fect order, and fit for immediate use. ceedings of the Company.

When worked with a moderate force, according The Deposits of 21. 103. per Share will be invested in approved securities, and the interest arising there to the directions given, it injects the fluid in an unfrom will be applied towards defraying the expenses of the preliminary surveys, and the disbursements of interrupted and well-sustained strcam, free from all the Compary connected with its general management; and should the Shareholders, on the preliminary violence; but should occasion require it, the force surveys being submitted to them, determine not further to prosecute the work, the Deposits of 21. 108. per can be increased. Share will be returned, subject to the payment of all the necessary expenses not covered by the interest. From the facts that no air can pass with the fluid

injected and that no fluid can by possibility escape Applications for Shares to be made, in the subjoined form, to Messrs. White and Borrett, 36, Lincoln's from the apparatus, it admits of being used in alIon Pields, and Mr. L. M. Simon, 5, Warnford Court, Throgmorton Street, from whom further imforma- most any position, and is therefore of the greatest tion may be obtained.

advantage and comfort to those who may require A portion of the Shares will be reserved for India.

the administration of an Enema during an illness, or J. STUART WORTLEY, Chairman of Provisional Committee. who may be otherwise confined to their beds; and, WM. J. HAMILTON, Deputy Chairman.

from the construction of the instrument, no undue

force can be applied during its application, even by FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES.

those who may be careless or ignorant of the ill

cffects but too frequently occurring from the use of To the Provisional Committee of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway Company.

the common Enema Syringe. Gentlemen,- Please to allot me

Shares of 501. each in the above Company. And I hereby undertake to accept such Shares, or any smaller number which may be allotted to me, and to pay

Shortly will be published, the deposit and calls thereon, and to sign the necessary legal documents, when required.

PORTRAIT of the Rev. C. W. I am, Gentlemen, your obedient servant,

LE BAS, M.A., late Principal of the EastName

India College, Haileybury. Painted by Andrew

Morton, and engraved by Atkinson.

Proof before letters, £3.38. Proof with Letters,

£2. 2s. Prints, £1. 15. Date

London: R. LAMBE, 96, Gracechurch-street.






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Price 45. 6.
MEAT PRESERVER will corn 25 lbs. of

Patterized by the part in order of Kent. Meat in feines in te nemen dan hom elenchie WILKINSON and SON Gun and
Albert, & her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent.

Sword Mapufacturers, respectfully invite MRET, POR Mis Decayede Tel. Hon home and in England, 308, and 90. in India. olished to their tot die storiche per ogni elemente

blished for their swords, which, having received the ever large the cavity. It is placed in the tooth in a “This instrument is a species of small force- approbation of his Grace the Duke of Wellington, soft state, without any pressure or pain, and will pump."- Artisan.

are now the regulation pattern for the army, accord. remain firm in the tooth for many years, rendering

" t find that meat can be salted (with a strong ing to orders recently issued by the Adjutant. extraction unnecessary, arresting the further pro- brine) in twenty minutes, as if the same had been in

General. gress of decay.. All persons can use Mr. Thomas's salt for a week or ten days."--Letter from H.M.'s W. and Son manufacture swords of every descrip. Succedaneum themselves with ease, as full direc- Butcher, Mr. Giblett.

tion for presentation, dress, or fancy, with sword. tions are enclosed. It can be sent by post. Sold * Any quantity of meat may be instantaneously belts, sword-knots, sashes, epaulettes, and all mili. by Savory, 220, Regent Street; Sanger, 150, Oxford salted, and rendered fit for exportation. Every part tary accoutrements, strictly correct to regimental Street ; Butler, 4, Cheapside; Prout, 229, Strand; of the joint becomes suddenly impregnated."

pattern, and of superior make and quality. Johnston, 68, Cornhill; and all medicine vendors United Service Gazette.

27, PALL MALL. in the kingdom.

"On board ship, and in the colonies, it is inva. Mr. Thomas continues to supply the loss of teeth luable."-Liverpool Journal.

YUNS and PISTOLS.-Gentlemen on his new system of self-adhesion, without springs " For pork and tongues it is even better than or wires. This method does not require the ex. beef."-Mr. Bolton, Liverpool Road.

from the largest and most complete assortment of traction of any teeth or roots, or any painful opera- “ Hundreds of pounds of meat will be saved to the above-named articles, comprising every weight

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! Essences of Smoke, &c., a ready method is provided ral very capital double and single Rifles. Double & nobleman in the county. * Great Western Steam-ship, June 6, 1844.--The

epicure."- Mr. Hall.
Depôts.- London, C. HOCKIN

& Co., 38, Duke perfect. Gentlemen going to India, or other parts

revolving Pistols, now

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common to all other dyes. ROSS & SONS can, with excessive indulgence, &c. With Observations oa ICOLL'S REGISTERED infallible, if done at their establishment ; and ladies R. and L. PERRY and Co., Surgeons, London.

the greatest confidence, recommend the above dye as Marriage, &c. With 10 coloured engravings. By cloth, in light, dark, and mixed colours, Two Gui. friend or servant with them, to see how it is used,

dence; also by STRANGE, 21, Paternoster-pow; neas, patronized by his Royal Highness Prince which will enable them to do it afterwards, without

HANNAY and Co., 63, Oxford-street; Noble, Albert, is, from the neatness of its form, adapted the chance of failure. Several private apartments, 109, Chancery-lane; GORDON, 146, Leadenhallfor the two purposes, -as an over coat, light in devoted entirely to the above purpose, and some of street; PURKISS, Compton-street, Soho, London, weight, a desirable advantage in our ever-variable their establishment having used it, the effect pro

OPINION OF THE PRESS. climate ; also as a surtout, or summer frock coat, duced can be at once seen. They think it necessary "The perspicuons style in which this book is without other,-a perfect luxury, where heat is to add, that hy attending strictly to the instructions written, and the valuable hints it conveys to those found oppressive. Unassumed plainness, the cha- given with each bottle of dye, numerous persons who are apprehensive of entering the marriage totes racteristic of a gentleman's attire, is fully sustained have succeeded equally well without coming to them.

cannot fail to recommend it to a careful perusal." in the Paletot, being in its fashion neither trop pro --Address, ROSS & SONS, u9 and 120, Bishops

Era. noncé nor trop négligé. “It speaks well for the gate-street, London, the celebrated Perruquiers, tie stimulant and renovator in all cases of Debility


The CORDIAL BALM of SYRIACUM is a geworking of the new Act, which thus secures the Perfumers, Hair-cutters, and Hair-dyers. N.B. profits of a good judgment and well-directed inge- Parties attended at their own residences, whatever whether constitutional or acquired, Nervou. Mentor nuity to those to whom alone it is due."-See the the distance. Times of 4th April. “In the Registered Paletot there

which the impaired system becomes gradually and is a gentlemanly neatness and an absence of all un.

MIRCULAR NOTES and LET- effectually restored to pristine health and vigour. sightly vulgarity. It has met with the highest TERS of CREDIT:-The LONDON and Sold in bottles, price lis. and 338. The 25 cases approbation in the Court circle."-See Morning WESTMINSTER BANK has commenced the issue may be had as usual, at their establishment.

The CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ES. and professions of all, are ready for inspection at the residents on the Continent. These Notes are pay- SENCE ; an anti-syphilitic remedy for searching extensive warerooms, 114, Regent Street, twenty able at every important place in Europe, and thus out and purifying the diseased humours of the paces north of Quadrant. enable a traveller to vary his route without inconve- blood, removing all Cutaneous Eruptions,

Scurty, nience. No expense is incurred, except the price of Scrofula, Pimples on the head and face, Secondary

Price 11s. and 335. per botue. REGISTERED PALETOT, 6 & 7 Vict. cap. for commission.

PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS 114, Regent Street, an over coat, by many of our may be obtained, either at the head office of the

Lon- been used

with perfect success in all castellet For the convenience of the public, these Notes (price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and 115. per bor) bare house patrons called “The Dust-ah,", is, without encum- don and Westminster Bank, in Lothbury, or at the norrhaa, Stricture, Inflammation, Irritation, de bering free movement, well adapted for temporary branches of the Bank, viz.-

These pills are free from mercury, copaisa, and defence against wcather, heat, and dusty roads. Pre

1, St. James's Square.

other deleterious drugs, and may be taken without pared and can only be made by H. J. and D. Nicoll.

4, Stratford-place, Oxford-street.

interference with, or loss of time from, business, Is naturally repellant of water, yet porous. The

213, High Holborn. test is to breathe through the material to the surface

and can be relied upon in every instance. Sold by 3, Wellington-street, Borough.

all medicine venders. of a mirror. From its elastic softness, it will rea.

Messrs. PERRY and Co. may be consulted at

87, High-street, Whitechapel. dily fold into the small compass of the ordinary

By Order of the Board, pocket. Price 308.; is durable withal. Twenty

their residence, 19, Berners-street, Oxford-street, JAMES WM. GILBERT,

daily, from 11 till 2 and 5 till 8. On Sundays, from paces north of Quadrant, London,

General Manager.

10 till 12,

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FREE BUSEY PULADOS, NICOL. Case the cotamps end, when cashed, no charge is made SPERRY S.

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commence. ment.

1st January, 1845.



East-India, Army, and General Agents,

Sir John Barrow, Bart., F.R.S.

Lord W.R. K. Douglas, F.R.S.

Right Hon. Sir Edward Hyde East, Bart., F.R.S.
Charles Elliott, Esq., F.R.S.
Joseph Esdaile, Esq.

Right Hon. Sir T. F. Freemantle, Bart., M.P. This Office was established by Dodwell & MILES (late of the Military and Civil Department of the

Henry Harvey, Esq., F.R.S. Honourable Company's Home Service), in June 1836, and has continued to this date under the firm of James Murray, Esq. DODWELL & MILES. Mr. J. S. MILES has now the pleasure to acquaint the Civil and Military Services Samuel Skinner, Esq, of India, that Mr. ROBERT BELLIN (who has been for seven years connected with Agency business, Pat. Maxwell Stewart, Esq., M.P. the latter two of which he had the care of the Madras Military Fund, in the house of Messrs. Arbuthnot Sir William Young, Bart. & Latham, the London Agents) is admitted a partner this day.

AUDITORS. Mr. EDWARD Dodwell's ill health occasioned his retirement in May, 1842, since which period the Capt. C. J. Bosanquet, R.N. firm has continued to be conducted under the names of DODWELL & Miles.

James Buller East, Esq., M.P.

John Young, Esq., M.P. Messrs. MILES & BELLIN now respectfully submit to the Officers of the East-India Company's Bankers.--The London and Westminster Bank. Service the routine of business transacted by their House of Agency.

Physician.-Seth Thompson, M.D. EAST-INDIA HOUSE.-A knowledge of the Public business of the various Departments.


MEETING of this Society was held on the 10th of CIVIL SERVICE.—Regulations of the Annuity Funds, Furlough and Absentee Allowance.

April last, when a highly satisfactory REPORT was MILITARY SERVICE.-Succession to the OFF Reckonings, and correct account of the yearly laid before the Proprietors and Policy Holders, and

BALANCES from the formation of the Fund. Casualties regularly marked, and promotions unanimously adopted.
thereon shown, with every care to date, particularly observing the LINE STEPS, which from inac-

The Public will see the advantage of selecting, in curacy have, in some cases, afforded just grounds of appeal to the authorities. PAY PENSIONS so important a matter as Life Assurance, a welland Widows’ ANNUITIES received by power of attorney, and transmitted to any part of Europe. established office, which, from its continued prospeBENGAL, Madras, and BOMBAY Fonds, whereon Widows and ORPHANS are claimants, the rity, and its large additions to policies, offers the regulations of which will be fully explained, and every attention paid to the parties.

greatest inducement to Assurers, combined with the

undoubted security of a numerous and wealthy proPASSAGE via THE CAPE.-The most ELIGIBLE Ships selected free of charge, guaranteed by a prac- prietary. tical knowledge of their standing at " Lloyd's," with the character of their Commanders, this

ADDITIONS TO POLICIES. being highly important to FAMILIES.

The following Table shews the additions made ta OVERLAND ROUTE.-PASSAGES engaged and Goods forwarded, the latter at REDUCED RATEs, viz. Policies for £5,000, which had been in force for Is. 6d. per lb., 5s. each Package, and to cover insurance and transit-duty through Egypt, a charge

Fourteen Ycars, to the 31st December, 1838:of 3 per cent. on value-this applies only to CALCUTTA, MADRAS, Ceylox, and ADEN.

Additions PASSENGERS' BAGGAGE SHIPPED AND CLEARED.-Upon ARRIVAL from India it is desirable Age at Premiums made to the Total Sums

that the keys be sent under cover (should the party not visit London), with INVENTORY of paid in the Sum Assured now payable Property, when, upon examination, a Return will be made of Goods liable to duty, for sanction

Fourteen in the in case of to clear the came.

Years. Fourteen death. OUTFITS. --This branch of Agency is under especial supervision ; DETAILED Lists are submitted to

Years. Parents and Guardians, shewing at one view every requisite and total of ExPENSE. A liberal outfit for the INFANTRY service should not exceed €100, which sum affords a full equipment, 10 €1,192 18 4 €580 6 7 €5,886 6 7 combining articles of the best description.

1,350 84 681 27 5,681 2 7 MESS SUPPLIES.-Such orders have been executed by the late firm of Dodwell & Miles to a con


5,768 6

25 1,682 18 787 28 5,787 28 siderable extent, and acknowledged with much satisfaction ; future commissions on this account

30 will receive the accustomed care and strict attention.

1,869 11

5,813 15 6

2,094 3 4 854 6 3 5,854 65 GOVERNMENT FUNDS and other PUBLIC SECURITIES. — INVESTMENTS made at the most


923 18 5,923 18 1 favourable market price of the day. REMITTANCEs on this account from India will be placed

2,727 1 81,011 2 9 6,011 29 in the hands of one of the most influential members of the London Stock Exchange ; return 50 3,173 6 8 1,129 15 7 6,129 15 7 Overland Mail will convey receipt for the same, with printed published List at the time of pus.

chase, of the value of every Public Security. DIVIDEND8 received under power of attorney. A Bonus of Four-fifths, or Eighty per Cent. of the ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.-The payment of £1 in England, or Rupees 12 in India, entitles the Subestimated profits is added to Policies entitled, every scriber to have his LETTERS consigned to the Firm, which are duly registered

and forwarded, seventh year, of an equivalent reduction made in thereby affording a reference in case any letter should fail to reach its destination. Postage Account rendered half-yearly ; also the latest information of PROMOTIONS, RESIGNATIONS, or declared to the 31st December, 1845. Persons As

The Third Septennial Division of profits will be DEATHS, or any further intelligence required.

suring previous to that date will have their propor, HON. COMPANY'S BILLS, or LETTERS OF CREDIT-Obtained at the India House, or granted tion of profit appropriated. upon their Agents in India at the most favourable rate of exchange.

Parties travelling in Europe, by sea or land, in SERVICE GENERALLY.- Correspondence conducted with the Court of DIRECTORS of the E. 1. time of peace, are not charged any extra premiam. COMPANY upon any subject in which the interest of the party may be engaged. A knowledge of

Applications for Agencies, in places where nong the Forms of APPLICATION, and the several DEPARTMENTS of the INDIA House which report

are established, to be addressed to the Secretary. officially to the Court, affords to the Service information strictly to be relied on.

NICHOLAS GRUT, Secretary and Actuary.



for the Dress of the Army in each of the PRESI.

DENCIES, wherein a material difference exists ; 16, GREAT MARLBOROUGH STREET, REGENT STREET. and parties will, on application, he furnished with

an Estimate for the whole

supply of necessaries, inBombay, having commenced business in London, respectfully begs to solicit in this country a India Army Business, No. 42, late 57, Jermyn Street,

Baggage, &c.--Apply to JOHN NICHOLLS, East continuance of the patronage so long and so liberally afforded him in India.

St. James's. 3. H. W. proposes supplying WINES, &c., and trusts his experience of the general tastes prevailing in India may be found useful in the removal of an inconvenience often complained of by parties recently returned to this country, viz. a difficulty in obtaining Wines, &c. to their liking.

NDIA and COLONIAL OUTFITS, J. H. W. also requests to state, that having formed arrangements with a most respectable house at Bor. deaux, he is enabled to offer FRENCH WINES at prices as moderate as such Wines can be supplied. with particular attention as to quality, fashion, and Also,

economy, and executed to any extent, on the shortRichly-carved BLACKWOOD FURNITURE, made expressly for this country, of choice wood. est notice, by POPE and PLANTE, General Out.

fitters, and Manufacturers of every description of the J. H. W. will also undertake the execution of Commissions to or from India.

best Hosiery for family use, 4, Waterloo Place, Pall

Mall. The Ladies' department conducted by expePassengers' Baggage cleared the Customs, and forwarded according to instructions.

rienced female assistants. Lists and Patterns forwarded.

15 20





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813 16


35 40 45




M Rom. Ha WOOLER 12 years

member of the firm. WOOLER & Co., baingo be. PapebiAN NICHOLS intens







Now ready, in 1 vol. 8vo. with Portrait of General

Nott, from the original painting by T. Brigstocke,



Comprising an Account of its March from Deesa to

Ferozepore, viâ Cutch, Scinde, Affghanistan,
Peshawur, and the Punjaub.

Capt. 40th Regt.
RICHARD BENTLEY, New Burlington Street

(Publisher in Ordinary to her Majesty).

Letters of Credit granted, Estimates of Outfit prepared, and every information connected with the
Journey, whether by Long Sea or Overland Route, promptly afforded on inquiry.
Packages forwarded at very reduced Rates, hy this Route, to the above places and to China.

JAMES BARBER & Co., 17, St. Mary Axe.





Esses ...

CADETS and ASSISTANT-SURGEONS.-Messrs. GRINDLAY & Co. have prepared the most complete and detailed scales of equipment for Cadets and Assistant-Surgeons, combining efficiency with the utmost economy, and shewing at one view the total expense of an equipment for India, including the passage, and every other expense.

CALCUTTA, MADRAS, BOMBAY, and CHINA.- Plans and particulars of all desirable Ships proceeding to the above places may be seen, and Passages negotiated free of expense, on application at either office. Baggage collected, shipped, and insured.

Hessrs. GRINDLAY and Co. continue to receive and forward packages by the Overland Mails. Passengers to India, through the Continent, supplied with circular letters of credit, and all necessary information.

1845. THE following superior FIRST-CLASS SHIPS, be.

, and for the India Trade, will leave GRAVESEND at the appointed dates. Last Shipping Day in the East-India Docks Three Days previously,

Each Ship carries an experienced Surgeon.


W. H. Brewer

Sailed. Samarang

W.N. Howard ..

For MADRAS direct.
Minerva (new Ship).. 830

J. Geere

Sailed. For CAPE and CALCUTTA. Maidstone


J. T. Nash

For CALCUTTA direct.

W. A. Bowen, H.C.S.

July 19. Queen

Donald M‘Leod

Sept. 1.
True Briton ..

C. C. Consitt

Aug. 15. For Freight or Passage, apply to the respective Commanders, at the Jeru. salem Coffee-House ; or to WIMBLE & ALLPORT, with Messrs. WIGRAM, 98, Gracechurch Street, corner of Leadenhall Street.

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For Plans and Terms of Passage, apply to Messrs. GRINDLAY and Co., 16, Cornhill, or 8, St. Martin's Place, Charing Cross; or to F. GREEN and Co., 64, Cornhill.

Plantagenet .
Robert Small
Duke of Argyll

1000 650 600 800 1100 300 1050 1100 1180 800

John Domett. Robert Laing John Thomson Edw. Williams M. C. Close Fred. Ritchie William Bell John S. Webb. M. J. Lay Henry Bristow

Madras & Calcutta Sailed. Do.

Sailed. Calcutta

Sailed. Madras & Calcutta Sailed. Do.

Sailed. Vizagapatam Sailet. Madras & Calcutta Sailed. Cape & Calcutta July 20. Calcutta

Aug. 20. Madras



Aug. 10.

ARCELS OVERLAND to all parts of INDIA,

CHINA, &c.-J. Hartley & Co. and J. Barber & Co., in connection with the Peninsular and Oriental Company, receive and forward parcels, as above, twice a month.–For CALCUTTA, MADRAS, CEYLON, and CHINA, parcels received till the 18th of each month, and for BOMBAY till the last day BUT ONE of each month.-Contents and value should be described on outside cover of each parcel.--Insurances efected.-Offices, 137, Leadenhall Street; 33, Regent Circus; and 17, St. Mary Ase.

For Freight or Passage, apply to Capt. JAMES BARBER, 17, St. Mary Axe;

or to Capt. WILLIAM FULCHER, at T. & W. SMITH'S, 78, Corphill.



tion Company book PASSENGERS for Ceylon, Madras, and Calcutta direct, by Steamers leaving Southampton on the 20th, and for Alexandria, en route to Bombay, on the 3rd of every month. For rates of passage-money, plans of the Steamers, and to secure passages, apply at the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Offices, 61, St. Mary Axe, London; and 57, High Street, Southampton.

East-India House, 25th June, 1845. THE COURT of DIRECTORS of the EAST-INDIA

COMPANY do hereby give notice, That a general Court of the said Company will be held at their House, Leadenhall Street, on Wednesday, the oth July next, from 9 o'clock in the morning until 6 in the evening, for the Election of a Director of the said Com. pany, in the room of Major-General Sir Jeremiah Bryant, C.B., deceased.

The form of a Letter of Attorney, and of a Declaration for enabling Proprie. tors of East-India Stock to vote by proxy on this occasion, may be obtainrd upon application at the Treasury in this House.

JAMES C. MELVILL, Secretary,


STEAM COMMUNICATION between ENGLAND and CHINA, by the Overland Route.-The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company beg to announce that they will BOOK PASSENGERS THROUGH. OUT from ENGLAND to PENANG, SINGAPORE, and HONG-KONG, by their Steamer leaving Southampton, on Sunday, the 20th July, and on the 20th of every month afterwards. Length of passage from Southampton to Hong-Kong, about 50 days. Apply at the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company's Offices, 51, St. Mary Axe, London.


East-India House, 25th June, 1845. THE COURT of DIRECTORS of the EAST-INDIA

COMPANY do hereby give notice, That the Finance and Home Committee will be ready, on or before Wednesday, the 9th July, to receive proposals in writing, scaled up, from such persons as may be willing to supply the Company with

BRITISH IRON, and that the conditions of the said contract may be had on application at the Secretary's Office, where the proposals are to be left any time before 11 o'clock in the forenoon of the said 9th day of July, after which bour do Tender will be received.

JAMES C. MELVILL, Secretary.



CHINA, &c.
ESSRS. WAGHORN and Co. forward Parcels,

Packages, and Periodicals to and from India, &c. by the OVERLAND ROUTE, with regularity. Charges may be had at their Offices, 34, Cornhill, and Chaplin's, Regent Circus, London.

Waghorn & Co., having been appointed Agents for the Austrian Lloyd's Steamers between Trieste and Alexandria, are enabled to furnish the fullest information to Passengers by that as well as the Marseilles Route. Their Overland Guide is sent, postage free, for 25.

Communications for the Editor should be sent under cover to Messrs.

Wm. H. Allen and Co., 7, Leadenhall-street.


COUNTRY AGENTS:Liverpool, G. Arnold & Co., 20, South John Street. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood & Sons; Charles Smith. Dublin, Hodges & Smith.


HONG-KONG. Shortly will be sold, by public auction, in China, several FIRST-CLASS HOUSES, and LAND not yet built upon, the property of the late Wn. ALMACK, Esq., and well known as situate in the very best part of HongKong, near the market-place. The houses are most substantially built, and remarkably eligible both for trade and residence. For further particulars, apply to Mr. ALMACK, Long Melford, Suffolk; Mr. BARUGH ALMACK, 23, Alexander-square, Brompton, near London; Mr. Y. J. MURROW, or Mr. SILVERLOCK, Canton, China.

London, June, 1845.

LONDON :- Printed by Charles WYNAN, of 49, Cumming Street: Peo

tonville, in the County of Middlesex, Printer, at the Printing Office of the Parish of St.Giles in the Fields, in the same County; and published by


W11:0, at No. 13, Catherine Siret, Strand, in the Parish er St. Mary-le-Strand, in the said County.-Friclay, July 4, 1845.

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