Sidor som bilder

Visit to Our Lady afte Holy Communion.

OTHER, upon my lips to-day,

Christ's precious blood was laid;

That blood which centuries ago,
Was for my ransom paid.

And half in love and half in fear
I seek for aid from thee,
Lest what I worship, wrapt in awe,
Should be profaned by me.

Wilt thou vouchsafe, as Portress dear,
To guard those lips to-day?

Lessen my words of idle worth

And govern all I say;

Keep back the sharp and quick retort
That rise so easily;

Soften my speech, with gentle art,
To sweetest charity.

Check thou the laugh or careless jest,
That others harsh may find;
Teach me the thoughtful words of love,
That soothe the anxious mind;
Put far from me all proud replies
And each deceitful tone,

So that my words at length may be
Faint echoes of thine own.

Oh, Mother, thou art mine to-day,
By more than double right;
A soul where Christ reposed must be
Most precious in thy sight.
And thou canst hardly think of me
From thy dear Son apart;

Then give me from myself and sin

A refuge in thy heart.

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GOD'S world has one great echo ;—

Whether calm blue mists are curled,

Or lingering dew drops quiver,

Of red storms are unfurled,

The same deep love is throbbing.

Through the great heart of God's world,

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"He Never Forgets."

O you think because your heart aches
With a bitter, cruel pain,

And your life's sweet, happy sunshine
Is shadowed by storm and rain,
And the music is hushed and silenced

Till you hear but the undertone;
That the dear Lord Jesus forgets you?
He never forgets His own.

Do you think that because the sorrow
All human hearts must know,
Has come to you or the darling

You loved and cherished so,

And things you want have vanished,

The things you would call your own, That the dear Lord Jesus forgets you? He never forgets His own.

And we're all His own dear children,
And He holds us all as dear

As you do your own dear wee one

Who creeps to your heart so near;

And if we will only listen

We can hear His tender tone:

"Oh, rest in peace, My children; I never forget My own."

What will you do without Him?


COULD not do without Him!
Jesus is more to me

Than all the richest, fairest gifts

Of earth could ever be;
But the more I find Him precious,
And the more I find Him true,
The more I long for you to find
What He can be to you.

You need not do without Him,
For He is passing by,
He is waiting to be gracious,
Only waiting for your cry
He is waiting to receive you-
To make you all His own!
Why will you do without Him
And wander on alone?

Why will you do without Him?
Is He not kind indeed?

Did He not die to save you?
Is He not all you need!

Do you not want a Saviour?

Do you not want a friend?

One who will love you faithfully,
And love you to the end?

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