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Apocrypha. with the country of Samaria ; and he 42 So Demetrius fent unto Jonathan, promised him three hundred talents. saying, I will not only do this for thee and

29 So the king consented, and wrote thy people, but I will greatly honour thee letters unto Jonathan of all these things, and thy nation, if opportunity serve. after this manner:

43 Now therefore thou shalt do well, 30 King Demetrius unto his brother if thou send me men to help me ; for all Jonathan, and unto the nation of the my forces are gone from me. jews, sendeth greeting :

44 Upon this Jonathan fent him three 31 We send you here a copy of the letter thousand strong men unto Antioch: and which we did write unto our cousin Lasthe. when they came to the king, the king nes concerning you, that ye might see it. was very glad of their coming.

32 King Demetrius unto his father 45 Howbeit they that were of the city Lasthenes sendeth greeting:

gathered themselves together into the 33 We are determined to do good to midst of the city, to the number of an the people of the Jews, who are our hundred and twenty thousand men, and friends, and keep covenants with us, be- would have Nain the king. cause of their good will toward us.

46 Wherefore the king fted into the 34 Wherefore we have ratified unto court, but they of the city kept the parthem the borders of Judea, with the sages of the city, and began to fight. three governments of Apherema and 47 Then the king called to the Jews Lydda and Ramathem, that are added for help, who came unto him all at once, unto Judea from the country of Samaria, and dispersing themselves through the and all things appertaining unto them, city sew that day in the city to the for all such as do facrifice in Jerusalem, nuinber of an hundred thousand. instead of the payments which the king 48 Also they set fire on the city, and received of them yearly aforetime out of gat many spoils that day, and delivered the fruits of the earth and of trees. the king.

35 And as for other things that belong 49 So when they of the city faw that unto us, of the tithes and customs per- the Jews had got the city as they would, taining unto us, as also the salt-pits, and their courage was abated : wherefore the crown taxes, which are due unto us, they made supplication to the king, and we discharge them of them all for their cried, saying, relief.

50 Grant us peace, and let the Jews 36 And nothing hereof shall be revoked cease from assaulting us and the city. from this time forth for ever.

51. With that they cast away their 37 Now therefore see that thou make weapons, and made peace; and the Jews a copy of these things, and let it be deli were honoured in the light of the king, vered unto Jonathan, and set upon the and in the light of all that were in his holy mount in a conspicuous place. realm ; and they returned to Jerusalem,

38 After this, when king Demetrius having great spoils. saw that the land was quiet before him, 52 So king Demetrius sat on the throne and that no resistance was made against of his kingdom, and the land was quiet him, he sent away all his forces, every before him. one to his own piace, except certain bands 53 Nevertheless he dissembled in all of strangers, whom he had gathered from that ever he spake, and estranged himself the ises of the heathen : wherefore all the from Jonathan, neither rewarded he him forces of his fathers hated him.

according to the benefits which he had 39 Moreover there was one Tryphon, received of him, but troubled him very that had been of Alexander's part afore, fore. who, seeing that all the host murmured 54 After this returned Tryphon, and against Demetrius, went to Sima.cue the with him the young child Antiochus, Arabian, that brought up Antiochus the who reigned, and was crowned. young son of Alexander,

55 Then were gathered unto him all 40 And lay sore upon him to deliver him the men of war, whom Demetrius had this young Antiochus, that he might reign in put away, and they fought against Dehis father's stead: he told him therefore metrius, who turned his back and fled. ail that Demetrius had done, and how 56 Moreover Tryphon took the ele. his men of war were at enmity with him, phants, and won Antioch. and there he remained a long season. 57 At that time young Antiochus wrote

41 In the mean time Jonathan fent unto Jonathan, saying, I confirm thee in unto king Demetrius, that he would cast the high priesthood, and appoint thee those of the tower out of Jerusalem, and ruler over the four governments, and to those also of the fortresses: for they ' be one of the king's friends. fought against Ifrael,

58 Upon

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Chap. xii.

Apocrypha. 58 Upon this he sent him golden vessels

CHAP. XII. to be served in, and gave him leave to i Jonathan reneweth his league with the drink in gold, and to be clothed in pur

Romans and Lacedemonians : 35 he fortiple, and to wear a golden buckle.

fieth the casle in Judea, 48 and is shut up 59 His brother Simon also he made by the fraud of Tryphon in Ptolemais. captain framdibe place called the ladder N time we heed Jana

, hae chwrethe talie 60 Then Jonathan went forth, and men, and sent them to Rome, for to conpassed through the cities beyond the wa- firm and renew the friendship that they ter, and all the forces of Syria gathered had with them. themselves unto him for to help him : He sent letters also to the Lacedeand when he came to Ascalon, they of monians, and to other places for the the city met him honourably.

same purpose. 619 From whence he went to Gaza, but 3 So they, went unto Rome, and enterthey of Gaza shut him out; wherefore he ed into the senate, and said, Jonathan laid siege unto it, and burned the suburbs the high priest, and the people of the Jews, thereof with fire, and spoiled them. sent us unto you, to the end ye should

62 Afterward, when they of Gaza renew the friendship, which ye had with made fupplication unto Jonathan, he them, and league, as in former time. made peace with them, and took the fons 4 Upon this the Romans gave them letof their chief men for hostages, and sent ters unto the governors of every place, them to Jerusalem, and palied through that they should bring them into the land the country unto Damascus.

of Judea peaceably. 63 Now when Jonathan heard that De 5 And this is the copy of the letters metrius'princes were come to Cades,which which Jonathan wrote unto the Lacedeis in Galilee, with a great power, purpof- monians : ing to remove him out of the country, 6 Jonathan the high priest, and the el

64 He went to meet them, and left si- ders of the nation, and the priests, and mon his brother in the country.

the other people of the Jews, unto the 65 Then Simon encamped against Beth- Lacedemonians their brethren end greetfura, and fought against it a long season, ing: and shut it up :

7 There were letters sent in times past 66 But they desired to have peace with unto Onias the high priest from Darius, him, which he granted them, and then who reigned then among you, to signify put them out from thence, and took the that ye are our brethren, as the copy here city, and set a garrison in it.

underwritten doth specify. 67 As for Jonathan and his host, they

8 At which time Onias entreated the pitched at the water of Genesar, from ambassador that was sent honourably, and whence betimes in the morning they gat received the letters, wherein declaration them to the plain of Nasor.

was made of the league and friendship. 68 And, behold, the host of strangers 9 Therefore we also, albeit we need met them in the plain, who having laid none of these things, for that we have the men in ambush for him in the mountains, holy books of scripture in our hands to came themselves over against him.

comfort us, 69 So when they that lay in ambush 10 Have nevertheless attempted to rose out of their places, and joined battle, send unto you for the renewing of broall that were of Jonathan's fide fled; therhood and friendship, left we should

70 Infomuch as there was not one of become strangers unto you altogether : them left, except Mattathias the son of for there is a long time passed since ye Absalom, and Judas the son of Čalphi, sent unto us. the captains of the host.

11 We therefore at all times without 71 Then Jonathan rent his clothes, and ceasing, both in our feasts, and other concast earth upon his head, and prayed. venient days, do remember you in the

72 Afterwards turning again to battle, sacrifices which we offer, and in our he put them to flight, and so they ran away. prayers, as reason is, and as it becometh

73 Now when his own men that were us to think upon our brethren : Med saw this, they turned again unto him, 12 And we are right glad of your hoand with him pursued them to Cades, nour. even unto their own tents, and there 13 As for ourselves, we have had great they camped.

troubles and wars on every side, forso74 So there were Nain of the heathen much as the kings that are round about that day about three thousand men : but us have fought against us. Jonathan returned to Jerusalem,

14 Howbeit we would not be trouble



Apocrypla. . Some unto you, nor to others of our con 33 Simon also went forth, and passed federates and friends, in these wars : through the country unto Ascalon, and

15 For we have help from heaven that the holds there adjoining, from whence he succoureth us, so as we are delivered from turned aside to Joppe, and won it. our enemies, and our enemies are brought 34 For he had heard that they would under foot.

deliver the hold unto them that took 16 For this cause we chose Numenius Demetrius' part; wherefore he fet a garthe son of Antiochus, and Antipater the rison there to keep it. Jon of Jason, and sent them unto the Ro 35 | After this came Jonathan home mans, to renew the amity that we had again, and calling the elders of the peowith them, and the former league. ple together, he consulted with them a

17 We commanded them also to go bout building strong holds in Judea, unto you, and to salute you, and to de 36 And making the walls of Jerusalem liver you our letters concerning the re- higher, and raising a great mount between newing of our brotherhood.

the tower and the city, for to separate it 18 Wherefore now ye shall do well to from the city, that so it might be alone, give us an answer thereto.

that men might neither sell nor buy in it. 19 And this is the copy of the letters 37 Upon this they came together, to which Oniares sent.

build up the city, forasmuch as part of 20 Areus king of the Lacedemonians the wall toward the brook on the east to Onias the high-priest, greeting:

side was fallen down, and they repaired 21 It is found in writing, that the Lace that which was called Caphenatha. demonians and Jews are brethren, and 38 Simon also set up Adida in Sephela, that they are of the stock of Abraham : and made it strong with gates and bars.

22 Now therefore, since this is come 39 Now Tryphon went about to get the to our knowledge, ye shall do well to kingdom of Alia, and to kill Antiochus write unto us of your prosperity. the king, that he might set the crown

23 We do write back again to you, upon his own head. that your cattle and goods are our's, and 40 Howbeit he was afraid that Jonaour's are your's. We do command there than would not suffer him, and that he fore our ambassadors to make report unto would fight against him; wherefore he you on this wise.

fought a way how to take Jonathan, that 24 Now when Jonathan heard that De- he might kill him. So he removed, and metrius'princes were come to fight against came to Bethsan. him with a greater host than afore,

41 Then Jonathan went out to meet 25 Heremoved from Jerusalem, and met him with forty thousand men chosen for them in the land of Amathis : for he gave the battle, and came to Bethsan. them no respite to enter his country. 42 Now when Tryphon saw that Jona

26 He sent fpies also unto their tents, than came with so great a force, he durst who came again, and told him that they not stretch his hand against him ; were appointed to come upon them in the 43 But received him honourably, and night season.

commended him unto all his friends, and 27 Wherefore so soon as the sun was gave him gifts, and commanded his men down, Jonathan commanded his men to of war to be as obedient unto him, as to watch, and to be in arms, that all the night | himself. long they might be ready to fight: allo he 44 Unto Jonathan also he faid, Why sent forth centinels round about the hoft. haft thou put all this people to so great

28. But when the advertaries heard trouble, seeing there is no war betwixt us? that Jonathan and his men were ready 45 Therefore send them now home for battle, they feared, and trembled in again, and choose a few men to wait on their hearts, and they kindled fires in thee, and come thou with me to Ptole

mais, for I will give it thee, and the rest 29 Howbeit Jonathan and his compa- of the strong holds and forces, and all ny knew it not till the morning: for they that have any charge: as for me, I will faw the lights burning.

retun and depart: for this is the cause 30 Then Jonathan pursued after them, of my coming. but overtook them not : for they were 46 So Jonathan believing him did as gone over the river Eleutherus.

he bade him, and let alüyleis host, who 31 Wherefore Jonathan turned to the went into the land of judí. Arabians, who were called Zabadeans, 47 And with himself he retained but and smote them, and took their spoils three thonsand meu, of whom he fent

32 And removing thence, he came to iwo thouíand into Galilee, and one thouDamascus, and so palled through all thel fand went with him, country.

489 Now

their camp:

Chap. xiii.

Apocrypha. 48 | Now as soon as Jonathan entered the men of war, and made haste to finish into Ptolemais, they of Ptolemais shut the the walls of Jerusalem, and he fortified it gates, and took him, and all them that round about. came with him they New with the tword. 11 Also he sent Jonathan the son of

49 Then fent Tryphon an host of foot- Absalom, and with him a great power, to men and horsemen into Galilee, and in- | Joppe: who casting out them that were to the great plain, to destroy all Jona- | therein, remained there in it. than's company.

12 So Tryphon removed from Ptole. 50 But when they knew that Jonathan mais with a great power to invade the and they that were with him were taken land of Judea, and Jonathan was with and Nain, they encouraged one another, him in ward. and went close together, prepared to fight. 13 But Simon pitched his tents at A

51 They therefore that followed upon dida, over against the plain. them, perceiving that they were ready to 14 Now when Tryphon knew that Sifight for their lives, turned back again. mon was risen up instead of his brother

52 Whereupon they all came into the Jonathan, and meant to join battle with land of Judea peaceably, and there they be- him, he sent messengers unto him, saying, wailed Jonathan, and them that were with 15. Whereas we have Jonathan thy brohim, and they were sore afraid ; where-ther in hold, it is for money that he is owfore all Ifrael made great lamentation. ing unto the king's treasure, concerning

53 Then all the heathen that were the business that was committed unto him. round about them fought to destroy 10 Wherefore now send an hundred tithem : for said they, They have no cap- lents of silver, and two of his sons for hofttain, nor any to help them : now therefore ages, that when he is at liberty he may not let us make war upon them, and take a- revolt from us, and we will let him go. way their memorial from among men. 17 Hereupon Simon, albeit he perCHAP. XIII.

ceived that they spake deceitfully unto 8 Simon is made captain in his brother him, yet fent he the money and the chil

Yonathan's room. 27 Jonathan's tomb. dren, left peradventure he should procure 40 Simon winneth Gaza, and the tower to himself great hatred of the people : at Jerusalem.

18 Who might have said, Because I phon had gathered together a great therefore is Yonathan dead. host to invade the land of Judea, and 19 So he sent them the children and the destroy it,

hundred talents: howbeit Tryphon dissem2 And saw that the people was in bled, neither would he let Jonathan go. great trembling and fear, he went up 20 And after this came Tryphon to to Jerusalem, and gathered the people invade the land, and destroy it, going together,

round about by the way that leadeth un3 And gave them exhortation, saying, to Adora: but Simon and his host marchYe' yourselves know what great things ed against him in every place, wherefoI, and my brethren, and my father's ever he went. house, have done for the laws and the

21 Now they that were in the tower fent fanctuary, the battles also and troubles messengers unto Tryphon, to the end that which we have seen,

he should hasten his coming unto them by 4 By reason whereof all my brethren are the wilderness, and send them victuals. Rain for Ifrael's fake, and I am left alone. 22 Wherefore Tryphon made ready all

s Now therefore be it far from me, his horsemen to come that night : but that I should spare mine own life in any there fell a very great snow, by reason time of trouble: for I aun no better than whereof he came not. So he departed, my brethren.

and came into the country of Galaad. 6 Doubtlefs I will avenge my nation, 23 And when he came near to Baícama, and the sanctuary, and our wives, and he flew Jonathan, who was buried there. our children: for all the heathen are 24 Afterward Tryphon returned and gathered to destroy us of very malice. went into his own land.

Now as soon as the people heard 25 Then sent Simon, and took the these words, their spirit revived. bones of Jonathan his brother, and buri

8 9 And they answered with a loud ed them in Modin, the city of his fathers. voice, saying, Thou Malt be our leader in 26 And all Ifrael made great lamentatistead of Judas and Jonathan thy brother. on for him, and bewailed him many days.

9 Fight thou our battles, and whatso 27 | Simon also built a monument ever thou commandeft us, that will we do. upon the fepulchre of his father and 10 So then he gathered together all his brethren, and raised it aloft to

the children,

this day.

Apocrypha. .

Apocryphas the fight, with hewn stone behind and 44 And they that were in the engine before.

leapt into the city; whereupon there 28 Moreover he set up seven pyramids, was a great uproar in the city : one against another, for his father, and his 45 Insomuch as the people of the city mother, and his four brethren,

rent their clothes, and climbed upon the 29 And in these he made cunning de- walls with their wives and children, and vices, about the which he set great pillars, cried with a loud voice, beseeching Sis and upon the pillars he made all their ar mon to grant them peace. mour for a perpetual memory, and by 46 And they said, Deal not with us the armour sips carved, that they might according to our wickedness, but accordbe seen of all that fail on the sea.

ing to thy mercy. 30 This is the sepulchre which he 47 So Simon was appeased toward made at Modin, and it ftandeth yet unto them, and fought no more against them,

but put them out of the city, and cleanf31 Now Tryphon dealt deceitfully with ed the houses wherein the idols were, the young king Antiochus, and New him. and so entered into it with songs and

32 And he reigned in his stead, and thanksgiving. crowned himself king of Asia, and brought 48 Yea, he put all uncleanness out of a great calamity upon the land.

it, and placed such men there as would 33 Then Simon built up the strong keep the law, and made it stronger than holds in Judea, and fenced them about it was before, and built therein a dwellwith high towers, and great walls, and ing-place for himself. gates, and bars, and laid up victuals 49 They also of the tower in Jerusalem therein.

were kept so strait, that they could nei. 34 Moreover Simon chose men, and ther come forth, nor go into the coun. sent to king Demetrius, to the end he try, nor buy, nor sell : wherefore they should give the land an immunity, be- were in great distress for want of victuals, cause all that Tryphon did was to spoil. and a great number of them perished

35 Unto whom king Demetrius an- through famine. fivered and wrote after this manner: 50 Then cried they to Simon, be

36 King Demetrius unto Simon the leeching him to be at one with them ; high priest, and friend of kings, as also which thing he granted them; and when unto the elders and nation of the Jews, he had put them out from thence, he sendeth greeting :

cleansed the tower from pollutions: 37 The golden crown, and the scarlet 51 And entered into it the three and robe, which ye fent unto us, we have re twentieth day of the second month, in ceived: and we are ready to make a sted the hundred seventy and first year, with fast peace with you, yea, and to write thanksgiving, and branches of palm trees, unto our officers, to confirm the immu- / and with harps, and cymbals, and with vinities which we have granted.

ols, and hymns, and songs : because there 38 And whatsoever covenants we have was destroyed a great enemy out of Israel. made with you Mall stand; and the 52 He ordained also that that day ftrong holds, which ye have builded, shall thould be kept every year with gladness. be your own.

Moreover the hill of the temple that 39 As for any oversight or fault com was by the tower he made stronger than mitted unto this day, we forgive it, and it was, and there he dwelt himself with the crown tax also, which. ye owe us: his company: and if there were any other tribute paid 53 And when Simon saw that John his in Jerusalem, it shall no more be paid. son was a valiant inan, he made him cap

40 | And Took who are meet among tain of all the hosts; and he dweltin Gazara. you to be in our court, let them be en

CHAP. XIV. rolled, and let there be peace betwixt us. I Demetrius is taken by the king of Persia. 4

41 Thus the yoke of the heathen was The good deeds of Simon to his country ; taken away from Israel in the hundred 26 Ă memorial of his acts is set up in Sion. and seventieth year.

OW in the hundred threescore and 42 Then the people of Israel began to write in their instruinents and contracts, thered his forces together, and went into In the first year of Simon the high priest, Media, to get him help to fight against the governor and leader of the Jews. Tryphon.

43 In those days Simon camped against 2 But when Arfaces, the king of PerGaza, and besieged it round about; he sia and Media, heard that Demetrius was made allo an engine of war, and set it by entered within his borders, he sent one of the city, and battered a certain tower,' bis princes to take him alive: and took it.

N twelfth year king Demetrius 62

3 Who

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