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with-draw from him some way or others And this is all that I had to say concerning our trusting in God for Strength and Ability to serve him, and do our Duty in our several Places and Stations, which was the second thing Propounded to be spoken of.

3. Let us trust in God for Strength to hold out and persevere in Faith and Holiness to the end, notwithstanding all the Tryals and Temptations which we may meet with. When we consider and sadly ponder in our minds our own weakness, together with the sore Tryals and strong Temptations which in these perilous times may Encounter us, we may

be full of fears how we should be able to hold out in the Evil Day, if such a Day should come upon us. But for the Care of these our distruftful Fears, and for the Encouraging of our Dependance on God for Strength to persevere; let us make use of these considerations.

1. God can easily keep off and Avert those fore Tryals which we fear. We Disquiet and Afflict our selves with the frightful expectation of many things which never come to pass: God is often much better to us than our Fears.

2. If such things should come upon us, yet God is able to support us. How weak soever you apprehend your self to be, and how unable soever you feel your self to be, for withstanding such Temptations as may assault you, God is able to uphold you in your Integrity, and to give you in Strength, proportionable to every Tryal.

3. If you belong to him, he hath promised that he will not suffer you: to be tempted above what you are able, but will together with the temptation make a way to escape, 1 Cor. 10. 13. This promise he makes good unto the weakest Christians ; for to these it Extends as well as to those that are stronger. The comfort of it belongs to all true Believers without Exception. If by their Unbe. lief and Distrust they Exclude not themselves from the Benefit of it, the promise doth not Exclude them.

4. God hath oftentimes'enabled Weak and Fearful Christians to withstand those Affaults, and resist those Temptations which others who thought themselves stronger, and thereupon were full of Self-confidence, could not withstand, but were foiled and overcome by them.

5. Weak

5. Weak Christians that are deeply sensible of their Weakness, and in the sense thereof look up to God for strength, have reason above others to hope for and expect the Supports and Assistance of his strengthning Grace in the hour of sore Tryals and Temptati'ons : for God considers their Infirmity, and hath a tender regard of their Weakness. As they most need his strengthning Grace to uphold them, so fhall they be most fure to be supported and relieved by it ; such is his Fatherly care of them, such are his tender Compassions toward them. But here it will concern you,

1. To labour to be sure that you are in Covenant with God, that you may be able upon good grounds to Apply the Benefit and Comfort of his promises to your self ; I mean, both the promises of the Grace of perseverance in the General, and that particular promise of not being tempted above what you are able, or shall be able to bear, and that whatever your pressures or straits may be, God will still make a way for you to escape, to escape if not suffering, yet that which is worse than suffering, the violating of your Conscience by finning against God.


2. To be sure that you look up to God for strength to persevere, beg it of him by fervent and unwearied Prayer, depend on him alone for it, and utter

ly Renounce all vain confidence in your - own strength.

3. To be still labouring what you may, to strengthen Faith and all other Graces, and to be ever laying in and treasuring up more and more Spiritual furniture and provision against an Evil day. And thus I have done with the first Branch of the Exhortation relating to Spiritual things.

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