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PERHAPS no better use can be pastime in the long evenings of made of the follies, extravagan. The winter ; but the Tartar incies and delusions of the people genuily has discovered a methof other nations and other relig. od of dispensing even with the ions, than to employ them for slight degree of exerrion which the discovery and correction of the compendious substitute resimilar inconsistences among quirts.

We make • swift tro. ourselves. I was lately reading chois' roast our meai--they eman Edinburgh Review of " Trao ploy the smoke-jack to say their veis” amoligi the Calmiekse prayers for them ;-and the in which an extraordinary and' Kurada which spins over the ludicrous account is given of fire in the midst of their hut, praying machines.

it is stated transfers all its devotional mer. tliai

prayer is one of the prin- it to the owner. The Monguls cipal duties enjemned by Lama- are yet more wisely economical jsm;"' afier remarking on of individual responsibility. A. the inventions of this age, par- mongst them, the inhabitants of ticularly of steam engines, as

a district construct a Kurada at: a substitute for human labour, their joint expense, which is . the Reviewer says—“ The fole placed in a mill-house by the lowers of the Grand Lama have side of a running stream, and done more they have invented this subscription Kurada is praying-jennies, which do the made so . large, that it holds work to perfection. It is a doc- prayers enough to serve for all trine amongst them, thet as of the parish ; and consequently, ten as the paper, or other sub- except in seasons of uncommon stance upon which the prayer drought, when the water is too is written, is set in motion, this low to turn the mill which movement of the written prayer grinds prayers for the pariskis as meritorious as its oral re- ioners, they are completely expetition. The Kurada, or pray- onerated from the obligations of ing machine is therefore con- wasting their time in the Chustructed upon this principle ;- rule, or temple." it consists of two cylinders, or

Much of the amusement of drums. filled withinside with this account is probably to be rolls of paper covered with attributed to the Reviewer, who prayers and ejaculations, writ- tells the story ; but the facts ten in Tangotian, or sacred lan- may be as he has stated them. guage. The drums are hung in a our business is not to amuse our peat frame and are kept on the readers with the follies and dewhirl with great facility by the lusions of other people, but to simple coprivance of a string and lead them to consider whether crank ; and every turn of the as great inconsistences are not cylinder is perfecily equivalent to be found among professed . to the repetition of all the prayers Christians, as those which are contained in it. The turning of reported of the Culmucks aneki the Kurada is an agreeable Monguls.

Christians have the gospel in own praying or it will never be their hands which solemnly en- done. They may be assisted by joins and graciously encourages his gifts, if their hearts are truthe duty of prayer. It also ly engigel; otherwise no part teaches us, thai God is a spirit, of their duty is performed by bis and that those who worship him praying with thein or for them. must worship in spirit and truth They may as reasonably rely simplying that such worship on their ministers to perform God requires, and that such on- for tilein all the duties of jus. dy he accepts Yei are there not lice and benevolence, as to permultitudes even in this country, form for them their dutyof cailand some in every parisla who ing a pou God: invent methods to satisfy their Let Christians then be careful, consciences in the 'neglect of a that while they censure the Cala duty which is enjoined by Hun mucks for employing a machine who is called their Saviour ? Or to save the labour of devotion, do they not invent methods of they do not leave room for God

performing prayer which are as to say, “ Out of thine own month unacceptable to God as that of will i julge thee, thou slotitul employing machines ?

servant Are there not too many who But the neglect of prayer anu are fond of having a minister, praying by proxy, are not the and pretty regular in attending only exceptionable things in republic worship, who refer the lation to this duty. The gospel whole duty of prayer to him? does more than merely to enand who are as heedless and in- join the duty of prayer ; it redevout in tin of prayer, as the quires us to pray with a benevoCalmuck is while his forms of lent, forgiving spirit towards

prayer are moved by a machine? our fellow creatures ; and it Are there not many in this assures is that this temper is

Christian land who never pray, essential to our obtainiug the except it be by a substitute approbation and forgiveness of So far as this is the case, it is God. What then shall be said of very little consequence to of those prayers in which Christhem, whether the substitute be tians of different sects have ina machine or a minister of re- dulged towards each other 2 ligion.

spirit of censure, reproach and It is a great privilege indeed reviling--and in which people to havea good minister, who pos- of different nations, in time of sesses the spirit of prayer, and war, have prayed for the dewho has gifts to lead in public struction of one another!

If or social worship. But, like such things must be continued all other privileges, this may in our churches, will it not bo be abused; and it is ever abus. less offensive to God and less ed when it is made a substitute injurious to men, to have prayers for personal devotion. In re- performed by a Calmuck inagard to prayer, ministers can chine, than by the ministers of :perform no more than their the Christian religion ? Din duty; others must do their


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“ There came over with Mr. principle, they were still more so Cotton, or about the same time, in affecțion. Mr. Hutchinson and his family. The two capital errors with His wife, as Mr. Cotton says, which she was charged were 6 was well beloved, and all the these - That the Holy Ghost faithful embraced her conference dwells personally in a justified and blessed God for her faithful person; and that nothing of discourses.' After she came to sanctification can help to eviNew England 'she was treated dence to believers their justificawith great respect, and much tion. The ministers of the seve notice was taken of her by Mr. eral parts of the country, alarmCotton and oiber principal per- ed with these things, came to sons, and particularly by Mr. Boston whilst the general court Vane the governor. --Counte- was sitting.--They conferred Danced and encouraged by Mr. with Mr. Cotton and Mr WheelVane and Mr. Cotton she ad. right upon those two points. vanced doctrines and opinions The last they both disclaimed, which involved the colony in so far as to acknowledge that disputes and contentions, and be- sanctification did help to evic ing improved to civil as well as dence justification. The other religious purposes had like to they qualified at least by other have produced ruin both to

words, they held the indwelchurch and state.-Mr. Wheel. ling of the person of the Holy right a zealous minister, of Ghost, but not strictly a personal character and learning, was her union, or as they express it, not brother-in-law and firmly attach- communication of personal ed to her and finally suffered properties. with her.

6. The goyer or not only held 66 Mrs. Hutchinson thought fit with Mr. Cotton but went farto set up á meeting of the sister's ther, or was more express, and where she repeated the ser. maintained a personal union. mons preached the Lord's day Mr. Winthrop, the deputy gobefore, adding her remarks and vernor, denied both, and Mr. expositions. Her lectures made Wilson the other minister of much noise, and sixty or eighty Boston and many ministers of of the principal women attend the country joined with him. ed. At first they were generally A conference or disputation approved of. After some time it was determined on, which they appeared she had distinguished agreed should be managed in the ministers and churches writing, as most likely to tend through the country, a small

to peace in the church. When part of them under a covenant of they could not find that the grace, the rest under a covenant scriptures nor the primitive of works. The whole colony church for three hundred years was soon divided into two par- ever ased the term PERSON of ties, and however distant one the Holy Ghost, they generally party was from the other in thought it was best it should



be forborn as of human invention. truth in that honourable way as

“ Upon the other question Mr. were to be desired. My ground Cotton in a sermon, the day is this. They will be chief the court met, had acknowledged agents in the synod who are that evident sanctification is a chief parties in the cause ; and ground of justification.

for them only who are prejuThe town and country were , diced in the controversy to pass distracted with these subtleties, sentence against cause or perand every' man and woman, son, how improper! how who had brains enough to form profitable.” some imperfect conceptions of 6 Mrs. Hutchinson was next* 'them, inferred and maintained called to her trial before all the some other points, such court and many of the elders.these :„A man is justified be Her sentence upon record stands fore he believes ; faith is no thus :

-Mrs. Hutchinson the cause of justification; and if wife of William Hutchinson befaith be before justification it is ing convented for traducing the only a passive faith, an empty ministers and their ministry in vessel, &c. And assurance is this country - She declared by immediate revelation only. voluntarily her revelations and The fear of God and love of onr that she should be delivered and neighbour seemed to be laid by the court ruined with their posand out of the question. All terity, and thereupon was banthe church of Boston except ished, and in the mean while four or five joined Mr. Cotton. was committed to Mr. Joseph Mr. Wilson the other minister Weld until the court shall disand most of the ministers in the pose of her.” -Ilutchinson's country opposed him.”

History of Mass. Bay. - A synod was appointed to The historian also infurms be held at Newtown the 30th that after these troubles, the of August, where were present, husband of Ann Hutchinson sold hot only the minister and mes- his estate and removed to Rhode sengers of churches, but the Island with his wife and family, magistrates also. Three weeks that he died about the year 1642;. were spent in disputing pro and that she with her family res con, and at length above four- moved from Rhode Island io the score points or opinions, said to 66 Dutch country beyond Newhave been maintained by some Haven," and the next year she or other in the country, were and all her family which were condemned as erroneous.

with her, being sixteen children, 6 Mr. Hooker at first disap were killed by the Indians exproved determining the points cept one danghter whom they in controversy by a synod. He carried into captivity.”—“Some writes thus to Mr. Shepard of writers mention the manner of Newtown.-“ For your general her death as being a remarkable synod I cannot yet see either judgement of God for her herehow reasonable or how saluta- sies. Her partizans charged ble it will be for your turn, for the guilt of her murder upon the the settling or establishing the colony."

Mr. Wheelwright had been previously “disfranchised and banished."





What is dearer to God the government? When he conferred Father than bis only Son? And power upon his envoys to what diviner blessing has he to verse the laws wf nature and imi. bestow upon men than his holy tate creation? To give eyes to Spirit? Yet has he given his the blind, and to raise the dead? Son for us, and by the hands of All this was done by the Spirit his Son he confers his blessed which he sent down upon them Spirit on us. Jesus having re- in the days of Pentecost. ceived of the Father the promise

But is the Spirit given to of the Spirit, shed it forth on none but his apostles and the Acts ii. 33.

prime ministers of his kingdom ? How the wondrous doctrine of * as ihat rich treasure exaustthe blessed Trinity shines ed in the first ages of the gosthrough the whole of our religion, pel, and none left for us? and sheds a glory upon every part forbid! Every one of his subof it! Here is Goid the Father, jects have the same favour be. a King of infinite riches and stowed on thens, though not in glory, has constituted his belov- the same degree: every humble Son the High-treasurer of hea- and holy soul in our day, every ven, and the holy Spirit is the true Christian is possessed of divine and inestimable treasure. the Spirit, for he that has not What amazing doctrines of sa- the Spirit of Christ is none of his. cred love are written in our Bi- And wherever the Spirit is, it bles! What mysteries of mercy, works miracles too; .it

newwhat miraeles of glory are these! creates his nature; it raises the Our boldest desires and most life, and teaches Egypt Taised hopes, durst never aiın at and Assyria and the British isles such blessings : there is nothing to speak the language of Cain all nature that can lead us to naan. It is the gift of the Spirit a thought of such grace.

which the Son sends down to us The Spirit was given by the continually from the Father, Father to the Son for men ; for that is the original and spring rebellious and sinful men, to of all these strange blessings. make favourites and saints of The Father has a heart of them : this was the noble gift large bounty to the poor ruined the Son received when he as- race of Adam; the Son has a cended on high ; and he dis- band fit to be Almoner to the tributed it to grace his triumph. King of Glory; and the Spirit

Was it not a divine honour is the rich alms. This blessed which Jesus our Lord displayed donation has enriched ten thouon that day, when the tongues of sand souls already, and there refire sat on his twelve apostles; mains enougli to enrich ten when he sent his ambassadors to thousand worlds. every nation to address them in

The Father, what a glorious their own language, to notify his giver! the Son, what a glorious accession to the throne of heaven, medium of communication ! and and to demand subjection to his the Spirit, what a glorious gift!

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