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24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.

25 And they were both naked, the man, and his wife, and were not ashamed.

249. iDx his mother. I his. Rule 39. Postea 'Ox my mother. Or a mother. As a root, to support.


250. pati and shall cleave. I convers. Vide rule 139. num. 19, n.

is the 3d pers. masc. sing. pret. Kal, to cleave unto. 251. inux) unto his wife. 3 prefix. I his. Rule 39. nox in construction before 1 for 70x. Vide num. 236. 2 is here used as it is in Deut. xv. 2. Eccl. ii. 24. which places as plainly show that it is the sign of the dative, as others can that it designates an ablative. Hence an argument arises against the distinction of cases in Hebrew.

252. 977'1 and they shall be. I conjunct. 17° for 177'77' 3d pers. masc. plur. fut. Kal, of 'n to be. Vide page 29 in note.

253. 07°39 they both. For 10 iwo, vide num. 45. 436. On pron. suff. plur. 3d pers. Vide rule 40.

. , to naked,

-to be nd ערס naked , from ערום naked

. It is the plural of ערומים .254

255. WvIni ashamed. It is the 3d pers. plur. masc. fut. Hithpael,

being doubled. Vide rule 109. The root is va to flag, or be confounded. It has the sense of the preter because of the preceding Vau.




! והנחש 256 היה 20 ערוס 257 מכל 97 חית 114 השדה 156

אשר 40 עשה 38 יהוה 154 אלהיס 3 ויאמר 19 אל 47 האשה 236 אף 258 ני 25 אמר 19 אלהים 3 לא 159 2 תאכלו 259 מכל 97 עץ 58 הגן: 176 ותאמר 260 האשה 236

אל 47 הנחש 256 מפרי 9: עץ 58 הגן 176 נאכל: 259 3 ומפרי 59 העץ 58 אשר 40 בתוך 36 הגן 176 אמר 40 אלי ים לא 159 תאכלו 259 ממנו 212 ולא 159 תגעו 261 בו 218

263 ויאמר 19 הנחש 256 אל 47 האשה 236 תמתון: פן




a seriemt ; and as a נחש .emphat ה.and the serfient . I and והנחש .256

. 1 . ) a ; a verb to view atientively. That the reader may satisfy himself whether

-signifies in this instance an afhe , all the places where the word oc נחש

curs in the bible follow; Gen. iii. 1, 2. 4. 13, 14. xlix. 17. Exod. iv. 3. vii. 15. Num. xxi. 6, 7. 9, 9. Deut. viii. 15. 2 Kings,xviii. 4. Job xxvi. 13. Psal. lviii. 4. cxl. 3. Prov. xxiii. 32. xxx. 19. Eccles. x. 8. 11. Isa, xiv. 29. xxvii. 1, 1. lxv. 25. Jer. viii. 17. xlvi, 22. Amos v. 19. ix. 3. and Mic. vii. 17. After these have been examined, the word 0915 must be tried; and the fourteen places in which it occurs in the New Testament, tested by their respective contexts.

wise. . the exercise of the body. Applied to the mind, it imports vigorous application, or intense thought.

258. 78 verily. As a noun anger. 1798 to heat. '3 78 Is it certain that? or therefore. Perhaps 170x to bake, 9X to be angry, and this word 78 are wholly distinct, and the word 78 anger may come from

to be maked . A state of preparedness for ערס twise

. From ערום .257


It has been thought that only the conclusion of Satan's address is here recorded; the same form of speech often occurs, as Neh. ix. 18. ! Sam. xxiv. 30. 2 Sam. iv. 11. Prov. xv. 11. xxi. 27. Ezek. xiv. 21.


* NOW the serpent was more subtife than any beast of the field, which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

2 And the woman said unto the serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. 4. And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

תאכלו .259

IV. 5, &c. and generally follows something else. But this receives little confirmation from the woman's not discovering surprise. Being lately formed and all things new to her, scarcely any occurrence could produce this; and being innocent she could neither fear, nor suspect danger.

ye shall eat, is the 2d pers. masc. plur. fut. Kal of Sax, Postea 43x3 is the 1st pers. plur. fut. Kal.

260. Onni and she said. i convers. 7387 is the 3d pers. fem. sing. fut. Kal of ox to speak.

261. win shall ye touch. 2d pers. masc. plur. fut. Kal of you to touch. Vide rule 94. This addition, “ Neither shall ye touch it,” was fairly implied in the divine prohibition, which must have included, both the indulged desire of the thing prohibited, and all tampering with temptation. But, as the precept was given to Adam before the woman was formed, she was interdicted only in him; and it is very possible that Adam, when instructing her in this matter, might caution her against touching the fruit, which she would naturally connect with the prohibition itself.

262. 1° lest. A doubtful state of mind, from a to turn.

263. ran ye shall die. 1 is paragogic. Vide rule 85 b. inon is for minn, vide rule 98, and is the 2d pers. masc. plur. tut. Kal of the verb nin or na to die. Vide num. 214.

5 לא 159 מות 214 תמתון: 263 כי 25 יודע 264 אלהים 3 כי 25 ביום 30 אכלכם 365 ממנו 212 ונפקחו 266 עיניכס 267

* 3 יודעי 269 טוב 26 ורע: 183 והייתם 268 כאלהים 6 ותרא 270 האשה 236 כי 25 טוב 26 העץ 58 למאכל 271

וכי 25 תאוה 272 הוא 192 לעינים 267 ונחמד 180 העץ 58

להשכיל 273 ותקח 274 מפריו 275 ותאכל 211 ותתן 276 ז גם 277 לאישה 278 עמה 279 ויאכל: 259 ותפקחנה 280


. כם אכלכם



Rule אכל , . . ו ונפקחו .to often פקח the 3d pers

, masc . plur . pret . Niphal of the verb נפקחו .37

2dl pers
Vide rule כם

.your eyes עיניכם .267 .an eye , a fountain עין eyes plur . of עינים in regim

vide rule 25

for עיני .to turn back ענה It is often feminine


From being ה ,היהתם is for הייתם

.conversive ו

.and ye shall be והייתם .268 . . .

, היה
Vide rule (ידעי in construct

some read יודעים knowing

, for יודעי .269 ,7 ידעו .


ידע ,


264. Yol" is knowing. Part. Ben. Kal of yti to know. Some read yog' here. 265. 03528 your eating. od pron. suff. 2d per. plur. Vide rule 37.

. . 266. imposi then shall be opened. I then, conversive. Num. 19. n.

. . . open. your . . suff. 2d . . . , . , . . .

. I , changed into '. Vide rule 102. It is the 2d pers. plur. masc. pret. Kal of 07977 to be. Vide page 29, n.

' , . (") 25. Part. Ben. Kal plur. of the verb yt: to know. wyr' they knew, verse 7, is the 3d pers. masc. plur. fut. Kal. Gen. xv. 13. yin yt' knowing thou shalt know, that is, thou shalt certainly or surely know. See the same idiom Gen. ii. 17. Dying thou shalt die, that is, surely die. Ver. 16. Eating thou shalt eat, thou shalt freely eat. Gen. iii. 16. Multiplying I will multiply, that is greatly multiply. Vide rule 143.

* The common translation of possa as gods is unwarranted. The word dhe had not occurred in such sense in this or either of the former chapters; nor can it be inferred from the residue of the words of Satan, that he meant to communicate on this subject an idea, which the woman had never heard of before.

5 For God doth know, that in the day ye eat thercof, then your eyes shall be opened; and ye shall be as God knowing good and evil.

6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat; and gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat.

270. X and she saw. I convers, an for 787n 3d pers. fem. sing. fut. of 78. Rule 102.

271. Sandh for food.h for. 6380 a noun, food. Of formative, and box to eat.

272. 7in an object of desire. From 71% to covet, with n formative. Rule 189.

273. Suns 10 mature the understanding. pref. brown infin. Hiphil of how to perfect.

274. apri and she took. I conv. non is the 3d pers. fem. sing. fut. Kal of ps. Vide rule 93. Its imperat. mph, np, and imp, with 17 paragogic. This verb frequently drops its first radical.

275. 1998 of the fruit of it. from. I suff. Rule 39. For '99 vide pum. 59.

276. inni and she gave. I conver. inn for snin. Rule 94. It is the 3d pers. fem. sing. fut. Kal of ind to give.

277. Da also. It is said to signify abundance. Repeated it is rendered as well as.

278. 10x5 to her husband, 5 to. o her. V's a man, from V° to be. *** is a kind husband, hyd a severe husband. Vide num. 236. In ver. 17, ghux thy wife is the common occurrence of the possessive suffix, j thy, because of which the final of nøs is changed into n. Vide rule 26.

279. ony with or near her. 7 her. Rule 39. oy with, in, against. As a noun, the people.

280. ninponi and were opened. 1 and convers. It is the 3d pers. fem. plur. fut. Kal of mpo to open.

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