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Mr. Birman. You are right; and as the soul never ceases to feel, the meaning of its death, is, the loss of everlasting life:" and you can tell the consequence of that loss.

Harry. Yes, sir, our Saviour said it would be everlasting punishment.

Mr. Birman. How important then it is for us to have that disease cured, which would end in the loss of everlasting life, and the happiness of heaven. As certainly as the merciful Saviour healed all who came to him with bodily diseases, when he was on earth, will he now heal all who bring souls, diseased with sin, to him; if they can even say no more than the distressed father, when he was pleading for his child, said—“Lord, I would believe; help, then, my unbelief." His tears were, perhaps, tears of sorrow for the sufferings of his child; but the tears of a pleading heart, desirous to be healed, will be those of repentance. Do you know now, my little lad, what Jesus healing the sick, may teach us?

Robert. Yes, sir, that all our hearts have

over what

some sickness from sin, and that we must ask Jesus to cure them, if we wish to go to heaven. Mr. Birman. And how will


ask him, if you

wish to be cured? Robert. I will say my prayers. Mr. Birman. If you mean only repeating


have learned as a prayer, that will not do; but if you mean really speaking to God with your heart, believing that he hears you, and wishing to have what you ask for; then, the promise Jesus has given, is sure: “ ask, and ye shall receive.”

George. I thought that meant, that God would give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him; for that is what Jesus says after, “ ask, and ye shall receive."

Mr. Birman. You are right; for it is by the Holy Spirit the heart is cleansed from the diseases caused by sin. The next time you open your Bible, look at the twentyseventh verse of the thirty-sixth chapter of Ezekiel; which shows what is the blessed effect of having the Spirit of God “put within us.” It will cause us to walk in his statutes,


and “to keep his judgments and do them;" and in the fifth chapter of Romans, and fifth verse, you will read, that it is by the Holy Spirit which is given to us, that the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts.” That same Holy Spirit, is the comforter which Jesus Christ promised that the Father would send, in his name, to teach us all things. Now, my lads, do


you understand what I have said?

Harry. I think I do, sir; we are to go to Jesus Christ, to have our hearts cured of the disorders which sin causes; and with sorrow for them, desire that God will put his Holy Spirit within us, by which Jesus has promised we shall be cured.

Mr. Birman. You see in that painting before you, many



in which dis.ease is shown on the body; so there are many ways in which sin shows the disorders it


understand that? Robert. Doing different kinds of bad things, I suppose.

Mr. Birman. Yes; all evil actions, and words, and thoughts, are disorders caused by

causes; do

sin; and the sooner you go to Jesus to be cured of them, the more comfort and enjoyment will you have in life; and after death, you will find that Jesus has brought you to a happy paradise, more glorious than that which Adam and Eve enjoyed, when in a state of perfect health of soul and body, they rejoiced in the presence of their Holy Creator. You remember, no doubt, that Jesus said to the penitent thief,“ to-day shalt thou be with me in paradise.” So Jesus says to all who die, having their hearts cleansed from sin.

Frank. When I read in the Testament about Jesus healing the sick, I shall feel almost as if I saw him, after looking so long at that picture, and hearing you say so much about it.

George. We must not stay longer, I think it will soon be dinner time.

The gentleman shook hands with the boys, and told them he was glad he had met them, and hoped that the conversation they had would prove useful. Mr. Hilton had not returned, when the boys got home. After he had parted from them, he went and offered his vote, which was received without any questions being asked, for he was well known as a worthy citizen; honest and industrious; and doing all in his power to instruct his sons, and apprentices, in their duty to God and man: and thus make them useful members of the community. He determined to try and find Thomas, if possible, and walked about the election ground for some time looking for him, but in vain; at last, he saw Peter Radly, the father of Philip, and knowing that Thomas had gone with Philip, he inquired of Peter, if he knew where his son

Peter was already affected by liquor, and before he answered, he swung his old hat over his head, and called out, 6 hurra, for our side!” and then uttering the name of some gentlemen, who were to be voted for, he swore oaths against all who would not vote for them. Mr. Hilton could scarcely bear to stand near him, and wait for an answer to the question which he had asked; but Peter recollecting it, said, “know where Phil is, how should IP he is somewhere, making the election go right, as I am, I suppose-if I


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