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University of the State of New York


With years of election 1874 ANSON JUDD UPSON L.H.D. D.D. LL.D.

Chancellor, Glens Falls 1892 WILLIAM CROSWELL DOANE D.D. LL.D.

Vice-Chancellor, Albany 1873 MARTIN I. TOWNSEND M.A. LL.D. - - Troy 1877 CHAUNCEY M. DEPEW LL.D. - - - - New York 1877 CHARLES E. Fitch LL.B. M.A. L.H.D. - Rochester 1877 ORRIS H. WARREN D.D. -

- Syracuse 1878 WHITELAW REID LL.D. - - - - New York 1881 William H. WATSON M.A. M.D. - - - Utica 1881 Henry E. TURNER - - - - - Lowville 1883 ST CLAIR MCKELWAY M.A. L.H.D. LL.D. D.C.L. Brooklyn 1885 DANIEL Beach Ph.D. LL.D. - - - - Watkins 1888 CARROLL E. Smith LL.D. - - - - Syracuse 1890 Pliny T. SEXTON LL.D. - - - - - Palmyra 1890 T. GUILFORD Smith M.A. C.E. LL.D.

Buffalo 1893 LEWIS A. STIMSON B.A. LL.D. M.D.

- New York 1895 ALBERT VANDER VEER Ph.D. M.D. - - - Albany 1895 CHARLES R. SKINNER M.A. LL.D.

Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio 1897 CHESTER S. LORD M.A. LL.D.

- - Brooklyn 1897 Timothy L. WOODRUFF M.A. Lieutenant-Governor, ex officio 1899 John T. McDonough LL.B. LL.D. Secretary of State, ex officio 1900 THOMAS A. HENDRICK M.A. LL.D. -

Rochester 1901 BENJAMIN B. ODELL JR Governor, ex officio 1901 ROBERT C. Pruyn M.A. - - - - - Albany


Elected by regents

1888 MELVIL Dewey M.A. State library and Home education

Administrative, College and High school dep'ts 1890 FREDERICK J. H. MERRILL Ph.D. State museum

New York State Library

Bulletin 59 March 1901





PREFACE This list includes those books treating of China and the Far East published in English for the first time from 1889-99. Many books bearing an imprint date within that period have in fact been published previously and have not been enlarged or revised to an extent that would make it desirable to include them. No attempt has been made to include all the material on the subject to be found in the official publications of the British government, though the student of social and economic conditions and affairs in the Far East will find therein much valuable information. The transactions of learned societies have not been analyzed. Directories, dictionaries, textbooks and grammars are excluded.


ABBREVIATIONS Abbreviations following entries refer to the libraries in which the books were consulted. Call numbers are giveu for all books io the New York state library even though the edition differs from that described in the list. Books in the public libraries division have no book number. Books marked e have been personally examined, while e indicates that the edition examined is not the same as that entered in the list. Volume and page numbers are separated by a colon; e. g. 3: 489 means vol.3, p. 489.

The following are the principal abbreviations used : others are self-explanatory.

Astor Astor library, New York city
B. P. L. Boston public library
Columb. Columbia university library

Library of congress
Drexel Drexel institute library, Philadelphia
E. P. Enoch Pratt free library, Baltimore
Phil. free Free library of Philadelphia
Univ. Penn. University of Pennsylvania library


American catalogue. 1890-95
American library association. Catalog of the “A. L. A.” library. 1893

- - Supplement. 1896
Anuales de géographie. v.1-7. 1891-98
Appual American catalogue. 1889-99
Ball, J. D. Things Chinese. 1893
Beach, H. P. Dawn on the bills of Tang. 1898
Bookseller. 1889-99
Boston-Public library. China. (Bulletin, Jan. 1895, 13: 201-325)
Boston athenaeum. Card catalogue
British museum-Library. Catalogue. 1881-98

- Subject index of modern works. 1885-95
Cincinnati-Public library. Bulletin. 1889-98
Columbia university-Library. Card catalogue
Cumulated index of books of 1898–99. 1900
Dennis, J. S., D. D. Christian missions. 1897

- Foreign missions. 1893 English catalogue. 1890-98 Essex institute. Books on China. 1898 Geographical journal. v.1-14. 1893-99 Harvard university-Library. Bulletin, v.6. 1890-92 Hurst, J:F. Literature of theology. 1896 Imperial and Asiatic quarterly review. v.8-27. 1889-99 Jackson, Rev. S: M. Bibliography of foreign missions. 1891 Lausdell, Henry, D.D. Bibliography of Chinese central Asia. 1894 Lawrence, E: A., D.D. Modern missions. 1895 Leonard, Rev. D. S. Hundred years of missions. 1895 Luzac, C. J. Bibliographical list of works on Africa and the east. 1894 Mills, H. R. Hints to teachers and students on the choice of geographical

books. 1897 Nachtmann, Mrs Alice (Newman). Index to subject bibliographies in library

bulletins. 1898. (N. Y. (state)-Library. Bulletin; bibliography 14) N. Y. (state)-Library. Subject card catalogue Osterhout free library. China, Japan and Korea. (Newsletter, Nov. 1894,

4: 62-63) Peabody institute. Second catalogue of the library. 1896–99 Petermann's mittheilungen. v. 35-15. 1889-99 Reference catalogue of current literature. 1894-98 Royal Asiatic society. Journal, v. 41-47. 1889-95 Salem (Mass.)-Public library. China, Corea and Japan. (Bulletin, Aug. 1894,

2: 125-28)
Scottish geographical magazine. v.5-14. 1889-99
Sonnenschein, W: S. Best books. 1891

- Readors guide. 1895
Statesman's year book. 1889-99
Whitaker's almanac. 1899
Yale divinity school. Catalogue of the foreign missionary library. 1898


WORKS ANALYZED Aubertin, J. J. Wanderings and wonderings, India, Burmah, Kashmir

Ceylon, Singapore, Java, Siam, Japan, Manilla, Formosa, Korea

China, Cambodia. 448p. illus. map, Q. Lond. 1892. Paul 8s 6d. Australasian association for the advancement of science,

Sydney. Report. 1895. v. 6, illus. O. Sydney 1895. 506 09 Barrows, John Henry, D.D. Christian conquest of Asia: being the Morse lectures of 1898. 258p. D. N. Y. 1899. Scribner $1.50.

290 B27 e Baynes, Herbert. Ideals of the East. 110p. cr. 8vo. Lond. 1898.

Sonnenschein 5s. Bettany, George Thomas. Primitive religions; an introduction to

the study of religions, with an account of the religious beleifs of uncivilized peoples, Confucianism, Taoism, China; and Shintoism, Japan. 267p. illus. D. N. Y. 1891. Ward $1. (World's religions ser.)

B. P. L. e English price 2s 6d.

– The world's religions : comprehensive account of all the principal religions of civilised and uncivilised peoples; doctrines, rites, priesthoods, sacred books and moral teachings with lives of their founders, teachers and reformers, introd. by John Hall, D. D. 908p. illus. 0. N. Y. 1891. Christian literature co. Phil. free e

Also issued by Ward 125. Boulger, Demetrius Charles von Kavanagh. Life of Gordon.

2v. illus. O. Lond. 1896. Unwin 215. 923.542 G651 e Brooks, Elbridge Streeter. Historic girls; stories of girls who

have influenced the history of their times. 225p. illus. D. N. Y.

1898. Putnam $1.50. Carpenter, Frank G. Asia. 304p. illus, maps, D. N. Y.

€1897. American book co. $1.50. (Carpenter's geographical reader)

j915 C22 e Also pub, under the title Travels through Asia with the children. Chicago, World's parliament of religions, 1893. Story of the

world's first parliament of religions, ed. by the Rev. J: H. Barrows. 2v, 16oop. illus. O. Chic. 1893. Parliament pub. co. 206 C43 e Paged continuously.

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