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claring that he had not the means to do so at the moment, but

BENGAL. making, in the mean time, preparations to avail himself of such an excellent opportunity. It was thought at one time, that he bad MEMORIAL OF THE BENGAL MEDICAL actually made up his mind to proceed in person to Jellalabad, as his

SERVICE. tents were sent out to Boodkhak; but the resolution died away. There is, however, little room for doubting that Mahomed Akhbar To the HoNOURABLE TUE Court of DIRECTORS OF THE Khan has actually left Cabool for the lower provinces, but whether

EAST-INDIA COMPANY. with hostile intentions, or merely to visit the seat of his peculiar

The Memorial of the undermentioned Members of the Medical government, we cannot at present say.

Service attached to the Bengal Presidency, CALCUTTA-thus says the Hurkaru—“has for the lastfort

Humbly sheweth, night been a more than usually dull place.” There has Ist. That whereas consequent on the recent accessions of terbeen nothing to keep the good people of the capital of Bri- ritory to the British dominions in India, the establishment of tish India alive but the formal transfer of Serampore from

large and important military stations along its north-western

frontier, and the greatly increased sphere of medical superinthe Danish Government to that of the East-India Company, tendence therefrom resulting, it is impossible for the existing and this seems to have been no great affair. In fact, there complement of superintending surgeons to fulfil the duties de was little more of ceremony than accompanies the transfer of

manded of them with strict conformity to standing orders on the

subject; your memorialists respectfully solicit such augmentation the key of an ordinary dwelling house. Messrs. HARVEY and to the abovenamed grade of your medical servants as may, in the BAYLEY representing the British Government, and Mr. El- opinion of your honourable Court be considered expedient for the BERLING, embodying for the occasion the “

purpose of ensuring the greatest amount of benefit to the state. Majesty of

Your memorialists would invite your honourable Court's Denmark,” proceeded from the Government house to the attention to the Orders of the Government of India, dated 6th flag-staff as quietly as if they had been on a pleasure trip, April, 1835, and 25th May, 1835, in order to make evident the and, on their arrival, the British flag was elevated to the

impracticability of rigid adherence to the regulations therein laid

down being maintained, more especially as regards the province place vacated by the Danish. The change of flags was fol- of Scinde. the superintendence of the medical duties appertain. lowed, in the course of the day, by a change of garrison, a

ing to which has hitherto been carried on by the superintending party of English sepoys marching in to discharge the duties

surgeon of the Ferozepore division of the army.

2ndly. That whereas owing to the slow rate of promotion to previously allotted to the Danish force, whose occupation the grade of full surgeon, your memorialists are almost invariably was gone.

superseded by officers of junior standing in the military depart. The French we suspect would have got up something of an

ment; and whereas this tardy rate of promotion to the higher

grade is in great measure dependent on the extra number of adimposing spectacle on such an occasion. Having mentioned missions into the service during the year 1825; your memoour lively neighbours, we may advert to a report that the

rialists most earnestly pray your honourable Court to grant such

an increase to the grade of full surgeons as may neutralize the purchase of Serampore from the Danes was likely to be fol

disadvantage under which the junior grade labours on the abore lowed by that of Chandernagore from the French, but the * report was not credited, and we must say we think it highly

Your memorialists would also respectfully solicit your honour.

able Court's attention to the still further delayed prospect of improbable. The French would think the surrender of this promotion extended to assistant-surgeons admitted into the serinsignificant place, a sacrifice of glory, which no money vice during the past few years, in consequence of an increase could compensate. It would be regarded as an additional evi

having been made to the latter grade, which must eventually dence of the English partialities of their ministry, and the

operate in effecting their supercession by the medical officers of

the other presidencies. Prince DEJOINVILLE might be almost expected to head a re- 3rdly. Your memorialists beg to submit for your lionourable bellion on account of it. At the first outbreak of war we shall

Court's consideration the serious drawback under wbich their

department labours, inasmuch as it is debarred from attaining take Chandernagore, and it is to be hoped never again part those most highly-prized acknowledgments of assiduous and meri"With it. It was one among many great errors of the arrange- torious discharge of public duty, namely brevet promotion and ments of the last general peace that this place was restored

honorary distinctions; a species of reward which extends in the

other branches of the army the strongest inducement to, and to the French, and thus a footing, though a miserable one, most precious recompence for zeal and industry. allowed to that nation in Bengal. The earth cannot bear Your memorialists would draw notice to the fact, that when two Suns nor two CÆSARS, and India cannot bear the

the other portions of the army hare benefited universally by

vrevet, the medical service have not been favoured with correpresence of two such nations as England and France if once sponding tokens of your honourable Court's approval; notwiththey come to war.

standing that its members have invariably partaken of the same Madras seems to furnish no exception to the general

dangers and difficulties, and been equally ready to risk life for quietude of the British possessions.

the good of their country as tlic purely military otřeers of the

army. Bombay, according to the Courier, is not more lively than

Your memorialists would further specially crare your honourCalcutta. “Every thing," it is stated, “ has been more

able Court's attention to the circumstance, that although neces.

sitated to enter the service at a much more advanced age than than unusually dull in this dullest of all Eastern cities." ensigns, the intermediate period having to be passed at great 'This, as well as an almost identical sentence of condemnation expense in the acquisition of the diploma necessary for the appassed on Calcutta, coines from a resident, not from us, and

pointment; no analogous certain promotion is held out to them,

as is extended to all subaltern officers after 15 years' service. our good friends at either Presidency must not hold us re- Thus producing in nearly every individual instance a supercessponsible. Mr. CHAPMAN had left Bombay for Jooneer, for

sion in rank by the military over the medical department : the purpose of making observations as to the best line for the

whose elevation to the next 'higher grade rarely takes place

under a lapse of 17 years. Great Peninsular Railway. "It is supposed,” by the

4thly:- That whereas by general orders of the Governor: Courier, “ that the Malsay Gbaut will be chosen as affording General in council, dated 18:11 Deccinber 1813; surgeons and the greater facilities for the mountain ascent, and the descent

assistant-surgeons attached to civil posts, if obliged from ill into the Deccan,--the former, by a gradual slope, the latter,

health or any other urgent cause whatsoever

, to be absent from

their charges for a term exceeding six months, are deprived of by an inclination almost imperceptible.” A dreadful fire had their appointments; notwithstanding that during such period occurred in the native town of Bombay, which destroyed 190

of absence the staff salary incident on the civil charge is dishouses and property of the estimated value of seven lacs. Still

allowed, and bare pay and allowances of their rank sanctioned : more lamentable was the loss of life, it being believed that

your memorialists respectfully and earnestly trust your honourfifteen persons had perished. The accident originated at

able Court will nullify an exception to their serious detriment,

which is not insisted on in the other branches of the civil or the shop of a maker of fireworks.

military establishment; the more especially as in the case of

medical officers, such absence very frequently becomes called CALCUTTA DOCKING COMPANY. -Pursuant to advertisement, for, in order to recruit health impaired under the execution of the seventeenth half-yearly general meeting of the shareholders professional duties. ii.

of the Calcutta Docking Company was yesterday held at the 5thly.--Your memorialists are induced, by the repeated assur- office of the secretary, Rustomjee Cowasjee, esquire, when the ances expressed by your honourable Court, in regard of its being following papers were brought up for inspection, and were finally your desire that no saving should be effected to the state, by passed and approved :

the locum tenens of any medical charge being only allowed re- No. 1. Statement from 1st January to 30th June, shewing the muneration for his services at a rate under that which the actual estimated profits for the half-year, amounting to Co.'s Rs. 27,263, incumbent would receive, were he present, to pray that your

being at the rate of rather more than 10 per cent. per annum on the honourable Court will order a revision of the regulations relating

present capital. to staff salary of assistant surgeons, and head-money for all extra

No. 2. Balance sheet, 1845,

No. 3. List of timber and stores on hand, 30th June, 1945 charges.

No. 4. List of shareholders, 30th June, 1845. Your memorialists beg to bring to your notice, that although the immediate difference in rank of fuil and assistant-surgeon is

No. 5. List of property on 30th June, 1845.

No. 6. List of work done from 1st January to 30th June, 1845. already provided for, inasmuch as the former ranks with, and No. 7. Abstract of establishment of Howrah Docks from 1st draws the pay, &c. of captain; whereas the latter ranks with and January to 30th June, 1845. draws the pay of lieutenant; a difference amounting to nearly It was stated at the meeting, that the business of the company the half in amount of staff salary, is sanctioned to officers of these was considered as slowly increasing, and it is thought that, at respective grades, for medical charge of civil stations and regi- the close of the current year, the committee will be enabled to ments; the labours being the same to either grade, and in both report a better result than that of the last year. Thanks were instances the expenses for visiting patients having to be defrayed voted to the chairman, Mr. J. Homfray, and the meeting dis• out of the above staff allowanee.

solved. -- Economist. Your memorialists therefore solicit your honourable Court to COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY. We lear that the committee grant to assistant-surgeons the same amount of staff salary as is

which was appointed to investigate the complaints made by the extended to full.surgeons; and, as a precedent, would respect- military officers, who came out in the Lady Macnaghten, is still fully draw your attention to the fact of a subaltern officer in the sitting, although the inquiry commenced on Monday. - Bengal army being permitted to draw command, allowance in full, whilst Hurkaru, Oct. 17. holding command of a regiment.

MUITARY MOVEMENTS.-The Queen's 80th regt. leave Agra 6thly:- Whereas the regulations regarding extra charge, and shortly for Umballa, and the 14th light dragoons are on their the capitation allowances therefrom derivable, operate with un. way from Bombay to this station, but whether they will ra. equal effect under various circumstances, your memorialists pray main here is doubtful. The difficulty of procuring forage for that some more general rule than has bitherto been in force may the horses of a cavalry corps is the chief obstacle to t'ieir be enacted, whereby remuneration may be afforded without de- appointment here. We have heard that grass might be fo ind pendence on accidental fortuitous causes. As an instance of the in sufficient abundance, if at intervals in the year it was cut

fact of low completely a medical officer's labours are subservient and stacked: but we imagine that a great deal of land in tho ¿ to causes over which mere numerical strength of bis charge can environs of Agra would thereby be thrown out of cultivation .

exercise no control, your memorialists would mention that it We wish it were otherwise. -Agra Ukhbar, Oct. 8. frequently happens that a surgeon or assistant-surgeon in charge HER MAJESTY's 53rd Foor.Her Majesty's 53rd foot have of a wing of a regiment of native infantry, amounting to 500 men, received orders (direct from the Governor-general, says one of and placed in extra charge of another wing of similar strength, our letters) to march on the 20th instant for Agra, there to rehas infinitely more professional labour consequent on local pe- lieve the 80th foot, who received orders on the 3rd to hold theme culiarities, such as climate, &c., without drawing any allowance selves in readiness to march on the 15th, or on as early a day as whatsoever for the extra charge than under other more favour- the medical officers think they may leave with safety. This able circumstances he would have to undergo whilst holding will probably not be before the 1st of November, The sick an original charge amounting to the complement of an extra re- list, we are happy to learn,

is diminishing fast, and the men are giment, together with an extra one of equal strength, whereas in regaining their strength. The destination of the 80th is Umthe latter case he would be entitled to head money for every ballah, and the order says they are to be “encamped there till fighting man over and above the numerical complement of the further orders," from which we may safely infer that there is no original charge.

present intention of sending the 31st home. The 16th genadiers 7thly. Your memorialists respectfully solicit that the like have, as we suspected would be the case, been directed to hold regulation as obtains with regard to head money for “fighting themselves in readiness to march to the N. W. as soon as remen,” may be extended in the case of camp followers, namely, lieved by a wing of the 53rd from Meerut. As the gallant grasscutters, syces, and all such as are by existing orders entitled “ Hosainees" were not included in the movements indicated in to the surgeon's attendance, as it frequently happens, that indi. the relief, we may again safely set their march down to coming viduals of the above denomination, amounting in aggregate num. events. Tbe general impression throughout the country is ber over the strength of the regimental charge constitute in again, and more strongly than ever, in favour of the early assertheir treatment under disease, a most laborious portion of a bly of an army, and we may reasonably Icok forward to the medical officer's duties, yet yield no manner of recompense for orders for the formation of the same by the 15th proximo. the same.

Delhi Gazette, October 8. In conclusion, your memorialists respectfully beg to assure FEROZEPORE.-Extract from a letler. -Yesterday the remains your honourable Court, that they have been induced to submit of Major Delafosse were brought in from about 70 miles disthe before-mentioned points for your consideration, from the tance, where he had died two days previous. He was coming conviction that it was only necessary to bring the circumstances up in charge of boats, but finding it too hot, he travelled dâk, of their case clearly forward, to ensure the attention they now and was found dead in his palkee by the bearers, at the distance most respectfully and earnestly solicit.

I have named.-Mofussilité.
And your memorialists will ever pray.

Oct. 18.-Fever at FEROZEPORE. The Calcutta Star sets out an extract from a letter, dated Ferozepore, Sept. 25, which

mentions that fever and dysentery were extremely preyalent in MISCELLANEOUS.

that station. 'H. M.'s 62nd had 140 in hospital, and had lost in HORSES FOR THE Cavalry. Most of our readers are aware two weeks no less than 21 men! that Capt. Apperley, accompanied by Capt. Dallas, of the mili- INUNDATION AT TIPPERAH.-We regret to hear that the tary board, and Mr. Parry, proceeded last year to New South Sudder station of the Zillal of Tipperalı, as well as several Wales, for the purpose of purchasing horses for the cavalry, villages in its vicinity, have been overflowed by an inundation. Through the information of a friend, who paid the above-named The disasterous effects produced by this visitations are similar officers a visit, we are enabled to give the following brief account to those lately felt in the zillahs of Hooghly, Midnapore, and Burdof the progress that has been made, and of the establishment wan. Many of the houses have been completely swept away. The already formed in the colony. “An estate comprising 2,500 cutcheries of the judge and the collector, though built upon an acres, and belonging to Mr. Charles Smith, at a place called elevated site, bave suffered considerably from the inundation. Bungarabee, had been rented, and nearly six liundred liorses had The water rose so high as to enter them and to destroy some of been purchased and branded. The price given ranged between the records of the office. The destruction of the crops also 61. and 221., and the majority of horses are as fine animals as cannot be too' much regretted." Hundreds of people have Feen need be seen. The colonists are beginning to raise the market reduced to utter destitution. We 'earnestly hope something - but for some time to come there is no doubt of the company will be done by government for their relief. teing able to buy cheap enouglt: Five excellent horses were THE WEATHER.--Calcutta was' agreeably surprised last even. sold at a slieriff's sale lately for 11. each!!!-Mofussilite. ing, about half.past two o'clock, with a smart north-wester, and

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a pleasant shower of rain, which lasted about an hour, laying the AGRA.On Thursday evening, the 8th inst. his Honour the dust, and raising the spirits of the few melancholic-looking per- Lieutenant-Governor gave a ball and supper. The bands of sonages who, during these holidays, take the air and the dust on H.M.'s 80th and of the 2nd Grenadiers were in attendance, and the course and the strand, according to social law, for the purpose played with great skill. Dancing commenced at half-past 9 o'clock. made and enacted, by custom immemorial. ... The few trees left We have seldom seen a party so crowded. There was a perfect to adorn Tank-square made an attempt, not quite a failure, to galaxy of youth, beauty, and fashion amongst the ladies, who in look green, though the literary ambition of the brick-dust walks numbers graced the apartments... The quadrille, the waltz, and of the same locality to appear deeply red, was generally considered polka were danced in rapid succession. Hurkaru, Oct. 20. the more successful-Star, Oct. 16.

COMMITTEE ON HEALTH AT KURNAUL. The , Governor9 DOORGA. THE HOLIDAYS..The eleven days which the Hina General has ordered Capt. Baker, Dr. Dempster, and Lieut. Yule doo devotes to the worship of Doorga and Luckee, and the Chris- to form themselves into a committee for the purposes of reporting tian to that of the goddesses of health and pleasure, are num. on the causes of the unhealthiness which has existed at Karnau bered with the past. To-day, the Ditcher of all classes, from the and other portions of the country along the banks of the Delhi civil servant to the Sirkar, returned from their rambles over land Canal. They are likewise required to report whether an injurious and water, to take their places, each at his desk, to make up by effect on the health of the people of the Dooab is likely to result double diligence for lost time, or to lose a little more in thinking from the contemplated Ganges Canal. - Friend of India, Oct. 9. or talking of the adventures of the vacation. The weather bas 1: THE NERBUDDAH.-We, understand that the Nerbuddak been greatly in favour of the holiday-makers, as with the exception steamer has met with an accident, which, obliged her to ancher of yesterday, they have been blessed with almost uninterrupted fourteen miles below Allahabad, whence she and her fat, the sunshine hy day, and moonlight by night. The mails, out going Bhagurette, were towed up to the city by the Jumna steamer. It and in-coming, have also been by chatice arranged so as to interfere very little with the plans of the idlers. The Hindostan going owing, it is said, to some carelessness on the part of the engineens


appears that the Nerbuddah's boilers have been seriously buroed, away on the 8thy did, it is true, keep some fretting and fidgetting

Unless the damage can be repaired at Allahabad, which is doubtin town two or three days longer than they liked;

but since then ful, she will have to be towed down to Calcutta.-Hurkara, no mail has come in, nor any gone out, the holidays closing

Oct. 17. * just in time for the '" latest safe day"- to-morrow. ---Hurkaru, East INDIA RAILWAY. We learn from an advertisement in Oet., 17. + EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION FOR CHRISTIAN NATIVES. A

the papers that the whole of the shares of the East India Railway

Company, amounting to 10,000, which were appropriated to the prospeetus has been issued at Madras, inviting subscriptions for

Bengal presidency, have been taken up ; the deposit of three ru. the establishment of a Protestant Educational Institution, for native Christians and East Indians. One gentlemen bas sub.

pees per share is therefore required to be made at the Bank of scribed 50,000 rupees, and as much more is to be collected before

Bengal by the 14th of November, in default of which the allot

ment will be cancelled, and the shares re-allotted to other parties. the institution is opened. Hurkaru, Oct. 18.

-Friend of India, Oot. 9. To **MILITARY INTELLIGENCES A troop of the 5th regiment

THE BRITISH FLAGIAT SERAMPORE, -The English flag was light eavalry, marched from Muttra on the 13th, for Agra, under command of Capt. Gascoyne, to attend on the Governor. general

hoisted at Serampore on Saturday, a little before noon. It was umil the camp. Le formed, and the whole escort arrive., The

expected that some grand display would have marked the event, entire regiment to follow immediately.

and all the inhabitants and holiday visitors were on the qui sive The 38th light infantry have, notwithstanding the positive

for the anticipated tamasha, büt, much to the disappointment of manner in which their march to Umballah was spoken of, gone

the expectant throng, the settlement was transferred to its pur. on to Noradabad. They marched from Meerut on the 15th.

chasers with as little ceremony as is the subject of a bargain ia The 27th regiment Bengal infantry, on being relieved by the

the China bazaar. - Messrs. Harvey and Bailey, representing the 38th, would move viđ Bijnore; Daranuggur, and Sharunpoor,

British India government, and Mr. Elberling that of Denmark, towards Umballah, and is, we understand, one of the regiments

proceeded, without pomp of parade of any kind, from the govem. appointed to guard the Pontoon Bridge at Ferozepoor. The

ment house to the flagstaff, where the British bunting was at once 33rd will, it is said, læve to share in the duty.

displayed by a common kalashie. In the course of the afternoon Her Majesty's 29th foot marched from Meerut on the 15th

a party of sepoys arrived from Barrackpore to relieve the Danish in progress to Kussdwlee, but were detained at Sirdhannal for

force from its duties." And thus was Serampore absorbed into the want of carsiage ; fifty-six more hackeries were, in consequence,

vast empire of British India! A sad event for thwarted lorets, sent out to them on Thursday morning.

henceforth compelled to seek the more distant Gretna of ChanderThe 43rd Jight infantry, marched from Futtygliur on the 15th

nagore! A sad event for the gentleman in difficulties, whose inst.

nearest city of refuge has ceased to afford him a sanctuary! " The 74th regiment have been instructed to march to Hoshun

Hurkaru, Oct. 13. My gabad, on the arrival of the 65th, from Allahabad. The latter

1 THE LATE MRs. Evans. -The cause of Christian benevolenice are expected at Naogong, about the 2nd of November.

in India has sustained a severe loss in the recent death of Mts. - The 39th marched from Naogong in progress to Berhampore

Evaus." She arrived in India more than five years ago, and imme on the 15th. Yine's

diately assumed charge of the female department of the BenevoHer Majesty's 9th Jancers, or Queen's royals, Here to march

lent Institution in Calcutta, the duties of which she continued to from Cawnpoor on the 17th, yesterday, and have received in.

discharge till within two or three weeks of her lamented death, structions to encamp at Meerut, until the decision of the Go

with a degree of zeal and assiduity of which we have few examples vernor-general respecting their ulterior destination shall be

among us."

It was the delight of her life to cultivate the minds made known.

and seeelings The 53rd regiment lest

100 and 150, committed to ber charge, to train them up in Chris.

of the large body of children, amounting to between Mynpooree and Etawah,the recerut on the 15th, in progress to to relieve the 16th grenadiers

tian virtue, and to fit them in and 42nd light infantry, respectively. Delhi Gazette, Oct. 18.

ments of good to others in the various spheres they might be Deputy. GOVEŁNOR. We learn that our respected deputy

called to occupy:

kindliness of heart (which was so happily governor, Sir Thomas Herbert Maddock, contemplates a plea. blended with the duties of tuition, won her the affection of the sure-trip to the Sandlends, as soon as & pilot can be found for children, and gave tier a strong influence over their minds, which the stcamer in wliich he will proceede Economist, Oct. 13.!.. she well knew

have .

to the best eccount.-Ibid. Oct. 16." in Nor-WESTER '*BARRACKPORK.A person who returned

from Barrackpore last Saturday evening informs us that a terriblement of news which is not chronicled in this Summary, we chlape nor-wester was experienced there at about twelve o'clock on that day ; about which time we felt a fresh breeze here, and that karu. A special engine, conveying a messenger, was despatched having on board a number of ladies and gentlemen, on a plea performed the distance in eight hours. On some parts of the sure-excursion, pas nearly, capsized by a gust of wind. I Hurkary, road Oct. 11.

there speed attained was a mile in forty-eight seconds, or at

118! A EM BEZİLENEN 1 AT BACKERGUNGE. - We noticed, some time

of seventy-four miles an hour. Yet even when traveling at this rate, the operation of writing was performed with ease

. At ago, that an embezzlement had taken place in the Colleetorate this rate, we shall be able to reach Allahabad from Calcutta in of Backergunge. We have been since informed that the com. missioner has brought home-the guilt to the cazhanclee, or the

less than fourteen houra-tjat is to say, when we have got op rail.- Ibid.

* 2007 190T treasurer, and has attached the zenindary of the person who the whole of the amount embezzled (about fifty thousand rupees)

The Relief seems to be undergoing considerable modification. could be recovered. --'Ibid., Oct. 15.

Consequent on its sickly state, the Goth N.I. (which has never et *: 111

recovered from the Kurnau) fever, we understand), at prezent under

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way to bacome the instro.


latter corps

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orders to march from Benares to Barrackpore, when relieved by the sioners with the Danish government had brought their proceedings. 21st regt. will, we believe, in all probability not come to Bengal On the appointed, morning the native crowds had the melanthis year. It would certainly be the height of folly to send a sick choly satisfaction of seeing descend from its wonted position the corps to Barrackpore, where the duty is, as we have frequently flag which although it had not braved many battles, still had observed, unusually heavy. If the 60th does not come to Bar. withstood many a smart breeze, during the eighty-nine years in rackpore, the destination of the 21st N.I. will, we presume, be which they had lived beneath its protection. The British fag changed. We have heard Delhi, Mirzapore, and Cawnpore all was in silence hoisted in its stead, no salute of thundering guns, assigned to it, and the 61st or 62nd regiments N.I. mentioned as or even a solitary cheer, giving eclét to this strictly mercantile likely to take the place of the 60th at the Presidency; but nothing transaction. In a proceeding of this kind of course there could is yet known definitively. We also observe that the destination hardly be any pretext for accompaniments of such a nature, more of the 53rd N.I. is changed from Nowgong to Etawah and than the mere compliment to the national colours, it being fur. Mynpooree, where it will relieve the 16th grenadiers; the thermore stirmised, by some, that they would have given an

" being, we presume," says the Delhi Gazette, unseemly appearance of rejoicing in regard of a transaction tend* required for service on the north-west frontier." If such ing to the unwillingly received territorial aggrandizement of the is the case, we cannot help thinking that something of the na- poor, constrained East-India Company, ture of a slight is put upon a very gallant regiment. The

The Commissioners were warmly received by the popalace, if 53rd, we know from the best authority, is in a perfectly efficient

crowding around them, to the exclusion of all fresh air, can be so state, its rolls complete, and with only about fifty recruits at drift. construed ; whilst their sense of the strong dependence placed It has, at least, the average number of officers present; and to re.

upon British justice was greatly flattered, by their finding themmove such à corps from the frontier, to chokeydar's' work." selves immediately possessed of numerous documents claiming

set free even the gallant

compensation from the late government on various grounds, at Mynpooree and Etawah, in order to take * 16th Grenadiers for 'service, " is, we humbly conceive, a deviation

which had been dexterously thrust into their hands by both Eu. from that strict impartiality in the selection of regiments for ac

ropeans and natives. Upon the whole, the change appeared to tive service which ought to influence the Commander-in-Chief.

give considerable dissatisfaction to the excited native community, The 20th N.I. left Cawnpore for Barrackpore by water on the

the speedy justice, always at once and on the spot, obtainable 5th instant. The 64th N.I. will probably not leave the former

from the supreme local authorities, being alleged as a reason, by place in progress to the presidency till the 15th of this month,

the poorer part, whilst the more wealthy and litigious Bengalee owing to the difficulty of procuring boats.

rejoiced in the transition, from the opportunities that would now be afforded of appealing from inferior to higher courts. : A couple

of hundred sepoys, transported by steam from the opposite sa(FROY OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.)

tion, shortly landed and formed up by the flag-staff, whilst the 7:27015 rokmCalcutta,- Oct. '16th.

officer commanding the party proceeded to government-house, The Poojal holidays not being yet over, all business is, 'ac

whence he returned, accompanied by the two native commiscording to custom, at a stand still. The "heathen rage" in sioned officers of the Danish sepoys. The scene of the iconthe midst of their idolatries, whilst the Christian community are

ference with these men of the olden time was interesting to a gladly taking advantage of the welcome season by indulgiug in

degree: and with their old-fashioned uniforms, long white beards, aquatic excursions, for change of air, to neighbouring stations on and general appearance, strongly brought to mind, some of the the river. The Governor-general-(who, of course, you by this

old representations of former similar scenes with native powers time kuow to be absent) arrived at Benares on the morning of

in the gone-by days of India; the solemn visages of the serious the 7th inst., and was to leave the next day. His absence, of

old men (generally mutineers or deserters from the English sertourse, takes away all the heads of departments, and of course

vice, by-the-bye), the great pains which had been taken to polish all people of "ton," and we are left here with nothing but a

their accoutrements for the last time, their flowing white beards, parcel of little folk, in the shape of the smaller officials ; the

and their almost ante diluvian appearance, in comparison with everlasting. "adjutants," who continue to "statuarize" on the

the modern subadar of "young India," to whom they handed tops of the government- house, although they, too, like other

over by order the different emblems and places of authority, well-bred birds, are about to follow the example of emigration,

tended to form a strange contrast, to those around them; while by quietly going out of town, whilst scarcely a remarkable

the knowledge of theic being thrown out of employ, and their creature is to le seen on the course save some ball.dozen old now appearing in a publie capacity for the last time in behalf of Scotch doctors, who roll up and down in the pride of their fat,

a state which they had served so long and so faitbfully, contriand greasy gold-lace cape. Society (if, in its real sense, there

buted not a little to give a dash of melancholy to the scene. ever was such a thing in these regions) is quite at a stand still,

They are, as well as their men, doubtless pensioned by their whilst November and cold weather are anxiously anticipated by

late government. Although the native crowds did not entirely longing maidens. Some of the sporting rajas dashed out in quite a

disperse until evening, no other occurrence of importance marked new style the other day, by exhibiting at their hitherto native"

this eventful day, saving mention be made of a rather ominous nautches the wonderful feats of a rope-dancing French company,

and unfortunate accident which befell the ex-governor in his thereby gaining great popularity with all classes, and much de

evening ride, who, by the sudden starting of his horse, was Jighting, and much enlightening, the minds of the wondering

thrown, happily, however, without receiving any injury. 1 4 natire community by the pleasing exhibitions” and elastic feats

1. The whole of the late authorities of Serampore, and Tranqueof les messieurs et les demoiselles ; the latter more particularly.

bar, who are similarly situated, áre: to return shortly to their The arrival of the Precursor, on the 4th inst., tended a little native land, in a frigate, dispatehed for that purpose by the Lo diversify the scene, by the usual monthly supply of new faces

Danish government. poured out among us - birds of passage who, as it were, hover a little time about Calcutta, and then disappear, no one knows

: **;,71 74

CIVIL. where;, amongst the rest, a strong party of moustached wouldbe-heroes, in the shape of dragoons, who have hurried out to flesh

3. APPOINTMENTS, &c. their swords upon the unwilling Sikhs, and are distinguishable | BAYLEY, H. V. to be a comm. on the part of the Hon. E.T. Comby the freshness of their looks and lace, and the trifling difference pany für receiving possession of the town of Frederick's-nagore in various poiots of their uniforms, from those of the perambu

or Serampore, transferred by treaty to the Hon. Company by his lating, shippies of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam-Navigation

Majesty the King of Denmark, Oct. 1. 11 Navy Company

BOWRING, L. B. to be memb. of loc. com. of pub. instruot. at

Bankoorah. In the mean time, a little farce has been going on at Seram. pore, which has, in consequence, been quite a scene of excite

Brown, J. to be dept. coll. under reg: 9 of 1833, in Purneah, with

full powers under reg, 7 of 1822, and sec, y, reg. 9, 1825. ment ; in short, a kingdom in miniature turned upside down. On BRUCE, T. to be memb, of loc. com. of pub. instruct. at Kishnagur,

Saturday, the IIth inetant, the transfer of this town to our 80- CRAWFORD, I. 8, to be memb. of loc. com. of pub. i :struct, at vernment was concludert; an event which was given out as to have taken place some days previously; but such not immedi. DEEDES, E. to be memb. of loc. com. of pub. instruct. at Ban. ately occurring, the anxious natives took the alarm, and fearful of koorah. some misunderstanding having occurred in the important nego

DONNELLY, A. F. to be memb. of loc. com, of pub. iostract, at

3. Daccas ; fi in ciations, at once commenced preparations by a hasty retreat, with

9:0;" bag and la gage, for the anticipated sacking by the British troops

DUNLOP, R. H asst to make and coll. of Goruck poor, invested from the other side of the river. Their fears were, however,

with special powers described in clause 3, sec. 2, reg. 3, of 1821 and somewhat quhole skins will usible

aston marks

fit $ec 21, reg.8, p 1631. 1st

HARVEY, J.J. to be a comm. on the part of the Hon. E. I, Com. of warfare in their town; and their suspense was at length

pany for

receiving possession of the town of Frederick's-nagpre

or Serampore, transferred by treaty to the Hon. Company, by his brought to a conclusion, by ttie conclusion to which the commi. Majesty the King of Denmark, Oct. 1.

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هه زا راز : 6.1 اور 17 در : اره : 5





ALLE DIN PIAN Loch, G. to be memb. of loc. com. of pub. instruct. at Ban.


ABBOTT, Brev. capt. J. R. 12th N.1, fr. July 25 to Oct. 31, te re. MACPHERSON, J. to be mem. of the Howrah Ferry Fund Com. main at Presidency and enable him to rejoin his corps. Money, D. J. to be memb. of loc. com. of pub, instruct, at ATKINSON, 2nd Lieut. G. F. Eng. 4 mo. fr. Oct. 1, to pres. on Kisbnagur.

m. c. prep. to app. for furl. to Europe, Oct. 10. MONTGOMERY, R, ret, fr. furl. and reattached to N.W. prov, AUBERT, Lieut. W. W. late 34th N. I, fr. Oct. I to Nov. 15, in ext. PIGOU, A. to be mem. of loc. com. of pub. instruct. at Burdwan. to rem. at Landour on m. c. Rivaz, J. T. ret. fr. furl. and reattached to N.W. prov. Oct, 8. COMBE, Brev. capt. H, T. 1st. Eur. L.I, fr. Aug. 18 to Oct. 17, to Scott, T. C. to be mem. of loc. com. of pub. instruct. ať Burdwan. Simla. Tonnochy, T. to be dep. mag. at Boolandsbabur, and to ex. CRACROFT, Eos. J. E. 69th N.I, fr. Oct. 31 to Feb. 28, 1846, in powers, &c. Oct. 4.

ext. to Meerut on p. a. TREVOR, E. T. to be memb. of loc. com. of pub. instruct. at D'AGULAR, Lieut. G. 4th N.I. fr. Sept. 1o to Jan. 10, 1846, to Kishnagur.

Kurrachee on m. c. WHELER, J. to be a mem, of loc, com. of pub. instruct. at Dacca. DRUMMOND, Lieut, P. 22nd N. 1. fr. Oct. 30 to. Jan, 1, 1846, in ext.

to rem. at Petoraghur on m. c. LEAVE OF ABSEXCE.

Dufrin, Ens. F. 73rd N.I, fr. July 24 to Sept. 15, to rem. at

Simla on m.c.
BAYLEY, H. V. to Europe, Oct. 1.
BUCKLE, W. B. I mo.

GARDNER, Ens. H. 8th N:1. 2 mo, tr. Aug. 20, to Meerut. GUBBINS, M. R. ext. to 13 mo.

GRIFFITAS, Eas. F. G. 37th N.I. fr. Aug. 23 to Oct. 23, to rem. RADCLIFFE, E. F. 2 mo. Oct, 8.

at Hurad. i. Munzil on m.c.

HARRIS, Lieut. C. adj. Ist Scindia's regt. fr. Oct. 1 to Dec. 1, on ECCLESIASTICAL.


HILLERSDON, Capt. W. R. 53rd N.I. fr. Sept. 25 to Nov. 1, in Garstin, Rev. A to be mem. of the Sylhet Ferry Fund Com. ext. to remain in the hills N. of Deyrah on m. c.

Hoste, Lient. W. D. 55th N.I. fr. Sept. 1 to Oct. 31, to Mus. MILITARY.

soorie. APPOINTMENTS, &c.

METCALF, Ens. W. 35th L.I. fr. Oct. 15 to April 15, in ext. to ABERCROMBIE, Lieut. J. art. to be adjt. and qr. mr. to 8th brig. rem, at Darjeling on m. c. H.A. Sept. 27.

MOULE, Major J. 23rd N.I. 3 mo. fr. Oct. 15 to pres. ANGELO, 2nd Lieut, J.A. art. to be Ist lieut, fr. Sept. 26, v. Robi

MULCASTER, Lieut. W. E. 9th irreg. cav. 3 mo. fr. Sept. $ to son, dec. Oct. 10.

Simla and Mussoorie on m. c. BIGNELL, Brev.,capt. W. P. 69th N.I. to be capt. in succ. to

NICHOLETTS, Cornet C. H. Ist L.C. I'mo. fr. Oct. 5, in ext. to Brown, dec. fr. Sept. 11, Oct. 10.

rem. at Mussoorie on m, c. Boileau, Capt. T. B, art. fr. 2nd comp. Ist to 2nd comp. 7th batt.

NORTON, Lieut. col. H. 4th N.I. one year, fr. Sept. 1, to Nynee and to com. No. 6 battery, Sept. 27.

Tal, on BUTLER, Capt. J. to be asst, to the commiss. of Assam, Oct. 8., Scott, Major J. A. iny. est. 6 mo. fr. Nov. 1, to Meerut, Cawnpore, CHARLTON, Brev. capt. H. A. art. fr. 2nd comp. 4th to 1st comp.

and Allahabad. 5th batt. and to com. No. 11 battery, Sept. 27.

TULLOCH, Lieut. E. 59th N.I. fr. March 15 to Jan. 15, 1646, to CHRISTIE, Capt. E. art. fr. 1st comp. 6th to 2nd comp. 1st batt.

hills N. of Deyrah on 'm. c. and to com. No. 14 battery, Sept. 27.

WHELER, Eas. T. '56th N.I. fr. Aug. 20 'to Oct. 31, to rem, at CRACROFT, Ens. J. E. 69th N.I, to be lieut. in suce. to Brown,

Neemuch. dec. from. Sept. 11:

WROUGHTON, Ens. H. R. 40th N.I. I mo. at pres. oa m. c. CROLY, Ens. F. R. 63rd N.I. ret. to duty, Oct. 2. Doran, Ens, J. 24th N. I. to be lieut, fr. Sept. 20, in succ. to

MEDICAL. Singer, dec. Oct. 10.

APPOINTMENTS, &c. EWART, Major D. art. fr. 2nd brig. to 3rd batt. Sept. 27.

Jowett, Asst. surg. J. to join 2nd Assam L.I. upon beiog rel. at FADDY, Lieut. L. P. 29th N.I. to be adj. v. Johnston proceeded to

Purneah, Oct. 3. Europe, on furl. Sept. 30,

NISBET, Asst. surg. J. A. M. D. doing duty with 60th N.I. to med. GUISE, Brev. capt. J. 24th N.I. to be capt. fr. Sept. 20, in succ. to

ch. of art. at Petoraghur, to join Sept. 27. Singer, dec. Oct. 10.

SISSMORE, Asst. surg. c. N. pl. at disp. of Govt. with a view to Huish, Capt. A. art. to 4th comp. 7th batt. and to com. No. I bat

taking med. ch. of the civil station of Mymensing dur. abs. of tery, Sept. 27.

Ross on furl. Oct. 3. JERVIS. Brev. capt. T. S. 71st N.I. to be capt, fr. Sept. 30 in succ.

TURNER, G. to be civ. asst. surg. at Goruck pore, Oct. 3. to Roebuck, prom, LAW, Ens. W.G. 10th N.1, to be lieut. fr. Sept. 10, in succ. to Sam

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. ler, inv. Oct. 10.

GOODRIDGE, Asst, surg. W. G. 4 mo. fr. Oct. 1, to Meerut and the LAWRENSON, Major G. S. art. to 2nd brig. Sept. 27.

hills on m. c. MARSHALL, Major J. S. 71st N.I. to be lieut. col. fr. Sept. 30,

GRIFFITH, Surg. C. 4th N.I. fr. Nov. 15 to Jan. 10, 1846, in ext. MASON, Ens. G. H. M. 74th N.I. to be lieut. fr. Oct. 3, in succ. to

to rem, at Almorah on m. C. Chilcott, inv. Oct, 10.

IMLAY, Asst. Surg. C.T. 3 mo. Oct. 13. MOXTEATH, Brev. col. to be col. fr. Sept. 30, v. Simpson, dec.

IRVINE, R. H. civ. asst. surg. at Poorçé, fr. Nov. 24 to April 1, MUNRO, Brev. capt. R. 10th N.I. to be capt. fr. Sept. 10, in succ.

1846, in ext. Oct. 8. to Samler, inv. Oct. 10. MURRAY, Eng. J. J. 71st N.I. to be lieut. fr. Sept. 30, in succ. to

SHIPPING Roebuck, prom.

NESBITT, Lieut. G. 49th N.I. to off. as dep. com, 3rd class, in the OCT. 10.-Ellenborough, Close, London.-12. Judith Allan, Hayes,

Saugor and Nerbudda terr. Oct. 7,
PARKER, Lieut. G. 74th N.I. to be capt. fr. Oct. 3, in succ. to

London; Tamerlane, Clyde; Tory, Hobart Town.-15. Mary Hart

ley, Liverpool.-16. Cassiopea, Newcastle; Rockshire, Liverpool; Chilcott, inv, Oct. 10. Phillips, Lieut. J. C. 60th N.I. to be brev. capt. fr. Sept. 30.

Beethoven, Liverpool ; Bolton, Newcastle.-19. Tapley, Liverpool; POGSON, Lieut. W. Q. 43rd L.1. ret. to duty, Oct. 4.

Flora McDonald, Gamble, Madras ; Medusa, Benson, Hamburg; ROBINSON, Lient. J. art. to 1st comp. 3rd batt. Sept. 27.

Gabriel, Heurtevert, Bourbon; Valentine, Defoy, Bourbon.-20.

Stag, Thorne, London.-21. Ceres (French); Alfred, Henning, ROEBUCK, Capt. G. D. 71st N.I, to be major v. Marshall, prom. London ;, Westminster, Michie, Cork, Winifred, City of Palaces,

fr. Sept. 30. ROWLATT, Lieut. E. A. to be jun. asst, to the commiss, of Assam.

and Georgiana, Mauritius. RUTHERFORD, Major H. art. ret, to duty, Oct. 4.

SKENE, Lieut, A. 68th N.I. to be dep. com. 3rd class, in the
Saugor and Nerbudda terr. and pl. in ch. of dist. of Semee, Oct. 6.

Per Ellenborough.-Lady Pollock, Mrs. Kyle, Misses Pollock, Top, Capt. E. D'A. art. fr. 2nd comp. 7th batt. to 2nd comp. Ist

Sim, Halhed, and C. Halhed; Mr. and Mrs. Court and family, Bengal brig. Sept. 27.

C.S.; Lieut. col. Graham, Bengal artillery ; Lieut. Halhed, Bengal ADMITTED TO THE SERVICE-ARRIVED AT THE DATES

army; Messrs. Alexander Sprol, Merewither, Perkios, and John

son, cadets; Mrs. Board, Mrs. Middleton, Mrs. Stevecs, and Miss SPECIFIED.

Clara, steerage passengers. From Madras.-James Taylor and

James Cormon, seamen.

Per Judith Allan.--Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Glover, Mrs. Brookes

and son, Miss Pearson, Major G. Chapman, com. troops; Lieut. ARTILLERY. HATHORN, J. G. Oct. 4.

J. S. Warren, 73rd N.I.; Lieut. W. A. G. Hickoy, 32ad N.I. J. De BUDE, F. R. Oct. 6.

Glover, M.D. asst. surg. ; 200 Company's recruits, 19 women, il

children, 1 child born at sea on the 29th August. *** INFANTRY..

Per Tamerlane.--Mr. J. C. Todd, merchant; Mr. John Paul, ANGUS, H. D. Oct. 4.

GODBY, C. J. Oct. 4. BATTYE, G. M. Oct. 4. 4 HICKEY, R. J. F. Oct. 4.

plauter. Couper, J. G. Oct. 4.

Per Tory.-Mr. George Grainger.
WILLAN, D. Oct. 4.

Per Robarts.-Mr. Cooke, and two Master Lucas's.
EDEFNG. Oct. 1.

Per Lady McDonald.--Mrs. Leycester; R. Batoler, Esq.

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