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H. M. 60th rides,

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thorities, who have not abided by the letter of tbe town regula- Colés, G. rec. ch. of Sbolapore collect. fr. A. Gray, to proc. iato tions, and prohibited, as they should have done, the erection of his districts on dep. Oct, 29. tattics and the use of thatched roofs ; the military cantonments

ELP INSTON, A. coll. of Poona, perm" to proc. into his districts

• son dep. fr. Oct. 6. 1. 3. * to be not in the best of order. Col. Wallace arrived at Belgaum on Sunday, the 12th instant, looking in

Fawcett, E. G. coll. of Ahmedabad, perm, to proc.' into his dis. health and spirits. He resumes his command on the 1st

tricts on Nov. 23.79 17

FRERE, W. Ė. coll. of Dharrar, to proc. on dep. into his ditstricts proximo. The detachment of the 16th M. N. I., which was at

- Oct. 17. siCH 3 Ramghat, returned to Belgaum on the 13th, after having been GRANT, A. R. to Ahmednuggur, under sup. of coll. at that station relieved by the 51st M. N. I. The detachment of the 16th to study Mahratta language, Oct. 18. marclied the three stages from Ramgháut to Belgaum in one day. GRAY, A: rec. ch. of Sbolapoor, collect. fr. E. Montgomerie, del. It left the former place on Monday morning, and arrived at the over cb, to G. Coles. latter

LIDDELL, H. colk of Ratnagheree, to proceed on deputation into men De so for creniaki ouick correspondent asks, would the

i proceeding on service? We his districts, fr. Nov. 15. Si answer, we have not the slightest doubt of it, il occasion

LLOYD, F. to be 3rd asst. to coll. and mag. of Tanna. 1.2 required.- Courier, Nov. 1,

LUMSDEN, J. G. to resume app. as act, jud. and sess. jud. of the C

Concan. EXECUTION or Two CRIMINALA. The two criminals Essoob.

MONTGOMERTE, E, made over ch. of Sholapoor collectorate to X. jee Ibraham and Baba Fuckeerajee, who were convicted of the

Gray, Oct. 11.) murder of two women and a boy, in the harbour of Bombay, MORGAN, J. R. act. 1st asst. to coll. and mag. Ahmedabad, pl. ia were executed on the morning of Friday, the 17th October per. ch. of districts of Dholka and Veerumgaum, Oct. 29. Ibid.

1, 71056 VIII

STUART, A. C. asst. to res. at Baroda, and act. pol. ag. in the Rewa

Caunta, ass. ch. of off, op Oet. 8. Die 5th inst. Hindoos were baptized by the American

s!); 1,7451AB missionaries, at Ahmednuggur. One was a man of the Kyonbee (cultivator) caste, the other two were men of the Maliar çaste.

PASSED THEIR EXAMINATION IX XATIVE LANGUAGES. One of these latter belongs to a village twenty-four miles distant

BELL, H. 9.10.17

,,75. Lloyd, F. from Abmednoggur and is a head-man, and a person of great


Maxson, C. influence among his people. Dnyanotlaya, Oct. 15.

GRANT, A. R. some

* PRICE, W. (??**? H. M. 60r4 Rifles. — The right wing (headquarters) of

11 Apollo

3." day last, for Panwell en

LEAYE OF ABSENCE, is to be stationed for a time. Two companies of this regiment, BIRDWOOD, W.judge and sess. judge of Sholapoor, 2 mo. fr. Oet. 21. which arrived here on Monday in the Princess Royal, left that LARKEN, M. dep. civ. and dep. mint master, 2 mo. fr. Oct. 17. vessel also on Tuesday and sailed for Panwell, withonc landing RAVENSCROFT, A. W. 1 mo. in ext. on our islarid.' The remainder of this fine regiment' 'may be REEVES, H. W. pol. agent So. Mahratta Country, I'mo. fr. Nov.x! expected shortly in the ship Neptune. -- Courier, Oct. 2k. ROBERTSON, A. D. leave ext. to 3 mo.

TYTLER, C. E. F. 2nd asst. to coll. of Ahmednuggur, 1 mo. nader

sect. 11 of Abs. Regs. Oct. 22.
ASSIST. suka. LOWRY, 'M D.

prezi Head Quarters, Poongh, Sept. 16, 1845, Ata General Court.

sub MILITARY. Martial assembled at Hydrabad, on Friday the 18th day of July,

APPOINTMENTS, &e. 1815, and of which Lieut-col. Wilson, of the 14th Regt. N.Í. ARTHUR, Lieut. E. P. 1st L.C. to be mil. sec. v. Capt Arthur, proc. is president, Assist.-surg. Lowry, a.d. of the medical establish- to Europe, Oct. 16.." ment, was tried on the following charge, viz. :

BATTYE, Lieut. M. J. asst. sup. of Ghat police, to be an asst. mag. Assist:-surg. Lowry, M.D. placed in arrest, and brought to trial in Zillahs, except Ahmedabad and Dharwat. on the following charge, viz. : --

BRETT, Lieut, on being relieved fr. care of 7th Golundauze batt. to

proceed to Kurrachee and Bombay, and to report his arrival to the

adjt. gen. Oct. 5. 4th day of July, 1845, deliberately and knowingly falsely as.

CHITTY, Eps. W.T. to rank fr. Oct. 10, posted to 13th N.I. Oct. 24. serted that he had at Kurrachee, and on several occasions at

CHRISTIE, Lieut. C. F. 2nd Earp. It/inf. to be capt. in suc. to Hydrabad, had connection with a female named Girzee, such

Macan, promoted to rank fr. Oct. 10.

DOUGLAS, Lieut. G, R. art, tet. to duty Oct. 9; to join 4th comp. assertion being untrue and contrary to fact.

2nd batt. at Belgaum, Oct. 25. Head Quarters, Kurrachee, 9th July, 1845. ; 1,5****! DYETT, Lieut. 3rd N.I. to proceed to Gharts, and do duty with By order of His Excellency Major-Geni. Sir C. J. NAPIER, detach. there stationed. G.C.B. commanding

FINNIMORE, Lieut. 5th comp. Golundauze batt. art. to rec. ch. of Greer, Major, Assist. Aðjl.-genf. cordnance departments at Hyderabad, during abs. of Lieut. Bell, Upon which charge the Court came to the following deci. at Kurachee, on m. c. Oct. 2. sion :

GRAHAM, Lient. 2nd Eur.regt., to nct as adj. to care of BandelFinding and Sentence. The Court having maturely weighed

kund legion dar. such time as Lizut. Law may be acting as 2nd? and considered all that has been adduced in support of the prose

in com.

HAILES, 2nd Lieut. J.C. art. to: joia 1st, battaat Ahmedauggat: cution, as well as what has been brought forward in the defence, HERVEY, Licut. C. R. W. 2nd Eur. Lt. Inf. app. asst: gen, supt

. are of opinion that the prisoner, Assistant-surgeon Lowry, M. D.

of operations for suppression of Thuggee, Oct. 27. . *£ is "guilty of the charge preferred aguinst him, in breach of the Hicks, Capt. art. having reported his arrival at hd. qu. to proceed Articles of War in such cases made and provided, and they do: to Hyderabad, and assume, comofr. Lieut. Brett of 7th comp! therefore adjudge him, the said Assistant-surgeon Lowry, M. D.'

Golundauze batt. Oct. 5. to be Cashiered.

JAMESON, Lieut. 3rd N.I. to proceed to Ghrrra and do duty with (Signed) T. T: CHRIstir, Capt', Officiating Judge Advocate. detach. there stationed and assum, com, G.J. Wilson, Lieut. col., and President.

LAW, Lieut. and adj. of the cay, of the Bundelkund legion, to act as ..GOch 1230 Approved and Confirmed.

2nd in com. Oct. 5. (Signed) THOMAS MCMAHON, Lieat. gen. and Comdr.-in-Chif.

Macan, Capt. G. 2nd Eur. L.I. to be maj. v. Fawcett, retired to

rank fr. Oct, 10. The name of Assistant-surgeon J. L. Lowry, M.D. is to be MALCOLM, Ens. G. 13th N.I. to be lieut. v. Dacat, deceased, to struck off the strength of the Medical Establishment of the

rank fr. Oct. 10. Army from the date of the publication of this order at Hydra. MARKS, 2nd Lieut. A. R, art. to join 1st batt, at Abmedpuggure:? bad,

MAYOR, Lieut. to com. Beloochee recruits at Gharra.
By order of His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief.

MONTGOMERY, Lieut. 14th N.I. to act as qr, mr. interp. and pay.

master to 14th N.I. v. (Signed).'. C: HAGART, Lieut..col., Adjt..gen. of the Army

to-fr. Ist to 2nd batt. and to join 4th Major-general Simpson will be pleased to communicate to co.zad batt. at Belgaum, Oct. 28. the Assistant Adjt.-general the day on which this order is ORD, Ens. E. H. posted to Srd-N... to join bead des. at Ahme, received at Hydrabad.

dabad, Oct. 24. Hollan bli!",

PARR, Capt. S. act. sup. of police, to act as asses. of /whitel tak, CIVIL.

assam. ch. Oct. 28.

Pelly, Lieut, Persian interp. to his Ex. the Gov. to attend as APPOINTMENTS, &c.

interp. to the mil. com. non sitting, Oct/2; to act as asst. adit. BLANE, G, J. to act as judge and sessa judge of Sholnpoor dur. abb. gen. during the abs. of Major:Green, C.B. Lof Hirdwood, Oct. 91. salle des brevet at mangas REID, Easi H. G. H. to ranke ft. Oet. 10, posted to 2nd Ewi LI.

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(Signeu) est le troops in Seinde.

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Morse, 2nd Lieut. K. a. Seurat, promoted, Oct, 24.

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SALMOX, Capt. 2nd Cav. in ch. of details of 13th and 14th and 17th

Tegts. SCOTT, Lieut. 17th N.I. to join to act as interp. to his regt. Oct, 24, SOAMES, Ens. G. 2nd Eur. Lt. Inf. to be lit ut. in succ. to Christie,

promoted, to rank fr. Oct. 10., SOPPITT, Lieut. 13th N.1. to act as qr. mr. to 12th N.I. dur. abs.

of Lieut, Holbrow, on leave, Oct. 24. SPARROW, Eas. H. posted to 3rd N.I. to join lead qrs. at Ahme.

dabad, Oct. 24. TESCHEMAKER, 2nd Lieut. engs. to receive ch, of ordnance stores and com. of H. battery, with details attached fr. Capt. Giberne, proc. on leave, Oct. 21. THATCHER, Capt. W. inv. este ret, to duty, Oct, 9. TWEEDALE, Capt. to perform duties of veterinary dept. of Ist L.C.

dur, abs. of Nixon. WADDINGTON, Ens, to act as gr, mr. to 17th N.l. during, abs. of

Ens. Campbell, on leave, Oct. 24. WHITEHILL, Lieut. S. J. K. 23rd L.I, to join Oct. 25, WRIGHT, Capt. 3rd N.I. to be 2nd in com. of the Beloochee batt.


Mr. J. A. Keys, sen, capt.'s clerk, to be purser, y. Turner, retired,
Mr. J. C. Beyts, sen. act. clerk, to be capt.'s clerk,
Mr. R. Bennett, act. clerk, to be capt,'s clerk.

The unexpired portion of the leave to the Neilgherries, on m.c. granted to Com. H. A. Ormsby, 1. N. by G. G. O. No. 13, dated Jan. 25 last, is cancelled.

Com Ormsby, to proceed to Eur. with leave of absence for one year. W

Lieut. W. E. L. Campbell, of the Hoo: Co.'s S. P. Semiramis, is perm. to reside op shore. :?

Mr, Connor, mid, of the Sesostris, is perm. to reside on shore...n

Mr. Beyts, capt.'s clerk,, ft, the Lastings to the Atalanta, as clerk in charge of that vessel,

Mr. J. B. Hadley, acting clerk, and attached to the Qučen. Mr. S. B. Hillard, mid, of the Hastings, is 'perm, to reside da shore."

Commander J. Froshard. to the com. of the Sesostris. Lieut. Pell, 'assist. guri, of the Pulinurus, to the Buoy vessel, building for Bengal Gov.

Licut. A. M. Grieve, of the Sesostris, to the Palinurus, as assist.

Lient. Montriou, Indian navy draftsman, to the com. of the surv, brig Taptee.

Com. Boulderson, act, assist. sup, will assume ch, of the Indian Navy Draftsman's office.

Mr. Connelly, act. clerk sup. on board the Hastings, to the surv. brig Taptee as clerk in charge. *; 11:45

U. Miller, Q. M. supernum. on the Hastings, is placed at disp. of the master attend. for duty on the Colaba light vessel a3 2nd mate.

Mr. M‘Donald, mid. of the Hon. Col's st.frigate Sesostris, is permitted to reside, on shore. im Stilintal *, Caspety se ne sono


16 podne por op BIRTHS. *Pas 10! ADAMS, the lady of Maj. H.M. 28th, at Poonahi s. Oct. 22: 1.7** CARDWELL, the lady of Thomas, at Bombay, s. Oct. 22. { CRAIG, the wife of Sub-conductor W. at Poonab, s. Oct..9.. GONSALVES, the wife of D. F. at Belgaum, d. Oct. 13. RAYMER, Mrs. H. at Dharwar, d. Oct. 9.

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T MARRIAGESO) Johnson, Wm. to Erizabeth Anne Gillies, at Bombay, Oct. 14. :

DEATHS. CAMPBELL, Lieut. Wm. E. L., I.N. at Bombay, Oct. 17. COCHRANE, Andrew, at Bombay, Oct. 26.1: *km Elliott, Robert, at Mhow, aged 44, Oct. 25. sviati GEARY, W. H. engincer of steamer Parsee, at Bombay, aged 27,

Oct. 17. Luce, Thomas, of the I.N. on board the steamer Auckland, at

Bombay, aged 19, Oct. 22. ROBERTSON, J. McD. C.$, at Bombay, Oct, 13. SPRINGBETT, E. engineer of H, C, steamer Comte, at Bombay,

Oct. 31.


BOYE, Capt. 22nd N.I. da | FORLONG, Lieut. Ist N.I.
BRACKENBURY, Ens. 19th N... Goodwin, Lieut, 16th N.I.
BURROWED, Ens. 15th N.I. KINLOCH, 2nd Lieut, art.
CONYBEARE, 20d Lieut. art. ?* SKIPTON, Ens. 2 grens.
56: "...11


1 ARTHUR, Cornet 2nd L.C. to Bombay, on m. c. BRYAN,

Ens. C.,V, 17th N...attach. to 20th N.I. fr. Oct. 17 to Nov. 17 to rem. at Poona. CHRISTIE, Capt. T. T. 17th N.I. 2 mo. to remain at Kurrachee. De Wet, Lieut. C. G. fr. Oct. 6 to Nov. 30, to Bombay and W.C.

OA W. C. HAWKINS, Lieut. art. to Bombay, on m. c. HAYES, Lieut. cav. reg. Bundelkund Legion, 1 year, fr. Nov. 15, to

Bombay, on p. a. HOLL, Capt. F. E. 4th N.Í. fr. Oct. 15 to Nov. 30, to Bombay,

OD me. Hough, Lieut. 3rd N.I. to Kurrachee, Oct. 5. LEOKIE. Lieut. 13th N.I. to Bombay, on m. c. STALKER, Lieut. col. F. 2od' Eur. L.I. 1 year, fr. Nov. 15, to pre

sidency, on p. a. WALLACE, Lieut. col. J. 20th N.I.furl. to Eur. leave canc. Oct. 18. Wells, Capt. coll. and mag. of Shikarpore, to Kurrachee, on m.c.


APPOINTMENTS, &e. ALLENDER, Asst. surg. to rec. ch. of 1st comp. 2nd batt. art. Ir.

Pitman. ANDERSON, Asst. surg. A. T.M.D. attached to I.N. v. Faithful." ARNOTT, Surg. 18th N.I. to rec. med. ch. of brig. staff, &c. & · Hydrabad, until arr. of Lowry. COLES, Asst. surg. to proc, ia med. ch. sof details of 8th and 25th

N.I. on march to Bombay. FAITHFULL, Asst. surg. J.J, I.N. to be civ. surg. at Broach. IMLACH, Asst. surg. to réc. med. eh. of the Scinde camel corpo,

and to join. MARATTY, Asst. surg. to rec. med. ch. of 11th N.I. and 2nd and

ith comps. of the Golundauze batt. fr. asst. surg. Mánisty. PITMAX, Asst. surg. to rec. med. ch, of Ist comp. Žnd batt. art. fr. Allender, and to assume ch. of Nat. Gen. Hosp. and at Hydrabad. WARD, Asst. surg: "20d L.C. to med. ch of the Beloochee batt. v. Wright, resigoed, Oct. 2.



Im! FREEMAN, J. E. M.D. Oct. 18.

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DE SHIPPING. vi ste pe

ARRIVALS.'..!!! :) Oct. 15. Stebonheath, Cromarty, Cork; John Adams, Gardner Mauritius; Lowjee Family, Ayrrs, China, Forfarshire, Symons, Cork. 20. Princess Royal, Doutty, Cork. 21. H.M.S. Fox, Black wood, Madras; Lascar, Green, Greenock ; Benares, Gilkinson, Cork.-22. St. Laurence, Newlandy, Liverpool. --24. Arab, Sum


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PASSENGERS ARRIVED. Per Siebonheath.--Lieut, col. Hon. H. Dundas, c.B., both regt. rifles ; Major M. G. Dendis, Capt. E: M. Lowe, Lieut. E. F. Campbell

, Lieut. A. Mossy, 2nd Lieut. F. Dawson, 2nd Lieut. D:

Paymaster , . . ; Quariomas. T. Berray ; Surg. E. R. Boyes Mrs. Coxen ; Mrs. Berray Master Coxen; 339 troops of both Rifles,' including wou men and children. 1971 -ITRA libris,trists!!!

Per Forfarshire.- Major Murray, H.M. 60th Rifles ; Capt. Bedford, -do. do..; Capt. Fanshaw, 12th regt.; Lieut. Armstrong, both Rifles ; Lieut, Clapertt, do, do.; Lieut. Salipoo, do. do.; Lieut. Williams, do. do.; Lieut. Bayne, do, do. ; Licut. Vaughan, do. do. ; Assist.

surg. Forbes, do, do. : Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Symons, Mrs. Graham, two Misses Murray; 238 men, women, and children of H.M. 60th Rifles. 11. T.

il to sykurf! to 9661962 bits 10 DEPARTURES

es triste Oct. 16. Sultany. Llervelyn, Calcutta ; Lady of the Lake, Maes' Taggart, London.-18. Delhi, Horner, Liverpool.-19. Borneo, Hogg, Calcutta.--21. Ann Martin, Martin, Part' Glasgow.12. Puzel Barry, McKay, Calcutta, 28. Allyn, W

Walker, Autwerp, Nov. I. Steamer Atalanta, Saez.

113 11.1911**

116) jan 31

Duhet je po Per Sultany.--A. Boswell, Esq. 1 Per Lady of the Lake.-E. H. Kelly, Esq. H.M.'s 86th regt. Per Delhi.-T. L. Leader, H. E. Redmore, Mrs. Leader. Per steamer Atalanta.Mrs. Costelloe and 2 children, with Eu. ropean servant; Mrs. Candy and 3 children, with a European dod

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BLOXHAM, 'Asst. surg. C. O. fr. Nov. I to 30, to‘vis. pres.
KANE, Sup. surg. c. imoi to pres. fr. Nov. 10.

"! : 7'


- Bombay Castle, Nov. 1, 1845. The leare of absence to Surat, da private affairs, granted to Mr. J. M. Renwick, mids. I.N. is extended until Oct. 10.

Mr.N.W.Oliver, first assist. to the mast. attend, leave of ab! sence for fourteen days, from Oct. 1, to proceed to Khandalla, on private affairs. 1. p.618

Licut. J. S. Grieve, I.N. returned to duty without prej. to his rank, by permis. of the Hon. the Court of Direetors.

Assist: surg. A. T.Anderson, M.D. is attach, to the I.N.1

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dative servant; Mrs. Stather and 3 with a pative female servant; Mrs, Stuart and child, wir Coopean servaut; the Rev. J. Murray Mitchell, Mrs. Mitchell, and native child ; Major

John Fawcett ; Mrs. Ormsby; Mrs. Ducat; Miss Green ; Lieut. E. R. Black, H.M.'s 22nd regt. ; Mr. Jon Ama Ido Smellekamp; Sr. Joao Carlo Passello Picaluga and native serýant'; Lieut. Missiter; Lieut. Southey, M.N.I.; Mr. Alfred Thillaye, Captain Ormsby, I.N.; Lieut. J. M. Bąbington, 48th M.N.I., Capt. J.H. Thursby ; F. E. Colegrave, Esq.

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value is in the price of Compta, which has advanced 2 to 3f rupees per candy. The other descriptions remain as before, and the market. for all is firm. There are reports of a serious deficiency in the crops in Guzerat.

COFFEE.-Mocha has slightly advanced in price, and may nos bé quoted at 91 to 9; rupees per maand. The price of Malabar is stationary.

ELEPHANTS' TEETH.-Large and middling sized teeth have in. proved in value, the former having attained the rate of 95 rupees, and the latter 75 to 85, per maund.

CARDAMOMs have still further advanced, the price of short being now 51 to 52 rupees per paund.

Wool. This has been arriving freely, and purchases have been readily made at our quotations. The diminution in the value of the Khorassan and Mekran varieties arises from the careless, way in which they are got up, and from their being much adulterated. The wool of Cutch and Marwar, on the other hand, is greatly improved, and consequently fetches a better price.

OPIUM is without change, the price asked last month, Rs. 1,430 per chest, being still current.


Bombay, November 1, 1945,

Government Securities.
5 per cent. Loan 1825-26 Rs. 108 to 112
4 do. do. 1832-33 do. 105 to 106
4 do. do. 1835-36 do,' 99 to 100

do. 1841-42 do. 109 to 110
4 do. do. 1842.43 do. 99 to 100
Exchange at 1s. 1034. to 1s. 10gd. for 6 months,

Bank Shares.
Bombay Bank

52 per cent. prem, Oriental Bank Rs. 1,000 each (Rs. 500, the amount paid up). Old Shares

56 to 58 do. New ditto

45 to 47 do. Agra Bank

(Rs. 500) Rs. 270 to 275 Bank of Madras

(,, 1,000) Rs. 400 to 410

Sovereigns, each
Bank of England Notes, per £.....
German Crowns per 100..

216 to 217 Sycee Silver per 100 tolas.

104 to 1041 Gold Leaf per tola.

16 to 17



}Rs. 111

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(Oct. 1.) BARTON, W. to be com. of the court of requests, and police mag.

at Matura. CAULFIELD, J. to be govt. agent and fiscal for north-western prov. DE SARAM, C. H. to be com. of the court of requests and police

mag. at Gampola. Dick, F. L. to be com. of the court of requests and police mag. at

Negombo. FORBES, W. G. to be dist. judge com, of the court of requests, and

police mag. at Chilaw. Hicks, W. F. to be com, of the court of requests, and police mag.

at Rikellegaskadde. MORRIS, W. to be asst. at Kurnegalle to govt. agent for north

western province. O’GRADY, H. E. to be dist. judge com. of the court of requests and

police mag. at Balicaloa. POWER, T. C. to be asst. at Galle to govt. agent for southern pror. PRICE, F. to be asst. to govt. agent for northern province, and

dist. judge com. of the court of requests, and police mag, at:

Mapaar. ROBERTSON, J. D. to be dist. judge com, of the court of requests,

and police mag. at Tangalle. WALKER, C. P. to be asst. to govt. agent for western province, and

dist. judge com, of the court of requests, and police mag. at Rata, napoora.


BIRTHS. CHERRY, the lady of the Rev. Mr. at Paumben, d. Aug. 18. Davies, the lady of J. at Colombo, s. Oct. 13. DE SARAM, the wife of C. H. at St. Sebastian, s. Oct, i, DE LEVERA, the wife of F. at St. Sebastian, d. Oct. 1. OAKLEY, the wife of Rev. W. at Kandy, d. Oct. 13. PALM, the lady of Rev. J. D. s. Oct. 18.


IMPORTS. The interruption to business oceasioned by the occurrence of the Dewallee holidays, which mark the close of the native commercial year, and which occupy several days in their celebration, has ren. dered the transactions in British imports, since the departure of the last mail, very limited in extent, and unimportant in character. This festival terminates to-day, and business may be expected to be Tejewed with some degree of animation, but it is feared that the effects arising from the defective nature of the monsoon will prevent any very decided or prolonged improvement.

Metals.-The only material change in the market for metals is a falling off in the prices of the leading varieties of Copper.-This may be attributed to some forced sales made by parties in the absence of a legitimate inquiry.

COTTON MANUFACTURES. -The fabrics in which transactions have taken place since our last 'have chiefly consisted of 45-inch grey shirtings, grey madapollams, and domestics, which goods have been disposed of to a moderate extent at prices similar to those cur. rent in the early part of last month." A few grey and bleached jacconets and jamdanny lappets and bleached shirting's have likewise gone off, but there has been no active inquiry for those fabrics. Coloured and printed goods have been generally neglected, and the transactions in them have been few and unremunerating.

YARNS.—The prices of these are wholly unaltered, and the only sale of which we have heard is one of No. 40, Mule, at our quota. tion,

WOOLLENS.-The market for woollen cloths continues very pro. mising, the demand being dull, while stocks are large. We have been apprised of no transactions.

MARINE STORES.There is no change to notice in the prices of articles under this head, if we except that of pitch, which may now be quoted at 4 rs. t044 per barrel, instead of 5 rs. as was the case at. the date of our last.

Beer continues extremely dull, and in the absence of demand, no sales are reported. The prices of all brands are purely nominal, and the stocks in first hands as well as bottlers', are believed to be heavy.

SPIRITS.-But little inquiry exists for any variety of spirits, and as this has hitherto been a season of great activity, it is supposed that the imposition of the additional duty has operated as a check uoi consumption. The stocks are heavy, and increasing, while prices have a downward tendency.

RED LEAD.-There has been a sale of 100 cwt. at 13 rupees per cwt, a price slightly in advance of that formerly quoted, and at the rate thus paid the market remains firm.

COCHINE AJ :- This article is a trifle higher in nominal value, but we hear of no actual transactions.

SAFFRON.-There is no change to notice either in price or demand.

BOTTLES remain without alteration.

BEATSON, G. S. M.D. to Mary Jane, d. of Major Cochrane, at the

Fort church, at Jaffna, Oct. 2. De SILVA, F. T. to Misa Sarah Scoffield, at Wolfendahl church,

Sept. 29.

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EXFORTS. COTTON.-Purchases have been made since our last to a mode. rate extent, chiefly for exportation to England. The only change of

SINGAPORE Nox-DESPATCH OF LETTERS INTENDED FOR TAX STLLMER LADY Marv Wood. We regret to notice that a great number of letters sent to the post-office, and intended for despatch to



Europe by the steamer Lady Mary Wood, althongh sent to the deputy-postmaster who does most of the duties of the office, but post office a few minutes before two o'clock (the advertised receives little (100 Co.'s rs. permensem), to wbich is added a clerk, latest hour) were not forwarded to their destination, but returned a sorter, and one peon, at a cost of 40 Co.'s rs, or a total charge to the senders. The letters in question were sent by two com- for post-office duties of 140 Company's rupees per mensem! mercial houses whose communications and correspondence were The contra side of the post-office lias usually exhibited a receipt extensive, and who, throughout the day, were despatching letters of 1,000 Co.'s rs. a month, and is on the increase. The postage to the post-office so soon as they were sealed, in order that the of letters and newspapers received for despatch by the Lady post-office minions might experience as little inconvenience as Mary Wood to Galle amounted to 1,500 Co.'s rs.; the number I possible. In the instance of these letters some excuse is raised of covers 4,757. The paltry expenditure of 140 Co.'s rs, and which is not witbalt very reasonable. The whole of the "re- the continuance of such an inefficient establishment, ill accords jected addresses ” were epistles, to foreign countries, and as with the praise we are wont to bestow on the head of the Settle. sucli, had to undergo various entries in sundry books at the ment, who, in his desire to exhibit a large amount of a cash Singapore post office, to ensure the certainty of reaching balance, as a proof of the economy and correctness of his adtheir destination. Although in good time, that is several ministration, permits the postal brupch of the executive to be minutes before the advertised hour of closing the mails, crippled, ill. paid; in short, as contracted in its usefulness as the the letters were returned; because, as alleged, there was policy which directs it is weak and disadvantageous. The salary no time to perform all the manipulations necessary (only at paid to the deputy-postmater, on whom devolves the duties of the Singapore post-office) in the instance of foreign letters. Why the office, is no more than what a governor ought to pay to the postmaster did not notify that foreign letters would not be insure the services of an efficient domestic-Lord Elphinstone, received after 9 A.M., or any other hour in the morning, as their when governor Madras, paid four times the amount to his peculiar circumstances demanded, we cannot conjecture. The cook! Were the efficiency in the post-office department an excuse raised is entitled to scarcely any consideration. There object of solicitude by those who are paid to conduct and further was ample time for registering the letiers had a clerk been en- the interests of the Settlement, qualified persons would be gaged for the duty, or indeed with such agency as was then sought; and, when found, rewarded according to their merits available, but for the time taken up with the letters of such as and length of service. had the power, if they possessed the will, to remedy the evil complained of. The returned letters, we have reason to believe, were of the utmost importance, and in the instance of mercantile To return, however, to the subject of the non-despatched firms of less stability might prove seriously to their injury. As letters per Lady Mary Wood. It must be extremely gratifying! the government takes upon itself the monopoly of the overland

to the senders of the prepaid letters to know that their commumail, it is bound to provide ample aid for the due assorting, re- nications are not allowed to remain in the Singapore post office gistering and dispatch of the packets. Charges are imposed for

a prey to the incursions of ants and cockroaches! They were which something is not merely expected, it is a matter of right;

forwarded to Calcutta by the Fire Queen, on the day after the the velfare of the settlement requires it, the distinctions of meum departure of the Lady Mary Wood, and will probably reach and teum demand it.

England viâ Bombay. Out we say upon the officiousness of the But a still worse casualty' occurred : the whole of the prepaid post-office minions ! The prepaid letters despatched by the letters were forgotten! They had been placed in a very snug Fire Queen will not reach Calcutta until September the 26th, corner, quite secure and sufficiently prominent, so that whatever four days too late for the Bengal government express to Bommight be the fate of other covers, the prepaid letters were cer. bay; so they will go by ordinary dawk, reach Bombay in eleven tain of being despatched. Oh no, the whole of them were for. days, a week after the steamer's departure, remain in the Bombay gotten until some time after the steamer's departure, when, post-office until the 1st of November, and reach England Decooly counting over the profits of the day, the nondespatch of cember the 4th! Had the prepaid letters been kept in the the prepaid letters recurred to the memory of the post-office Singapore post-office until the arrival here of the Braganza, on officiale. This neglect is truly scandalous: no apology or the 8th of October, they would reach London on the 16th No-. excuse is attempted. Most of the letters had been sent two or vember, eighteen days earlier! three days previous, the post-office entries were complete, and all that was necessary was to put them into a bag by themselves or make them up into a separate parcel. With prepaid letters The denial, that the letters which were paid to be despatched it not unfrequently happens that the postage is paid here not

per Lady Mary Wood but did not go, were not subsequently merely to ensure the delivery of the letters as addressed; but, in

sent by the Fire Queen, “with the view of their being foremany cases, they give cover to remittances to children, parents,

warded via Bombay, but were designed to be sent from Calcutta friends, and others whose circumstances prompt them to look to

to Galle," is the more to be regretted. We sincerely regret the receipt of the Indian Mail in England as the channel that

that the post-office authorities are not entitled to the credit we conveys the looked for help, the desired aid for a child's

are willing to afford them. We were willing to believe that the schooling, a wise's necessities, a parent's only means of support! error committed in not sending them direct to Galle, per Lady Had these letters not been prepaid their despatch was pretty | Mary Wood, would be atoned for by sparing neither expense certain!

nor anxiety for their being safely and expeditiously forwarded to We write" pretty certain," but we do so under correction, their destination. In this respect it appears that we bave been since that which surprises us most is, that any letters or news- mistaken. Regardless of the interests of the community, forpapers were sent at all! It appears that the officer on board getful of the terms of the contract for the transit of this portion the steamer who takes charge of the mails had stated to the of her Majesty's mail, the prepaid letters have been sent to postmaster here that the packets were to be on board at 3 P. M. Calcutta, and, for aught we can say to the contrary, will remain on the 10th. The postmaster's notification was to the effect that in the Calcutta post office for the payment of slip postage, letters would be received until 2 p.x. At the stated hour, 3 p.M.,, unless the Capt. of the Fire Queen, foregoes the fee of two annas Lieut. Beilairs called at the post-office for the mails- they were on each letter, to which be is entitled! The postmaster remarks not ready. The steamer shortly after got underweigh, but no that, "the letters will not go to Bombay, because the inland signs of the post-office packets were visible. The vessel was postage was not prepaid." "By the same parity of reasoning moving to and fro half an hour, apparently as fidgetty as a man they will not go to Galle, because the ship postage from pacing up and down a street, waiting his friend's appearance from Singapore to Calcutta, or from Calcutta to Galle, was not prea“ moment's call” on a lady, which insensibly lengthens to an paid ! Here is another stretch of logic which is really inex. hour. At half-past 3 p.x., the officer in charge of the mails pro- plicable. The letters bave been sent "an airing !" may be lost ceeded to the post-office, and finding that the packets were not in transitu, or rest in peace at Caleutta until gazetted as de. made up, he bundled the letters and newspapers pell mell into tained for ship postage.-- Straits Times. bags, and hastened to the vessel-so that the entire mail had a narrow chance of remaining in the post-offiće, to'await the arrival of the Braganza next month! In the fluster, the pre-paid let. ters were forgotten; the foreign letters set aside! Further de

GOA. tention of the steamer, by the terms of their contract, subjected the Peninsular and Oriental Company to a penalty of 501. an

COMMERCIAL BANK AT GOA -A prospectus is now in course bour.

of circulation amongst the Indian Portuguese, for the establishment at New Goa of a commercial bank, under the protection of the government of that colony. Its capital is to be 500,000 ru

pees, divided into 5,000 shares of 100 rupees each, of which only The so-styled Singapore "post-office establishment"consists of a one-half is to be at present disposed of, the other half being reserved postmaster who does nothing, and receives an equal amount; a for sale in case the general meeting of the bank shareholders shall




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consider it proper to do so. The bank is to be incorporated for 12.-American bark Puris, Whitny, from Batavia Ilth thirty years from the 1st of January next, and its operations are

Sept., for Boston. to be begun as soon as 1,000 shares are taken. The regulations

13.- American ship Douglas, Summers, from Boston, of the bank are printed in Portuguese, and contain a number of

for China. artícles, which are arranged on the best principles. The notes

13. British ship Sappho, Dunlop, from London, for of the bank are to be received as cash by all the government offices

China. in Portuguese India,

16.-13. British ship Albert Edward, White, from Livers + If within five years it is found that the Bank is not successful,

pool, for China, the establishment is to be broken up and the proceeds are to be

14.-British ship John O'Gaunt, Donald, from Liver. distributed amongst the Shareholders.

15. pool 12th June, for China. The present Governor of Goa, Senhor Jose Pereira Pestanho, is

14. British ship Thomas Crisp, Bierd, from Manilla President of the Provisional Committee. .

27th July, for London. The prospectus, which is now before us, is too long to be trans.

14. American ship Hebert, Porsen, from New York lated; but the plan appears to us to be sketched in it with con.

1st June, for China. siderable skill and care.

14.-- American ship John L'Adamer, Michiels, from The invitation to the Portuguese in India to promote the un

Boston 10th June, for China. dertaking, is sufficient to prove the sincerity of the Projectors of

14.- British ship Helvellyn, Jullidge, from Singapore the Bank. The basis of the undertaking is placed upon the

27th July, for London. following declaration : ". The Epoch of discoveries, of conquests,

14:- British ship Liverpool, Blane, - from Liverpool Ist and also of organic efforts, has passed for the Portuguese; it is

June, for Manilla. therefore their duty now to promote their own material interests.''

15.-British ship Farewell, Scudder, from -Bombay Gentleman's Gazette, Oct. 13. titog

for China. '712

15.-British ship Geneva, Dronker, from Cape 9th

August, for China.

15. British ship Avoca, Howey, from Singapore 27th i CHINA

August, for London. GAMBLING.-+On Thursday last, Mr. May Having heard that a

16. - French ship Catharina, Rietmiyer, from Bordeaux regular gambling establishment bad located themselves near

Ist June, for Batavia. Burn's Point, in the neighbourbood of a sing song mat-house,

16.-British brig Emma, Powell, from Singapore 19:54 proceeded in the evening, with two or three policemen, to inspect

August, for Mauritius, the new settlement. A mat-house, with eight tables, was

*** 17.-British bark Margaret Poynter, Jamieson, from Sin

gapore 1st September, for London. large assemblage (between two and three hundred in all), they

- 17. British ship Palmyra, Campbell, from China, for

London. succeeded in seizing and bringing off five of the parties engaged in play, who were placed next morning at the bar of the police

18.- British ship Cyrus, Spratly, from London, for South magistrate. One who was proved to be a principal was sen.

Sea. teneed to pay a fine of twenty dollars and suffer a month's im.

19. British bark William and James, Brown, from Sinprisonment; other two, who had been registered, were to pay a

gapore 28th August, for London, fine of ten dollars, or be imprisoned for fifteen days; and other

20.-- British ship Duilius, Underhill, from China 18th two, who were not registered, were to be flogged and turned off

July, for London. the island.- Hong Kong Register.

We find the following items of news in these papers :

Ox TAL 21st August, Sheik Abdullah Bin Omar Djonas,

master of the schooner Asegauf, with his son and eleven of the

crew of the said vessel, arrived at Blingoe, in the island of Burs, the wife of Capt. of the ship Caledonia, at Macan, s. Sept. 27.

Banea, in a sampan, who reported that that vessel, which left FRASER, the lady of. Capt. of the ship Boinbay Castle, at Hong

Sumanap on the 4th August, was lost on the 11th, near the coast. Hong, $. Sept, 23.

of Borneo, on one of the sandbanks surrounding the island of KEAR, the lady of Crawford, at Victoria, d. Sept. 8.

Mankap. Six others of the crew embarked in another sampan;

but after keeping in company with the master for three days. DEATHS. LEGGETT, H. at Macao, Sept. 23.

separated from him during a stormy night, and have not been

heard of since. TUCKER, A. G. G. surg. on board the ship Alinden, at Victorin.

The Courant of the 11th 'ultimo mentions that a destructire fire took place at 10 o'clock on the forenoon of the 3rd Septem

ver, in the new China campong at Djawania, in the residency of MANILLA.

Japara, which, fanned by a strong wind, destroyed seventeen By the Spanish brig Dárdo, we have received Manilla papers

Chinese and twenty-four native houses. The loss from this fire from 20th July to 31st August.

is calculated at f 18,000. The paper of 10th August says:

CAPTAIN Hockstaa, of the Dutch ship Suzanna Christina, “We give to the public the satisfactory news that the Govern

reports that on the 5th August, on his voyage to Sourabaya, he ment of her Majesty is treating with that of Great Britain' about

discovered a bank in latitude 5048' and long. 107° 4+_which the mode of conveying correspondence from Madrid to Singu.

was indicated by the change in the colour of the water, and pore, by way of Egypt, and has authorized our worthy captain

which runs from north to south, in length about 24 cables, In general to arrange for its conveyance from Singapore to Manilla." running over it, 10, 91, 7, 6}, and 54 fathoms water were found -Singapore Free Press.

upon it, deepening to 10 and 11 fathoms. A fishing-stake, with
a small flag, was placed at the spot having 6) fathoms water.

Tux Courant of 3rd September records that some rery serere

shocks of an earthquake had been felt between half-past one and

two o'clock in the afternoon, on the 20th July last, at Amboyna, BATAVIA.- By the Dutch Government steamer Bromo we which were followed on the evening of the same day, and on the have received Java Courants from the 6th to the 27th September, following night, by slighter shocks. On the evening of the

21st, from which we give the following Anjer shipping list :

two heavy shocks were felt between half past six and seven Sept. 1.-- British ship Sea Park, Humphries, from London

o'clock. Up to the 22nd August, slight shocks coutinued to be 20th May, for China,

felt. * The Government-house at Batoe Gadja suffered so much 1.-British ship Devon, Marley, from Liverpool 16th

as to cause its abandonment; the newly erected military hospital

also suffered damage, and the private houses have generally sufMay, for Hong Kong.

fered slightly. The shocks appeared to proceed from the east, 2.- American ship Camera, Dundas, from Boston 21st were nearly all vertical, and were accompanied by a rustling May, for Manilla.

9.- American skip Mary Ellen, Dengburn, from New

PRIVATE LETTERS from Batavia mention the arrival of the next
York, for China.

Governor-General, M. Rochussen, who landed on the 29th
1).–British ship Dumfries, Thompson, from Liverpool, September, under every honour due to his station. Singapore
for China.

Free Press.


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