Sidor som bilder

e'd journies take to cub of bear,

T'affront their lady, and conspire om these intriguing beasts, who swear

To many with her money hire; hey'll bring him to defend the wrong

Contenining her, to pay undue hat they have done. Again he sung,

Regards unto this bestial crew : ow Tabby once, in moon-light night,

Though these resembled human shapes, rotted with letter fox did write;

They were indeed no more than apes; which he sends his best respects

Who some in house, and some in wood, o the the-bear, and thus directs:

And others in high boxes stood, Madam, said he, your cub safe fend,

That chattering made such noise and stir, None shall his worship soon offend;

How all was due to fox and cur; It's all I can at present do

Till, by their falfe dcluding way, To serve him, as his friends well know."

She found her flocks begin to stray. At this the beasts grew in such rage,

Still Robin does for her his care hat none their fury could assuage;

And zeal express ; on whom yet are Fay, puss her lady would have scratch'd,

His thoughts all fix'd. On her he dreams nd tore her eyes, but she was watch'd;

Each night. Her praises are his themes or she'd set up her back, and mew,

In songs all day. Now perch'd on tree, nd thrice ev'n in her face the flow.

Finding himself secure and free, he dog, like an ungraceful spark,

He pertly shakes his little wings, .t her would dare to snarl and bark.

Sets up his throat : again he fings, ler tenants wondering food to hear

" That she had left no other way hat she cheir insolence would bear ;

To save her flocks, and end this fray, .nd offer'd their affiftance to

But soon to her aslistance take don make them better manners know :

One who could make these monsters shake; ut soe, to avoid all farther rout,

A well-known huntsman, who has skill fer window opening, turn’d Bob out;

The fiercest beasts to tame or kill : loping that then her beasts would live

At her command he'd come; and he peace, and no disturbance give.

Would make her great, and let them free ;Yet nothing she can do avails,

That, should these beasts some evil day heir rage against her still prevails;

Bring cub into her grounds, she may hough puss was warn'd to fear their fate

Depend that not herself they'll spare, Uines (by old prophetic cat

Since to insult her now they dare : frit before her transformation,

All she at best can hope for then, Then she was in the witch's station)

Is to be safe shut up in den; oretelling thus : “ When beasts are grown Since by sure signs all these ingrace To certain heights, before unknown

Are known to bear her deadly hate." Of human race, fome shall aloud

He ends his song, and preys to Heaven Inflame and arm a dreadful crowd,

That she may have the wisdom given, Who in vast numbers shall advance,

Before it be too late, to take And to new tunes shall make them dance: Such resulutions as may make When this begins, no longer hope,

Her safe, and that these beasts no more
For all remains is ax and rope."

To ravage in the plains have power.
But, not deterr'd by this, they dar'd,
Vith some who of their plunder thar'd,




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“ Et thure, et fidibus juvat

" Placare, et vituli fanguine debito " Custodes Numidæ Deos."

Hor. lib. I. Od. xxxvi. ad Pomyse

Numidam, ob cujus ex Hüpasa reda ditum gaudio exulcat.

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Want noise is this, that interrupts my sleep?
What echoing shouts rise from the briny deep?
Neptune a solemn festival prepares,
And peace through all his flowing orb declares :
That dreadful trident, which he us'd to shake,
Make earth's foundations and Jove's palace quake,
Now, by his fide, on ouzy couch reclin'd,
Gives a smooth surface and a gentle wind :
Innumerable Tritons lead the way,
And crowds of Nereids round his chariot play,
The ancient sea-gods with acrention wait,
To learn what's now the last result of fate ;
What carthly monarch Neptune now decrees
Alone his great vicegerent of the feas.

By an auspicious gale, Britannia's fleet
On Gallia's coast this shining triumph meet :
These pomps divine their mortal sense surprise,
Loud to the ear, and dazzling to the eyes:
Whilft scaly Tritons, with their shells, proclaim
The names that must survive to future fame;
And nymphs their diadems of pearl prepare
For monarchs who, to purchase peace, make war:

Then Neptune his majestic filence broke,
And to the trembling failors mildly spoke :

Throughout the world Britannia's flag “ 'Tis my command, that all the globe obet “ Let British streamers wave their heads « And dread no foe beneath Jove's azure it! “ The rest lec Nereus tell"

" If I have truth,” says Nereus, "and fuse: “ The intricate designs of Destiny ;

I, that have view'd whatever fleets have rade “ With sharpen'd keels to cut the yielding time. “ I, chat could weigh the faies of Greeze

« Rome, “ Phænician wealth, and Carthaginian coco; “ Mult surely know what, in the womb et to " Was fore-ordain'd for Britain's happy dir; “ How wars upon the watery realm thaiteas “ And Anna give the world a glorious parti “ Restore the spicy traffic of the east, “ And streech her empire to the distant se: “ Her fleets descry Aurora's purple bed, “ And Phæbus' steeds after their labours fet “ The southern coasts, to Bricain scarcely ku “ Shall grow as hospitable as their own : “ No nonsters shall be fcign'd, to guarutle: Here “ When Britih crade secures their gulden ont *

# Lord Bolingbroke ret out for France (accompanied by Mr. Hare, one of his under-secretaries, Mr. Prior, and the Abbe Gaultier) Aug. d; and arrived again in London, Aug. 21, 1712.

« fame,

“ joice,

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" The fleecy product of the Cotswold field

“ Alcides' strength and Atlas' firmer mind “ Shall equal what Peruvian mountains yield: “ To narrow streights of Europe were confin'd. « Tron shall there intrinsic value show,

6 The British failors, from their royal change, " And by Vulcanian art more precious grow.

« May fiod a nobler liber:y to range. “ Britannia's royal fishery shall be

“ Oxford shall be their pole-ftar to the south, * Improv'd by a kind guardian deity :

“ And there reward the efforts of their youth: " That mighty talk to Glacus we assign, “ Whence, through his conduct, traffic shall in" of more importance than the richest mine :

~ crease,

[ peace, * He shall direct them how to strike the whale,

« Ev'n to those seas which take their name from ** How to avoid the danger, when prevail;

“ Peace is the found must glad the Britons' ears: * What treasure lies upon the frozen coast

“ But fee: the noble Bolingbroke appears; Not yet explor'd, nor negligenely lost.

“ Gesture compos'd and looks ferene declare “ In vast Acadia's plains, new theme for “ Th’approaching issue of a doubtful war.

“ Now my cærulcan race, safe in the deep, Towns shall be built, sacred to Anna's name: “ Shall hear no cannons' roar disturb their sleep; · The silver fir and l. fry pine shall rise

" But fnioothelt tides and the most halcyon gales From Britain's own united colonies,

“ Shall to their port direct Britannia's sails. " Which to the mast small canvass-wings afford, “ Ye Tritons, sons of gods! 'tis my command,

And pitch, to strengthen the unfaithful board; " That you see Bolingbroke in safety land; Norway may then her naval stores withhold, “ Your concave shells for softest notes prepare, And proudly starve for want of British gold.

" Whilst Echo Mall repeat the genilest air; “ O happy ille! to such advantage plac’d, “ The river gods shall there your triumphs meet. : That all the world is by thy counsels grac'd; " And, in old Ocean mix'd, your hero greet;

" Thy nation's genius, with industrious arts, w Thames shall stand wondering, lfis fall re> Renders thee lovely to remotest parts. Eliza first the fable scene withdrew,

" And both in tuneful numbers raise their voice; "And to the ancient world display'd the new; “ The rapid Medway, and the fertile Trent, i When Burleigh at the helm of state was seen, " In swifieft streams, confess their true content ; : The trueft-subject to the greatest queen;

" Avon and Severn shall in raprures join, : The Indians, from the Spanish yoke made free, " And fame convey them to tbe Northern Tyne; Bleft the effects of English liberty;

“ Tweed then no more the Britons shall divide, Drake round the world his sovereign's honour “ But peace and plenty flow on cither fide; “ spread,

(convey'd ; “ Triumphs proclaim and mirth and jovial feasts, Through straights and gulfs immense her fame “ And all the world invite for welconic guests." Nor rests inquiry here ; his curious eye

Faction, that through the land so fatal spread, Descries new constellations in the sky,

No more shall dare to raise her Hydra's head; In which vast space, ambitious mariners

But all her votaries in silence mourn Might place their names on high, and choose | The happiness of Bolingbroke's return; “ their stars.

Far from the common pitch, he shall arise, : Raleigh, with hopes of new discoveries firid, With great designs, to dazzle envy's cyes;

And all the depths of human wit inspir'd, Search deep, to know of whiggith plots the source, • Rov'd o'er the western world in search of fame, Their ever-turning schemes, and restless course. * Adding fresh glory to Eliza's name;

Who shall hereafter British annals read, · Subdued new empires, that will records be But will reflect with wonder on this deed? Immortal of a queen's virginity t.

How artfully his conduct overcame " But think not, Albion, that thy fons decay A stubborn race, and quench'd a raging flame;

Or that thy princes have less power to sway; Retriev'd the Britons from unruly fate, ri Whatever in Eliza's reign was seen,

And overthrew the Phaëtons of itate! With a redoubled vigour springs again : These wise exploits through Gallia's nation ran, · Imperial Anna shall the seas control,

And fir'd their souls, to see the wondrous man: And spread her naval laws from pole to pole : The aged counsellors, without surprise, · Nor thirk her conduct us her countels less, Found wit and prudence sparkling in his eyes; " In arts of war, or treaties for a peace ;

Wisdom that was not gain'd in course of years, In thrifty management of Britain's wealth, Or reverence owing to his hoary hairs, · Embezzled lately, or purloin'd by ttealth. But struck by force of genius ; such as drove

No nation can fear want, or dread surprise, The goddess Pallas from the brain of Jove. " Where Oxford's prudence Burleigh's loss sup- The youth of France, with pleasure, look'd to see plies :

His graceful mien and beauteous symmetry: On him the public molt securely leans,

The virgins ran, as to unusual shew, To ease the burthen of the best of queens ;

When he to Paris came, and Fontainbleau ; « On hin the merchants fix their longing eyes, Viewing the blooming minister desir'd, ** When war Mall cease, and British commerce And fill, the more they gaz'd, the more admir'd.

Nor did the court, that best true grandeur knows,

Their sentiments by lefser facts disclose, Annapolis, the capital of Nova Scotia, † Alluding to the first settlement of Virginia,

+ The Pacific Ocean.

* rile.

By common pomp, or ceremonious train,

Fatal effects of foul insatiate pride, Seen heretofore, or to be seen again,

That deal their wounds alike on either ida, But they devis'd new honours, yet unknown, No limits set to their ambitious ends; Or paid to any subject of a crown.

For who bounds them, no longer can be fria's The Gallic king, in age and counsels wise, By different methods Bolingbroke shall raise Sated with war, and weary of disguise,

His growing honours and immortal praise. With open arms falutes the British peer,

He, fir'd with glory and the public good, And gladly owns his prince and character. Betwixt the people and their danger ftood: As Hermes from the throne of Jove descends, Armi'd with convincing truths, he did appear; With grateful errand, to heaven's choicest friends; And all he said was sparkling, bright, and dear. As Iris from the bed of Juno flies, [skies, The listening fenate with attention heard, To bear her queen's commands through yielding And some admir'd, while others trembling teza Whilst o'er her wings fresh beams of glory flow, Not from the tropes of formal eloquence, And blended colours paint her wondrous bow; But Demosthenic strength, and weight of lens So Boling broke appears in Louis' light,

Such as fond Oxford to her son supplied, With message heavenly; and, with equal light, Design'd her own, as well as Britain's price; Dilpels all clouds of doubt, and fear of wars, Who, less beholden to the ancient strains, And in his mistress' game for peace declares: Might shew a nobler blood in English rets, Accents divine! which the great king receives Ouido whatever Homer sweetly fung With the same grace that mighty Anna gives.

Of Nestor's counsels, or Ulysses' tongue. Let others boast of blood, the spoil of foes, Oh! all ye nymphs, whilst time and yeah! Rapine and murder, and of endless woes,

Prepare the rose and lily for his brow. Detested pomp! and trophies gain'u from far, Much he has done, but still has more in via; With spangled enligns, streaming in the air ; To Anna's interest and his country true. Count how they made Bavarian subjects feel More I could prophesy, but must refrain: The rage of fire, and edge of harden'd steel; Such truths would make another mortal ra!



The time will coine (if fate fail please to | Through Spain and trads of Lybian (aada give

To Ruslian limits, and to Zembla's (now. This feeble chread of mine more space to live) Then shall my eager Muse expand her wis, When I Mail you and all your acts rehearse, Your love of justice and your goodness , In a much loftier and more fluent verse;

Your greatness, equal to the fate you beha; To Gauges' banks, and China farther cast, In counsel wise, in execution bold; To Carolina, and the distant weit,

How there appears, in all that you dispeale Your name thall fly, and every where be blest; Beauty, good-nature, and the strength of

These let the world admire,-From you an * Dr. King dedicated his English version of that work to

Is more than a seward of all my teil,


the Duke of Beaufort.

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lou say you love ; repeat again

Repeat th' amazing found,
Lepeat the case of all my pain,
· The cure of every wound.
What you to thousands have denied,

To me you freely give;
Vhilft I in humble filence died,

Your mercy bids me live.
o upon Latmos' top each night,

Endymion sighing lay; az'd on the moon's transcendent light,

Despair’d, and durst not pray. ut divine Cynthia saw his grief,

Th'effect of conquering charms: Inask'd the goddess brings relief, And falls into his arms.

September and November now were past,
When men in bonfires did their firing watte;
Yet still my monumental log did laft:
To begging boys it was not made a prey
On the king's birch or coronation day.
Why with those oaks, under whose sacred fade
Charles was preserv'd, should any fire be made?
At last a frost, a dismal frost, there came,
Like that which made a market upon Thame :
Unruly company would then have made
Fire with this log, whilst thus its owner pray'd :
“ Thou that art worship'd in Dodona's grove,
" From all thy facred trces fierce flames remove :
“ Preserve this groaning branch, o hear my

prayer, “ Spare me this one, this one poor billet Spare ; “ That, having many fires and flames withitood, " Its ancient testimonial may last good, “ In future times to prove, I once had wood"

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