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GUALTER, de CASTELLIONE, A. D. 1180, A native of Flanders, was famed both as a Theologian and as a Poet:-he wrote the History of Alexander, in ten books : Lugd. 1558, 4to :-his Epistles on the Psalter, the Moral Teaching of the Philosophers, and his book on Mohammed, are still in MS. vid. F. Sweert. in Athen. Belg. p. 643. ,

ELIAS III., Patriarch of ANTIOCH, A. D. 1180, Surnamed Ebn-hadith, is author of some Arabic MS. Prayers and Sermons, in Biblioth, com. Lugd. Bat.


LUCIUS III., Bishop of RoME, A. D. 1181, Was a native of Lucca, and Bishop of Ostia. It was in Lucius' election to the see of Rome, that the present Rule, of two thirds of the electing Cardinals agreeing in their choice, was first acted on.-In Concil. vol. x. p. 1735, are two Epistles of this Pope's writing.


A. D. 1181. Some Decrees of this Patriarch, on Marriage, are in Jur. Gr. Rom. lib. iii. p. 231.


JOHN BERARD, A. D. 1182, Monk of St. Clement of Pescara, wrote a History of his Monastery :-Du Chesne, Script. Franc. vol. iii.

PETER, Abbot of St. Remigius, A. D. 1182, At Rheims, afterwards Bishop of Chartres, wrote Sermons on the yearly Festivals, which have never been printed :-on Bread, in three books, in which he considers the various sorts of Bread named in Scripture :-on the Tabernacle of Moses :-on Conscience :-on Monastic Discipline :-Letters, in nine books.

Pet. Cellensis Opera, Paris, 1671.

GAUFRID, Priest of Benevento, A. D. 1183, Wrote a History of France, beginning A. D. 996, and ending A. D. 1184:-Labbe, Biblioth. Nov. MS. vol. ii.

p. 279.

ANDRONICUS COMNENUS, A. D. 1183, Emperor of Constantinople, wrote a book against the Jews, in sixty-four chapters :- Canis. Lect. Antiq. vol. iv. p. 255.

RADULF de Diceto, A. D. 1183, An Englishman, Dean of St. Paul's, wrote a General History, from the Creation to A. D. 1198, as well as particular Histories of England and Canterbury, and its Bishops, published by Wharton, Twisden, and Gale.

PANDULF, CARDINAL, A. D. 1184, Wrote the Life of Pope Gelasius II. :-4to. Rom. 1638.

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JOHN PHOCAS, A. D. 1185, A Monk, who wrote an Account of the places he visited in the Holy Land :- Leo Allat. Symmict. pt. i. p. 1.

BALDWIN, Archbishop of CANTERBURY, A. D. 1185,

Was born at Exeter : he was at first a school-master, then made an Archdeacon, afterwards Abbot of Forden, subsequently Bishop of Winchester, and at last Archbishop: he went with Richard I. to the Holy Land. He wrote sixteen Tracts on various subjects of piety,—of the Recommendation of Faith,-and on the Eucharist :- B. Tissier, Script. Biblioth. Cistert. vol. v.

URBAN III., Bishop of Rome, A. D. 1186, In Concil. vol. x. p. 1742, are five Letters of this Pope's : he died of grief at the successes of Saladin.

GREGORY VIII., Bishop of Rome, A. D. 1187, A native of Benevento, and Chancellor of the Church, died at Pisa while striving to reconcile the contending Christians to unite for the delivery of the Holy Land :three Epistles, in Concil. vol. x. p. 1748.

CLEMENT III., Bishop of Rome, A. D. 1187, A native of Rome, Cardinal Bishop of Palestrina, has left us seven Epistles, in Concil. vol. x. p. 1753.

WILLIAM FITZ-STEPHEN, A. D. 1190, Monk of Canterbury, wrote the Life of Thomas à Becket;-copied by the Author of the Quadrilogy :-also a Description of the City of London, his native place :vid. J. Stow. p. 704.

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NEOPHYTUS, A. D. 1190, Wrote an account of the calamities of Cyprus when taken by the English, under Richard I.:- Coteler. Mon. Eccles. vol. ii, p. 457.

ELIAS, de Coxida, A. D. 1190, A native of Flanders, was Abbot of Dunes, and wrote several Sermons, two of which have descended to us :Biblioth. Cistert.

CELESTINE III., Bishop of Rome, A. D. 1191, Wrote several Epistles, seventeen of which are to be found in Concil. vol. x. p. 1768.

STEPHEN, Bishop of TOURNAY, A. D. 1192, Is Author of 287 Epistles : Paris, 1682, 8vo. :-these Letters are very far superior to his other Works, which consist of thirty-one Sermons, not published because of their inutility :-— also a Comment on Gratian's Decree, in MS.

GEORGE XIPHILIN, A. D. 1193, Patriarch of Constantinople, wrote a Decree on the Jurisdiction of Territories, in Jur. Gr. Rom. lib. i. p. 283: - also two Synodal Decisions on the Consecration of Churches by setting up Crosses in them :-Leo Allat. de Georgiis, p. 342.

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