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DEMETRIUS TORNICIUS, A. D. 1193, Wrote on the Procession of the Holy Spirit :-Leo Allat. de Consens. lib. ii. c. 13.

JOHN, Bishop of LYDDA, A. D. 1194, Is author of an Epistle to Michael Patriarch elect of Jerusalem :-Baluz. Miscell. vol. ii. p. 242,

JOHN, of WALLINGFORD, A. D. 1195, Wrote a Chronicle, part of which has been published by T. Gale, int. Script. Angl. vol. iii.

WILLIAM, of NewBURY, A. D. 1195, Was born at Bridlington, A. D. 1136, and died A. D. 1208 :-he wrote a History of his own Times, both trustworthy and satisfactory :-cum Not. J. Piccard, 8vo. Paris, 1610.

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NICOLAS, Bishop of Methone, A. D. 1196, Wrote a work on the Trinity :-in MS. in the Vienna Library.


A. D. 1196, Composed a Chronicle of his own Monastery :- F.

Ughell. Ital. Sacr. vol. vi. p. 1231,


JOHN BROMPTON, A. D. 1198, An Englishman, Abbot of Jorval, wrote a Chronicle commencing A. D. 588, and ending A. D. 1198 :-int. Script. dec. Angl.

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A native of Wales, wrote a Natural History,-a Topography of Ireland,—a History of Ireland,—and an Itinerary of Wales:- int. Histor. Angl. Norman. Francof. fol. 1585:-a Letter to William, Bishop of Hereford : -Usser. in Hibern. Epist. Syllog. p. 114:—and several Works in MS. in various public Libraries.


ROGER, de Hoveden, A. D. 1198, Professor of Theology in Oxford, wrote the Annals of England, in two books :- Saville, Histor. Angl. fol. Lond. 1595.

INNOCENT III., Bishop of Rome, A. D. 1198, This remarkable and powerful Pontiff, the terror of kings and consolidator of the power of the Roman see, has left us Commentaries on the Psalms, and the Mass ;Treatises on Church discipline and Christian feeling ;Prayers, Hymns, and Decretals :-Colon. 1575, 2 vols. fol. :-also sixteen books of Epistles, edited and printed at very many places, Paris, Rome, Venice, Cologne, &c.

JOHN CAMATERUS, A. D. 1199, Patriarch of Constantinople on the Marriage of Re

: lations :- Leunclav. Jur. Gr. Rom. lib. iv. p. 285. .


GUALTER VINESAUF, A. D. 1199, Of Norman extraction and English birth, wrote several Poems ;-a History of Richard I.'s journeys in the Holy Land ;-and a Treatise on Trees :-in MS. in various of the English public libraries.

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NIGELLUS, de WIREKER, A. D. 1200, Præcentor of Canterbury, wrote the Looking-glass of Fools:---4to. Colon. 1499.


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Anonymous Writers, probably belonging to this Century, have written the following Works :--the Lives of SS. Paschasius, Gundulf, Neolus, Erkenwalil, Virgilius, Marculfus, Michael, and of the SS. of Hagulstadt : the CHRONICLES of, Waverly, Emperor Henry IV., Ely, a Universal History, Pisa, Orleans, the Monastery of Goze, Durham, Corbey, Abingdon, the Saxons, King Stephen, Angoulême, Benevento, Edinburg, Charlemagne, Selby, Constantinople, Rheims, and Atina.

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PEREGRINUS, the ABBOT, A. D. 1201, Of the Monastery of Mary de Fontanis, wrote a History of the origin and Abbots of his own Monastery :D'Achery, vol. ii. p. 573.

GERVASIUS, Monk of CanterburY, A. D. 1201,

Wrote several tracts concerning the History of England, and especially concerning Canterbury, such as an account of the Burning and Reparation of the Cathedral Church, the Contest of its Monks with Baldwin their Archbishop, the Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury, and an English Chronicle, commencing A. D. 1122, and ending A. D. 1199:-int. Script. dec. Angl. fol. Lond. 1652.

HERVARD, Archdeacon of Liege, A. D. 1201. In Mabill. Analect. vol. ii. p. 536, is a Letter of Hervard's concerning St. Martin.

MATTHEW, Abbut of St. Denys, A, D, 1201, A native of Vendôme, made Regent of France by St. Louis when he went on his second expedition to the Holy Land, and was named executor of his will : he wrote the Lives of the two Tobiases, in elegiac verse :-J. Herold, Basil. 1563; and J. Hering, Bremæ, 1642.

JOACHIM, Abbot of FLORA, A, D. 1201, Was a great writer of Commentaries, and a Prophet also :-he wrote a Harmony of the Old and New Testaments, in five books ;-Commentaries on Isaiah, Jeremiah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zechariah, Malachi, and the Apocalypse :-on the Trinity :Prophecies concerning fifteen Popes :-Venet. 1519; ibid. 1589; and in MS, in several Libraries.

THOMAS, the Cistertian Monk, A. D. 1201, Wrote Commentaries on the Canticles :—Paris, 1521 ; Lugd. 1571.

NICOLAS of HYDRUSSA, A. D. 1201, Composed several works against the Latins, Fragments of which are preserved by Leo Allatius.

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