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Should point to him who shines our souls to

bless, For he is called “the Sun of righteousness." When we behold and feel the glowing rays Of that bright sun, our hearts should learn

to praise His name, who fills the happy world above, With beams of heavenly light and holy love. Now will you think of this on some fine day, When you go out to take a walk or play; That though you cannot see him, there is

One More bright and glorious than that dazzling


And then, my little child, remember too He left his throne in heaven to die for you A darker cloud than you will ever see, Covered the Son of God on Calvary.

But he had power to break through every

cloud, Death could not hold him, or the darkness

shroud ; He rose! he rose ! triumphant from the

grave; He lives again, omnipotent to save.

And now, my little friend, a while farewell, Though you have much to learn, and I to

tell ; If you will try this lesson to retain, I'll teach you more, whene'er we meet again.


A Foster, Printer, Kirkby Lonsdale

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(Continued from page 59.) June Oyuier and her son Martin, Martyrs.

You have already heard how God supported Robert Oguier and his son Baudicol, even in the flames. The wife and the younger son soon followed ; and I now proceed to give you an account of their trials and death.

Jane was kept separate from her son ; and the friars beset her in such a manner, that they seemed to have won her over; and they tried to get her to assist them in turu. ing her son out of the right way.


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Martin got to hear of this: and through the divine blessing resting on his labours, he recovered his mother again ; and so they both gave their lives for the truth; to the great dismay of their enemies.

What rich displays of divine power and grace! Baudicon cheering and comforting his aged father amid the flames; and Mar. tin the happy means of recovering his poor mother from her fall! What may not the young do, where they seek to live under the influence of God's Spirit, and to walk in his fear and love! Truly these dear young men seemed not only to have their lamps well filled with the oil of grace for their own purposes; but to have an overflowing plenty for the relief of others.

But to proceed. Before we come to describe the happy ends of Martin and his mother, we will just notice the great conflict of spirit which both of them suffered.

Many of the Popish rabble were sent to turn them from the faith. Now that they might succeed the better, they kept them separate. By the deceits of a monk, the poor woman began to waver, and to let go her faith. At this, their enemies rejoiced not a little; whilst the poor little flock of Christ, hearing such sad news, were in constant dismay. But the Lord left them not in their mournful condition. For one day, a

monk went into her prison, and exhorted her to win her son Martin, and to draw him from his errors. When Martin was brought to his mother, and saw that she was turned out of the way, he began with tears to be wail her awful state. “O! mother, (said he) what have you done? Have you denied him who hath redeemed you ? Alas! what evil hath he done you, that you should requite him with this so great an injury and dishonour ? Now, I am plunged into that woe, which I have most feared. Ah! that I should live to see this, which pierceth me to the very heart!”

His mother hearing his pitiful complaints, and seeing the tears which her son shed, began again to renew her strength in the Lord; and with tears, cried out, “O! Father of mercies, be merciful unto me, a miserable sinner; and cover my transgressions under the righteousness of thy blessed Son. Lord, enableme with strength from above, to stand to my first confession; and make me to abide stedfast therein, even unto my last breath."

It was not long after this change, that the same monks, who had led her astray, came in, thinking to find her in the same mind wherein they left her. She had no sooner spied them, than she said with abhorrence, “ away, Satan, get thee behind me: henceforth thou hast neither lot nor part in me. I will, by the help of God, stand to my first confession. And if I may not sign it with ink, I will seal it with my blood.

And so from that time, this weak vessel, after her recovery, grew stronger and stronger.

The judges seeing their firmness, delayed not to despatch them out of the way. They condemned them to be burnt alive, and their bodies, being reduced to ashes, to be scattered in the air. Martin and his mother having · heard their sentence read, on their way back to the prison, said, “ now blessed be our God, who always causeth us to triumph over our enemies. This is the wished for hour: qur gladsome day is come. Let us not then, (said Martin,) forget to be thankful for the honour he doeth us, in thus conforming us unto the image of his Son. Let us remember those who have traced this path before us : for this is the high-way to the kingdom of beaven. Let us then, good mother, go on boldly ont of the camp with the Son of God, bearing his reproach, with all his holy Martyrs : for so we shall find passage-into the glorious kingdom of the ever-living God.”

Some of the company hearing these words, and not being able to dear them, said, “ we see. now, thou heretic, that thou art wholly possessed, body and soul, with a devil, as were thy father and brother, who are botla iu hell.” Martin said, “Sirs, as for your

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