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Blinded by God, and God will
Mortly bring ! to pafa.

fc 33 Now therefore let Pharaoh 2 look out & man difcreet and wile, na and ci him over the land of ra Egypt.

34 La Posaob do this, and of Het Bim appoint officers over the fapd, and take up the fifth part ge of the lead of Bgypt in the le. Pi ve plentcous years.

05 And Jer them gather all fen Ebe food of those good years that the come, and lay up corn under the Band of Poartod, and let ibem sex Beep food in the citics.

36 And abet food thall be for Slotc to the lond, against the foo kven years of fainine , wblcb we fall be in the land of Egypt; lalak that the land perith not through the Elle famine.

37 And the chlog was good upi in the eyes of Pharaoh, and in the eyes of all his frryant




Asted by God, and God wil 4 And Pauriok al
Aonde bring it to pa

fephs name Zippuih-pa
# Now iber ore kt Pharaoh and be give blintowi
kci oslize dikreet and wife, nath gebe daughter of a
and a big orch the land of tsb prieit C OA!

feph went out over de
i La Murah do this

, and of Egypt.
ki biz srpoint chiare over the 469 And Josepo was
lad, ei take up the fifth port sein old when he food
of usd of Egipt in the le. Pharaoh king of Egypt
sa platous faim, Joseph weat out from the

And let them garber all lease of Phurroh, ged
ke bwd of these good fear that throughout all the land of E_
cor, and lay up corn under the 17 And to the seven plene
Bender Pantoh, and let tbem fears the earth brought for
bep lood in ide cities.

36 and about food chill be for 48 And he gathered up all
forc 80 tbe lond, aga inft the food of the seven years, and
Kvia feas of famine, wbich were to the land of Egipt

tall be in the land of Egipt; Ladd up the food in becit
Det the land perith not through the food of the field wik!
e lapige.

sound about every elis, kus
31 And the blog was good up in ide same.
in the eyes of Patraoh, and in 1 And Joseph gathered on
she ever of all bls fervants. u the fard of the fil,

And Pharsok leld vato bis reuch, until be left Dumbral
krvals, Cao we find facu a one for it was without number.
* this is, 1 an in whom thic so And unto Joseph were be!
Spirit of God is? two fone, before ibe yas

20. And Pharaoh haid unto mine came : wbicb Alert
Jokepb, Forskrued as God bets the daughter of Pori.plet
bewed tbit all this, there is prieft of On, bare unto blu.
Hede fo diíchtet und wile 18

5! And Josepb called

name of the firi. born Mig
40 Thou shalt be over my feb; for God, fudha bote er
house, and according unto thy me forget all my roil, and
word Call my people be my fathers boul.
Bukd : only in toe throne will s2 And the name of the !
I be greater than thou. cond called he Ephraim :/.!
41 And Pharaok feld unto

God hach caused nie en be fine
Jokpb, Sos, 1 bave fet ebce over ful to the land of my affilisis 2
sell the land of Egypt. 13 And the seven yeres

** And Phersoh took off his plegteoulder that we in de
Ring from his hand, and put it land of Egypt, were ended, ti
Npor Josephs bend, and stayed54. And the seven yeni
him in vcftures of fine linen, and dearth begin to come, actor
put a gold chulo about his neck. ing as Joseph bed fald and

53. And be made him to ride dearth was in s'l lands, buri
un foc fecond chartot which all the land of Egypt ehere was
be bad; tod they cried before breed.
din, Bow the knee: and he 55 And when all the lands of
made him ruler over all the land Egypt was familhed, idc pecp
of Bgypt.

tied to Phirsch for bread: a b
44. And Pharaoh Geld unto Pharaoh Gald unto:ll the Egypt
Joseph, I am Pharsok, and withos, Go unto forcph ; wbordo
out chee shall no man lift up his futh to you, do,
bsod or for lo all the land of 56 And the famille was or
the face of the earth :


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from them Simcon, and bound 35 kim before their eyes.

unto 25 $ Then Joseph commanded ved to fill their faces with corn, not, and to reftore every mans mo will ney into bis lack, and to give bese then provifion for the way: and thus did he unto them, his fa

16 And they leded their afts fons, with the corn, and departed thee: Ebence.

and I 27 And as one of them

opea. again. led his lack to give big ass prcWiader in the inn, hc c[picd his not go money : for, behold, it was in brothe. His faoks moutb.

28 And he said unto ble bre by the tbren, My money is reftored then it and lo, is Heren in my fack : gray ba sed their heart failed them, grave. and they were afraid, laglog one to inorker, What's this staf God hath done unto uo? 29 And they came unto Ja.

2 An cob their father, unto the land they b of Canaan, and cold blm all that which

alone ;

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ore Slow
din before their eyes udio tben, Me have

* Then Jolepá commanded ved of my chlárın :)
Did the facts with born, hot, sod Simeon is nol,
a w refore every mini mo will take Benjamin ana
ng into the lact, and to give these things are agsinfo
ikea provifion for the way: 37 And Reuben Ipik
ed toward ke into ther,

bis firber

, saying, Skye
* And ebeg laded thet alles fons If I bring bliss
with the cza, and departed thee: deliver him into m!

and I will bring bin to
34d si care of tbem opeo. again.
da bo lack to give his ao prc 38 And be fuld, My for
Frader in the ind, he espied his not go down with you: fa
moxy; for, behold, it was in bestber la disd, and be 14
His fast noutb. alonez if mischlef befal

39 Aed be laid unto ble bre by the way in the which
thrze, My money is reftored teen Gosll ge bring down
nd by its creo In my fack : gray halt with fortos tp
ped their heart failed skom, grave,
sod they were afraid, Gslog one


God Luth done un to up?

the land.
29, And they came unto Jr.. And it came to pale ut
rod their father, unto the land they bad aaten up there

of Canaan, aad told him all that which they bed brought are
becloro them, frying,

Egypt, théle forber lidt
3. The radio who is the lord them, Go Agato, buy us a bit
of the land, spese roughly 2 food,
les and teck us for iples of the 3 Aod Judeh fpake uno de

31 dad we said wato him, We proteht unto us, fafling, viss
Mit true men, we ure po spich not lee my face, except laby
31 We lo twelve brethren, brother be with you

fone of our father : OA DOT, # If tbou wilé fend our head
and tbe younged to the day thes with us, we will go dow
with our father in the land of and buy the food,

s But if thou will norte
33 And the mean the lord of him, we will not go down
le couotry fald nato ud, Here the man fald voco va, Ye Midor
by frall I know that ye are true pot see my face, except fou for
sen; Jeave ork of your bre brother be with you.
sáreo bure with me, and tske 6 And Iloiel Gold, Whered in

food for che farine of your how deale ye few.with meHe
Lsolds, and be gone.

Icll the man whether ye bad mes
34 And bring your younger a brother
brother woto me: thea hadi

7 And they said, The mao
Baow that you are no fpics, but ed us fraktly of our fute, and
rhat you are live mes : Je wil ove kladred, laying Is Fourly bad.
I dellger you your brolier, and aber yet alive? buvo je autor de
Je tall trick in the land.

brother and we told him
aber, empiled iheit facts, but words could we certainly kort hare
bebold, every maste bundle of that be would lay, Being a chur
kones, was in the lack : and brother down?
when both they and their father

8 And Judab fald unto line the
wers afraid

pi, and we w grise and een

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35 And it came ta pals, 48 cording to the renour of te bttt

w the burdles of money, CyBla fotber, Send the lod


W bons



& Cafe - a
Corrent, aas refraind bin
Endi sad, S:t on bride

2 And ther fer on for hin by los Erenfell, and for bein by them. Látors, and for the Bg pulut, vi sich, dià-Cal wir bun, bylo Chesniciye: berdu'e the Eg pr. or on might not cot breed stare Fiebreers for bar is an Fede Nnto TOE Bpilns.

y And they fit o.fore bim, be the lifi born according to his ble: ble-sight, and the yo geht sc. cording to ble yoursed the dove men marvelled one at 150cher, :34 Aabe took and fent intra bir Fes cipto bem from before him : bur Bedjenis 'mfs warfet? nes lo much 88. an. 18. YON Ata che drankand he wenia B

CHAP. XLV. Nd be command die Stementu ard of his buses fuying 14


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