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The writer of that excellent book, from which an opinion already prevails, that this is borrowed, (but which can only be the opinion of those who do not read) has told us, that " It is come to be taken for granted by many

persons, that Christianity is not so much as a subject of inquiry, but that it is now at length discovered to be fictitious: And accordingly they treat it, as if, in the present age this was an agreed point, among all

people of discernment; and nothing re“ inained, but to set it up as a principal sub

ject of mirth and ridicule, as it were, by way of reprisals, for its having so long interrupted the pleasures of the world.” It is with real grief this passage is borrowed from so judicious an author, and were his discernment less, it should not be quoted. His ftation intitles him to know mankind, and his probity will not allow us to doubt the truth of what he relates. He has laboured to good purpose to revive a sense of religion, in those who will have patience to examine things fairly, and this book is meant to carry on his excellent design. If it does in any degree promote that, the author will never repent his pains and expence, who will very gladly spend and be spent for the sake of the truth of Christianity, tho' the more abundantly he loves it, the less be be love ed by men. * ii. Cor. xii, 15.


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For one of whom especially, the following Dif

courses were written, and in the hearing of whom three of them were delivered.

PART 1. a viz. part 2. 4. 5.

D U B L I N:
Printed in the Year MDCCL.

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Divine Wisdom &c.


HIS knowing age, as it is called, has given frequent occafions to every one that has learning, to use it

in defence of revealed religion. CHRISTIANITY is to be considered two ways, as a system of truths .convincing the human mind, and a collection of precepts influencing human pra&tice. The former of these must now be supported by literature and -kill in reasoning, the latter by upright conduct in the preachers and exemplary life: For miracles are ceased. The children of wisdom have both ; and she is juftifyed by them. But there are some who being unnatural children, and wanting the latter, find pleasure in endea-vouring to destroy the influence of chriftianity, by a wicked use of the former.

Y E are they, who are principally concerned to oppose them. Because education gives you

Skill in the use of the weapon, which is to be employed in the combat. The writer of this book

* They who are not conversant in the friences may do well to pelo sver the latter part of sbia ADDRESS.

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