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Chr. zlu.
Berat, ustedad un teld of Greta: cone: as brother is the id, comfords

okte head and be alone is life of his and let the lad go up with his
# As thrler og for Alm by lordsbake of

fiber, and his father loveth orbrenn
Conse! 1 A Esplus, visti b: lordsb! And thou (rid unto thy my fatetry 2016 the led be not
til de er sich bew, bs , and it go w3bcbnts, Bring blm down unto with me? Iefpered veature

by father.
Eat, iar turi sa to I. M sccordi ato your bod wed wnio my lord,
44 And they hit o.foxt bilm, be my lova!, trd se

Get le Chould leave ble fathce,
DX arvelled 68: I socker.pun, ad op every of obter code cown with you, la with him, while icph
matted to th Ford the down a bit, cxcept your youngeat from me: and there Docd 150

ale bright, sodre po Belse 11 ben ihor (reedily to dedebou falda unto thy Cause every msu O BO out
fandto them from before blo: 13.4d te cari, Adbok 4 It caine to pass when brctbren.
drwy lo much as poset; Sikap ka 7 liter, we told him the the Egyptians and the house of
DWI Bojtrdos
multide up to thy servant

179 cth:y rent cherchons And our father Taid, Go

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har i muy set mine eyes see the oril that all come os

CA P. XLV.. .

Alinleif vers all bein Ex food by him; sad he cried,

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(der would die.

70 l so my face no more.' made himself, gowa wnio his

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12 fed be wept gloud, and Phar&oh beard.

3 And Jofeph_faid unto big And we said, We arrinot my Esther yel lives and bis

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tie ruanface, except our young.

4 And Josepa fald unto his brettaren, Come seer to me, !

por (VUT, TUDI D»Bey la bir biforç ble on ide ground,

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mr. & For these two years bath the

yet there are sve yess, 19 the

the messlicks with foods three ca 7610 epbe bout be with us, aber wil we for they were troubito at bis

ard of ble buít, fapie 14 And ja erdhi dowo: if our younger bro brethren could ne! an vier bim: wuchs, the Celty, sod 62 muat ther) and these Bodowy for we may not fce prefence

15 Acopeutti brother be with us. 1 od potop, flyer Westhuis begel. And thy servant my father pray you; an hoy com her:

Busto ut, Ye toow thac my and ce said, 1 * Jospa yout musel, rad be cool mocy ma 13 i Cancu. Dig? Wilt At two sons, ind ik old according to the 16 And Oud, what

fara ibe one weat out from Egy?.

fty wsin niy INI WA Indaald, Sunt be ls torn JABOD is mooig wie u wel of how fasiing piects, and I low him not ved nor egy with your eyes

with quy or of Berat, And if ye take the allo Gordid send me before you, to out of the clay, and on ju lur vults, both wouloh the ball bring down. Same been in tbe lend: sad 4 ANA w otocy were gone back, we % Ir burd's lt from me, and mischief befall pic'erve life.

17 And be bid, Gud 238 Cate. obey thow don overtake being tar I fond doo: fat 30 Now therefore when I which there shall paltlaer bo to 10 hod, Warefathers mea in saole boodske up come to ty sirvant my father, ing nor 6&TEA.

Found, te ell be a fare te i be got with up s booria, lo stiam a 12 pou, KI (Stelag ter lais llfs is bound you to preserve you a potcity

31 It full come topafs, when lives by a great delle TANCE. sd be fakt unto the match 3 od 13 E38, and at bring down the gray he hath made me e father to 6 agd be 090rcat te let thy ferral priy rasip or be will die and the ler fent me bliber, but God: End

II.621847 WIN Agroditby sitant our freer Paroub, end lord of eil siis * And they H 1980 bin, J.: for food art call with forrow to the grave. ests? God forbiditidy lze Igled adhed S: (rumfutto fix the Isd unto my fa. 9 Helle you to go up toms Goulado scordá z toibul, Hilesc (122,68 tiging, f I bring hlm 700 siber, aod leg wnio him, TE

to be, then I wil beer be fait tay fon jofeph, tcd bota 3 novitert is prepbc, Caine do 75 R

made in los aeg. 8.kold, the 7 19 Add pelluciny / Domy father for ever.

To and thos fait awal carga ca MA LALO U. otkad spuild and all ty vedla itcai el

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ofeph fordel for Genelis. the land of Goshen, and thou but to Chalt be scar unto me, thou, and buode toy chiidren, and tbs childrens chang children, and thy locks, and iby a3 bardı, and all that thou haft. after

It and there will I nourth den thee (for yer there are five years Egypt, of famine; ) left thou, and thy with houshold, and all that thou bid for his come co poverty.

24 S 12 And bebold, your eyes fee, way, ar and the eyes of my brother Ben fald unt ismine, that it is my mouth that not out speaketh va'o tou.

25 13 And you hal tell my fs of Egip ther of all my glory in Egypr, land of and of all that you have fren, father, and ge theu bafte, and bring 26 Arc down my fatter bitber.

14 And be fell upon b's bro- Veroux ther Benjamins neck, and wept gypi. Are and Benjanıla wept upon his for be be neck.

27 An 15 Moreover be killed all alworden

rephis ye

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But be set unto me, thou, and hundred pleets of filter, and oto Earpts Jacob, and

dhene fredni for

the end of Gothen, and thcu bue ta Benjamin be give

shy children, and the children changesof raimnt.
Hidrea, ord thy fects, and the 13 Add to his father bef
berdi, ad all that sbcu balt.
the far set there are five years Earps, and son the elas iade

And obey took their cattel, nufleh Ind Ephraim, which A
Acele goods which they had length the daughter

of Polipberak
aven in the lead of Cimin, prift of OA bare unto tlm.

21 And the one of Benja.

min mere Belah, and Becher, and Bis fora, and his sons font achbel, Gera, and Naawan, Ebi, as daughter, and a bio pin, and Ard.

2i These are the fons of Rs. chel, which were born to Jacob:

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opise, that ez is my mouth that not out by the war.
franketh on'O TOU.
19. And you thou tell my fr. of Egip, and come faro che

afeez chlo mannir, ten allerle, ble daughters, and ind Roth, Muppin, and lup-
11 404 there will nourih dea with the good thing Arought be with him into
badbold, and all that thou bid for his father by the way. Aldren of Israel, which 27 And the song of Din ;
of faulne,) Inft thou, and thy with com and bread and and these and the dames all the souls were fourteen.

14 So be sent his brethread sto Egypt, Jacob and bis Hush'm.
1 dad bebold, your eyes lee, Wil, and they deparied: ind for Leben Jacobi ft A-born.
ed the efes of my brother Ben. fall into them, see that sell the fons of Reuben. Jetzeeland Guni, and jezet, and

25 And they went up and
na of all my glory in B2720 Vand of Canata ugto Jacob tot el, and Jumia, and Obad, Rakel his daughter, and the
and se fall bafte, and bring 36 And told him, laylo Son of Canualtica fouls pet leven

Gelton, Rebarb, and Menuh
brethren, ipd wept upon them: fald voto ibeir:ind when be a Dandia in the land of Cl. which were born aim in Egypt,
15 Moreover be killed al bo words of Joseph, which he fare und Zarih: but Er and

rept to cubim, the folitos Hinton and Flamul. wu beard in Parsobe house, 18 Agd Trnai reid, te Told, and Pauval, and I

ad of all that you have feed Firkel,

down my facter bitber. fepb is yet alive, and te him 14 And be fell upca bla brc verout over all the land of By ther Bestmias deck, and wep! ; gypi. And Jacobs heart faiated od Beajanito wept upon his for be believed the pot

27. And they told bin 20 ck

24 And the Cons of Napbtall; bed and Phallu, and Hezron, Shillom.

25 These are the sons of BH. And the fons of Simeon , hab, wbich Labun gave unto Jablon and Zohar, and bare these unto jaceb: all ibe

26 All the souls that came dnd ebe foao of Levi; with lacb" into Ezzer, which

came out of his lostid, b.lides 1. And the sons of Judah, Jacoba fons wives, all (he souls Syed Oslo, cad Shalah, and were threescore and Gx

27 And the son of Josepta
da. Ard the fons cf Pharez, more two Couls: all the souls of

the house of Jacob which come
and the song of Ifa inco Bai pt, were threescore and

28 And te fent Judah before
And the fors of Zebulun; him uato Jolepb, to direct bls

face unto Gotha; and they came Tacle be the fons of Leah, lato le land of colhen.

29 And Joseph made ready

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ind ofrer tist

, his brethren talk the wrong one which Joseph bed ed with bim,

16 And the fame thereof Jacob rásir father revived. farine, Jofephs brethren srenough; Josep my son is pel care: and ii pleased Pharaoh alive: I will go acid fre his well, and his ferments.

before I die. 17 And Phusoblaid unto ! CHAP. XLVI.

Sened, and Elon, and Jaikel.

o se, lete your beatis, and

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blm: And he felt on his neck,

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30 And Israel said unto Josipb, Now let me dic,fince I have seen

13 And take your farber, end furber llaec. er bow bolds, and come uplo

2 And God spake unto Trade 3d I will gide you the in the vifions of the alght, zad null eat foc fat of the land. biete am I,

Now thou art coating 3. And he said, I am God, eks our of tbe land of Egypt, go down lato Egypt; for I will 15, and bring your father, clon. one.

4 I will go down with the

Na rasi took his foury With Les bare unto Jacob in , Say unto thy breebrea Tols Awirb that be bsd, 1 Pode-them, with bis daugh. bis chulol, and went up to me fer you woto the land of came to Beer Hebs, and offerta Drah: all the souls of his feel bls (atart, to Golaen facrifires voto the God of W for and bis daug dit mers and presented bimci uato

16 And the song of Gad i and wept on bis acck & good

Tipulon, and Huggal, Shual, while. of the land of Egypt, and Eld, Jacob, Jacob : And be sold tod Ezbon, Erl, sad Asodi, and

And the fons of Ather, thy fact, because thou art yet (bis do ye, take you W4. God of thy fnher : frar not to Jiradi, and I buah, end Ilui, live, our little ones, and for your there make of thee a great or fler: und ic fons of Beriab brethren, sad unto bls fathers

There are the fons of zul. Pharaoh, and say unto bim, My is good of 10 the land of furel, bring chee up ge and ble drephter: and these fac bure which were in the land of C# All regerd not for fluff: lato Egypt Ind I will allo poh, wham Liban give to Leah brethren, and my fatpers Douies

Joseph Mull put big band upon unto jucob, quin sixteen foule.

19 And unto Joseph in the bean to feed aattel;

berdi, for their trade baib

and toy ent of Phariod, and gave mel curled Jacob belr father of 887 Pt were born Mix bare brought their dock and

und Berlah, and Serah their fi. Beber, lad Malchiel.

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31 And Joseph said unto bla house, I will go up, and thew

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#goure. And the children of Israel thloe eyci,

And Joseph gave them And Jacob rose up 8, &ccording to the com- Beer lebe: and the Sons of IF oviGon for t&e way. and their little ones, and their

all of them be give walves, la tbe wigons which bu changes of talecat Pasah dad Ant w fury blue


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Gerefia **r berdi, and all that tacy 9

99 And it bsli come to Per my when Pasabb faali" call you, and end (hail fay, Was di your cc bgy cupation?

my 34 7bat pe foull (ay, Thy fer cain vants trade bat been about yesr. casals fron our yourk, ci en inta Ut sow, bosh. sve and a to

10 our fathers: thet ye may del raob je the land of Gothen, for eye. Paar

Bucpetrd Usa bolnatica uroche Es prions

CEAP. XLVI. **60 Jorens cam: ad cold Egys

Pa 100, and today Alpta- in be liter and my okan rasio rios Ecks hamgir-bcade, 1.6 12 Ls10, basere come out forber e uriad of Conten, d

beli bik; ahey are in the kns.clsraad Garxa

3 And he took force of hals 13 ticarte 742 men, 2 prelil




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, and we and our lind ed We sot Joseph, and faid

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en dis Kidd, because the far out of Egipt, erd bury me in

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4 Only the land of the pleas

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Chap. xlviij. in the famine. nod, To: dass die de gener, how thit out money Goshea , end they had polifli.

rar, may lord allo bath our ons therein, end gecw, and mule

#lele in (be ligte of my 8 And Jacob lived in the land
Pasti Bul cillus and tony Feat: few ad of catted, there is not tiplied exceedingly.

baxt our bodies, and cut of Egypt (eventeen years : fo the
Werelorfool we die died foriy md roven years.

hole age of Jacob Was ng bug

29 And the time drew nigh
IT tak bisa beep boc Ferrs of roe life of my sun bize eyes, both we and
froa our fours, bien la the day of tseir pila con buy us and our lend that lsraci mult dic: and be call.

liteas Cecà,

that we may la eby fight, put, I pray thee, thy
su fathers: (
kremy d*c1 1801, and weat out from tivante unto Phiraob : him, If now I have found grace

11 And Joseph paremt die, that the land band under ing thiga, end deal
them a podBoln the ta da And Jofeph bought all the me not, I pray thee, in Egypt.
ther and his breiciet snd kullohte.

kindly and truly with me, bury

30 But I will lic with my fee
Hra lokps cubs &.d 10! Eger, in to det of Egypt for Pharach,

PBL 80!!, and lodo difte tarbeland ef snelio fotke Byplans fo! every thors, and thou alt carry me
But it burde, &- 13-And10.9, nyil.bdne suvaiked over bem: fo their burping place. And be said,

I will do as thou hast raid.
LF er goud forber - 150 ibis, tehnd became Pourkoke.

31 Aad lic seid, Swear unto
ef diad of 47, 6-b si 34 fibers Duo wa had on for the people, he
staf at fokuserard, according to the tend them to clrics from me: And be (ware unto him.

mother and of the borders of E. And lisael bowed bimself upon
And he took loze ? 361 Adhere on MVen to the ather end the beds bend.

L'epid, 2017. ja sii the Lord: for be thertok,

Na it came to palaafter thefe

WP OM CHind op gw bil portion hned thers of Bebold, thy father is Ock: end
Puod Aidaro of 1% ex eit the Dragher Le Rot: for the paletto things, ebat one

toid Joseph
Pauriol, and est tbck por- be cock with him bistwo sons,
And Jokpb gut the which Pharaoh gave them Mansfich and Ephrait,


2 And one told Jecob, and
2. ubi Nr
4wd the 200* 1.25? to Soud Sledore they fold not the

* Toen Joseph Geld unto the cometh unto thet: and Israel

fald, Bebold, thy son Josepla Pro, ? ! !0 frucy bowght: ad Paple, Behold, I bave bougbt frengoped himself, and (at uge We cor: for 12 kr the most. 4:30 14 Jouldis day, and your land on the bed,

2 And Jacob (sid unto Joseph; ni fyrir raid wistus. And when my for you, and ye tal low the God Almighty appeared unto

me at Luz in the land of. Cs.
W7 pra, W. (

Og of Gangs, all th. 44 And It all come to pato dain, and bleusd mts
ity du:lle 19 of 10 wako Jolph, 84 lato increases that you had
Cyngored; fur wh firetke fb part unto Phs. I will make taec fruitful, and

4 and said unto me, Behold,
edelstby precoce li tsah, and four parts thall be multiply thee, and I will make

your own, farked of the field, of het & multitude of people,

sad fpk fol, Clubs and for your food, and for them and will give this land to thy
Toe fond of before als od 1 wil je out four bouhilds, and for food feed afrer inee, for an everlast

ing poffeffion.
19 Apd bey brought. And they said, Thou haft
Saved our Uves: 'let us find phraim and Manalled, which

5 And now thy two long, E.

We will be Pharaohs fervants. land of Egypt, before I came $ndrell: 2.1 1004 sve tbcm breed in excha greach the fight of my lord, and were born unto thee in the

Over the land of Egypt unto us Reuben and Simcon, they

16 And Joseph made it Isw unto thte into Egypt, are mine : the dus, that Pharach should tall be mine. bave the fifth part, except the land of the priests only, wilch bege test after them, Chal be

6 And thy illue which thou 17 And Ifrael dwelt in the the tanie of their brethren la

thine, and thall be called after


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fa Pharach: lo, here is feed

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for your little ones.

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Land of Boopt in the copatry of their inberltsace,

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