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tion of that edifice. An account of its bas undergone a thorough revision, and various and splendid monuments; bio- has received many additions. It is not

graphical anecdotes of the Bishops, &c. an abridgement, as has been announced, with ample graphic illustrations of the but is printed in a smaller type, in. architecture and sculpture of the Church, order to reduce the price. * The latter are chiefly engraved by J. In the press, the second edition of and H. Le Keux, from drawings by the Rev, Robert Hall's Funeral Sermon Edward Blore. The volume is dedi. for the Princess Char-lotte. cated by permission to the late Princess We are glad to find that the sug. Charlotte, whose character and loss, gestion in our November Number, relaare noticed in the Preface. In its his- tive to the propriety of celebrating the torical and architectural relations, the Third Centenary of the Reformation, · Cathedral of Winchester, presents more by public addresses suitable to the attraction than any other edifice in remembrance of so glorious a delivere England ; and the author has taken

ance, appears not to hare been throwh ' much pains to elucidate the one, and away. The Protestaut Union Society illustrate the other.

have issued a circular recommendation Mr. Bricton's first Number of illus- on the subject, in which notice is taken trations of York Cathedral, is also pub. that John Wiclif (the Morning Star of lished, with six engravings, by the two the Reformation) died on the 31st of Le Keux's, Scott, &c. from drawings December 1517, and the succeeding by Mackenzie and Blore.

Sunday (Jan. 4.) presents, it is therefore In the press, and will be published conceived, a favourable occasion for early in January 1818, the third edition, improving that important event. This with additions, 12mo. 38. 6d. bus. of suggestion, several of the Clergy and the Pleasures of Religion ; in Leiters Dissenting Ministers have intimated from Joseph Felton to bis son Charles. their intention of complying with, and

In a few days may be expected, the we earnestly hope that the call will be second edition of Dr. Ryland's Memoir generallyobeyed throughout the country. of the late Rev, A. Fuller. This edition


BIOGRAPHY. Shakspeare and his Times, including the Biography of the Poet ; Criticism on bis Genius and Writings; a Disquisition on the Object of his Sonnets; a new Chronology of his Plays; and a History of the Manners, Customs, and Amusements, Superstitions, Poetry, and - Elegant Literature of his Age. By Nathan Drake, M.D. Author of Literary Hours, and of Essays on Periodica) Literature. With a portrait, engraved from a cast made by Mr. G. Bullock, from tbe monumental bust at Stratford upon Avon. 2 vols. 4to. 51. 5s. bds.

*** A few copies on royal paper, for the purpose of illustration, may be bad, price 71. 7s.

EDUCATION: A Companion to the Globes, comprising an astronomical introduction, the various problems that may be performed by the Globes, preceded by the

subjects to which they refer, and accompanied by numerous examples, re

capitulatory exercises, &c. calculated to convey a coinplete knowledge of the use of the Globes, and of the principles on which the science is founded. By a private Teacher, 12mo. 4s, 6d.

Likewise, a Key to the above. 2s.

Galignani's Grammar and Exercises, in twenty-four lectures on the Italian Language, third edition, with numerous additions and improvements. By A. Montucci, LL.D. Svo, 8s. bds.

Italian Extracts, being an extensive selection from the best classic and modern Italian authors, iutended as a supplement to the above Grammar and Exercises. By A. Montucci, LL.D. second edition, 8vo. 9s. bds.

A Greek Primer. By A. Dickenson, containing the various inflections of nouns, participles, and verbs, with numerous vocabularies, and an appendix of verbs, simple and compouvd, conjugated in full. 3s. 6d, bound

Remarks on a course of Education, designed to prepare the youthful mind for a career of honour, patriotism, and

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philanthropy. By Thomas Myers, A.M. Book-keeping: intended as a Supplement of the Royal Military Academy. Author to Walking hame's Arithmetic; by the of a Compendious System of Modern Editor of that popular Work. 12mo. Geography, ls. 6d.


The Naturalist's Journal.

By the

Hon. Daines Barrington. In oblong $10. An Introduction to the Study of Geo

5s. sewed. logy; with occasional remarks on the

Anecdotes respecting Cranboorn Truth of the Mosaic Account of the

Chase, with a very concise account of Creation and the Deluge. By Joseph

it; together with the Amusements it · Sutciiffe, M.A. Author of a Grammar

afforded our Ancestors in the days of of the English Language, and Guide to

yore. By William Chafiu, Clerk. 8vo. Composition, &c. 8vo. Is. 6d. MEDICINE, &c.

Mandeville ; a Tale of the Seven

teenth Century in England. By William Physiological Lectures ; exhibiting a

Godwin. 3 vols. 12no. 11. 1s. bds. general View of Mr. Hunter's Physio.

A Sketch of Modern Bankruptcy, logy, and of his Researches in Compa

comprehended in two petitions to Parrative Anatomy, delivered before the

liament, presented by the late Mr. Royal College of Physicians, in the

Horner, July 1814, and Mr. Lockhart, year 1817. By John Abernethy, F.R.S.

July 1817; with the representation in &c. Surgeon to St. Bartholomew and

characters of a petition to the Court of Christ's Hospitals. 8vo. Ss.

Chancery, and other matter, referred A Narrative of the Case of Miss

to in the petition presented by Ms. Margaret M'Avoy ; with an Account

Lockhart; similar petitions having been of some optical Experiments connected with it. By Thomas Renwick, M.D.

presented at those periods to the House

of Lords, by the late Earl Stanhope, Physician to the Liverpool Infirmary.

and Lord Eldon, Lord High Chancellor 4to. 10s. 60. bds.

of Great Britain. And an apology for A Critical Enquiry into the Nature

this publication in a prefatory appeal and Treatment of the Case of her Royal

to the good sense, justice, and humaHighness the Princess Charlotte of

nity (national characteristics,) of Bris Wales, and her Infant Son, with the

tish Merchants. By Edmund Townsend, probable causes of their deaths and sub.

formerly merchant of Chepstow •and sèquent appearances, founded on au

Dublin ; Author of several Tracts, on thentic facts. The whole fully discussed

the Abuses of the Bankrapt Laws. 3s. and illustrated by comparative practice, pointing out the means of preventing

ORNITHOLOGY such unfortunate terminations of labour in future.

Respectfully dedicated to A Synoptical Catalogue of British the Imperial Parliament of the United

Birds ; intended to identify the Species Kingdom of Great Britain. By Rees

mentioned by different Names in several Price, Member of the Royal Coilege of

Catalogues already extant. Forming a

Book of Reference to Observations in 'Surgeons, London. Leigh's New Picture of London ; or a

British Ornithology. By Thordas PorsView of the Political, Religious, Medical,

ter, F.L.S. Corcesp. Memh. Acad. Nat. Literary, Municipal, Commercial, and

Sciences at Philadelphia, &c. &c. 35. Moral State of the British Metropolis.

PHILOLOGY. Presenting a brief and laminous Guide to the Stranger, on all subjects con

Principia Hebraica, comprising "nected with general Information, Busi

Grammatical Analysis of 564 verses from *ness, or Amusement. With upward

-the Hebrew Psalms, with a Grammar. of 100 Views, Plan, &c. 9s. neatly

15s. bound.

An Introduction to the Study of Gere Book-Keeping by Single Eutry; con

man Grammar,; with practical exercises. "taining the most approved and simple

By Peter Edmund Laurant, Member of method of keeping a Tradesman's Ac.

the University at Paris, and Teacher of *counts; with a copious Collection of the Modern Languages in Oxford, 12mo. Practical Examples; at once serving to

-5s. facilitate a ready Calculation in Busi

POETRY. ness, and exemplify the practice of The Hours ; a Poem, in Four. Idylls.

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By Henry Hudson, Esq. foolscap 8vo•

Two Discourses, Preacher at Ket. 75. boards.

tering on the 9th and 10th of Nov. By Psyche, or the Soul: a Poem, in

Thomas N. Toller. Ss. Seven Cantos. By John Browu, Esq.

The Vanity of Human Expectations.

A Tribute of respect to the beloved me. POLITICAL ECONOMY.

mory of the Princess Charlotte. By Observations on the Impolicy of per

John Evans, A. M. ls. 60. mitting the Exportation of British Wool,

A Sermon preached at Wallingford,

Berks. By William Harris, Is. 6d. and of preventing the free importation of

The Pillar of Rachael's Grave: the Pureign Wool. By John Maitland, Esq. M. P. 8vo. 43.

substance of Two Serinons. By Robert


Death invading the Palace. By the God is Love the most Pure, My

Rev. Isaac Purkis. 1s. Prayer, and My Contemplation : freely A Sermon preached at Blackburn. By translated from the Original of M.

Joseph Fletcher, M. A. Is. D'Eckbarthancen, with suitable Altera- The Transitory Glory of the World, tions and Additions; and including a

&c. Preached at Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds. Companion to the Altar. By Johnson By the Rev. Thomas Jarvis. 2s. Grant, M. A. Minister of Kentish-towa The Disappointment of Human Hopes, . Chapel. 12mo. 2. 63.

By John Kentish, Birmingham. ls. The Unitarian Refuted, or the Di. A Sermou, preached at Cheltenham. vinity of Christ and the Doctrine of the By Thomas Snow, Seceder from the Na. Holy Trinity plainly proved from copious tional Religious Establishment. Is. Texts of Scripture, accompanied with

A Funeral Sermon, preached before Notes selected from the New Family

the Unitarian Church, Hackney. By Bible. By the Rev. G. A. Baker, M. A.

Robert Aspland, Minis:er of the Church. Svo. 5s. boards.

Is. 6d. The Bible, not the Bible Society ; A Sermon, preached at the Meeting being an attempt to point out that House, in Monkwell-street. By James Mode of Disseminating the Scriptures,

Lindsa y, D. D. Is. 6d, which would most effectually conduce

The National Calamity improved. to the Security of the Established

Preached at Fulneck. By C. F. RauftChurch, and the Peace of the United

ler. ls. Kingdom. By the Rev. W. Phelan, A Sermon, preached at the Old Fellow of Trinity College. 8vo. 4s. Jewry Chapel, in Jewin-street.

By A Review of the Life of David, king

Abraham Rees, D. D. F. R. S. F. L. S., of Israel : adopted, by a division into

&c. Is. 6d. chapters, and the interspersions of

God's dealings equal to all. Preached serious reflections, for reading in fainiles

in the Parish Church of Haugbton-leand schools; and designed to counteract

Skerne, in Durbam. By the Rev. tbe aspersions which certain writers

Thomas Le Mesurier, B. D. Rector, and have recently cast upon the character Chaplain to Lord Viscount Sidmouth, of that prince. 12ino. 55.

8vo. )s. 60. A series of Discourses recommending

A Sermou preached before the Uniand enforcing stedfastness in the Chris

versity of Cambridge, at Great St. tian Religion. By W. Pendered, 8vo.

Mary's Church, on Wednesday Nov. 19.
By Rev. Jobu Kaye, D. D, Master

of Christ's College and Regius Professor SERMONS

of Divinity, 4to. Is. 6d. On the occasion of the death of Her A Sermon preached in the Chapel of

Royal Highness the Princess Char- the East India College on the same day. Jotte. (Continued froin the Dec. By Rev. Charles Webb Le Bas, A. M. Number.)

Profesor of Mathematics in the East A Sermon occasioned by the lamented India College, 8vo. 1s. 6d. death of the Princess Charlotte Augusta. A Sermon preached at the Parish Preached at Bishops Stortford, Nov. 19. Church of St. Mary, Islington. By Rev. By William Chaplain, Protestant Dis. Jerome Alley, A. B. Curate. 8vo. 2s. senting Minister in that town. Is.

Two Sermons addressed to the The Frailty of human Life illustrated; Parishioners of Bishop Wearmouth. and the providential egency of God im- By Robert Gray, D. D. Rector, and Preprosed; in two Sermons delivered at bendary of Durham and Chichester, Walworth. By George Clayton, 28. 8vo. Is. 6d.


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A Sermon preached in the Parish University of Cambridge, Nov. 23. By Church of Chiswick. By Rev. T. F. George Cornelius Gorham, M. A. Fellow Bowerbank, M. A. Vicar. 1s.

of Queen's College. The Voice of God in His Providential The Warning Voice;

Sermon Dispensation. Preached in the Parish preached at Charlotte-street Chapel, Church of Teston, Keut. 1s.

Pimlico, on Wednesday Nov. 19. By A Sermon preached in the Parish Weeden Butler, A. M. Rector of Church of Newbury, County of Berks. Woolston Magna, Bucks; formerly of SidBy Rev. Samvel Slocock, Rector of ney Sussex College, Cambridge. Is. 6d. Wasing, afteropon Preacher of the A Sermon preached in St. Mary's Parish of Newbory, &c. 1s.

Church, Kilkenny. By Rev. Peter Roe, A Sermon preached at Southminster A. M. Minister of St. Mary's, &c. Church, Essex. By Rev. James Holme, Kilkenny. 1s. Curate. Is.

A Funeral Sermon preached in the The Damsel is not Dead but Sleepeth. Episcopal Jews' Chapel, Bethnal-Green. Preached ju the Parish Church of Ash- By Rev. C. S. Hawtray, M. A. Vicar of ford, Kent, By Rev. John Nance, D. D. Whiston, Monmouthshire, &c. 1s. Rector of Old Romney, &c. 18.

A Sermon, &c. By William Marsh, A Sermon preached in the Church of A. M. Vicar of St. Peter's, Colchester, the United Parisbes of Christ Church &c. Is. 6d. and St. Leonard, Foster-lane. By Rev. A Sermon - preached in the Parish S. Crowther, M. A. Vicar and Rector.• Church of Bredon, in the County of 1s.

Worcester. By John Keysall, M. A. A Sermon preached at the Cathedral F.S. A. Rector of the said Parish, and Church of Chester, Nov. 23. By George Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty. Henry Law, D. D. F. R. and A.S. Ld. 1s. Bishop of Chester.

A Sermon preached at Hadleigh, in The Uncertainty of To-morrow. Suffolk. By Rev. Jobn Hayter Cox. Is. Preached in the Parish Church of St. Preinatore Death. Preached at AlStephen, Walbrook, and at Rani's bion Chapel, Leeds. By Richard Winter Chapel, Homerton. By Rev. W. B. Hamilton. Is, 6d. Williams, M. A. Is. 6d.

A Sermon delivered in the Tron Disappointed Hope. A Sermon Church, Glasgow, By Thomas Chal. preached in the Church of the Uuited

mers, D. D. Is. 6d. Parishes of St. Swithin and St. Mary, The Lord's Voice to Great Britain. Bothaw. By Henry George Watkins, Preached at Rumford. By Thomas M. A. Rector. Third edition. Is. 6d. Straban, 1s. A Sermon preached at Chatteris. By

TRAVELS AND TOPOGRAPHY. R. Chatfield, LL. D. Vicar of Chatteris, &c. Is. 6d.

Notes on a Journey in America, from A Sermon preached at the Church of the Coast of America to the Territory Alhallows, Barking, London. By Rev. of thc Illinois. By Morris Birkbeck, Henry G. White, A. M. Curate, &c. 28. Author of Notes on a Tour in France,

Silent Submission to the Divine Will &c. 8vo. 5s. recommended. Preached in the Parish Memoirs on European and Asiatic Church of Blandford Forum, Dorset. Turkey, from the Manuscript Journals shire. By Rev. C. J. Hoare, A M.

of Modern Travellers in those Countries. Vicar. Is. 60.

Edited by Robert Walpole, A. M. 4to. The Voice of God to Britain. By 31, 3s. Ahomas Scott, Rector of Aston-Sand. History of a Six Weeks Tour through fond, Is.

a part of France, Switzerland, Germany, Private Sorrows and Public Cala- and Holland; with Letters descriptive of mities viewed in connexion with the a sail round the Lake of Geneva, and shortness of Time, Preached before the the Glaciers of Chamouni. 12mo. 38.



For FEBRUARY, 1818.

Art. I. Anecdotes of the Life of Richard Watson, Bishop of Landaf:

Written by Himself at different Intervals, and revised in 1814. Published by his Son, Richard Watson, LL.B. Prebendary of Landaff and Wells. 4to. pp. 551. Price 21. 125. 6d. London.

1817. THIS is certainly the most valuable piece of auto-biography

that has been presented to the world, since Bishop Burnet's account of bis own Times, and it will deservedly rank with the intelligent and impartial narrative of that upright historian, among the most important illustrations of our national annals. The life of Bishop Watson was spent in honourable and patriotic exertion. That it was protracted to so advanced an age, is in itself a pleasing consideration ; but when he is regarded as the contemporary memorialist of nearly a century, the circumstance rises in importance, and the natural veneration ija spired by a green old age, is heightened by our feeling as if it was preserved for his country, in order that, at this crisis, invested with all the majesty of death, he might utter in the ears of the senate and people of England, truths which it peculiarly behoves them to hear, but which otherwise might scarcely obtain a hearing: Whatever diversity of opinion may

. prevail as to the public and religious character of the illustrious individual in other respects, bis competent knowledge of the events he records, as well as his veracity, is unquestionable; and when to these important requisites, we add those of a more than ordinary acuteness of faculty, and independence of mind, together with what, judging from the indications of the work before us, we should conceive to be not less due to him, the merit of unaffected candour, we have portrayed a man as completely qualified as he well could be, for the task he has undertaken. The following is the account wbich his Lordship gives of the origin of the publication. • It has been a custom with me, from a very early age, to put Vol. IX. N. S.


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