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vided herein, shall, within sixty days after the question of aid is determined by a vote of the electors of such township or city, as provided in section three of this act, issae its coupon bonds for the amount so determined to be granted, which bonds Denominashall be in sums of not less than one hundred dollars each, and bonds. not more than one thousand dollars each, and shall be payable Maturity. at any time as determined upon by the electors of such township or city, not exceeding twenty years from the date thereof. Sach bonds shall bear interest at & rate of not exceeding ten Interest. per cent. per annum, and shall have attached thereto the necessary and usual interest coupons, corresponding in dates and numbers with the bonds to which they are attached, which shall be signed by written signatures by the same person or persons executing such bonds. Such bonds shall, if issued by a city, By whom

executed be executed by the mayor and clerk or recorder thereof, as the caso may be, under the seal of said city, and if issued by a township, they shall be executed by the supervisor and clerk thereof, and if any city or township issuing such bonds shall have a seal, the same shall be impressed upon each of such bonds. The bonds, and coupons attached thereto, shall be pay-Whore pay. able at the office of the treasurer of the county in which such township or city may be situate.

Sec. 5. Whenever any such bonds as provided by the pro- Deposited visions of this act shall have been issued as therein specified, Treasurer. the same shall be delivered by the person, persons or officers having charge of the same, to the Treasurer of this state, who shall give & receipt therefor, and hold the same as trustee for the municipality issuing the same, and for the railroad company for which they were issued, and to be disposed of by said treasurer in discharge of his trust as hereinafter provided.

Sec. 6. Upon receipt of any such bonds from any town- State Treasship or city, in aid of any such railroad company, the Treasurer record. of this state shall immediately register or record the same in a book or books to be kept by him for that purpose, in his office, which record shall show the amount, date, and number of each contents of bond, the rate of interest which it bears, by what township or


with Stato

urer sball


city issued, to the benefit of what railroad company the same are issued, and the time when payable, which record shall be

always open for the inspection of any citizen of this State, or Safe kreping other interested person. Such bonds shall be safely kept by and how dls-said Treasurer, for the benefit of the parties interested, and be


disposed of by him in the following manner: That is to say, whenever any railroad company, in aid of which any of such bonds may have been issued, shall present to said Treasurer & certificate from the Governor of this State that such railroad company has in all respects complied with the provisions of this act, and is thereby entitled to any of such bonds, the same, or such of said bonds as said company shall be entitled to receive, shall be delivered to said company, the Treasurer first cutting

therefrom, canceling, and returning to the municipality, the past Indorsement due coupons. The Treasurer shall indorse upon each of said upon bonds.

bonds the date of such delivery and to whom the same were de

livered, and the same shall draw interest only from the time Notice of when so delivered; and the Treasurer shall notify the clerk of livery of the township, or recorder or clerk of the city issuing the same,

of the date of the delivery of its bonds to such railroad comFees and pany. The railroad company so receiving such bonds shall pay charges of State Treas. the State Treasurer one-tenth of one per centum of the par

value of all such bonds so delivered, which shall be received by him in full payment of all fees and charges for the custody,

recording, endorsing, and delivery of said bonds, which money When bond shall be paid into the State Treasury. And in case any bond celed. so delivered to said Treasurer by any such township or city shall

not, within three years from the time when the same were re. ceived by him, be demanded, in compliance with the terms of this act, the same shall be cancel d by said Treasurer, and returned to the proper officers of the township or city issuing

the same. Proceedings Sec. 7. In case any city or township issuing bonds as heretowhen city or township fore provided in this act, shall fail to pay the bonds, or the infail to pay bonds. terest coupons, or to deposit with the treasurer of the county

in which such township or city is situated, a sufficient sum of

sale and de



shall be can

money to pay the bonds or the coupons, which it may have is. sued as aforesaid, which may then be due, as by the terms of said bonds or coupons, the county treasurer of such county Certificato shall certify the same to the clerk of the board of supervisors treasurer. of such county, or in case of the city of Detroit, to the assessor thereof, stating the amount so due and unpaid by such township or city, whereupon the board of supervisors of such county, or such assessor, as the case may be, shall cause the same to be Assessed, levied, and collected from such township or city, with other county or city taxes, and in like manner, adding to the amount thereof, interest at the rate specified in said bond, for one year, and the same shall be paid to the county treasurer by the treasurer of such township or city; and upon the receipt of such money, the county treasurer shall pay to the holders thereof, the principal or interest for which such money may have been collected, with the interest thereon, and cancel and return such bonds or coupons to the township or city to which the same may belong.

Sec. 8. In case any township or city shall avail itself of the Provision for benefits of this act, by the issue of bonds or other evidence of bonds, etc debt, in the aid of any railroad company as by this act provided, such township or city shall, each year, by its proper authorities, after receiving the notice as herein provided, from the State Treasurer, of the delivery of its bonds to the proper railroad company, so long as such bonds or other evidence of debt remain unpaid, levy, assess, and collect upon the taxable property of such township or city, a sufficient sum of money to pay all bonds, or interest upon the same, as either the bonds or interest thereon shall become due; and the full faith and credit of any Taxable

property of township or city so issuing any such bonds or other evidence municipality

pledged. of debt is hereby pledged for the full payment of both principal and interest thereon; and the same are made hereby, valid and legal charge upon the taxable property of the township or city issuing the same.

Sec. 9. No such bonds or other evidence of indebtedness Conditions shall be delivered to such company until it shall have complied or bonds.

payment of

and interest.

of delivery

with the conditions voted, and completed its road-bed and ironed its road with the usual T, or such other rail as may be used by first class railroads, through the municipality issuing the same, or to the termination thereof, if said road shall terminate therein; nor until said company shall have completed their road as aforesaid, through such municipality, or from the termination of said road if it terminates therein, to some connecting line of

railroad duly completed and in full operation, or to the initial Manicipality or starting point of such road. And in case such bonds shall not opon line of road. have been issued by a municipality not upon the line of such

road, the same shall not be delivered until said road shall be

completed and ironed, as aforesaid, through the municipality Proviso. adjoining thereto: Provided, That in case of the voting of

aid by any township or city, located six milos or more from any part of said railroad, no such bonds shall be delivered until at least twenty miles of said road-bed and railroad shall have been completed and ironed, as aforesaid, from the terminus of said railroad nearest to such aiding city or township: And provided further, That in the case of the termination of said railroad, or the making of such crossing, or intersection of another railroad within the limits of any such aiding municipality, such bonds may be delivered when the said road-bed and railroad shall have been completed and ironed, as aforesaid, for the distance of six miles from such terminus or point of intersec

tion. Incorporated Sec. 10. The provisions of this act are hereby extended 80 as villages may

to authorize any incorporated village to vote aid to the extent, in the manner, and subject to the conditions and provisions of this act in relation to cities. In case any township has not voted such aid, any village formed in whole or in part from such township may vote such aid, and when any such village has voted such aid, it shall not be liable to a further tax for that purpose by a vote of the township, and it shall be the duty of the president of any village to call a meeting or meetings of the electors of his village as provided in section number



village bonds

two of this act for cities and townships. The bonds contemplated By whom
in this act, if issued by a village, shall be executed by the pres- executed.
ident and clerk or recorder thereof, as the case may be, as pro-
vided for cities and townships in section number four of this act:
Provided, That whenever a village has not voted aid to the full proviso.
extent of the provisions of this act, a further aid by township
or village may be granted to an amount equal to the difference
between the aid already granted and the full amount permitted
by the provisions of this act.

Sec. 11. This act shall take immediate effect.
Approved March 22, 1869.

[ No. 46. ] AN ACT to prohibit, discourage, and punish prize fighting

within the State of Michigan. SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That any Penalty, for

engaging in person who shall hereafter be a party to, or engage in a prize fight, or any other fight in the nature of a prize fight, in this State, or who shall aid or abet therein, sball, on conviction thereof, be punished by imprisonment in the State prison for a term not exceeding five years, nor less than one year, or by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars, nor less than two hundred dollars, or by both fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court.

Sec. 2. All persons who shall engage in the training of any for training party to a prize fight, or shall assist therein, or who shall know-carrying to

or from

prizo ingly carry any person or persons to or from a prize fight, shall igbt. be deemed aiders and abettors, within the meaning of the preceding section.

Sec. 3. Any person who shall willfully be present at such For being prize fight in this State, or shall give or publish notice thereof ight, or giv

ing botice or invite any person or persons to attend the same, shall, on

thereof. conviction thereof, be punished by imprisonment in the county

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