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* SECOND PART OF KING HENRY IV.] The tranfactions comprized in this history take up about nine years. The action commences with the account of Hotfpur's being defeated and killed [1403]; and clofes with the death of King Henry IV. and the coronation of King Henry V. [1412-13.] THEOBALD. This play was entered at Stationers' Hall, Auguft 23, 1600. STEEVENS.

The Second Part of King Henry IV. I fuppofe to have been written in 1598. See An Attempt to afcertain the Order of Shakspeare's Plays, Vol. II. MALONE.

Mr. Upton thinks these two plays improperly called The First and Second Parts of Henry the Fourth. The firft play ends, he fays, with the peaceful fettlement of Henry in the kingdom by the defeat of the rebels. This is hardly true; for the rebels are not yet finally fuppreffed. The fecond, he tells us, fhows Henry the Fifth in the various lights of a good-natured rake, till, on his father's death, he affumes a more manly character. This is true; but this reprefentation gives us no idea of a dramatick action. These two plays will appear to every reader, who fhall perufe them without ambition of critical difcoveries, to be fo connected, that the second is merely a fequel to the firft; to be two only because they are too long to be one. JOHNSON.

King Henry the Fourth:

Henry, Prince of Wales, afterwards
King Henry V;

Thomas, Duke of Clarence;

Prince John of Lancaster,' afterwards his Sons, (2 Henry V.) Duke of Bedford;

Prince Humphrey of Glofter, afterwards (2 Henry V.) Duke of Glofter;

Earl of Warwick;


Earl of Weftmoreland; } of the King's Party.

Gower; Harcourt;

Lord Chief Juftice of the King's Bench.
A Gentleman attending on the Chief Justice.

Earl of Northumberland ;

Scroop, Archbishop of York;

Lord Mowbray; Lord Haftings;

Lord Bardolph; Sir John Colevile;

Enemies to the


Travers and Morton, Domeftichs of Northumberland.

Falstaff, Bardolph, Piftol, and Page.

Poins and Peto, Attendants on Prince Henry,

Shallow and Silence, Country Justices.

Davy, Servant to Shallow.

Mouldy, Shadow, Wart, Feeble, and Bullcalf,


Fang and Snare, Sheriff's Officers.

Rumour. A Porter.

A Dancer, Speaker of the Epilogue.

Lady Northumberland. Lady Percy.
Hofiefs Quickly. Doll Tear-fheet.

Lords and other Attendants; Officers, Soldiers, Meffenger, Drawers, Beadles, Grooms, &c.

SCENE, England.

* See note under the Perfonæ Dramatis of the First Part of this play. STEEVENS.

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