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Genes. aby bello (hait thou go, and duft

C Shelt thou eat all the days of thy Nd Bife.

wife 15. And I will put enmity bc and bare tween thee and the woman, gotten & 'n and between thy feed and her 2 And feed: it the bruise thy bead, ther Ab: and thou shalt bruis bis hecl. keeper of

16 Uato the woman lic fuid, tiller of I will greatly multiple tbg for. 3 And row and thycocception; in for- came to pu row thou thalt bring forth chil- of the fri dren: and thy defire Thall be to offering uc thy husband, and he call tule 4 And over thee.

of the first 17 And unto Adam he said, of the fat Because thou hast bearkacd unto LORD had the voice of ihy wife, and saft and to bls caten'of the tree of which I com 5 But u manded thee, saying, Thou shalt offering lae Rof ent of it: cursed the Cais W18 ground for thy fabe, la sorrow countenance Bhak thou eat of It ip the daye 6 And it of thy life

Csin, Why 18 Tborgs alfo and tbloks and wby

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cthou not be accepted and und Matkulsel begat Lamece

30 Add Adam called his wifes Pass when they were la the field tatt od such as

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ell. And now it be put forth brothers blood crieth uato in the filer of Tibil cain

31 Therefore the Lord God bipeaed her mouth to receivele ye wivea of Lime

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balitbou at all the days of thy A Nd Adam new Elle tunda: and from

wife: and the conceito el I be bid, and I th Is And I will put Comity be and bare Cain, and said, 100 kple and Tigabond mod between thy feed iad her And the sgiin brebisbe it even one that fina

er the Ind the womto, gotted a man from the LORD tharth, and it hall come feed: it at bruise thy bead, thes Ab:'. And Abel Wall Aty de

Reper of theep, but Csia Is All the LORD (al

3. And la proper of time to an engeance thell now and the conception; in for came to pils, tbk Cala brought laba bim Sevenfold. On thou shalt bring forth chil- of the fruit of the grouod te LORD sets mark uport

of the findings ofhla Naik, And Coin went out Because thou haft betrkped upto LORD had relped unto che la nbe land of Noc 19 And unto Adam he leid, of the fat thereof. And the prokence of the LORD

$ But unto Cain and to all And Cun krew dis Roll eit of it: cursed the Calo wis very wrott, und and has builded a manded thee, raslog, Thou shalt offering ke bad not resp:&. AM Mace ccnceived and thik thou eat of ID che day 6 And the LORD said unci, far the name of his

Cain, Why at bow Wrard Broeke: 10 Thoms also and think and why I thy countertuto Bock was zbou boalt at the best of th.7 If thou doet well, and Mbujul begie Metbu retum unto the ground; for bu his desire, sad thou shalt N O Adab, and the malt thou en brtad, till thou at the door. And unto the Am IWO Wire: the name

bls brothet: and it came ! W the father of such as de i And Cain tsiled with 43 2 Adib butt Jibal :

And the Lord lid udio Jual: be wu.abe fallitr wic do the LORD God mike Cain, Woere I Abel the ball fubiu lude the burp ont of w, to kao s good and thou donc ? the voice of lbf n uniseer in besla and ir

19. And he did, what he' Toilealm, an infractofe
ibt beils as thou go, and delt CHA P. TV.
ind thou thalt brulle bli hecl.
16 llato the womio bic faid, tiller of the ground.

I will greatly multiple tby for
drea: sad thy defire Shell be to pffering unto the LORD
the husband, and he casll culo And Abel, he allo brought the
over thee.
the voice of iby wlfe, and haft und to bls offering:

fieri of the tice of which I com-
ground for aby lake, la forrow countenance sell.

os dinding him thoul

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of thy life

Ind: wd Ind begei Mchun

hull it bring forth to thee: and fallen? fille

19 la tke sweat of thy face shou doeft not well, fin lid

1 And Limch took

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out of It wu thou tak:p: for over !m,
dat ihou art, sed unto du&
foal thou tetura.

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21 And Wirbrotheri nint

osme Eve, because he was the bul Cain sose up agali Abel
ABOCI of s!i living his brorder, and low him,

a Dato Adam also and to his

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12 And the LORD God fold, Am I my brothers keeper? Bihoid, the men is become 29

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13 Lucch fald umto Wien, Adobe and-Zillah, wurke unto my speecb:ft wiel tia to my WC wude young man to my hu

li Cain hall be sen

bir band, and lak: allo of the from the grounde
rice of ile, ma ad live for 11 And How as thou curied

from the eartb, wlica heid
Isus hin furta from the garden by broshere blood from any
of Eden, sollte ground. From bsad.
wacure se was taken.

12. When thou tillelt the 24 sobie drove out tóe foundat hull dot bioceforuh of the garden of Edeo, Cheru fugitive and 3 yameb od that Lous, and a Bsining word, thou be la tkie carth. kicburded every way, 10

13 And Cain fuld upto the keep this way of the tree of LORD, Mppualthwat is greate

a tbai I cu ball

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The Patriarchs gerenlogg. Gentis,

15 And Msasleice! lived mech we fixty and five years, and begat renty and Jased.

Bled. 16 And Mahslileel lived af

32 Ana terke begat Jared eight hundred dred years and thirty years, and bęgar fons Shem, Aar and daugbrers.

с Jaleel were sight bundred ninety and five years and be died.

Ebe face of 18 18 ( And Jared lived in hun. ters were died huty and two yeuss, and he

: Thst begat Encch.

the dough! 19 And Jered. lived after peers fall; he begil Enoch eight bundred wives of a yesre, and begat song and daugh. 3 And ta ters

ble thell no 20 And all the day of Jared man, for it were

he died. and twenty BY ('And Egoch lived fixty There fivs years, and begat Methu. Earth in th

Utcr tot, 13. And Enoch walked with God came in *Gea afer bc begat Merkurtlab of men, and tbree hundred years, and her mothemint

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2 Of


Mend: rom hit thou the mal

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fac sad five years, and begat yeaty and seven yen: baill 20 bsd corrupied

16 And Mobilileel lived af 32 And Noah wis fire GATVA unto Nead, thy hou ter te begat Jured elebt hundred dred years old and NBAis come be bave I

17 And all the days of Naha- Nd it came to pak, l, I will delroy then thalet Tid five years, and be died. the face of the carb, and

date the anark of go. bots men begin to multiplah. the daughters of meca, bello and without with sevens,

2 Tbst the son of God atout, and thelt pitch 30 be begi Enocb eight hundred wives of all which they cho blou that thlon of all 31, 2pd begat sops and daugh. 1. 3 And the LORD Gold, Mishra bult make it of

At thill not always ftrive w least of the ark shell be will ce were alge hundred fixty and get big-daye, bill be an bundan da bu b'x!, and the bright nights

10 And all the days of Jared man, for tbst be allo i bundred cablote bicidth euth and hys years, and begat Metbu. Parth in those desi, dhe tk, and in cubit bir earth Ad Enoch walked with God cintelo unto the Chiefte u thuis chou (er in to all

Iter car, when the coole faith it ont ind the
three hundred years, sed begut to them: the same became a Cod, ond third fories Oil
fer be bigat Metkuclab of men, and they bereiden datoteof : witalowe, ca bi

jen, whleb wirs of old, ada bait.
were three bundred, lixty And And GOD low that this dond of war upon

wickedner of mia

Herib, to doy all Ath his lo God, and be was not for God imagination of the thought la valet heryen: and very brd, b 34 Aad Enoch walked with in the earth, and the Benin the breath of Ja, Tons

6 And I repented the Low Rit with thee will eftutbito 26. And Methullah fived after 231th, and lu grieved in a fait come into the art, thoug upon

that be bid made many cortant and thousado tlghity and two years, and begao 7 And the LORD Gold, a Ty on wires with ice. thullah wars nine hundred both men and beat, and is OK tubolalik, to

27 And, 2) the diye of Me. Ied, from the face of the earth bed, two of Frey Jort CORT fixty and nine jeus: ind be creeping thing, and the fowles M. wibthee: tes átve

the air for at repeatech bald female

8 Bit Norb found gracela la la later this year Noal, Living, This Game Thall cos of Nosb: Moab way for all come unto thes, day Jured.

and biny seari, and begat sons Shem, Ham, end Japheth
and daugbters.

CH A P. Vĩ,
kull were sigbr bundred pinety

11 And Jared lived in hunters were born usta tein,
dred fixty and two years, and be
begut Entch.

19 And Jored. lived wer were falt; end they rock there
Iwo ye3.78 ; od 14 died. and twenty jeu.

31 And Ego lived fixty There were giante da,
fons and daughters.

33 And all the days of Bacch Itaowa.
five years.
rook him.

his ncert nu only evil cambi
351 And Methullah Ilsed an tually
kundzed eighty and feręc jeun,
and begst Lunch.
be began Lupecta leyen, Sundset beest.
for and daughters. defroy rpin, wbon I bread

Wawisdow helt thou make defroy

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Be that in the extrb hall load. de.

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28 And Lantech lised an ibat i bave made then,
huadred cighty and two years,
and begirafon

yes of the LORD
20* And be cilled bis some These are the generals

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sed toil of our hands, because tions, and Noah walked with of the ground which the LORD God. bacs curred.

30 And Lemech lived after be sben, Him, and Japberb. begit Nceb five hundred nlgery u Toc casth auto was corrupt ind dic seats, and begat Sons before God, and the art was and doughters

filled with violence. 31 And aliks dags of Lt. 12 And God looked upon Ibe


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be would droonid. Gebefo,
hd Nosha wife, and the torce
boleh bertaho fone with.chem Andre

14 hey, and every beast af. 211 the citi der bi kind, and Uzbe cette in the apk tfter their kind, and every crecp- wind co per -Ang thing tbat creeperb upon the the waters earth after his kind, and every i The fa fowl after his kind, every bird deep, and ! or every fort.

Nea were ftc 15. And they went In unto from beaver Noch into the ab, two aad two

:-3 Ando of all flesh, whereto á rbe breath from off the of lift.

and after 16 And they that went in, dred and his weat in male and female of all were abered 8:1h, as God had commanded 4 1 Ando him:snd the LORD Mout him in. seventh non

17 And the foud wa forty zeerth day o days upon the carth: and the the mountain waters Increas:d, and bare up 5 And the tbe ok, and it was lift up above continually che carib.

month : in 1$ And the waters Prevail. on the first ed, and were increased great. were the top

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