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the Supreme Being and his Angels with much impropriety; but in this instance the episode attacks itself essentially to the subject, and to the words which Stephen so emphatically pronounced.

Le Brun produced this picture in 1651, at the age of 32. It was painted for the church Notre Dame, and considerably increased his reputation. This artist, who confined himself particularly to expression, and who left behind him some useful precepts on this impartial branch of his art, has perhaps produced nothing in its kind to be compared to the figure of St. Stephen. A pious resignation, and a celestial pleasure, are depictured in his face, suffused with blood, and already covered with the paleness of death. The group of his faithful followers, who witness his last moments, is happily conceived. Their dejection of mind, and the compassion with which they seem penetrated, form an admirable contrast to the rage and vengeance that animate his destroyers.

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London Published Jul 1.1807. by Vernor, Hood & Sharpe Poultry.

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